Eroge Reincarnation, Struggle of a Golden Pig Aristocrat Against Fate


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I went to bed after completing the blockbuster eroge game that had become a trending topic in the past few days. When I woke up, I noticed something was different. Somehow, and for some reason, I got reincarnated in the initial stage of the same game that I was playing before.

The most concerning part was my character. I was playing the role of a character who challenges the hero and gets defeated. In addition, all the routes of this particular character have been confirmed death.

I got reincarnated as an underdog, and the situation is even worse, because someone has already defeated me in a duel. I can’t escape death anymore. But I won’t give up. I have the knowledge of the eroge game that I had cleared in my previous life. I will make full use of it and try to survive.

This is a story about our hero who got reincarnated as an eroge underdog character, and is trying his hardest to survive.

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Eroge Tensei Unmei ni Aragau Kane Buta Kizoku no Funtouki
Eroge Tensei Unmei ni Aragau Kane Buta Kizoku no Futou Kiichi
エロゲ転生 運命に抗う金豚貴族の奮闘記
成人游戏转生 对抗命运的金猪贵族奋斗记
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30 Reviews

Aug 13, 2021
Status: c327
First of all, I saw a lot of people commenting about how fast the translation speed is. Although that's a significant plus, about 1/3 of each chapter makes no sense because of all the typos and errors that are in the text. The usage of punctuation is also super inconsistent to the extent that I can't really tell if the characters are just thinking their thoughts or speaking them out loud. I highly recommend personally downloading an MTL to translate each chapter for better quality (if you want to take the time to do it) or going to the actual JP website for the novel and using google-translate through Google Chrome and it should do a decent job (better than this probably) . Now, onto why I... more>> gave the novel a 3/5 (and this is being generous).

This is my review of the novel before chapters 170 or so:

    • The MC is actually your typical beta-JP protagonist. I don't understand JP isekai authors and their obsession with MC's that "don't want attention", thinks "if I do this, then I won't die", "I can't kill a low level goblin", and "I can't talk to any females appropriately because I don't have more than 10 brain cells". In all honesty, this story is claimed to be "unique" because it's one of the only mediocrely MTL'ed and ongoing Otome-game-like novels on NovelUpdates with a male protagonist, but in reality, if you look on Syosetu and literally google translate novels by using Google Chrome, you can find much more entertaining and better novels out there. Also, what's up with the MC's addiction to "sticking with the main storyline" and acting the part of the villain initially despite him not wanting to die or trigger death flags? It's a contradictory development for the MC and I hope the author really takes some time to develop the MC to be more daring and proactive instead of being the brain-dead MC that he is currently.
    • Another point regarding the MC "sticking to the story" or trying to is that he knows what's going to happen in the near future (second prince plotting against the emperor or war with the empire) but he doesn't speak up about it to anyone. I don't understand what his thought process is anymore to be honest since he can quite rigorous and proactive sometimes (with the magic and swordsmanship training) but absolutely s*upid at times (not punishing the Duke's daughter, Elina properly or constantly getting verbally abused and taking it all in like nothing) .
    • We also have two female leads potentially as of now, Sylvia and Charlotte, but they're both equally bad in terms of heroines. Sylvia is a recognized sad*st who seems to only meddle in affairs with our MC but is proven to be completely useless in politics (losing to the Empire's prince during the messenger envoy event). Although Charlotte might seem better due to her power, understanding of magic, and knowing that our MC is from another world, she does not help our MC when it's necessary. She refuses to be a part of politics yet claims in front of dozens of nobles that she is a "friend". She also looks down on our MC when the empire prince ridicules him and lies about the MC copying their technology by saying "I'm a friend, not your ally" like what the h*ll does that even mean? Aren't friends and allies supposed to be the same thing at this point when you shamelessly proclaimed your relationship to the MC? Also, she appears to be only driven by her sense of sheer curiosity and lacks any human emotions to allow the readers to support her relationship with the MC.
Update as of Chapter 200 and beyond:

