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Have you ever thought that the state of the world as it presently is, could revert to the laws of the ancients? When a series of strange incidents beginning with the disappearance of his friend led Luo Yuan to question the possibility of an apocalypse, he becomes embroiled in the midst of a global-scale chaos.

Evolution has turned the flora and fauna of the vast and bountiful Earth into something that had never been seen before. Coincidentally, the all-dominating Homo sapiens have ended up at the bottom of the food chain. From mystery to crisis, will Luo Yuan discover a means of saving humanity by racing to the top of the food chain? Or will he strive in accordance with the law of the jungle? It is the dawn of an age of the survival of the fittest.

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New LightNvL rated it
May 18, 2020
Status: c400
The story is weak...

I'll read bullsh*t as long as it's constructive.

I liked the game and apocalypse elements, so I was hoping for a decent world building. However, it doesn't even exist.

... more>> The MC is rash and simple minded.

Supporting and side characters don't matter. They'll get introduced left and right, be forgotten after they do one or two things. This story is basically a one man show. They're there to be exploited by the MC.

The main issue I have with this title is the pacing. It's fast paced, things happen one after the other. That's fine, but when things happen and the author doesn't extrapolate further but gives a vague explanation like "that's the way it is". Why even include that in the story. It'll get forgotten after a few chapters anyway because it didn't matter. The author just needed an excuse to have that be part of the story. It doesn't add anything aside from being a service. Specially with how the author handles the female cast. <<less
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kukurisempai rated it
June 12, 2017
Status: c148
It was so good... until the MC's brain filled itself with sperm. I can understand that it seem to be the norm that aaaaall MC in an apocalypse will form their own harem, and it would be delusional to think it will not happen, but this just trespassed my bottom line.

... more>>

First the MC began being sexfriend with a girl, even though he didnt really seemed to love her and even the girl herself realized this... ok, I can tolerate loveless sex...

Then, the girl 14 years old he was taking care of began seducing him and he fell... ok, s*x with a minor I shall tolerate...

After that, the girl that had been chasing him prior the apocalypse had written to him and to save her he killed lots of people (barely excusable) and went and rescued the girl, but then he left her more or less aside as she couldn't tolerate the fact of a harem... ok, he generated unnecesary trouble bringing a girl he doesn't like but has a crush on him to his harem but ok, an idiot MC...

BUUUUUT..... Hell, he went and found the girl he had s*x at beginning of the apocalypse and whom he seemed have feelings, but no, she had a new boyfriend so he felt jealous as she was no more his, so he and her sexfriend killed her boyfriend and all the capable people in the camp, leaving behind a bunch of defenseless people to their luck while he kidnapped the girl. AAAAnd when she asked him why the hell did he do that he said "because you're mine"... AAAAAAHHH... and that's not all, when she wanted to pee in the night but was afraid of the darkness so the f*cking MC acompanied her but his lower half won him over and he raped her (I know some may say that wasn't r*pe but, c'mon, the girl resisted alla she could and the MC was getting angry because she had s*x with her boyfriend when she didn't even know if he was still alive)... kill a bunch of people just because an posesive jealously and r*pe on top of that it's DEFINITIVELY NOT OK


I feel the first chapters were pretty good so I gave it 2 stars, but I'm definitively dropping this, and if you are against indiscriminate killing and a possesive non-loving MC, I advice you to do so too... <<less
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Buffelephant rated it
June 20, 2017
Status: --
When you read stories, sometimes the protagonist runs into a character that you just want to kill. That character thinks the world revolves around him even if he is weak, is petty, and lacks any morals. In an American apocalypse story we might Think of a character like "the governor" in "walking dead", in this story that horrible character we wish would just die is the protagonist. He rapes for no reason, he kills for no reason, and I don't even think he is strong enough to survive the apocalypse.... more>> He just got lucky with MC plot armor. He is pretty much the main reason the apocalypse is a horrible place to live. Many people would have actually been better off if the protagonist never existed, he hasnt accomplished anything noteworthy even with the super powers he randomly gets but no other human has, the game system super power. You'd think he could start making pockets of livable areas in the horrible world, but instead it feels like he will destroy all traces of humanity left in the world. <<less
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OneNightRain rated it
May 19, 2017
Status: c387
The story is not what I expected from an apocalypse with game elements novel (in a bad way).

