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Assistant gong X 18th line little celebrity shou

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    New XxmeacxX rated it
    September 19, 2022
    Status: c10
    So umm.. Idk if it's really complete or ongoing. NU says complete and It says only till C.8 but we're given till C.10 and it looks like there's a continuation?? Maybe the chapters are split? Tl site says it's ongoing.... Hrmm... Should I edit it to not completely translated

    It's sad that the piece is new but the ratings are already like that from fiew reviewers. Translation is okay. I'm just bothered that I'm redirected to another site each time I click the next chapter button. I'll just bump the... more>> ratings for now since 2.5 overall looks sad. There's only 1 on 4 star and 1 on 1 star there 😅

    ML is from a wealthy household. Younger brother of the boss. Has foreign blood. Took charge of business branch in European area. Didn't say how and when he fell in love with MC. ML became mc's assistant to pursue him. MC didn't know at first till he was sent to the hospital. They start out as strangers to friends. MC is a lowkey and low level actor but at the same time.. Capable? It's just that he's not had famous roles. This time, he auditioned for the antagonist and was accepted. We're shown scenes of said film they're doing. Short lighthearted story and quick developments / scenes. Somewhat cliché but it's also fine, including the progress, since it's just a short story. <<less
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