End of the Magic Era


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The world that nurtured the civilization which reached the pinnacle of magic was on the verge of destruction.
The last survivor transmigrated to the past, when the magic civilization started growing, as countless mages were still fumbling their ways through the thorny paths of magic knowledge.
He, who came from the end of the magic era, aim to reach the pinnacle of magic.

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Throne of the Apocalypse
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New haridiva
November 1, 2022
Status: c100
Well, it’s annoying read so far. Jumping ideas, not focused, monotonous plots, confusing side characters, overly repetitive with ridiculous explanations - made me think whether I was reading a dictionary or a novel. The plot, honestly, nothing fresh. It could become a good reading material, but it wasn’t.
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CreamPuffDelights rated it
March 18, 2019
Status: --
In what is basically Qi's standard operating protocol, this is another new novel with many many 5 star reviews.

I guess all I can do in the spirit of fairness is to give a 1 star review instead.

I mean, Reallly.

Is it asking for too much that a Chinese author manage to grow some balls and write something original? Y'know, instead of using the same old super powerful all knowing devil reincarnating back to a time when everything is abundant so that he can reign supreme because he knows all sorts of... more>> rare and uber powerful recipes and skills? Because that's exactly what this novel is.

Take any one of those novels out there, all 9 trillion of them, SOTR for example, slap on a western shade of paint, where everyone has western names, in a western setting, but somehow act like perfect cultivators, down to the uselessly vicious enemy family across the street that somehow perfectly balanced the scales of power of this tiny Tony tiny tiny tinnnnyyyyyyyyy town, right up until jusssssssst as our MC arrives, whereupon the MCs family instantly falls apart jusssssssst in time for him to save and be a BBBBBadass in the process, a touch of the brainless young masters, the uselessly antagonistic young master's uber perfect elder brother, with a super powerful teacher from the super big sect, that is secretly subordinate to another even bigger super sect, who just so happens to send even more useless grand young masters down to get their assets kicked, and voila, you get this novel.

Why are there even sects in a novel where everyone is walking around with names like Keith?

Anyway, sound familiar anyone? If so, then you already know what you can look forward to in the next 200 chapters. Then he'll go to the next plane/continent/level/dimension where the air there is abundannnnntly MORE powerful and the people there are consistently juuuuussssst a teensy bit more powerful on average, y'know, just so the MC doesn't get to lord about immediately.

In summary? Just another Xuanhuan knockoff by another pathetic copy paste Chinese writer.

I'm Chinese, and I goddamn cry for my home nation's literature level. I mean, even the transmigrator plot point is here, and just like all the other knockoffs, it serves ZERO purpose in the story. All it does is let the author be lazy and write from the perspective of a modern person rather than as a person from the narrative itself.

Or at least as modern a person who is intentionally emotionally and socially crippled purely so that the author can draw a few cheap laughs when they act like the ret*rd they are, ala Library of Heaven's Path (God, I still don't know why people legitimately like to read about ret*rds), and then let them smack some faces, because let's face it, face smacking might as well be the national sport in China if the way these authors keep abusing their works to fit in just one more face smacking scenes is any indication. <<less
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Elheim rated it
August 3, 2019
Status: c374
I'm still wondering how I managed to read 374 chapters of this novel. Maybe it's because I've run out of chapters Lord of the Mysteries to binge read in.

Anyway, the review.

The pov often switches to the characters interacting with the MC, wherein the readers can view all their s*upid thoughts and schemes. They, of course, get their asses handed to them despite their efforts. The amount of face-slapping that subsequently follow is proportional to the amount of disrespect and arrogance they had in their thoughts. Once tamed, the internal monologue... more>> is now of fear and respect, with the occasional pity on the next idiot who dares underestimate the MC.

The statement above repeats on different circumstances throughout the course of the story. By repeat I meant that it occurs to almost every side character relevant to the story.