We get an MC that is very human. He has defining good and bad points in both his personality and morality. However most of the important side characters in the story have equal depth and development like the MC, thus he has no unique points that seperate him from the masses other than the perks his game system brings and the system itself. This causes me as a reader to neither hate nor... more>> like the MC or even care about him.

The writing of the story is detailed and fresh for a while. The details for increasing word count is in the right places so reading them isn't excrutiating. But around 150 chapters into the story the writing turns into something close to a diary. The writing goes in detail about every single day with half of a chapter you would get a text wall about the food and how they cook or how it tastes, the other half you get a text wall with interaction between characters that has no story progression in mind and the things they do in camp. At this point, the story still has me hooked as parts of the character's adventure and survival still intrigue me.

When the story reached 300 chapters in the author started taking breaks often. I guess he/she has hit a wall in the story but this is where things really go downhill. The whole story from here feels like a diary with a discovery channel of the author's imagination as a plugin. A single animal or plant can be explored in depth for a whole chapter other things like the environment or basic necessities in survival are not spared from being written in excessive detail. In short every time the characters go out into the wild we get a diary of survival+discovery channel plugin that isn't interesting.

The only respite from this is the fact that the MC has progress with his strength but reading it as the biggest form of progression in the story gets old soon enough as it is always described in the same old fashion. At chapter 387 there are hints for a new plot progression but by this time I have given up on this novel.

3/5 stars, it was a nice read but flopped midway. <<less
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Edge rated it
May 27, 2017
Status: c144
You just need to know this: It's good sh*t. *Edited: Not so good anymore, and I am finding a way to reduce it to 3 star.

*Before edited:

... more>>

The main character, unlike any other chinese novels, doesn't get into fights constantly and when he does, he doesn't always walk out safely as well, only sometimes in fact. Our protagonist is a rational person, a healthy male (very healthy indeed), and he is realistic. He knows right and wrong, cares for his friends and even helps those who are in need. Better, he doesn't kill for no reason and doesn't kill actively (unlike some characters who "hunt" vilians), and most of the blood on his hands is justifiable.

About the world (in this case, China) after its changes or perhaps, evolution: It is gorgoeus (if you don't mind some gore and bigass monsters roaming amok), and from the author's descriptions, you could easily be engulfed by the excitement of watching mother nature claiming back her lands and restore their vitality. Also, the struggle of humankind in the fight for survival could literaly make you have goosebumps.

Others than that, the characters are realistic as well, decent, rational, but most of the names introduced from the start has been long since slipped out of my memory, meaning, why the hell did the author introduce some characters and then just throw them away? For example, a military officer got introduced in detail, showing his name, his backgrounds, his inside thoughts at that moment and then "poof", no one ever remembers him again.

Another part I have to criticize is the translation.

How the hell a 1.45-meter long blade got described as a "knife" every single time? Doesn't the translator feel an itch in his ass when he reads it? Oh, better yet, later, it got described as a "machete".

*flip table* *face palm*

Other than the irritable blade description, the novel is a good read; the system, the environments, the fights, the monsters are all very detailed, as if it was a breathing world. And don't worry about getting bored, the novel constantly introduces lots of new stuffs, ranging from people, threats from the environments and monster to discoveries, explortations, adventures or just downright monsters' ass kicking.


*Edited at chapter 144:

I am now seriously disappointed in the main character.


At first, our protagonist didn't actively come seeking for women, but, later, he did.

The first time was when he rescued his ex co-worker from an underground bunker because he felt owing her. And on the way killed a few people for convenience sake, which, was unnecessary and bloodthirsty as well. Only because they didn't let you into their home, which was very rational, and provoked you, would that give you the right to kill all of them? How would you feel if someone broke into your house and killed people in your family, mc?

Give me an excuse, please. But anything that comes out would prove how pathetic you are.