  • The Good News: We finally see some character development in our MC. One thing is his denseness towards Sylvia was upgraded into a normal person's hence making him aware of her feelings towards him. The other is that he becomes more proactive in his actions towards advancing the plot of the actual game that he is in such as fighting the antagonists for the self-proclaimed initial third of the "plot" of the game which takes in the empire war. He also gets back at Elina for always trying to portray him in a negative light by telling her to move on and essentially stop being a b*tch; he does accomplish this with the aid of Sylvia and I believe we won't see any annoying banter from her in the near future of this novel.
  • The Bad News: Our MC still tries to indirectly push a female harem on the supposed protagonist of this game, Siegfried. He notices how there's less heroines near Siegfried than in the actual game (the MC caused this but ya know, he never notices right because the JP-beta-MC template trait must always exist somehow) and therefore, hopes that Siegfried wins the rest of them over since his power comes from that of "bonds" or "relationships". In response to this idea of Siegfried's power, I believe his current source of power for his unique skill or ability or whatnot comes from his rivalry with the MC; his "bond" stems from his own emotions to hopefully one day overcome the MC (but he probably never will, like who else can modernize lava bombs and lightning spells to that extent except for our MC).
  • Continuing the bad news, we also have our MC still being a slight of a pushover as when the third princess (not Sylvia, but her older sister) suggests to Siegfried the head of the mission, our MC denies it and makes him a sub-member of the empire rescue mission instead. Our MC still gets pushed around by the idea that the protagonist has to be the protagonist instead of understanding that he could probably solo all the antagonists in the story if he really wanted to with modern firepower/technology.
As of Chapters 300 and beyond:

  • It appears that our MC is now engaged to Sylvia officially despite her sadistic nature (I mean it's being "suppressed" by her own sheer will so hats off to that). We also now have Charlotte acknowledged as another wife for the MC by Sylvia (a reliable, older-sister-like figure as a harem member?) but god knows what's to come for our MC's harem in the near future. Also, we get some nice "fluffy" moments with our MC and Sylvia in the more recent chapters
  • The empire conflict ended and the wind mage Zephyr still sticks around but as a mercenary of some sort for our MC.
  • The translator really needs to find some volunteer editors or edit it all in general because some of the translation is barely understandable, along with a constant mix of "he/she" mix-ups used for either male or female characters.
I will be updating this review as the story progresses further! <<less
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Jul 29, 2021
Status: c295
Firstly, This is the review about the story and not the translation since the available translation is only edited?mtl.

The story was good consider it used such typical theme. The character building of the MC done right in my opinion. Details about the plot from "MC memory about the game" also not overly used like other similar works. Side characters also presented nicely, having a personality and had importances in story.

MC personality is likeable later on and pretty relatable. In early chapter he is a coward and quite short sighted but... more>> in story, his personality grow as the time goes on. He slowly mature, unlike other works that instantly make MC OP, he work hard for it.

Romance for this novel from what I see in 300 chapters is not excessive like typical Japanese web novel but its also not exceptional. The heroine for now is only focus on 1 person but don't know in future if there will be a harem or not.

Overall, I have a nice experiences reading this. <<less
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Aug 08, 2021
Status: c192
alright so theres a lot of grumbling about the translation quality but I've read so much worse before this and the translator works hard and does their best; that said, this story is good and fun, can be seen as shallow or dipping into too many pools but I'd prefer that than having to buy a political textbook so I can understand what protagonist B is doing with a soap sculpture or something. It's good fun! Give it a try
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Aug 09, 2021
Status: c199
It's an average novel. Story itself is fast paced and rather entertaining. Problem is in shallow characters who live in this story and plot holes

... more>>

1. MC is s*upid. He doesn't try to collect treasures and important people he knows about. He does few small moves like discovering transfer magic but this is pretty much it. No armor, no weapons, no treasures. He tries to bring some people under his flag, but it's hidden behind plot armor and these people are mostly leftovers

2. His attempts to use modern world knowledge are on the level of school kid. He wants to make a car so hi first makes ROADS, then FACTORY and only then he is trying to make concept. Concept car also gets some very high requirements about speed and reliability. As you already guessed he is doing everything in opposite order. And one the key points, more important than car itself - engine, is COMPLETELY ignored.

3. Second issue is cother characters. They are empty. They kind of have their own quirks but author never tells you about the story of this characters. For example why princess is sadist? Why butler is so devoted? What are Charles thoughts and intentions?

4. Chinese style powerups. He trained hard and became one of the best in kingdom in ~2 years. Japanese style powerups - gods presents are by mile more believable.

5. Last drop - Sig (game MC) skill. Overall it's not that bad in comparison with other issues but for me it kind of crossed last line. Hero can get skills and stats of his friends and girlfriends.... So now imagine it from the game perspective - it's gamebraking. What's the point to grind if you simply can by 5 s*aves and get 2 times stringer... And this hero gets this skill basically for nothing. Absolutely empty, ret*rded hero...


