End of Century


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The end is coming. Hou Ying found that he lacked the memory of the first two days of the apocalypse so he was always searching for the truth. Later, he snagged a man instead of doing his job properly.

This is the story of a zombie king who created the strongest team in the last days.

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The End of The Century
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10 Reviews

Jan 28, 2021
Status: c300
Hey, everyone, translator here. I chose this story as my first ever project in translating because this story is just so satisfying in leveling up. You may have already noticed in the summary that the MC will become the zombie king, no spoiler there, and he's strong from the start. His team is also strong from the beginning but they would still face countless problems and dangers in their journey so it won't bore you reading this. The romance is also romantic and sweet...

... more>>

At first, ML doesn't like MC because of a traumatic experience. I think I remember reading that a guy confessed to ML on the rooftop of the school building (?) but got rejected, so like, ML is already walking down and he saw the guy falling off and smashing down in the ground. So that left a psychological shadow so he didn't tell anyone he's gay, but his family knows it. So anyway, MC and ML got together because a deranged woman got in on their car, wanting to stab ML with a knife full of zombie brain matter, but MC pushed him aside, so he's the one who got stabbed instead. So MC got infected with the virus (again) and ML wants to offer up his body (haha jk) to at least make MC's desire come true. So they almost did it but then ML saw the virus receding, then they stopped, then everyone rejoiced but also worried.


So that's how they got together. And oh...


At the same time that they officially got together, they adopted a son, they named him Li Hou. Meng Hanghai, MC's nephew, saw in a dream (he has clairvoyance ability) that MC would be killed so they passed by the city where they were supposed to go through (?) but then MHH later said that there's also a dying pregnant woman in a building that he saw from the same dream so he's guilty. They went back to the city, tried saving the woman but still died in the end but they took the child out of her stomach so the kid survived, and got adopted by MC and ML.


Their teammates are also nice, they care for each other, treats everyone like family, not to mention powerful. And the base building is super nice. I won't say much to spoil haha, I think it's already enough review.

Anyway, I haven't finished reading this yet, so I don't know the ending, yet. Gonna edit this later if there's something more to add. I hope this review can entice everyone to read the story. <<less
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Shimozuki Yue
Shimozuki Yu
Apr 19, 2021
Status: c302
A really good read at the start that ultimately suffered for being too long.

It has a pretty good grasp on the setting. Many elements were introduced. The team was going around in adventures, meeting people, finding rare things such as different sources of energies, exploring the truth of the virus ... more>>

that it's the normal people that are truly immune. Both zombies and ability users are virus carriers.

, they also explore both forest and sea. To be honest, them adventuring was the best part.

The base building... kinda end up killing this for me. It was too political. And that actually doesn't matter at the start, but around where I am, it was the focus. That's ok too, but the issue was, the leads were more into adventuring. They never really got into building a base but rather running an errand for two families. They find things and give them to the base for development. And this base isn't even the one that ML will inherit but for his brother-in-law. In the long run, I just felt myself frustrated and maybe I'm just a selfish person or the leads were too nice.


What ultimately annoyed me about this story was they kept getting entangled in the political scheming when they were 80% running around hunting zombies most of the time.

The author kinda exaggerated the numbers for me. I mean, for their team to lvl up one time, MC absorbed 30M nucleus. If that's how many is needed for a team of around 10. Those that will reach their lvl wouldn't go past 400-500 people only. But that didn't matter later as the author kept introducing energy resources. In this aspect, the author writes really interesting things. It's as if discovering the earth once again.

Now for the villains, they freaking makes the leads idiots. Well, most of them are soldiers, they really can't with political scheming, but dang it! At least MC was supposed to be a businessman that don't like losses! The villains are undying I tell you. They kept piting the team and they can get away. The team would get info about them, be alert and prepared, but just as they were planning and monitoring, they were always gets ambushed! It's freaking killing me. Idk, they're just too nice? And mind you, all of these people? They aren't even half MC's lvl and later, it was revealed that 1-5 lvl are just low of the lowest. When humans are around 5-7 lvl, MC was around 23rd. The team are also always a lvl or two higher than normal people while ML's also a lvl or two higher than the team. MC can literally bomb a whole base but have to endure all this undying c*ckroaches jumping back and forth. These villains just have to always have the most scheming and most unique ability ever. The first annoying villain got to almost stab one of them to death two times and got away. When they decided to fvk it and tail this person, idk if it was lost in MTL but their camp/train were attacked first and had to regroup. People kept eyeing and converting them for power and idk why they haven't assassinate one of those instigators yet if they were so reluctant to destroy that base that is against them. There such a big power imbalance that it makes me feel that the one keeping balance was the opponent's high IQ. Oh the leads were also able to spy and get in those villains place/base that they were able to rescue people and steal from the most protected nucleus bank. I would have snipped those villains if it was me. Gosh.

