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At 18, Song Jianchu was diagnosed with a terminal illness and his billions of inheritance had no heir. Not wanting to leave the world so soon, he found the star he had been chasing after all his life and spoke arrogantly, “One billion per day, date me.”

The whole internet knew that the music industry’s top idol, Mu Ye, had a rich and flashy fanboy, and no one thought that the black-and-red demon king could successfully pursue a star. Until a video went viral all over the internet. In the video, the guy’s expression was cold and arrogant as he leaned against his luxury car and stuffed a black card into the man’s clothes, who then smiled and kissed him on the face.

Netizens climbed over each other to comment: “Wow, the demon king is amazing!!”

Mu Ye found a quirky and wealthy sugar daddy, who shamelessly showed off his body to him and catered to all of his tastes. He had originally intended to play video games with the kid, but ended up with a perfect boyfriend. Mu Ye fell deeply in love and was about to propose at his concert, when his boyfriend suddenly made it to the hot search list.

He was suddenly pulled into a group chat, where the top celebrities were discussing, with sadness, how to give their dying sugar daddy a grand funeral and compete for the C-spot to grab his last photo.

Mu Ye: …

After fulfilling all of his wishes, Song Jianchu signed the asset transfer agreement and was sketching out the guest list for the funeral of all the top stars on his couch, when he was suddenly picked up and put in an ambulance.

“Don’t be afraid, I’ve brought the best doctors for you.”


In his boyfriend’s gentle expression, there was a hint of coldness. “Baby, I never said we were breaking up. You’re not allowed to die early.”

★Unmatched financial ability, true demon king to outsiders, double-standard pet and attacking little expert to insiders

★Attacking character is a true monster, tea art master male fox fairy, expert in protecting cubs

★1V1, sweet and happy ending

★Contains elements of death and embarrassment, discretion advised

Content tags: Entertainment circle, sweet and happy ending, cool and refreshing

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Protagonist: Song Jianchu, Mu Ye

Supporting roles: Pei Shinnian, Bai Xingyu, Lu Shen

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4 Reviews

Nom de Plume
Nom de Plume
Oct 09, 2023
Status: c122
A lighthearted story that attempts to explore some mature themes.

... more>>

These include confronting terminal illness, psychological issues like depression (ml), deceit (hiding illness), resolving family hatred to turn a new leaf (cousin), straight man gay panic (side couple), and even potential divorce from domestic violence (another side couple). The main character has everything materially, but lacks physically and spiritually. He is facing the same illness that quickly took away his father and grandfather. His only remaining relatives hate him. His main work is investment although the story does not delve deeply into it. This is largely because he is aiming to find a goal for long term work with more meaning than money management. He isolates himself socially and his main hobbies are showing off his wealth online to piss off the Uncle who expedited the demise of his ill father and following the career of an idol who gave him warmth during the darkest part of his life. The ML does not recognize the MC as someone he met in person for a long time, but also emotionally relied on this young fan during his own struggles, although this is only mentioned in passing without much detail. He does still recognize his biggest fan despite not connecting the pink haired young adult to a young boy drenched in the rain.


Overall, it was a good read despite the overpowered background setting making the main cast a little hard to relate to very deeply. I do feel a little conflicted over how the author handled some of the side couples by handing out bad endings like Oprah giving away cars. Technically they are open endings, but the connotation is very negative and I am unsure what message the author was trying to send. I suppose they were trying to push a more realistic result to ground certain clichés, but it felt really out of place in an otherwise very unrealistic and extravagant setting full of exaggerated displays of love and sacrifice.


The domestic violence couple I kind of understand why they went the separation route in the sense that they seemed to have married under somewhat false pretenses? The violent shou mentions that they were tricked into the grave of marriage young and seems to truly resent this and resists intimacy with his husband a great deal. He mentions that he might have had many ex girlfriends if it weren't for his husband as well, implying he might not have started gay. He puts his husband in the hospital multiple times before and after intimacy. The author never discusses their past so it's a little hard to understand why they ever got into a relationship in the first place. A relationship with only one person putting in effort is bound to dissolve regardless of how much love there might have been at the beginning or end. Whether they continue will fully rely on if the shou misses his husband and regrets pushing him away or relishes in his sudden freedom. I think part of the reason for not exploring their past may be that there is no excuse for domestic violence so the reasons ultimately do not matter. I still wish the author had given a hint of the violent shous mental state when his husband actually left like he seemed to have wanted. 7-8 years together is a long time. My biggest unhappiness with this is the friend group's reaction. They are right that they can't interfere too much in someone else's relationship, but they don't even bother to ask after how either one is doing or see if the husband who left has anywhere to stay. It's very much 'someone else's problem' and 'watching the show' for an otherwise very close group of friends. Their attitude really undermines the seriousness of the married couples disputes and the very heavy fact that violence is not a solution.