There should be a contest on how much a reader would be able to stomach this troupe until he pukes out.

I humbly submit my entry at c374. <<less
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VLeeAzn rated it
March 2, 2020
Status: c784
This is the most infuriating and frustrating novel I have EVER read.
I do not know what the authors were trying to achieve by writing this but the novel protagonist is basically there existing to be insulted then take hits and not do a single thing about it just remaining calm and silent until they can write 5 chapters about it.
This is the typical example of a novel done so wrong, I have no idea what the recipe of this novel is. Do they think because it is a... more>> protagonist it has to suffer ? What's the fun in that ? And the worst is, after the protagonist suffered for 5 chapters the only "satisfying" or face smacking is only half a chapter then on the very next he gets insulted AGAIN.
Oh My F God. This is the worst novel I've ever read.
This novel is NOTHING like library of heaven's path in term of satisfaction, everyone down to his own family are scum to the protagonist even the people that will become his subordinate eventually treats him like he is pure garbage. <<less
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TubeAlloys rated it
December 12, 2019
Status: c460
Let me start this with - if you just want a generic, low effort Chinese strong-guy-gets-stronger LN then this is probably for you and you shouldn't read my review. For people who want something more from the plot and characters then here are my biggest concerns with the series.

Ok so the first main plot loop is: Mafa gets stronger, arrogant brainless guy attacks Mafa, Mafa wrecks him, guy becomes terrified of Mafa (or dies), Mafa gets stronger, later on the same guy sees another arrogant brainless guy picking a fight... more>> with Mafa and thinks "oh sh*t don't do that" but never actually f*cking says it.

The second loop is more simple: Mafa remembers something from his plot-ex-machina library, Mafa goes to a dungeon and fights a boss, Mafa gets loot.

Other than these two, there's also all the usual crap you find in these low effort LNs like MC finds a rare once-in-a-lifetime treasure... fifty goddamn times. MC becomes insanely rich and goes to auctions to flaunt his wealth. MC is from a humble backgro- no wait he isn't he's secretly descended from a powerful family and oh look now he's running said family... etc. etc.

The fights are boring as hell since there are never any stakes. I mean when he occasionally fights dungeon bosses his life is sometimes on the line, but then I couldn't care less about that because there's nothing likeable about his character... or rather there's practically nothing to his character at all. His character is a mixture of an as*hole and an empty shell.

Which brings me to the worst part: he's an absolute f**king a**hole. He could avoid so many pointless fights and so much conflict if he was just less of a prick to every goddamn person he meets.

On top of all this, the author will write triplicate paragraphs of the exact same thing, just phrased in three different ways, at least once every. single. chapter. Yep, not just twice, three times. Occasionally even four.

Steer clear of this if you're looking for ANYTHING AT ALL other than to pass some time. And even then I would recommend you watch grass grow instead. <<less
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Airojab rated it
July 17, 2019
Status: c850
The MC is a pushover, no real opponent, he spend 20 years in a library and somehow knows the entrire secrets of every powerhouse.

People eay stronger than him are wary of him,

Too much bullsh*t filled in a lot of places

Everyone except the MC is an idiot and know nothing at all

... more>>

There was a part in which a Dragon stayed in a seperate realm for thousand of years to revive her father and never notices that shes been duped ? Seriously ?

Places are out there in the open and everyone knows that there are treasures here, but guess what no one tries to solve a problem related to poisons and so they enter the poisonous places without antidotes and die ? Seriously can u get any more s*upid ?

The story was pretty solid till chapter 300ish then they messed it up. He never evens tries finding out what happened to his dad,

Master alchemists were supposed to be rare but as things go on even a failure of a cousin of his was one before meeting him ?

Arch mages were super powerhouses and all of a sudden you have dozens of the younger generation in that realm anf as usual theytare complete idiots.

It takes 100 of years to breakthrough ? Ok people with no talents nor any relation to MC suddenly breakthrough multiple realms and then disappear and are never mentioned off again.