Oh, and he knew the area was about to get dangerous soon but he didn't warn them. Had he done that, there might have been a few people took the risk and left with him, or just went on their separate path. But noo, the MC was too cool for that, too chill for that, and when a giant ass volcano erupted, bye-bye people at the bunker!

Next, the second time was when our protagonist met his pre-apocalypse housemate, sister what's-her-name, who he got laid with.

Now, the situation here is definitely unjustifiable.

Our protagonist was on a scouting trip, coincidentally stumbled upon a small survivor camp which led a very barbaric life.

(To me, I don't care that much about pissing in public, barbaric sex, unhygienic life and the like, but MC and gang seemed to be very agaisnt it. Bruh, in real life who gives a damn, let them do what they want.)

Then, our protagonist met the girl, his ex roommate, who now led a very good life with a bigass mutated dog, people who revered, and a boyfriend.

Life was good, but everything changed when the fire nat- the MC arrived.

He and the gang killed the leader, bunch of innocent people who were only trying to defend their home, then kidnapped the girl, and her dog- who acted like the camp's guardian, because it chased after her, left behind countless bodies, a leaderless and unguarded camp, making them vulnerable in front of countless dangers from the new world, which, in another word, signing their death certificate.

Later, when the girl asked him why the f*ck he did that, the MC brushed it off with "Because you are mine."

*flip table*

Wow, I so damn respect this protagonist very much. Because when he sleeps he doesn't feel or dream, or think sh*t about all the lives he took and the wrongs he did.

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sodofo8564 rated it
May 16, 2017
Status: c18
Realistic apocalypse novel. The MC with the leveling system.

The apocalypse in this novel wasn't built in just 1 day, it's been built for more than several months from forest to ocean to small animal to big animal to bird, etc. It required these cycles to build this apocalypse.

Until chapter 18, the story is quite well planned, the translation is also good. Except they skip the love scene in this chapter (18), I had to find the raw novel to read for my own appetite.

Acton, Game elements, Survival, Pre-apocalypse, Apocalypse, Post-apocalypse,... more>> Matute, Harem, Romance.

5/5 for now. <<less
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forseeti rated it
May 15, 2017
Status: c50
Fun light read but is very similar to novels of the same kind. By that I mean normal world going bad fast and main hero gets special powers. What is interesting about this novel is that his special powers aren't op and dont make him superman fast. while MC plays main role I found background reactions of other people and whole country interesting. It have significant impact on MC as he doesn't seem to stay on his own. Best point was the way author put world in danger. I find... more>> it most believable of all other reasons I read in other novels and will be main reason I will continue to read this story.

Translation is very good and easy to read.


MC gets a game cheat that other people dont which is like gemu screen. Special powers can be still achieved by other ppl by eating special monsters but they just cant see it as a game menu and dont get quests. on chapter 50 we learn evolved people can get special skills like invisibility.


Not much is explained why and how he got his powers. MC is quite popular with ladies which might be understandable as world it doing down the drain. Women are desperate and panicking but...


He sleeps with his roommate few days after her bf dies. While she seems mad at the start we can easy see later that she falls in love with him.....


Character development is 'interesting' and by that I mean I still have no idea what kind of the guy MC is. Might be good or bad for you but for me he jumps around to much. Fighting scenes are hard to find and when they appear they are brief and are overshadowed by a plot progression or some amazing discovery. aaand I think I wrote to much will update more after more chapters appear. <<less
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Reshrim rated it
February 3, 2018
Status: c535
Great post-apocalyptic survival novel, very interesting story plot and development.

There are alot of bad reviews which are highly misleading in degrading the actual reading material of this particular novel. With how the MC is etc.

Eg there are particular reviews which misinterpreted the MC and how he reacts to situations where you are mislead to believe the MC only cares about himself however this information is wrong.

1st survival in a apocalyptic word isnt rainbow and sunshine for the weak hearted. There is no Law because the top brass of the world... more>> is f*cked. Human morals change due to the repeated experiences of this particular world which may include RAPE, TORTURE, STARVATION, DEHYDRATION, MURDER, being abondened repetidly by the people you care about.

