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In an inaccessible village, there were a few houses on the hillside.

People from far away were attracted here and the mountain road was crowded with luxury cars, because, in this town, there was a young man with incredible medical skills who could cure all kinds of illnesses!

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tides rated it
January 8, 2019
Status: c630
this story starts off well and seems to be interesting, but it later slowly turns the MC into an arrogant and selfish person.

while the change is slow and not abrupt, partly because the slow is slow and is mostly a slice of life of an MC who wants to be a hermit, it does leave a bad taste in your mouth once you realize that the MC isn't the same MC you've started to like at the start of the novel.

at the start, the MC is portrayed as... more>> a nice and kind person. he literally jumped into a river and almost drowned to death while trying to save someone. he is filial to his parents and respects the old. he doesn't want to interact with the powerful people but is persuaded to by one person and then more and more people start looking for him. not to mention that the system itself issues missions where he has to get expensive herbs to make medicine.

the second he gets rich however, all these is forgotten and the MC wants to live life as a hermit, dedicating his life to the system and becoming the best pharmacist in the world. the system however, forces him to actively seek patients and heal them.

as I mentioned earlier, he needs to buy expensive herbs to do this so he becomes okay with healing the rich and powerful. however he soon slowly shows his arrogance, where he refuses to treat people and is fine with watching them die if they do not obey his treatment plans which are almost all lifestyle changes (such as - do not eat fish, do not drink alcohol.. ect - oh yes, the author also hates fish for some odd reason since eating fish is somehow the root of all evil)

after a hundred chapters or so, the MC becomes proficient enough to use his medical knowledge to hurt people. and he does this often. making people who do not conform with his morals and views of the world or incur his displeasure crippled/handicapped/suffer.

strangely, he does not do anything to the rich people who target him and only attack the goons who annoy him and his parents.

fast forward a few more hundred chapters where his cultivation finally puts him at the top of the world, he starts using his internal strength to burst people eardrums and drive them insane as well.

at chapter 600, he finally causes someone's death due to his selfishness. he clearly knows that his formation on the mountain is harmful as it almost killed his mother a long time ago, and the formation later caused the death of someone who walked in accidentally to try and pluck some wild grass.

this formation is a little strange to be honest. at the start, it was only a an illusion formation, but later it became a qi gathering formation for no reason, then it started to hurt people and kill people...

oh and the MC also went on to burst the eardrums and drive the children of the old man whom he killed when they confronted him about it.

as for the romance....

i dont know what the author is trying to do with the romance honestly.

he was in a good relationship with one of the characters and they were happy and almost engaged, but she just dropped out of the story. a few hundred chapters later, it was said that they weren't talking ever since and then just gone....

and that sick rich girl who was treating him suddenly kept on popping out in the story.... <<less
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QI_PR rated it
December 14, 2018
Status: c900

If u don't like a slice of life type, don't read this. Yeah, u may call it filler for 500ch. For me, it is quite ok. Kinda of like gourmet food supplier but a lower quality version, instead of food, u got a sick person.

NOw let's talk about MC. MC is a turtle (such a coward which is the reason the story didn't move on), hypocrite (typical Chinese MC; made rules to be broken later)

How about the love story? Ouchh. It's like drinking salt water. No sweet, no sour,... more>> so boring.

Now then, u are curious how I can read until 900Ch? U see my name, then u know. And u are curious how I rate 4 stars? Again, see my name.. Hahahhaha.

Ch500-700: Yes, finally the author try to move on. A baby steps to make the story more colorful, more enemies to be introduced. However, the author is the same with MC (turtle head move out and move in). Hahahhaha.

Ch700-900: Martial art, poison, ghost, and the military is introduced, and still slow pace.

The story is about curing illness, so it takes time and the patients are coming continuously. SO the story jumps from A to B to C and back to A kind of like that. If u don't like this kind of writing, don't read.

Anyway I kind of like this slow pace with OP MC (super OP). The story is like Fishing the myriad heavens (FMH), but FMH ruins the story very fast. At the end, this story is going to move to that kind of direction too. So, I recommend that u only read this when u don't have the stuff to read and u need hundreds of chapter to enjoy this story. <<less
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zouave rated it
December 18, 2018
Status: c931
I like this novel as it's something to read to just relax and chill. No heavy drama, plot, etc. But it's something like I"'m really a Superstar" or "A Valiant Life" but it's much better in terms that so far I don't see racism or other stuff present in those two novels hence the higher rating.

Also, do not expect much in this novel in terms of story progression or plot [barely any plot even if it was there] as I said before you should read it to relax and see... more>> how the MC spends his day concocting medicine and interacting with people around him.

Action and martial arts are slowly introduced over hundreds of chapters, hasn't ruined the "slice of life" part of the story so far.

