Empress of Otherverse


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Sa Bina was on her way to write her SAT when she suddenly finds herself in a strange world.

She is sent to be the old emperor’s concubine, but on their wedding night, the emperor gets mu*dered by no one other than his own son and the heir!
To survive, Bina makes a deal with beautiful but deadly Lucretius and her life in this dangerous kingdom begins.

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Empress of Another World
이세계의 황비
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Snoweee rated it
July 9, 2019
Status: Completed
well, I guess this will be the first review for this novel. The story might be a bit of a cliche transmigration story though she didn't woke up from someone else's body instead She got pulled by something (maybe some magnetic shiz theory) which lead her to the so called "Otherverse" where in she thought everything became a dream. The story itself is very interesting, there is no Mary Sue (OP) female lead or anything she has flows as well as the male lead. Well we might have though that... more>> "oh it might be similar to other transmigration novels wherein they tried to changed blah blah" but this one is not. She was fully aware that every moves she do can changed some things in the future but then realize that her world and the current world she'd living is practically different (coz the it's another world) . The logic she uses is like how a 21st century lady thinks. She adapt quickly to her surroundings that's why the ML took an interest on her. THIS IS NOT A LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT kinda romance which added some points to the whole story.. Anyways this story is really enjoyable and funny, , it is a good read. I highly recommend it!! HAPPY READING! <<less
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earlgreyt rated it
January 13, 2020
Status: Completed
Pretty good and surprisingly more realistic compared to other fantasy/world-travel/isekai romances.

I do enjoy a strong heroine. And it's really interesting to see the character development from her being a modern woman/student and slowly being changed by her circumstances (stress of court plots, intrigue, mu*der, etc.)

... more>>

Some of moments where she was unwilling to give up her family/past life for her new romance were very realistic. I also liked her practicality that she couldn't depend solely on love/romance to fulfill her life.


It's acknowledged in the text that she had to become more ruthless in order to survive.

But ultimately, the MC did her best to maintain as much of who she was without giving up all of her humanity go survive the dangers.


I was a bit disappointed about the dropped plot with the poor people, but there was a part in the extras where they brought up her building a new sewage system, which was pretty awesome. I'll just imagine in my head that she managed to institute some kinds of social reform in the 20 years she was empress.



The ML does fall pretty fast for her, but I thought it made sense if you consider the Suspension Bridge effect and that she was his only ally (by necessity) and that she was the safest person for him to trust because she had no backing and no motives otherwise.


I also liked that the MC didn't have any particular skills--she didn't invent new ways of cooking, or weapons or structures or medicine etc. Or had any special knowledge that would have turned her into some kind of special existence. She was just your regular person without any special powers or memories; but she still managed to use her wits (and guts) to survive. <<less
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Miss Ruby
Miss Ruby rated it
October 4, 2019
Status: Completed
When I started reading, I realized this novel was somewhat familiar and I remembered reading the manga once. It is no doubt interesting, there were some parts where I had to suspend my disbelief but otherwise, I enjoyed the read. I felt the ML fell extremely fast, for someone of his position but they were charming together so it was easy to look past it. I would recommend if you're looking for a romance with no drama.
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Tang Ning777
Tang Ning777 rated it
May 9, 2022
Status: --
It is one of my favorite Korean web novel. It is different than other transmigration novels. In your typical rebirth or transmigration novels, the MC just forgets about his/her past life, they are orphan or were treated unjustly or unfairly, so they don't have any belonging towards their previous life.

But this MC here (Fl- Sa Bina) is different. She is just a normal eighteen year old girl with simple parents and an older sister. After transmigrating, she stumbles through palace conspiracies and assassination solely to survive one way or... more>> another, so that one day she can go back home. Her longing towards her family and simple school life makes her more of a 3D character. Author did a great job there. Her character was written beautifully.

Even the ML is different. He can be a man-child, cold, somewhat twisted, egoistically cute. He is not some unreachable cold flower with facial paralysis. He can make you cough up blood. Even then his devotion towards FL is real. You can't help but love him all the more.

There are some bugs here and there but overall, it becomes negligible.


Their relationship is match made in heaven. They are my relationship goal! <<less
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xelixette rated it
September 14, 2023
Status: Completed
One of the first few manhwas I read. After a few chapters, I was hooked and binged it, staying up till 3am. Upon revisiting, the plot progression is kind of cliche (the worldview and plot isn't very fancy), but hey, it's written in 2019. The story and romance is actually quite concise and I teared up a little at the epilogue - Bina really left her mark in the world she stumbled into.
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YouToon rated it
May 8, 2021
Status: Completed
Some spoilers below. Dont continue reading if you want to keep the mystery alive.