2nd in a world like this it IS the survival of the FITTEST where the strong make the rules and the weak shut the f*ck up. Go through history if you want to complain about how only everyone besides the MC can make choices in which we think may be morally wrong in the world we live in today which is reality, and the only choices he makes which may be morally wrong (which I think it isnt because which male who isnt gay wouldnt want to have s*x with multiple beautiful women) in which they ENJOY because they get to live in a better environment in which he takes priority over them compared to complete strangers he may meets for the first time. (Because 99% of women are weak. Physically and mentally in a world such as this, and so are multiple men who would see they children killed and wife raped or in the hands of another man) and like wtf why in the world should he help strangers? "Because thats what he should do" f*ck off in a world like this if you have no familiar bond with the so called person first put you postion in your shoes; do you have enough food to last, enough water, enough strength to protect yourself, will they find an opportunity to rob you and kill you in the near future (and be realistic because humans are possibly the worst creatures in existance) will they backstab you, are they spies for another group, what have they done, why should I help him, if this situation was reversed would he help me, if this situation was reversed wouldnt he have killed me earlier, if he was stronger than me wouldnt he have taken everything I have and RAPED the women I care about. If he was stronger than he would have done this in that case why should I help him and not kill him now.

3rd the MC isnt as naive except for how he gets involved with the government, eg he help out massivly however hes just respectful for some reason and dosnt take advantage of himself, I would have did things alot differently

4th theres a review where someone says that he finds his best friends girlfriend in which he has had s*x with before in another survives camp and slaughters them sinle-handedly to get her back and says because ur my women. Wrong, what happened was he found her camp and they were invited to have a feast where that girl wasnt included, she was the protecter of the group because she had a loyal dog which mutated to a massive lion like beast which scares of other beasts. And the so called loyal boyfriend (which was still trying to win her favor) was actually an arrogant prick who is trying to take advantage of her to control the camp in which he was already doing and planning to if im not mistaken, kill the MC. In which when the feast started he told the MC to practically f*ck off because she was his women in which she wasnt, and the mai n chick of the MC who is regularly low key, pops out her extremely powerful customised desert eagle gifted by MC to kill the "loyal boyfriend" and well killed A few others and took the girlfriend while the beast followed. And the camp was still there until it gets swept out by the sea water a few chapters later so like, in 1 way he saved her life.

5th like honestly, there are reviews which say the MC is selfish? Like I dont know what theyve been reading probz a differant novel, because he starts of saving multiple people he finds and brings them along on a journey which is dangerous and protects them the entire time, and I lost count the amount of times he saved people. Later on he even saves the ENTIRE population of the remaing people there is on the planet and people in his particular area like 3 f*cking times, how good can u get. They wanna f*cking blow job for the finishing touch shit, be grateful for the first time, this part is in response to the readers who bad a negative view on the novel because of the "low moral standing the MC has" (if this is low moral standing, everyone on earth in the novel and real life are devils with absolutely no morals) Like clearly youve experienced close to zero life experience on how humans behave and how fast they would actually cut u off if u drag them down.

6th anyone who dosent know how to apprectiate this novel and complains about it is like a girl who gets everything she wants but still wants more ; its never gonna happen

But its a great story if you give it a read 4.5/5 <<less
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Archive rated it
May 26, 2017
Status: c84
I really, really wanted to like this novel. However, either the author or the translator does not know how to properly describe things. The MC has a huge sword (zhanmadao) which is a giant anti-Calvary sword. It's seriously like 5 ft long, and constantly described as a knife or machete. No, it's a sword, or even a blade, but definitely not a knife. The MC has world breaking skills, with a much higher than average intelligence, but his actions do not show this at all, and so far he only... more>> reacts to every situation. The MC is still chasing after the government to protect him, which, after all that has happened, I kinda expected the above average intelligence to kick in. <<less
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skyleven7 rated it
October 1, 2017
Status: c168
This novel has a really good plot. A lot of action, also a lot of killing and gore. I would not recommend those who are not really in dealing with NTR and gore not to read this novel, it's full of it.

