End of the Magic Era


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A world where magic brought civilization to its zenith, is about to be destroyed.The last survivor traveled thousands of years into the past to the time when magic civilization just began. Magicians’ path is still thorny. Our hero came from the end of time to set upon the exalted throne.

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Throne of the Apocalypse
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
02/16/19 Webnovel c48
02/16/19 Webnovel c47
02/15/19 Webnovel c46
02/15/19 Webnovel c45
02/14/19 Webnovel c44
02/14/19 Webnovel c43
02/13/19 Webnovel c42
02/13/19 Webnovel c41
02/12/19 Webnovel c40
02/12/19 Webnovel c39
02/11/19 Webnovel c38
02/11/19 Webnovel c37
02/10/19 Webnovel c36
02/10/19 Webnovel c35
02/09/19 Webnovel c34
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New novaes rated it
February 16, 2019
Status: c48
Fairly boring, to be honest. 3.5/10, another substandard story, readable but not terribly stimulating.

Man transmigrates into a new world, but that world is unfortunately doomed. Thankfully the world has a lot of incredible knowledge, so when the MC transmigrates again he can make good use of the knowledge, right? Sure he does, but it's intensely boring and is just about the most obviously word padded novel I've ever read. You can feel the author stretching out the word count like putty in near every chapter, some much worse than others.... more>> Lots of pointless information thrown around and characters acting like complete morons just to give the MC an excuse to use his magical future knowledge.

Seems like the author lost his way at around ch30+ and just threw out filler because he signed a contract to. Although the premise hooked me and I was pretty excited, the author failed to make good use of it and instead bored me to tears. <<less
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New ResidentialPsycho rated it
February 12, 2019
Status: c40
The MC is a character who transmigrates into a world of magic, but it actually turns out to be a world that now has severe magic depletion instead. He lives for twenty years until he's abruptly sent something like 30, 000 years into the past and possesses a twenty-year-old magician there instead. Although his future knowledge is very prominent in the story development, his transmigration from our world is completely ignored thus far in the series and doesn't contribute to the plot at all.

He is immensely OP with his knowledge... more>> and precise mana control. Not to mention his luck is completely out of this world. He is calm and intelligent without going out of his way to get revenge or to cause trouble for anyone, so I like his personality a lot. Unfortunately, all of the other characters are not even remotely as intelligent as he is. I'm not just talking about magical knowledge, which would only be expected, but also about their common sense and craftiness. They don't have the slightest amount of cunning or ability to deceive or manipulate others. It's like the MC is a college student competing against and working with a bunch of kindergardeners.

There are numerous plot holes and inconsistencies as well. I plan to continue reading it until it goes premium, but I intend to drop it after that if the series doesn't improve in quality. <<less
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Utsavupadhyay rated it
October 6, 2018
Status: c17
MC came from the future with knowledge spells and other kind of stuff (alchemy knowledge) where resources are abundant (in past) and doing unexpected things (making unstable things stable). But novel droped because of copyright problem
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joyfan rated it
February 2, 2019
Status: c20
I tried giving it a read since it’s so high up the chart in QI.. Not worth your time.. Just another OP MC giving everyone a face slapping session. Then again I only read until chapter 20.. So i’m not sure how good it gets in the future chapters. Still, very boring and generic beginning though.
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