A young woman is pulled through an inter dimensional portal into a strange world. She didn't transmigrate to a body with an established life and support. No she's just herself lost in the strange world. The only cheat she gets is a time skip from when she arrives to a year later after she's learned the language.

We follow her on a journey to be a marital tribute to a tyrant emperor only for her to witness his mu*der on her "wedding night."

I love:

Her path to survival.
Her angst over the changes to her morals while she plots to survive. Her eventual happiness.

This is a very good fantasy story.

The biggest issue is some very shallow characterization of many secondary characters-primarily villains. The ML is complex although the authors delivery could have been more robust. You like him even when you fear him on behalf of the MC.

The final legacy our MC leaves behind actually made me tear up. I highly recommend if any of this sounds remotely interesting to you.

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rndmsmmrflng rated it
February 9, 2021
Status: Completed
I first read the manhwa and after months later I decided to read the novel. I am glad that there's not muh difference between the two.

I like the characters and the development. Her trust issues definitely frustrated me but it's understandable if you take her situation and encounters into consideration. The novel sure did convey more expressions and the vulnerability of the characters.

I don't really know what else to include in this review but I enjoyed it and I am satisfied with it.

... more>> 10/10 would recommend.

I was kind of hoping by the end of the book that the author includes their children's love life or how they went through their separate ways and how the one of them ruled the kingdom. That kind of extra narration. <<less
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just.shuwen rated it
June 25, 2020
Status: Completed
When I started this, I wasn't too clear on what I was expecting, however, I was definitely not expecting to be fed sooo much dog food.

The main couple did everything within their capabilities to flaunt their love for each other, especially the ML. He was supposed to be our over possessive yandere character, but turns out that is just 10% of his character and the rest, 90% was a big baby. He acted so spoilt towards our MC always demanding her attention and love that it became uber cute.

As for... more>> the story, it was very statisfying. I loved how the MC showed her struggle upon being thrown into a completely new place, missing home and her family. Unlike other transmigration MCs that tend to forget all about home the instant they transmigrate. I felt this plot and MC seemed much more realistic with her reactions.

Overall, the plot and characters all played out well. Definitely a read worth your time. <<less
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February 1, 2020
Status: Completed
Hmmm... it was a nice read :).

All in all, I enjoyed it quite a bit. The MC is smart and although (as one other reviewer mentioned) she doesn't have any particularly advanced skills or knowledge, she's very good at adapting and surviving. She's smart, knows what she wants and has guts.

So we have a strong MC here... and an OP ML. This initially created quite a bit of conflict/distrust in their relationship cause they really couldn't be considered equals at all. Being in a business type marriage and knowing the... more>> ML's personality plus him having a lot more power in all aspects than her, the MC naturally didn't trust him initially, which goes both ways. However, him being OP also spares them some troubles other couples in similar situations might have. After getting used to her work, she's very capable as well, and her being a strong person from the beginning, they truly make a smart/power couple. Well, back to the development of their relationship xD

Soon, Luc (ML) falls for Bina (MC). With him making an effort to gain her affection and them working together against a common enemy, they grow closer and their feelings become mutual in the end. And oh my fkn god, the dog food. XDDD definitely a case of "I ate so much dog food, I'm not sure if I'm even human anymore".

The only thing that might've irked me is


that as I said, the MC is strong but the ML is OP. He's quite pushy from the start and although the s*xual stuff is all consensual (cause she first dared him "aren't you confident that you can make me want you?" and he said he would wait and make her beg for it lmao xD kinda irked me too cause it means it was not cause he valued her wishes or so but cause of his pride or sth.... anyway, with time he is into her more and more and actually comes to think that noncon it would have no meaning). Other physical intimacy like hugging and some kissing at the start isn't consensual though. Not super fond of that but ok


After actually getting together, they make a great couple. They're really fortunate to have met each other... I'm not sure who more so, Luc or Bina. In a way, they're really quite similar, which is partly why they're so good together. There's quite a few extras, some of which take place years or even decades after the main story. And I can only say they've really come a long way. It's rare to read of a couple that affectionate and trusting of each other, especially considering their initial relationship. Plus they're capable regents and everyone benefits from that.

So it's nice all in all~ would've liked to see a bit more of kingdom building, with Bina implementing systems and morals of the modern world. It is mentioned somewhat but well... anyway, that's just an afterthought though. I enjoyed reading this novel :D ~ <<less
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Honey B
Honey B rated it
August 3, 2019
Status: Completed
The beginning was dramatic.

... more>>

the empress dowager was an evil b*tch. May her soul burn for eternity?.


The ending sweet... too d*man sweet.?


the emperor got so lovey dovey with the MC I rolled my eyes a couple of times.