good things about this novel -

    • good pacing - author has a good command over pacing of story. He develops everything evenly and pacing is very consistent. You will feel very comfortable while reading it.
    • Action - a lot of fights are really good and fun to read. MC is also pushed into real desperate situations which don't rely highly on luck.
    • System - this is one of only few novels I have found which is having a system which doesn't ruin the balance of the whole plot. It keeps plot consistent. Treat it like a game changer instead of balance breaker. This is very nicely done kuddos to author.
things I don't like about this novel -

    • MCs personality - I don't like MCs personality at all. He tries to act like hero in apocalypse world while even though he is strong but he doesn't have strength to back it up. He picks up fights a lot for very small issues which could be avoided. MC thinks whatever he believes in is right but it is most of the time wrong and MC ends up in a desperate position and yet he doesn't grow from it. He is very reckless, I really dislike this. As mentioned earlier by someone in review. MC has sperm for brain. I get it's very stressful and he needs to do it to take it out and have a breather but this is too much to take. In beginning chapters he forced himself on women before they completely submit to him. And I mean seriously he forced them, a.k.a r*pe them but somehow those women while doing it with him falls for him. MC loves mature women and keeps doing NTR. He does wife of his friend just after a week his friend died. I don't want a disgusting friend like this. He gets another women who is living alone but has children. Ntr her too. Doesn't leave even 14 year old kid. Really dislike able
    • Harem - harem member of MC are pathetically idiot. First women in harem is the police officer, if there was pathetic women award she would win, she's a police officer has a gun but most of the time when it's time to kill she will get weak legs, she's so bad that a group of people came running in front of her put a knife on her neck then she came to herself. So pathetic for a policewomen. She causes a lot of trouble to MC I don't even know why MC keeps her alive. Second girl is 14 y.o kid she's nice and does act like a kid. Only female harem member author made right. Third harem member was the friend's wife he stole. Somehow after having done it one time with MC she fell for him. Honestly she is pathetic too she gets weak legs after seeing a skeleton. This is after 6 months of apocalypse.
    • Pacing - this is a bad point too while being a good one. Pacing is really slow author picks up pacing later little by little but it's still very slow. Till here MC is only level 7 and been to only like 3 cities. One his home city one after that and now other one. Slowwww.
overall - if you're fine with harem members being like that and MCs personality then this is a good read and plot is solid too. But their personality turn it really bad experience.

My opinion - not recommended
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Theworld rated it
June 4, 2017
Status: c120
OH MY GOD, just just read this, so fantastic.

Basically the World goes to s*** and are super awesome protagonist gets a status screen with a level up bonus as his protagonist power, if you enjoyed God and Devil world you will definitely like this and if you didn't enjoy it God and Devil world you will still like this because it's not as dark and everyone's insane and racists and killers and horribleness, but be warned it is still a end of the world apocalypse book and is a... more>> fairly Dark book

I love the main character of this novel he has just the right amount of ruthlessness, bravery, cowardness, kindness, and badassiness.

Ruthlesness- He will forgive mistakes but kill those who deserve to be killed without being a pansy about it

Bravery- the world's gone to s*** and he has to fight giant monsters while trying to stay alive

Cowardness- he's an actual person when you have nuclear bombs going off around you and giant monsters and riots were hundreds and hundreds of people are dying and you're not a little afraid you're not a real person it makes him relatable as a character

Kindness- he has the strength to survive and he will help people if he can

badassiness- well let's just say at one point he's riding a giant monster to fight a bigger giant monster with his super badass sword and his super badass sword skills and well enough said

And just as the final cherry on top of the super awesome book of super awesomeness the translator Bravo to you I love you you're my new favorite person in the world seriously your you're translating speed is just top notch it it makes all the books on the site better when the translator actually translates at least once a day and he does far more I give you a standing ovation

If you're still not convinced to give this novel a try well........ read it anyway worst case scenario you don't like it...... which means I don't like you <<less
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introparadox rated it
May 18, 2017
Status: c145
Edit: I'm deeply disappointed, about the last 15 chapters until 145 both the MC and the events get deteriorated. ... more>>

first the MC sometimes adapt an ugly murderer mentality, like when he faced a difficult opponent, what's the words that he left for his closer women, "if I didn't return kill all the other companions, and keep the provisions for yourself", the women on the other hand didn't get surprised. Again the author make a bold ugly claim as universal truth he says "No man would not want to eliminate their competition in the name of love" as he and his current girlfriend killed the boyfriend of another girl that he has a one night stand at the beginning of the apocalypse, and then abducted her, well the author could easily make this event logical but he choose to make it crap.