The other couple was barely explored at all. Dude who was single and tortured by dog food the entire novel decides he would like to fall in love only to discover that his ideal target is in a relationship and it seems to be with someone who hates him. This misunderstanding is possible due to the fact that he actually is not close to his goddess at all. He plays games online with his enemy not aware of their identity, ultimately mistaking him as her and becoming determined to dig the wall. His enemy thinks they are in a relationship, but finds out that he has been mistaken for his sister. He attempts to chase his lover anyway and they have a few kisses. Straight man admits emotional attachment but can't accept a physical development between them and scorns the idea of attempting platonic love. It's pretty clear that this character is still a bit immature and part of his drive to find a relationship may have been to lose his v**ginity. The other man seems to accept this outcome despite his disappointment because he tries to imagine possible endings for them, but none are good.


Edit: untranslated novels in same universe, although I suspect all but ABO may be same universe

Why is First Love So Sweet is about a side couple who shows up in one of the variety show episodes and attends the protagonists wedding. Amnesia trope.

Boyfriend's Vinegar is Good/Boyfriend is the Best Kind of Vinegar (?) [Rebirth] 男朋友是醋精这种好事[重生] is another side couple that only shows up in the extras as a hired tutor. Seems to be about resolving misunderstandings and finding the true feelings underneath.

Could not find any mentions of the official side couples I mentioned before despite this to my dismay. Might be due to only reading the descriptions hehe <<less
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Apr 05, 2023
Status: c31
A little entertaining at the beginning but becomes a little monotonous as the story progresses.

At first, it's cute when the ML teases MC but eventually it becomes repetitive and annoying. Whereas the MC is capable but is very silly whenever he's with ML.

My rating is between 3 to 4 stars.
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Oct 04, 2023
Status: c25
Last Chapter Read: 25

Rating: 2/5

Dropping this for now. Might pick up again if I feel like it.

... more>> Review:

I feel a bit cheated, I expected the MC to be a bit more animated or outgoing from the summary, but he turned out to be a—cool, reserved guy? It would've been fine if I hadn't gone in with expectations I guess, his personality itself isn't terrible.

There's also tons of—actions and events that comes across as forced and the characters are all honestly a bit bland that I couldn't get attached to them.

To be specific, the characters feels 2D, like they have set characteristics but it doesn't go deeper than that.

The story also started off really slow and only picked up pace when MC, ML, and ML's friends in the circle went on a variety show together which was around chapters 16 to 20.

The fans' comment barrage really carried the story, without the fans my interest would've tanked even lower and it was already low in the first place.

Also, the translation's just edited MTL, and not an unnoticeable one at that. One of the characters is called Bai Xingyu, and an unedited portion calls him Brother Star when it should be Brother Xing. Another one was when the fans mentioned Pei Shinian and it was just "every year".

If you're going to just edit MTL, at least do it well.

A more honest summary:

At just 18 years of age, top student and famous big spender Song Jianchu finds himself diagnosed with terminal illness. Though unsurprised and prepared for the reality of his situation, Song Jianchu is still reluctant to die so soon.

And so on a drunken night out, he accidentally propositions his idol, the well-known musician Mu Ye. "Date me and I'll pay you one billion a day."

Mortified at first, especially when his idol teases him and refuses to let him forget their "deal", Song Jianchu eventually decides that leaving his wealth and inheritance to his idol is better than leaving it to his greedy relatives. <<less
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Apr 02, 2023
Status: c22
It's a good book, very interesting till now. The mtl is also easy to follow but I think I'll wait for the translator to catch up so as to really enjoy the feels. Song Jianchu is really cute and Mu Ye is such a flirt.

Really looking firward to the rest of the book.
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