Empress of Otherverse


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Sa Bina was on her way to write her SAT when she suddenly finds herself in a strange world. She is sent to be the old emperor’s concubine, but on their wedding night, the emperor gets murdered by no one other than his own son and the heir! To survive, Bina makes a deal with beautiful but deadly Lucretius and her life in this dangerous kingdom begins.

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이세계의 황비
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New Snoweee rated it
July 9, 2019
Status: Completed
well, I guess this will be the first review for this novel.

The story might be a bit of a cliche transmigration story though she didn't woke up from someone else's body instead She got pulled by something (maybe some magnetic shiz theory) which lead her to the so called "Otherverse" where in she thought everything became a dream.

The story itself is very interesting, there is no Mary Sue (OP) female lead or anything she has flows as well as the male lead. Well we might have though that "oh it... more>> might be similar to other transmigration novels wherein they tried to changed blah blah" but this one is not. She was fully aware that every moves she do can changed some things in the future but then realize that her world and the current world she'd living is practically different (coz the it's another world) . The logic she uses is like how a 21st century lady thinks. She adapt quickly to her surroundings that's why the ML took an interest at her. THIS IS NOT A LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT kinda romance which added some points to the whole story..

Anyways this story is really enjoyable and funny, , it is a good read. I highly recommend it!! HAPPY READING! <<less
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