As for the event I feel that author lost the compass, just as the MC and co took the highway exiting the city, a volcano erupt along with earthquake, fearing it, waves of monsters started dispersing, so the MC started killing those that runs their way, tons of them witch just a few day before he has serious problems facing just one, and those monsters have the intellect to run from volcano not to avoid a path full of death, so they keep pouring in the MC way, just to make a ridiculous scene of shonen level. Then just as they survived a volcano, a flood occurred, is this a contest of natural disaster!!! Not long after they found themselves inside a nuclear radiation zone?? And they immediately found a plant that heal the radiation problem.

And there is that thing that I overlooked before, the MC power came out of his willpower so as he continue training his willpower he came to realize that he can do anything at will, he wanted light, so light manifested itself, but it seems that the author understand how ridiculous this idea is, and never mention it again. Edit: coincidentally I read yet another chapter and he used his will to heal a women, he make up for it saying that it consume quickly his willpower, this unstable power make for bullsh*t story when the author make thing easier for himself, using it when he shouldn't and vise versa making bullsh*t excuse, yet this is my own forsee.
So the future looks dark for me, I lost hope that I found in this novel, I'm out. It's really better make a quality story of 100 chapters than to go for 1000 or more crap, the fandom culture isn't healthy I think. It encourage author hooking people with quality at first then feeding them anything next.

translators you truly has the choice to correct the author minor deviations, you could keep the original for those who like so, there is not a lot of this moral problems so I don't think it's gonna be a time problem. I might be wrong but I thinks it won't be a small number that gonna drop this novel due to this. I personally can't root for a bad MC, but anyway thank you.

I lost hope on finding a good novel, just where this super story popup from, there is really nothing to criticize, the MC is perfectly logical good character, without hypocrisy nor exaggeration, he kills when he should kill, he step when he get aroused, while he hesitate or step back when he should do so, the story progress is going very smoothly, the new world building is still in progress as the evolution is also in progress, and humans fighting back trying to prevent the collapse of civilization and order, while the MC is reacting smart to the changes trying to adapt and understand what's happening not seizing to enhance himself, while not being blinded by his power witch brought out a lot of practical action all along the way never letting me lose immersion. The side character are also very human like even though they didn't play an important roll yet, but some are already started to do so, as the MC stuck with them and started to open up revealing some of the secrets that he know. This I would have said it's a masterpiece if it wasn't early for me to judge based on 60c, but my anticipation is high as the author is very realistic, and the plot was well rounded off until now. And I forget the translation is so good and so fast, and I hope it to continue so but anyway thank you author and translators for this great novel.

It's sad for this novel to receive a one star rating just for minor error as a sword named as long knife (which might be due to Chinese individualities) and for the MCs to seek for a safe place for his companions under the army protection witch is the obvious choice. While I might agree that it's a little bit annoying but not so far as to be a ground for judging this novel. <<less
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Sepharius rated it
July 16, 2017
Status: Completed
EDIT as of 17/09/19:

Lowering the rating to a solid 2 out of 5.

The quality drops after the 400 chapter mark, the MC doesn't give a sh*t about anyone except himself and let's characters die pointlessly when he could easily have helped.

... more>> The author is clearly portraying his shitty mindset on the main character because he thinks with nothing but his dick.

He must've realised this around the 500 chapter mark as he changes the story to a load of sci-fi nonsense but it is just so bad.

The pros I mentioned no longer exist.

Battle pets? Author gave up on them.

Smart and interesting characters? Gone, it's all about MC and how he does this and that. Characters now exist to worship him and have no personality.

Interesting battles? None, MC is overpowered and a God. Nothing can hurt him. The other characters no longer contribute even a fart, they just exist to cheer.