What I loved was how d*mn smart the MC was learning to play the game of royalty. But why was it


every time she had to escape from captivity she always ALWAYS got caught...? always...


The side stories at the end were kind of boring, but informative about the kingdoms future. One extra story was pretty interesting.

Nice translation! <<less
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re_neru rated it
October 28, 2023
Status: Completed
Probably my favourite Korean romance fantasy novel in this site. I love the characters, everyone behaves like a normal person, the logic of how the world works is explained concisely and make sense, the political aspect of the plot is intriguing and not too dragged, and the romance is actually GOOD. I know this sounds very vague but if you love a political romance novel, you need to read this one.
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znukhsoc rated it
April 8, 2023
Status: Completed
2, 5 stars
Even though the story is balanced and written pretty nicely, I found it quite underwhelming.
By no means it’s bad but ended up very average because of how the author handled big events. When the story reaches those big peaks, naturally I expect more drama. This one didn’t have it, maybe because of the realistic aspect of the main character. I couldn’t love her very much for a long time. She finds ML killing the old rapęy emperor wrong while she benefits GREATLY from his action and... more>> she kept pushing ML’s buttons even after knowing his tragic background. I didn’t find it to be fair of her. Fortunately, she becomes dull to it over time and cuts this behavior.
If we come to the ML... I find him interesting. I think after all that he’s been through, he played fairly. Also,

I never see a ML who would poison his FL. That was definitely new.

About the ending of the big bad antagonist,

Former Empress’ last move was too soft. FL was just waited to be executed in her decorative chair. They didn’t harm her, torture her and such... How is that possible?


Before that former empress was described as this ruthlessly cruel woman but her ending was too mellowed out.
I also found it funny when there were too many poison threats. Like every time they tried to poison MCs they used the same one which can be easily detectable. I guess the author couldn’t think of another threat.

That’s it. It’s quite good, don’t mind my nitpicking. <<less
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chande rated it
June 15, 2022
Status: Completed
I must say that MC was one of the most realistic isekai protagonist that I've ever read. I could see her struggle when she was suddenly thrown into another world. Although she gradually settled down in the new world, she didn't give up any hope to go back to her own world.

... more>>

She did had a chance to go back but in the end, she chose to stay. Part of it was because of her own fear (she was uncertain whether she could survive when she tried to pass the portal) and another part was because of ML.

I'm glad the author gave MC a chance to go back because it would be a form of closure for her. There's a big difference between choosing to stay and was forced to stay because she didn't have any other choice. At least after this, MC wouldn't feel longing for her original world anymore and she could live more happier in her new world.


Don't worry though, MC wouldn't be depressed for too long because there's our ML who was so sweet to her and ready to make her happy anytime. <<less
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Suka Novel
Suka Novel rated it
March 6, 2021
Status: Completed
I really enjoy reading this novel. It's 1 of my favorite transmigration novels. I've read this novel twice and the Manhwa as well.

I'm so happy to read that Bina finally decided to stay due to Luc's strong & real love for her.

I love reading Luc & Bina's love and daily interaction with each other. They're a cute, solid & loving couple.

(completed on 10/18/20)
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bob_the_building rated it
July 7, 2020
Status: Completed
Decent book to pass the time with, good characters.

The plot however felt fairly... underwhelming. Predictable too. Yes, I was underwhelmed. So 3/5.

But, there is no harem tag! So the book avoided falling into the harem trap and stereotyping of women, so 4/5.
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linnil rated it
June 12, 2020
Status: Completed
The story is similar to Red River manga, I used to read as a child.

    • The girl got into another world. (By... reason)
    • Male lead a prince that have the first right to the throne after the current king.
    • The main villain is step mother. Who has a brain in her head. (In Red River, I like the step mom the most, she is the most evil and intelligence and despicable that make me read all those 28 volumes just to see her death.)
But empress of otherverse has a unique charm to it too, which is the main character "Sa Bina".

She isn't damsel in distress. She has her own soul and her own will to make her own fate with her own hand. She doesn't has any OP power, OP skill or OP allies, with her own mind and a little luck to solve problem. That why I want to recommend this novel to you!!
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Bookworm_Sueweetie rated it
April 14, 2020
Status: Completed
One of the best novels. The development of the relationship between leads is amazing. Their trust and love for each other are also strong.

It is commendable that this novel explained well how Bina travelled to the world.

... more>>

Love that her children and grandchildren will protect the portal and help the other time/world travellers plus still practice Bina's native language to help them.


I like that Bina is not a genius Mary Sue heroine but she dedicated to learn more and adapt to be a good empress.

Can't help but compare her to Ji Eun of Abandoned Empress, they got the same circumstances but Bina is doing her best as empress. <<less
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