Tldr - good example when enomorus plot holes destroy decent novel <<less
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Aug 10, 2021
Status: --
Nothing new here.

This feels somewhat of copy of Bug Player starting out. MC is blonde. MC is fat. MC is loser. MC trains to lose weight. MC ends up in some game world. Also in the picture slot. The maid. Oh wosie. Whats that? Maid uniform? Blue hair? Similar hair style? You know who else has that? The MC's maid in Bug Player. Not sure who blonde girl is. But you know.. In BP MC recruits a blonde companion too later. Gee.. De-Ja-Vu vibes here. Either it is a big... more>> coincidence or someone stealing from another source material to some extent.

The only slight difference is the game elements. Bug Player is more like game world; where MC takes advantage of exploits/bugs at times in that world. This world is just Eroge and MC here doesn't have any status screen or quests or whatever.

Also I know some will be like. 'But wait, Bug Player is 2021.' No, the Manwha is 2021. The novel is actually 2020. I don't know exact months between this and BP, but sadly BP hasn't gotten translated here. I think whoever started it just abandoned it, despite it having 400 or so chapters.

Any who, this novel really isn't that great. Actually there is another novel on here I think was done better; Never Die Extra It was someone ending up as a side character in a game that always had a death flag despite whatever he did. It gave more character growth as MC did all that he could to protect himself to avoid any potential death flags. But yea, this novel is pretty bad. (That is putting aside terrible translation as well.)

Not to mention it focuses more on side stories than MC at least starting out. I forgot what chapter I was on, but I just gave up around wyvern incident. Maybe this is too early on of a review, but I can find little likable with this novel that is just giving me some de-ja-vu with other reads in the past. <<less
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Aug 09, 2021
Status: c200
Imagine you were reincarnated-YES

Into your favorite eroge game- HELL YES

At the beginning of the game as one of the main characters-oh YEAH

... more>> But as the villain piggy duke-... wait what

But you regain your memories after you are banished from to remote kingdom losing everything and without allies-... seriously

Oh to make matters worse you die in every route of the game and is incredibly fat...-f you

Thats what this story is about. Overturning his destiny against the world and trying to redeem for the things he's done.

This is similar to the death flags, hamefura except they reincarnated before they done the bad things <<less
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Aug 05, 2021
Status: c294
It's a decent novel that seems unsure of what it wants to be. So it does everything decently instead of one thing very well. There is romance, kingdom building, plot, battles, politics. I like all the current harem (3*) but I dislike how more time seems to be spent talking about the game MC's harem (Suppose to be 64* women, how?!?).

After nearly 300 chapters I can tell you while it isn't amazing it's very competent and simple. Never diverging into any genre but still holding your attention.
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Sep 13, 2021
Status: c110
Elephant in the room, the translation. It's the first time I've read something that looked like an MTL yet have an abhorrent amount of gramatical and spelling errors. It's almost amazing how that's possible.

The story, unoriginal but not uninteresting, at least up until when I dropped.

The characters. Cardboard cutouts. There's no depth in them, there's no underlying motivation, there's nothing but what's on the surface. And they're brain dead just for the plot.

Why I dropped.

... more>>

I dislike when the character has to reveal his previous life in an uninteresting and non-climactic manner. He tells it to the most powerful witch because he's scared she'll kill him, but it was already established prior that he'd choose death over revealing that. And the moron of a witch believes it instantly.


Also the title is bs. It could've just been a normal game, but no it had to be eroge despite having no actual impact in the story. <<less
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Aug 18, 2021
Status: c235
Nope I hate this. Gave this a try and got more and more annoyed as I kept reading. Felt like the MC was going 1 step forward 2 steps back. The story is a mess with no meaning imo.
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Dec 09, 2021
Status: c65
First off, the tag Romance should be removed. Unless the main character is actually Zeke, the guy that keeps getting all the girls while the MC is struggling to stay alive.

The writing and translation are good, the problem is the MC. I can deal with MCs that "go with the flow", but this guy is just a push over.

If he was a dumb kid I'd understand, but isn't he supposed to be a reincarnated adult? I skipped ahead, skimmed a chapter here and there, but it doesn't seem to get... more>> any better. He isn't even a Beta MC, he's a step below. Gamma? (Googles Greek alphabet) Yup, he's a Gamma MC. <<less
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Nov 29, 2021
Status: c304
Although this story doesn't do anything particularly outstanding, it's a very solid work that combines an appropriate level of action, romance, and fief building. Overall a solid choice, and the fact that it's all translated is a definite plus for anyone who wants a good novel to pass the time. I've seen lots of comments about the translation quality, and although it seems like the translator was copy-pasting Google Translate output for a while (maybe c150-c250), they began doing some basic editing afterwards. It was never unreadable, especially for the... more>> crowd of people who actually MTL Syosetu novels themselves, but if someone's never MTL'd themselves they might have a culture shock at what Google Translate outputs vs. What they're used to.