The ending? A pile of sh*t about how super awesome the MC is. All other characters are pushed aside because the author and the MC gave up on them.

I would give this a solid one star rating if it wasn't for the first 300 chapters or so. It hasn't potential but the author is a massive douche with a power complex.

Completely ruined a good story and wasted my (and a lot of other readers) time.


When I picked this up, I wasn't actually expecting much due to misleading reviews calling him a murderer and a rapist.

The main character is composed and doesn't make s*upid decisions often. When he does, he learns from his mistake unlike other protagonists thinking strength solves everything.

In this dog eat dog world, he does not hesitate to kill those who pose even the smallest threat. To the people calling him a murderer, you are beyond naive. At the beginning, he did kill a group quite unjustly as all he needed to do was cripple them to teach them a lesson. But later on? All justified. Had he not killed them, they'd certainly kill him or his companions.



- Cool level system where it's not s*upidly overpowered, he actually has to earn his power.

- Interesting abilities and evolutions. Humans and animals alike start to gain mysterious abilities due to evolution.

- Goddamn battle pets. The proper type of Beast companions and monster taming.

- Interesting battles. It's not always about him defeating a s*upidly powerful opponent easily. He uses all their weaknesses against them while making some sacrifices such as injuring his body through stress.

- Smart protagonists. The characters have their own will and personality and stay true to them (except character growth where they change for better). The main character will also avoid conflict and flee if necessary.

- Decent length chapters. The author isn't lazy and has a certain minimum quota for each chapter.


- Sometimes the protagonist is a bit too lucky. Small chances seem to be 80% chance success to him.

- A lot of women fall for the protagonist too easily, however there's a decent explanation from the author about this later. Still, it's a bit over the top.

- Protagonist is a tad too arrogant during the first 100 chapters or so, but he changes for the better. Just be prepared for a few unnecessary problems or solutions.

- Lack of information on certain things, especially the level system in his brain. The author likes to skip a lot of explanations here and there. <<less
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Tarlos rated it
July 22, 2017
Status: c290
MC is way too strong for the setting. IMO novels with a post-apocalypse atmosphere where people struggle to survive should have a sense of tension and desperation. However the MC is just too overpowered. It's like playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent with Superman as your character. MC has literally never met a person stronger than him, and he has never been in a truly desperate situation. If the MC's power level was cut by half then this novel would be much more interesting.

None of the characters are done well. The... more>> MC is not likeable or relatable. He wasn't very interesting to begin with, and as his "powers" grow, he becomes more and more machine-like. It's kind of hard to see him as the MC sometimes. He's also kind of a hypocrite: He does the good-guy inner monologue saying he still has his morals and stuff, but is a rapist. The other side characters are one-dimensional and I don't even know why the author made so many female love interests. They aren't developed, they aren't interesting, and they certainly don't contribute to the story in any way.

The world building is the only thing done quite well. The author manages to paint a very vivid and mysterious environment. It's a shame said world is occupied by such boring characters. Very average story in general, you won't miss out if you don't read it. <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Blonk rated it
July 18, 2017
Status: c143
Worst MC ever. I really wanna kill him and his s*upid girlfriend, what a waste of my time reading this until ch 143.

It was a very good novel at first and I was really glad I dont listen to those people that rate this novel low until he got himself an annoying girlfriend and it got worse when the MC start acting like those typical arrogant xianxia villains, enough to make me hoping that he would suffer and die

... more>>

I really hate that ex cop, from the start she always scold the MC when he kill people, even though most of those people deserve to die. But on ch 143 she kill a guy to help the MC getting that guy GF, what a b*tch.

I start hating the MC when he treat his battle beast that just save him before like sh*t by keep slashing it to get its blood and when the MC start to act like an arrogant idiot on ch 143 bcos his head is filled with sperm by kidnapping someone else girlfriend. From another review I read that he is gonna r*pe that girl, this is when I decide to drop the novel

9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
k-r-i-s rated it
June 21, 2017
Status: --
I thought it would be an MC with some control, but apparently he has no control over his dick. I don't mind that if it's not rape, but it sounded like it was from the way it was written.