Note: Caught up with raws. <<less
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shelwyn rated it
December 3, 2018
Status: c21
Ah the story starts off a bit weird. The MC is too accepting of the system. Do all Chinese people think of having systems in their heads? Is that why the chinese government restricts internet access lol? Just kidding hehe...

Anyway it's almost comical how the MC just takes it in stride it takes you out of the story a bit. Anyway this seems like another of those MC has a system and becomes super awesome from wastrel garbage status.

Not that far in, MC has stats but they don't do much... more>> so far other than kind of give him a bit more strength and endurance when hauling vegetables.

He started brewing medicine, that just started so not much else to say. I'll keep reading but since it seems to be in the real world there isn't any world building. The story isn't anything special so far. I might drop is something I dont like happens. I might keep reading I'm iffy about it. <<less
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Otter Pops
Otter Pops rated it
November 4, 2019
Status: c550
It's a slice of life about a Chinese pharmacist that uses a system to gain more knowledge and ingredients. Originally I really enjoyed the story, but the MC becomes extremely arrogant. He respects gangsters and rich people more than poor people and his fellow villagers. He doesn't mind if his friends hurt his fellow villagers or bring them danger as long as they use money to make things right. He's supposedly practicing Taoism which teaches humility.
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WindyWind rated it
December 11, 2018
Status: c81
What is this novel about? - A poor guy growing stuff, who was about to give up on it, gets a system and start planting magical herbs and make medicine. The system itself issues tasks that he has to reach, and will get rewards, bringing him to higher and higher level. I guess you could compare it to Gourmet Food Supplier, just the system is about growing herbs and making medicine for people.

What is good about this novel? - Nothing much, but as I liked this genre, I did enjoy... more>> reading it. For now the MC is quite likeable, atleast in terms of dealing with other people except his family (its the chinese filieal piety thing, where MC just cant have his own way of dealing with stuff without family pressing their own expectations on him). But other than that its nice to have a chill half-hermit like MC.

What is bad about this novel? - To be honest, a lot. But the worst I can think of is the writing. Its kinda flat, cant really feel any emotions of any character. The conversations feel really abrupt. It's like there are a list of things the author wants to bring up during the conversation, and he will literally just do that, one after another without considering the conversation flow. Once all the things from the list have been said, the conversation will end abruptly.

Then there are the repeating lines. For example any time a certain character visits MC, it will be: In the morning a Land rover goes up the road. Woof woof, dog barks. "Who is there" MC asks. "Its me" the guy answers. "Oh come in" MC says. And it will be the exact same time next time he comes. Or if somene else comes. Again, and again. Instead of just saying that the character came to MC, it has to be said he came with landrover, and that the dog barked and then MC asking who is there.

I could go on the annoying things about the writing style of this novel, but meh, there really isnt a point. Even though the writing is bad, I still read the translation and went on reading the raws with google translate. So atleast there is some kind of charm for this novel, which is also why im not giving it a bad rating, despite it really deserving a lower rating. <<less
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omgitsaray rated it
October 25, 2019
Status: c526
MC has a near drowning experience and suddenly finds a Ancient Pharmacist system in his head where he's able to plant herbs, brew medicine, diagnose illnesses, and learn taoist cultivation. He needs to complete the system's quests or else there's some punishment like getting his stats decreased.

I found this novel quite entertaining because there wasn't too much cliches. The MC wants a quite peaceful life so the storyline is about 95% slice of life and some occasional conflict due to people hating on his medical ability.

The only thing stopping me... more>> from giving this novel a full 5 star is the translation team. It's done by Nyoi bo studio so you know it's going to be mediocre. In the beginning chapters, you will see lots of webnovel comments from readers correcting the translator. Yes, that's right, a bunch of white people checking raws and correcting the Chinese translator on his/her wrong translations! And the saddest part is that the readers were right! Most of the translations/editing are passable but you'll get sudden name changes, that's when you know original TL'er is missing and someone else is jumping in to help. Then around the 500 chapter mark, there's a bunch of chapters that read like MTL, so you know something definitely went wrong that week for them to churn out tr*sh quality work.

Aside from my complaints, it's a pretty good novel to read but bank a bunch of chapters because it's very slow moving. <<less
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shuiko rated it
February 10, 2019
Status: --
Solid Slice of Life type Story, with an interesting MC that has some fun parents to help the story have meaning and progress.

That said its like a watered down version of Black Card. Black Card's weakness was it took 70 chapters to establish all the rules and foundation of the story and characters, which left you super invested in afterwards.

Elixir Supplier skips a lot of that, but suffers from lack of more in-depth side characters. We shall see in the future have not skimmed the raws yet.
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AtnShadid rated it
February 11, 2020
Status: --
Way too many decisions that make no sense. Feeling apathetic for some random people, but extremely considerate for others. Anxious to save someone he doesn't even know, but not bothered to save people his Uncles are recommending to him (even though they do it in a dicky way).

Story way too inconsistent and has many problems. Don't be fooled by that Hermit like start, it's merely the start.
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