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novaes rated it
February 16, 2019
Status: c48
Fairly boring, to be honest. 3.5/10, another substandard story, readable but not terribly stimulating.

Man transmigrates into a new world, but that world is unfortunately doomed. Thankfully the world has a lot of incredible knowledge, so when the MC transmigrates again he can make good use of the knowledge, right? Sure he does, but it's intensely boring and is just about the most obviously word padded novel I've ever read. You can feel the author stretching out the word count like putty in near every chapter, some much worse than others.... more>> Lots of pointless information thrown around and characters acting like complete morons just to give the MC an excuse to use his magical future knowledge.

Seems like the author lost his way at around ch30+ and just threw out filler because he signed a contract to. Although the premise hooked me and I was pretty excited, the author failed to make good use of it and instead bored me to tears. <<less
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timma rated it
April 7, 2019
Status: c807
  1. Under Rated
  2. Alchemy
  3. MC who is capable and can resolve conflicts without seeming like a showboating teenager
  4. I remember playing Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic as a kid and all the time I spent augmenting my light saber, so I can relate to over 500 chapters finding the right components for his staff, etc
  5. Give this a try. Unfairly hated.
  6. You don't really notice lack of romance stuffunless you think about it. Which is nice for this kind of novel because there is no way for a female lead to keep up with him in an organic fashion. Plus difference in experiences means the likelihood of finding someone compatible is low.
  7. I don't agree with the others who say this is a copy paste of other tropes. MC can determine right from wrong and take appropriate action, like not eliminating entire families because they bumped him. That's a huge change. The main character acts in a mature fashion.
  8. Is it slow, maybe. Not as slow as some, but definitely not as fast as others. MC does have downtime, so that's a plus. He decides what to do mostly instead of other stories where they are always under external pressure. At least in earlier chapters, around chapter 600 we get an arch or two that feel slow. Still interesting to read, but very disappointing..
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February 27, 2019
Status: c500
Guys don't let the first one hundred chapters deter you, the author is new and is trying to find his pacing and style in those chapters.

true there are troups in this story BUT when the plot thickens the serious stuff takes over and BOOM you can't stop, in like two weeks I've finished 500 chapters and I love it. True it isn't the most original novel out there, but it is much better though out than the usual things, most importantly the MC is balanced. Not a complete pu*sy nor... more>> is he a ruthless killing machine, also he isn't a hypocrite who contradicts himself.

The world background will get fleshed out and the sense of mystery is grealy convayed. The characters that eereat first introduced as troups duddenly turn into the Mc's friends and confidants.

One of the weird things though honestly is that there has been like only three or less female characters that were mentioned in this novel. Which I find good and bad, the good is that conflict doesn't happen just because the MC is taling to a girl, the bad is that it takes out some of the sense of naturalness out of the story.

but everything else is good enough in my opinion, it isn't a heavey story but it definitely is an enjoyable read and a fun ride, definitely recommend it.

The rating is to offset the flood of negative reviews of people who have read like 50 chapter only the entire novel is 1.5k before you decided if you're committed to a novel like this you should read at least 200 chapters.

All those who quit half way are missing out!! <<less
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ResidentialPsycho rated it
February 12, 2019
Status: c40
The MC is a character who transmigrates into a world of magic, but it actually turns out to be a world that now has severe magic depletion instead. He lives for twenty years until he's abruptly sent something like 30, 000 years into the past and possesses a twenty-year-old magician there instead. Although his future knowledge is very prominent in the story development, his transmigration from our world is completely ignored thus far in the series and doesn't contribute to the plot at all.

He is immensely OP with his knowledge... more>> and precise mana control. Not to mention his luck is completely out of this world. He is calm and intelligent without going out of his way to get revenge or to cause trouble for anyone, so I like his personality a lot. Unfortunately, all of the other characters are not even remotely as intelligent as he is. I'm not just talking about magical knowledge, which would only be expected, but also about their common sense and craftiness. They don't have the slightest amount of cunning or ability to deceive or manipulate others. It's like the MC is a college student competing against and working with a bunch of kindergardeners.

