Elder Crown Princess Consort


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Ruan Tangling has been single for 24 years without encountering any romantic opportunities.

One day, while she was out buying flour, she was unexpectedly kidnapped by Ji Weiming, the Crown Prince of Xihuai, Great Ji.

All the girls in the capital knew that the Crown Prince was handsome, and whenever he went out, he would be surrounded by intentionally falling girls.

Ruan Tangling became the envy of all as the Crown Prince’s wife. However, being the Crown Prince’s wife wasn’t an easy job.

Not only did she have to pretend to be affectionate with Ji Weiming, but she also had to act as his personal bodyguard!

Even her father, who relied on her, became subservient to him.

But since she had the best man in the world by her side, she couldn’t let such a great opportunity slip away…

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Da Ling Shi Zi Fei
Dàlíng shìzi fēi
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