Endless Love


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“I’ll just choose the human Priest then. What name should I use?”


“Using your initials as ID is so lame.”

“QWE aren’t just my initials,” he said coolly. “They’re the first three letters at the top of the keyboard.”

She looked at the short little female dwarf knight on her screen and keyed the three letters in. System prompt: Character successfully created.

QWE, the once all-powerful ID was now gone.

All that was left was the six worn out letters, QWE and ASD, nestled quietly together on the far left of the keyboard.

Love is a boundlessly vast sea, and you are my only driftwood. A work of profound romance eagerly anticipated by thousands of readers after A Slight Smile is Very Charming. Four years of regard, three years of wait; going round in circles, turns out you are still here.

T/N: this novel is dropped, kindly contact the TL if you wish to pick it up

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Endless Love
I Love You The Most In This World
Waiting For You
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07/23/18 Zhan Lan Translations c4 part1
03/15/18 Zhan Lan Translations c3
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Shinygold13 rated it
August 19, 2018
Status: Completed
To be honest, I really find ASD, the female, detestable. I was pissed with her indecisiveness. Most of all, I hate, hate, hate it when a person enters a relationship without even confirming her own feelings, and this is what happened. That moment when ... more>>

ASD suddenly found herself in a relationship with another man when she is feeling anything but affections. It's even debatable if she ever held a bit of like before Zou You became her boyfriend. What's more, ASD comforted herself with thoughts like she'll love him soon enough or she will cultivate deep affections for him now that she's in a relationship. THAT, that is frustrating! Why? Because that is a great disrespect to yourself and to your partner. Not only that, it's clear it is going to fail which ultimately means you wasted your time... time that you should have used in a far more beneficial ways

but for me it wasn't enough. My frustrations hasn't been fed with a good amount of character development for it to be satisfied.

Nevertheless, the comedy did pull off and eased my annoyance... to the point that I wished there wasn't any romance at all and just plain gaming. Anyway, I do think that the romance between ASD and QWE is good but it needs a bit more substance because the earlier chapters, I clearly sensed a hint of dislike from ASD and the transition between dislike to like and lastly, to love wasn't fully shown to me. Frankly, the extra chapters, written in QWE's POV, and the depiction of ASD is way more likeable than when I'm reading ASD's POV but I guess that is the crux of 1st POVs; you see and feel only one person and you don't get to know what kind of person that person is in other's eyes which made those extra chapters all the more endearing because you can see how QWE fell in love with ASD.

Overall, I like it especially after ASD became decisive and firm. The events leading up to their eventual confession was fun to read and I wished the author added scenes in-game too when they are officially together because I know how much those friends of QWE are rooting for him from the start of ASD's appearance in WOW. Their journey was a long one but it wasn't as angsty as it seems to imply, it was good but it was a necessary growth for ASD as well as a way for QWE to reconfirm within himself the love he had nurtured for so long.

Welp, it was hard MTLing this but it was worth it and I hope someday someone will translate this because even though it's not the best, it's still good and entertaining. <<less
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