There are numerous plot holes and inconsistencies as well. I plan to continue reading it until it goes premium, but I intend to drop it after that if the series doesn't improve in quality. <<less
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joyfan rated it
February 2, 2019
Status: c20
I tried giving it a read since it’s so high up the chart in QI.. Not worth your time.. Just another OP MC giving everyone a face slapping session. Then again I only read until chapter 20.. So i’m not sure how good it gets in the future chapters. Still, very boring and generic beginning though.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
glenntwo rated it
October 8, 2020
Status: c900
It's a good start where MC slowly increase his power until the story where he was always provoke by someone and that damn Gillian always have so many dialogue and the worst part every 1pth chapter there will be like that until chapter 900. The repetitive provocation and insult is so annoying and it's take my interest away very disappointed and heck the end of magic will start 10000 from the timeline. So damn the raging emperor continent volume is so long that until 900 they are still inside that... more>> damn world. 1 star very poor. <<less
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darksideskna rated it
June 17, 2019
Status: c300
for some reason the universes in the novel have no female at all, not a single female character was introduced till chapter 300, author says MC is a survivalist but makes him out to be pu*sy footer who barely injured someone and not a single antagonist was killed.

fights between MC and antagonists are always stopped by someone stronger than them and then claiming that if they had fought MC would've won and they are indeed saving the antagonist with higher cultivation.

novel is full of crap MC remembering things from 30000... more>> years where he was alive for 20 years or so but his knowledge alone is enough to rival those of 1000's years old in that era and now in this past age his knowledge is omnipotent. <<less
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WindyWind rated it
February 28, 2019
Status: c70
"Normally this would be an impossible thing to do... But not for him. Because he is from 10000 years in the future."

This is something you will be reminded again and again every time MC does something, sometimes multiple times in the same chapter. It feels like author thinks that we, as readers, would forget that he is from 10000 years in the future. So he makes it his duty to reminds us that he is in fact from there, and that everything he does is so much better because of... more>> it.

He does not care about the world building, the power system, personalities, normal human interactions, etc. All of it can be called generic and lackluster at best. Everything just feels so empty, just a bunch of pretty words, nothing more. For example we get told different ranks of mages. But what kind of power level they have, what are the feats they can do etc, nothing about that. We just know that the higher rank the stronger they are. Not to talk about monsters. They dont even get ranks, they are just called n-level monster. And same goes for pretty much everything else. Spells, tools, potions, artifacts. We just get bunch of cool sounding names, but nothing really describing it more in detail. Of course unless its about how MC made em so much better cause he is from 10000 years in the future.

The MC is also an absolute power creep, with no challenges so far. The fights are extremely boring. Even though they are using spells, I cant help but to think of cliche xianxia battles, where they punch each other, and then everyone are surprised when MC hits harder. There is no strategy, just MC negating everything and then hitting harder. For example there is a scene where MC is against hundreds of monsters. He complains how this is too difficult, near impossible even for him. And then he just proceeds to cast 1 spell to kill them all. Literally one spell and then once the enemies are all dead says how that was a hard battle.

This might sound that I'm being harsh on the novel and I'm just being mean, tr*shing the novel and not saying anything good about it. Well, that's cause I didn't really find anything good about this novel lol. And yet I still read this, and will read for at least a bit more, as I'm a sucker for op MC novels.

As a side note I guess the only good thing I could say is that we can expect there to be no harem. Like literally there has been no mention of any females so far. It is as if females don't exist and its only males world. Probably will change further in the novel, but just found it interesting enough to mention. <<less
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Utsavupadhyay rated it
October 6, 2018
Status: c17
MC came from the future with knowledge spells and other kind of stuff (alchemy knowledge) where resources are abundant (in past) and doing unexpected things (making unstable things stable). But novel droped because of copyright problem
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Fredrick rated it
April 5, 2022
Status: c1472
such wasted potential.