Make a harem and sleep with them all if you want, just don't force yourself on girls who say no.

... more>>

He forces himself on some random cop girl cause he's angry he saved her. That doesn't even make sense. Don't save her if you're going to bit*h about it later and then force yourself on her to get back at her.

Plus, he just forces himself on the girl he lives with and who just recently lost her husband. It just seemed pretty rapey because she told him not to and he didn't listen.

9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Axemption rated it
June 8, 2017
Status: c129
Enjoyable series - MC not really op compare to the enemies (non-humans) in the apocalypse world. Shows the real side of the apocalypse with atomic bombs flying everywhere, people going crazy, military going crazy, animals going crazy, earthworms going crazy, fish going crazy and trees going crazy.

Can't wait for more chapters? Don't worry with a release rate of 25 chapters a week, all you need is a good night sleep and in the next day you can have at least 3 chapters to enjoy.
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Shiraishi rated it
June 16, 2017
Status: c154
3 is actually me being nice.

Story issues

... more>>

- So its an apocalyptic world, they struggle with water supplies... but when they have some water, its for washing their feet, hmmm hello, priorities?

They are looking for a supermarket and the first sentence is" Since the attack from the beast on the highway, almost all their supplies had been gone. They were very close to becoming savages. They had no sleeping bags, toothpaste, or clothes to change into. The few ragged clothes they had were their only important resource. They treated them with care and used them in a variety of ways., "

Priorities? Water and foor are running out, and all you think about is toothpaste?

- I dont mind harem, s*x crazed MC are fine too. But having a normal MC suddenly turning into a s*x fiend is kinda annoying.


TL issues

Again and again, the long blade/sword popping every so often as a knife or machete. Shouldbe time to go back and edit all the chapters. Sword or blade would be better than this. Have you ever heard of a knife that long?

Someone said that a small part of chapter was missing. I hope its not true, If its up in The chinese novel, why shouldn't it be in the english version? <<less
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kekkaishi222 rated it
August 5, 2017
Status: c205
Weew, its somehow tiring reading this. At first I have high expectations about how the story gonna progress, but I disappointed with the story progress.

#1 the MC is retard, so f*cking s*upid like a s*ave. No, he is really s*ave. He is doing everything alone, there's no camaraderie no group work. The others just like a leeches that parasites the MC. Because the group is ret*rd too, they cant adapt. The gap between MC and the other is too big, on survival skill and adaptability.

#2 is the author got amnesia,... more>> especially about people ability, not using them to progress the story. (How the heck people know about monster level?? The government just ranking them using number, not coloring)

#3 the game elements is used in very bad way, it's clearly show that the author just want make it easy to explain things. But because he the MC is ret*rd he don't use it to its maximum capabilities.

#4 plot armor? Heck, its really disappointing. The MC is clearly a somewhat blacksmith or enchanter. Having ability to create armors and weapons, but not using it efficiently, what a waste of abilities. I always see mountain of treasure along the way, but the MC just leave it wasted. Just focus on armoring himself, not the group. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ignus rated it
May 17, 2017
Status: c30
Good story premise with poor execution.

I enjoy a survival/world evolution apocalypse as much as the next guy, or gal. But when scenes jump from one location to the next, and even time is not clearly defined well, it becomes obvious that the author doesn't have a full plot planned out except for the next woman the MC will sleep with.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
TheJudge rated it
June 4, 2017
Status: c75
It's decent, the MC does s*upid things and makes s*upid decisions at times, but not s*upid enough to make you face palm or stop you from reading (yet), like many of the others i've read. His way of thinking or well.. The authors need improvement. He thinks like a cowardly normal human at times and the rest of the time; a ruthless killer. The women of the MC's harem are so damn clingy it's annoying though. We have a 14 year old that's in heat feening for the MC and... more>> some other girl talking about having kids when she knows he's only with her for the s*x (b*itch please).

I do find it laughable that someone rated this novel a 1 because author or tl got the weapon wrong. Overall it's a decent read. I do not expect perfection when reading novels, so if your looking for slow none op MC, go buy a book off amazon. <<less
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