I also generally caution first-time ScribbleHub readers about some of the toxicity you might find on the platform. Many readers on ScribbleHub tend to come from Chinese novels, so much of the commentary tends to stray in the direction of "the MC should have killed <X> for speaking out against him" or "the MC is weak for showing mercy" or "the hero getting a harem is proof that he's a tr*shy hero with no redeeming qualities, but if the MC gets a harem it's A-OK." It doesn't affect the novel itself, but some caution that you might want to steel yourself for the internet.

If there's a downside to this novel, I'd say it's that the author plays it very safe and conforms to match the readers' opinions rather than lay down the groundwork themselves. The author also tends to "tell-not-show" to shoehorn in plot points that make the MC look good.

  1. The first (prospective) female lead gets pseudo-NTR'd by the hero, and I imagine if the Japanese commentary matched the translator's comment section the author got a whole lotta flak for that. It was actually a pretty good plot development, but likely because of that, any prospective female leads turned into female love interests without any drama from that point on.
  2. The main female love interest is described as a sadist, but again the comment section exploded with negativity against her. Pretty much immediately, the author swapped her character into a light masochist/drowning in love FL, and I'm guessing the readers' positive feedback made the author stick to that. By the end, the FL shows no sadism whatsoever.
  3. The MC is "told-not-shown" to help out his bullying victims at one point, which changes one of his main detractor's opinions about him and causes her to regret how she ever stood against him. Did we ever see the MC help out anyone? No. But we certainly good a couple paragraphs explaining that "hey, this is happening. The MC is actually a good guy, see? See?"
  4. We were shown the MC having tons of difficulty developing cars, and how it took many months to even get a working prototype. But in the war arc, we were told that he developed half a dozen additional military inventions in the month or so he's been preparing for the war. The other characters even wonder afterwards how he developed them so quickly. It's good that the author realized that this was a plot hole (and likely because their commentors were pointing it out), but mentioning a plot hole and not giving an explanation doesn't make the plot hole OK.
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Sep 10, 2021
Status: c300
Let's get this out of the way.
Translations are MTL quality with poor grammar. It's readable if you can ignore that, but why are you trying to read this when you can look at the recommendations on this very page and choose one of those instead?

Is it worth reading?
The story in itself is nothing special if you are acquainted with the isekai harem webnovel space. It's perfectly fine for idle reading and the story does enough to keep you interested in reading the next chapter. Story suffers a lot... more>> from simply not understanding the finer points due to the quality of the translations.

I'll talk about my gripes about the story in this spoiler box.


MC's existence confuses me. He regrets his past self (Leo's) mistakes, so does that mean he's Leo with Isekai MC's memories? No. His actions show that he is the Isekai MC, but then why does Leo's past actions affect him so much?? It would be a interesting plot development if Leo's soul affect Isekai MC like other novels.

The “Eroge” concept has yet to affect the story. World building is very minimal.

Translation problem, but due to it Leo's past actions will be painted in a different way. TL uses violated and violence to describe what he has done in the past. Which is the correct one?


If I haven't convinced you to stop by now, you're probably like me and ran out of these kind of novels to read. Honestly, a good editor could help improve this novel and reading through it a lot. <<less
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Aug 24, 2021
Status: c321
Reborn in Eroge by Nanashi Gonbei is about a Japanese getting reincarnated into an eroge game's Underdog Boss that is your typical noble turned to an arrogant spiteful piece of crap. After being beaten up and reincarnated he decides he doesn't want to die and set things straight to live and become a hero.

Contrary from the title, it's not smut at all. In fact the MC only has interest in few of the supposedly numerous female casts. There's still no s*x scenes yet at all surprisingly. There's also heart throbbing... more>> confession by the MC which is a huge surprise because I thought this was gonna be a harem and we will never see that. The only thing I really dislike about this novel is the pacing, there's like only 200-500 words per chapter. Although it's already in the 300+ chapter range I think it still needs alot more time to develop the world more. Also why is the Capital called "King's Landing" and the people who protect the King are called "Kingsguard", bruh is this GoT? Nonetheless it has alot of potential if it actually took a step back and let us observe more of the world rather than mentioning the MC is working, training, etc... There's one chapter detailing his training with his brother but somehow shopping with his Mother, Sister and Brother doesn't matter. If the author actually took the time flesh that out I bet there will be more depth towards character but again and again situations like those are left out.