I have read this entire novel to completion and let me first say that I loved it. But... there is a huge but.

Its full of tropes and pointless things that in the end have had nothing to do with the ending of the novel. So so so many characters, plot lines, world building, even entire arcs, were left unexplored, developed and most importantly conclueded. I really did love so many things about this novel, it was just so nice. So many things where just satisfying and enjoyable... more>> to consume over time as a reader.

If I had to use an analogy to explain this novel it would be Fast good.

This novel isn't an expensive meal with healthy and nutritious ingredients that leave you satisfied, full and with a memorable experience that you can look back at with fond memories. No this novel is fast food. Its cheap, not good for you in the long run, easy to get and more often then not will be poorly made. But like fast food you will go back. You will crave more. This novel is easy to read. It doesn't use hard to understand language, complex writing techniques to make you feel well anything, impeded themes and messages. No this novel had, im sure little to no thought put into those things. And that ain't always a negative. The writer when they haven't fallen back into boring and repetitive tropes actually delivers a truly imagination gripping world, story and creatures and magic. The character are interesting conceptually but all are treated like side character with no acual emotional growth, development and more often the not purpose.

In conclusion this story feels like a good first draft that if went through a total rewrite but kept many of the same, let's say, "meat" then it would be one of if not my most favourite novel ever. Unfortunately the potential was ultimately wasted. No novel is perfect and if you take the time and look past the flaws then I promise you that you too can be as disappointed and entertained as I was. <<less
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ChaosDreamer660 rated it
June 27, 2020
Status: c367
This isn't the most original of novels but if you want a more coolheaded MC that doesn't go round picking fights with everyone he meets then you might want to give it a try.

The world building is pretty good and I think that the magic system is pretty unique in my opinion as I've never read anything like it. The novel does make me really interested in the actual world of noscent as the author has a really good job in fleshing out its history. One thing I do want... more>> to mention is that there has yet to be too much info on the MC geographical location, despite being so deep into the novel. But this can be chalked up to the fact the MC has spent most of his time in his home city.

On a side note, this is the type of novel that gets better the more you read. It is repetitive in the beginning with it formula of canon fodder mee the MC, misunderstanding the MC and then getting face slapped. But if you enjoy this type of content like myself, then it shouldn't stop you.

Like I said the MC is pretty coolheaded and very logical so I think author has found it hard to create conflict between him and other people without resorting to pattern above. However he has a clear motive and can still be reckless when it comes to pursuing this motive. So he is somewhat flawed and isn't some Kirito 2.0. This makes up for the whole repetitive thing in my opinion. Not to mention that he's a lot more likeable.

The pacing is fairly good and his growth is power is logical and well explained. He isn't able to do everything and the author does mention his limitations although he has yet to experience any major losses as of yet. But I guess some of that can be attributed to the mc's more cautious nature.

I've chosen to rate it 5 stars because up to now I have thoroughly enjoyed this novel and I think other people will too. I honestly think that the number of low ratings is unfair and think that it shouldn't deter people as there are other novels of with similar premises that are much worse but have better ratings. I'll be honest this novel isn't for everyone but if you're really into complex world building and magic systems then I do think it's worth the read. <<less
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zeroknight rated it
June 8, 2020
Status: c804
I gave up. I dont want to deak with this anymore. Seriously its like everyone is so brainless. Why cant the MC cant just KILL ALL OF THEM. This keeps on repeating and repeating til thousand chapters because you're a pushover.

If you just show a few ruthlessness then maybe this idiocy wont continue
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Vex rated it
May 23, 2020
Status: --
Qidian shows this novels as 'Much Recommended' with an astonishing average rating of around 4.5 (at the time of review.)

