Embers of Love


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Be still my beating heart, compete not with spring on blossoming forth; For what remains of every shred of longing, is a mere disheartened, ashen core.


A brief glimpse over a thousand years ago, in exchange for a thousand years of love and suffering. When they reunited a thousand years later, it was still him, but he was no longer the same person. Should he let this love fade and turn to ashes, or let fate decide its course?

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Xiang Si Cheng Hui
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
10/02/19 Peach Blossom Dreams... c1 part2
09/29/19 Peach Blossom Dreams... c1 part1
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blues86 rated it
November 13, 2021
Status: Completed
One word to describe this novel, "beautiful"

This is the kind of flowery and poetry kind of novel. It's bittersweet and sentimental.

I hope the translator continue the translation. It's hard reading it Mtl, so many things lost.
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