The bases political aspect was one of the main focus of the story that even if I want to skip it, the leads were entangled simply because the base owners were their relatives. It would be better if they just kept leveling and exploring. They're good as free people. Also, there's a good amount of 'characters versus environment' that it was enough for the leads to struggle in plot. They had to adapt to the environment plus those moments that the forest or the sea almost killed MC. The author should have just focus on this.

Of course these are all my opinions rather than a proper review. This story have yet to have a spoiler thread so I run to here instead.

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Mar 04, 2022
Status: c87
I feel uncomfortable when JY encouraged the MC (twice) to try to pursue ML even after ML had rejected him, but then when you love someone if you don't try to make that person like you back then you will never get your love returned, right? That aside, so far the MC hasn't done anything unacceptable and it's actually in line with his character flaw, which makes it interesting for me. The part where ... more>>

he forcefully kissed ML was when he's under the influence of hypnosis, so that doesn't count.


MC has a lot of self-control though.

Judging from when he's truning into zombie (the 2nd time) but still managed to not hurt or r*pe or try to eat ML.


Personalities side; to me, MC looks like a control freak...

It seems like perhaps at first the MC didn't actually like ML as a romantic interest. He just wanted to win, you know. He was attracted to ML's appearances, but ML hated gays and was so obvious about it. MC couldn't control or change ML's emotions and preferences, so it made him obsessed with ML. Later, MC came to like ML for real, and by then ML already rejected him outright. It was devastating for him, and even made him almost tried to sacrificed his teammates to appease ML (by trying to get the wood crystal for ML from the twin Banyan trees).


I like this part

The sense of crisis at that time completely made his mind sober. He felt that he's crazy before, and actually had the kind of thought that if he could help Li Xuanyuan get the wood crystal of the banyan tree, even if he made some sacrifices, it would be worth it.

He noticed the most despicable thought in his heart, and at that moment felt that he had never been so ugly.

Until now, he couldn't figure out why he had such an insane idea at the time. Does he love Li Xuanyuan? He couldn't tell why. But he could only affirm that he likes Li Xuanyuan and wants to possess him, but this is more about his desire to conquer and his desire to have company. However, one day, he would actually use Li Xuanyuan as an excuse to indulge his selfishness and use the trust of his life and death teammates to drive them to do these things.

Hou Ying noticed that he had become strange and terrifying.

He finally realized his change.

Originally, he's not a calm person in his bones, but in a society ruled by law, he would be a good citizen and a good young man because he has such self-control and doesn't have much ambition. But now it's different. After the end of the world, he led the team all the way. The victories he gained made his ambition inflate and dominating others also made him excited.

In the end, he was blinded by power.

After self-analysis, Hou Ying nearly slapped himself to death.

It showed that MC knows himself and tried to improve.

On other note about the ML :

ML knew himself for a long time that he's also gay. He's just traumatised that he cannot accept loves easily.

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Mar 28, 2021
Status: c13
A good read.

Like that it shows the better side of humans till now even if in the future will be shown the ugly side by having good team mates and ppl it will still be a good read.

The harmony btw them is nice and its very logical till now.

Im enjoying it. Thank you.
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Jun 24, 2022
Status: --
I'm giving it 5 stars because although it's not perfect and has its problems, it certainly doesn't deserve a 3.9 rating!

And if you want a more in-depth review to clear some things up, go read tr*sh_generalist's review! Their review is really nice and I completely agree with their view on the "MC forcefully pursuing the ML even when he said no" issue that is s*upid and nonexistant smh.
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Apr 22, 2022
Status: c95
Good read! I really enjoyed the process of building a team and leveling up in the beginning. This story has a lot of good elements and the slower pacing allows the reader to explore those elements in full. The only downside is that that also means that there are plenty of moments where it drags a bit. I started to lose focus after the 80s and ended up giving up by chapter 95. That doesn't mean that I dislike the story though! I definitely recommend it for the worldbuilding and... more>> the unique premise!


  • Hou Ying (MC) : The MC was bitten by a zombie right from the start! He's also of the unicorn-like type, Gong!MC! He doesn't remember that he was bitten by a zombie, and so goes on to join a group of survivors from the military to slowly discover the benefits of his changed physicality.
Minor Spoilers:

I initially thought that he would be like the zombie emperor type you see in a lot of zombie apocalypse novels. But he really is more like a human with zombie capabilities. These abilities include not being attractive to zombies (they ignore him), being able to receive energy from the nucleus at 10x the effectiveness, and so on. Basically, he's very OP!


  • Li Xuanyuan (ML) : Wood ability! He's a part of the survivor group that Hou Ying runs into in the beginning.
Minor Spoilers:

You'll find out pretty quickly that Li Xuanyuan has an aversion to Hou Ying and homosexuals in general -- to the point that most people thing that he's homophobic. It all has to do with a trauma that will be exposed later on in the story.