Personally, it barely deserves a one. That to for at least writing something.

Reviewers have already analysed and broken down everything wrong with this story. So I won't say much.

1) MC is probably a Masochist. He loves getting verbally abused and humiliated. Why doesn't he just attacks the guy and for once and for all, declare his strength. Something which is called as show of power. Nope, we definitely have... more>> to read several chapters full of moronic side characters going on and on about their grand plan to humiliate the MC. And let's not ignore that even amateurs right better dialogues.

2) The characters don't even have an iota of common sense. These are probably one of the worst side character development ever. And calling it a 'development' is an massive overstatement. And I am saying this after acknowledging how bad CN novel character's are.

3: Author is definitely a sexist. Not a single female character until around Ch 300. Even after that, I have heard only 2-3 female characters have been introduced till around Ch 1000. So yeah not a single female mage. The first one barely got a paragraph long screen time. The other was referred to as dead. The third one was naive princess or something who yet again had barely any screen time. The only female character present with a story presence of longer than a chapter is that female frost dragon. And she says nothing. It's like those female NPC aides in skyrim. You only remember them when you want to fight.

I will stop here. But this is just massive waste of time. Even invisible dragon was far more entertaining and had better character development. <<less
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omgitsaray rated it
January 17, 2020
Status: c667
This was a pretty interesting novel in the beginning, where our MC is living in an era with barely any mana and people have to survive under that condition. He has a lot of knowledge about the past and for some reason, gets reborn in the past with said knowledge and abundant mana. The way he uses mana is like a well-oiled modern machine, streamlined to its ultimate efficieny.

I have my own opinion where the three major flaws causes this novel to stay in the medicore rank instead of anything... more>> better.

  1. The author forces a lot of situations where a few simple words by the MC, his friends, or his acquaintences can resolve a lot of conflicts. But the author wishes to create "faceslap" moments so all said people above remain silent just so MC can do some faceslapping. For example, in one of their excursions, MC could mention to his team that they are stuck in an illusion and nothing is real. Instead of saying a few extra words, he just pisses them off and say let's go, go now or I'm going to get angry (something to that effect). No explanation, nothing, just so later people will realize how awesome MC was to know it was an illusion back then.
  2. The story after chapter 100's or so is an unending loop of Indiana Jones exploring another dimension. MC will head to X dimension, then get stuck in Y, and then X. They will encounter near life-threatening encounters over and over again, but escape and maybe gain some new loot. MC is sometimes with his core group of affiliates with replaceable acquaintences on the side. MC will keep encountering (insert name) monster and gain (insert name) loot with the same old battle descriptions. It happens so often that you can skip chapters of battles and nothing much has happened.
  3. The history info dump is interesting in the beginning but as it continues on, the fatigue factor weighs in. Especially when you're already getting bored with the unending loops of dimension exploration. Soon, you really don't give a crap about the history of said item/location etc.
Everyone should give this a try for the interesting early chapters, but maybe bank a bunch for the later ones so you can skim through it to see if the novel ever improves. <<less
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November 13, 2019
Status: --
Cant understand why there is no misunderstand tag in this novel cause its full misunderstandings. When MC gets in trouble he's like a mute that cant talk or explain what he has done to avoid trouble and the people who saw it are like the same with the MC a mute but their minds have so many explanation like " damn cant u see he is more powerfull than u" damn cant u see his a genius?" Damn cant u see u are tired of living so dont bring me... more>> with u" damn cant u see he save us all" that what the bystanders all think when the MC moves or help them but they cant talk like theres some f*cking author stopping them from talking so I call them mutes even the MC they minds works fine but their mouth cant open to explain what happens its like theres a sh*t in their mouth. And the author always use this type of sh*t just to extend the novel full of useless mind talking and misunderstanding! Of course people wont know what the MC have done Cuz they only talked with their mind! Maybe their hoping they can read their mind <<less
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