Emily Hunts Monsters


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Jekyll and Hyde, Sherlock Holmes, Cthulhu Mythos
She found herself in a fictional 19th century England where all these stories intertwined.

She, who lost her husband within the first year of their marriage, met “fictional characters” from classic literature who tried to earn her love…

“You’re allowed to look at other people, but I will kill them. Remember that.”

A perfect gentleman by day, dangerous fiend by night. Dr. Henry Jekyll from Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

“You are the first woman I’ve met who has beautiful wrinkles in her brain.”

Sherlock Holmes’s archenemy, the Napoleon of Crime. Professor James Moriarty.

“You didn’t expect me to come back to life? I shall not die, not even for you.” Cthulhu’s creator, Lovecraft’s other self. Her husband Randolph Carter appeared ten years after his death.

However, since she was given the task of hunting unknown, mysterious beings, so-called “monsters”, there was no time to think about love.

Time passed.

“How… What have I done?”

Every time she died and returned, memories that didn’t originally exist came back.

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에밀리는 괴물을 사냥한다
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Uwu2414 rated it
May 24, 2022
Status: c13
Currently, the story is pretty good. Just as the summary says the setting crosses over with different classic literatures specially horror ones such as Cthulhu mythos. The things I most curious about are why she was chosen by the King in Yellow to do tasks and why her husband fled then suddenly ask her to read "The King in Yellow" after ten years of his death. Anyways, the FL is strong and quick-witted.

Here is the a small summary:

... more>>

The FL turn backs time everytime she dies. The King in Yellow gives her task but if she didn't complete her given task she will die (?) and see the world collapse/destroy. Then she feels pain and go backs time. Also, everytime she turn backs time she forgets important memories but then remember the other memories she forgotten. The first chapters are about supernatural things occurs on her like she remembers her past lives and how she got connected with Hastur. In this arc (chapter 8+ I guess) her task is to kill Edward Hyde and destroy some cursed books. The classic literature that is involved here is "The Strange Cases of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" and the horror story in Langham Hotel room 333 which is nice crossover setting. She accepted Henry's marriage proposal so that she can do her mission. I'm quite unsatisfied when she fought against Edward and died then turned back time without remembering how she died (?). I'm seeking for action though - _ -

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