  • Important Side Characters: The most important characters are the people in the group that the MC and ML are a part of. It's too difficult to name them all! But they all have unique abilities!
Minor Spoilers:

Most of them are military survivors, but there's also the MC's younger nephew, his ex that turned out to be a Gong (and thus, unavailable to him), a boy that the MC with a mysterious background that the MC picked up in before meeting the ML and his group, a movie star, and a baby!



Romance is not really the focus of the story but the MC has strong feelings of attraction for the ML from the beginning -- which the ML does not return.

Major Spoilers:

I'm only putting this here because a lot of people seem to be concerned about the MC sexually harassing the ML (who makes it clear that he's not interested from the beginning). That's part of the reason why I delayed reading this for so long, actually! Turns out, it's pretty much a non-factor.

The MC stays respectful most of the time and the only reason his actions are dubious is that he finds out that he's fallen in love and can't really let it go. The fact of the matter is, he can't change that he's fallen in love!!! Some people seem to believe that he should be able to turn his emotions off and stop being attracted to the ML just because the ML is not interested! But, the reality is that he just can't stop it, and it's already enough that he made an attempt and did not purposefully make the ML uncomfortable.

Anyway, the MC's best friend encourages the MC to keep persisting, which is what most people found questionable. But, even then, the MC stayed respectful and acted within the boundaries of the ML. So, all is good. And you shouldn't hesitate to read such a good story for that non-issue like I did T.T



This explores the popular Zombie vs Superhumans trope in greater (and more realistic) detail. Meteorites fell to the Earth carrying the Zombie virus. It pushed people to mutate/turn into zombies -- along with plants and animals. The environment also went through dramatic changes as a result, turning the world even more uninhabitable for ordinary humans.


The main group find themselves separate from other survivors in the beginning and ended up benefiting because of it. They're able to slowly discover this new universe and their place in it on their own. And, with the MC's broken abilities, they're able to surpass the levels of strength of even most of the strongest survivors in the large bases. What I like about this plot is that it doesn't have a regressor! I thought I'd dislike that part, but the journey of learning along with the characters was more fun than I thought, especially because the author introduces a lot of fun elements that I haven't seen before (making the early game of the novel the most interesting!)

Later, the gang does eventually arrive at a base to stay. I lost interest around that part but that may be because of the MTL (the one at AsianNovel. Com is pretty good, but around the 80 to 90s, there were too many new characters and elements introduced, which made the text harder to get through.)


The rating for this novel is 3.5 stars for now! That's on the higher end for me and I'm hoping it will get higher when I read it next time. I really did want to finish this on the first go, but *shrug* it can't be helped! Recommended for those looking for something new to spice up the Zombie Apocalypse trope. It borrows a lot of elements from similar novels, but there's no doubt that it's unique in a lot of aspects. The character development is rather unique too. The romance was a little too quick in the end, and more of a background thing, but the depth and complexity of the two main characters made up for it! <<less
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Feb 02, 2022
Status: Completed
I really love this novel. I won't discuss how good it is because others have already said it. What I want to tell is that this the kind of novel you don't want to end. I want to know what else will happen in the characters' future and their relationship.
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Jan 03, 2022
Status: c52
very uncomfy with the MC's mentality that its ok to make Xuanyuan uncomfortable and to keep pursuing him ... more>>

even though Xuanyuan has already refused formally once and infromally many times. That's called sexual harassment.


Apart from that, the storyline and writing style has been interesting so far. The MC and ML are both capable and not wet paper. The side characters have a tendency of fading into the bg in the way that they're not really distinguishable from each other.

Though I like the MC and ML separately, I really dont like them as a couple. There's just no chemistry.

Decent zombie world so far

But its a bit lackluster.

The initial character settings could have been interesting but the author doesn't seem to use them <<less
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May 15, 2022
Status: c61
Can I cry!!!! After all this years, this is only the updates you can give me....

But damn!!! This is to explosive! 2nd base. I think I'm the one who died...

Although they haven't got to third base yet but its still an improvement. Now, Xiuyuan knows that Hou ying loves him.... woohooo. Praises

The question is: when will our target fall in love with Hou ying!!! I look forward to it
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Jul 24, 2022
Status: c171
Overall rating 4 for first half of the novel. The concept of this novel is good. The zombies and humans here have powers exerted by the glands and crystals. Plot first revolves on survival, then on power struggle between survival bases and leveling up. The leveling up matter is emphasised here since it takes about 100 chapters itself. Side characters are treated well. However, the MC is as stubborn as Kim Dokja, already knows how dangerous hos plan is, but still not backing out to prepare more. This is the... more>> characteristics that clashes with me so I personally find myself want to hit some sense on MC hahaha. <<less
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