Emperor of the North


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After an ancient devilish war, when Heaven and Earth were left hanging at the brink of destruction, the aura-based cultivation system became a history and the ability to soar through the heavens became a legend forever.

Thousands of years later after an advancement ceremony in the Muyun City, a juvenile genius, Li Mu, was left in despair for his life had hit rock-bottom.

With nothing left, he wandered between Life and Death.

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Yoburi rated it
September 6, 2017
Status: --
Really wanted to like this novel but it was all ruined by a female bathing in a river...

It starts really good MC is a genius and when he broke into the next level he got poison by a sh*ty cousin and only have 1 year of life left, so after that he jump by acident in a clif and found a tresure and a teacher thats the good part.

The problem starts after that when he escape the cave in the clif and finds a jade life female that try to... more>> kill him for just being there in a river so after that some guys that want to rape her show up and the MC got into the problem by accident.

Now if the MC after escaping with the woman leave her and go on with his life it would be ok the problem was even after she treat him like sh*t and even try to kill him despise the fact he save her from being rape he still sticks with her and even wants to marry her because she is beautiful XD. Of course she says no and only if he reach level 9999 he have a chance... f**k off!

Just read a few chapters but the novel fail to keep me interest, the romance is fail, cultivation is boring and the villains don't case any sense of tension and that makes pointless to read too. <<less
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