The translation on the otherhand is give and take "below expectations". Doesn't mean I hate it but I don't like it either. The grammar and spelling needs alot of work, I highly advise using Google Docs to help out with the mistakes. Also there's always a mix up between he, she, you, i, we and they in the early chapters. that's all. <<less
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Sep 12, 2023
Status: c149
Utter garbage, everything is shallow, MC is supposed to have all the knowledge of the world and with life experience of a 16 year old (basically an adult) on medieval world plus at least the same amount of years on earth but still acts like a 10 year old kid, all the characters are basically just a bunch of stereotypes, is to the point that 2 characters are the same person but with different names and author had to "remove" the old one from MC side because it was too... more>> obvious (I'm talking about Isabelle and Charlotte). And to make matters worse the translation somehow can be worse than MTL at some chapters, I don't understand how the heck they manage to do that and I don't know if I get angry or impressed by this feat. If the novel had a good translation I think it could be a 2.0/5.0 novel, but with this translation the only reason is a 1.0/5.0 is because I can't give a lower rate. <<less
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Reman Scimitar
Reman Scimit
Mar 01, 2023
Status: --
Three issues:

- Author can't write a decent combat scene (first bandits being Robin Hood focused and not a single death, second fight is literally wyverns with no deaths yet again).

- Author has been going back and forth with MC (Leolde) on being the son of a ducal family but also not having power at same time.

- Lastly, I tend to autocorrect in the process of reading so I don't complain about this issue a lot, but spelling/grammar/sentence structure throws me all over the place.
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Aug 24, 2021
Status: c97
if you ran out of novel to read, it:s worth to read this.

The translation is little messy, but we can still discern the main point. The story itself is not boring, and give a bit different style compared to other "me villain know future stuff".

The biggest problem in the novel is Babaroto, it keep being read as Kakaroto on my mind

TLDR, not the best, but still readable
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Aug 19, 2021
Status: c200
The story if pretty good, The MC is not OP from the start And slow romance is On my cup of tea, The MC is not those harem seeker sh*t protagonist that normally can see on other novel, Its fun and funny to read and there has this feeling that you still want to continue read more.. But I cant just ignore the Ero MC harem That freaking 64 wive in the End right? Soo the Ero MC get his power from bond (Physical and mentaly) So to get stronger... more>> he doesnt need To train like our MC (Leo) he just need to have (s*x) and power up the Ero MC Power is Abnormal!! And my stomach hurt everytime I realized the Ero MC Will have 64 wife!! Thats 64!! And the MC (Leo) is getting unfair treatment he's a villian right? He can be a last boss but why the heck his power (mana sharing) is sh*t it doesnt have much potentail at last and it doenst deserve to be called last boss Power! And our MC main Is close combat!! YES! YEs (mana sharing) has its own strenGht too BUT STILL!! ISNT IT a bit WEAK? Compared to the Ero mc? He will just become punching bag!! <<less
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Aug 11, 2021
Status: c226
the story is really interesting, but mostly the translator is releasing chapters Like crazy, I like that mostly, the protagonist is not a genius but not an idiot either. Besides the writing is good, hardly someone who liked Isekai and medieval fantasy will not like this one
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Aug 11, 2021
Status: c221
I find the story interesting and fun, its a bit unrefined in the sense that world building (character descriptions/land characteristics) are rarely, if at all mentioned. But still enjoyable.

Translation quality is kind of bad there are many grammatical errors, misspellings, repeated paragraphs etc. Its sloppy but still understandable. BUT considering the rate of release its amazing I've read manhuas with FAR WORSE translations that turns the comic into utter garbage. There are no ads, no withholding of chapters until someone donates. In my opinion the translator is doing a good... more>> job all things considered. <<less
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Aug 10, 2021
Status: c179
English is not my language, so I don't care about grammar mistakes as long I can understand the meaning of it, I usually read raw with google translate because I tired of waiting for translated chapter to release with 1 chapter per week or month to release in the name of perfect grammar translation. So I prefer this kind of translator that can give more than one chapter every release.

But to my surprise the translator are improving each chapter. Hope he doesn't burn out since he do it solo with... more>> so much chapter release per day, and thank you for the great work! <<less
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