Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn


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Bathed in the love of her imperial family and her husband, Yun Shang was a spoiled princess and the envy of many at the Royal Court. Her life had been perfect right up till the moment when she realized that everything was just a sham, a ruse designed by the Empress to ruin Yun Shang. After enduring bitter treachery and being poisoned, Yun Shang died with a broken heart and an unfulfilled vow of vengeance. As if God was answering her final request, Yun Shang found herself reborn like an immortal phoenix. She was eight again, and all her memories from her previous life remained intact. The others, however, did not remember the events leading up to her death. Determined not to repeat her mistakes, Yun Shang planned to rain hellfire onto the treacherous, backstabbing villains for all the heart-wrenching pain they had once inflicted upon her. He was the handsome and smart prince of the Ning, who was revered as a battle-hardened general that knew no match in the world. He had thought he wouldn’t settle for anyone until she showed up. A seemingly innocent young princess and a gorgeous prince. Where would their relationship lead them?

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Ba Sui Di Nv: Chong Sheng Zhi Feng Ba Tian Xia
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Illisaide rated it
July 23, 2018
Status: c49
To: LordNut - they seem to have fixed the problem. I've had no trouble with reading. And I've yet to see a prompt about any apps.

"Ch49 edit: never mind the above. It's horrible."

The translation is nice. I've had no trouble understanding the content, despite some parts I know were likely hard to translate.

So far, I've liked the story. Unlike most reincarnations the MC was NOT abused in her youth, no. In fact, to sabotage her, she was deliberately spoiled. This is rather refreshing after the common transmigration rut. Her actions... more>> to counter that is so far impressive. She has no trouble putting herself in a bad situation that may last for years to play for the larger picture. I'm hoping the story turns out as fascinating as the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage. Unfortunately, the villains seem a lot dumber, so... we'll see. Still a lot more interesting than most female time travel transmigrations, nevertheless.

We don't know much about her first life, but we get a vague outline. Personally, I want to see how she went from spoiled princess to the pitiful woman in the first chapter. How did she fall so much, no one would bat an eye in the face of a dying baby? Just because it was hers?

I'm looking forward to new chapters. <<less
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The Lazy Slug
The Lazy Slug rated it
September 28, 2018
Status: c100
I find the story rather interesting, and the development nice.

At the start, the FL only tries to counter whatever hateful plans the scheming people around her are throwing at her; but later on, she begins initiating the schemes herself (mostly because she'd had enough of it already and wanted to go on the offensive side too).

Anyway, I'd also like to iterate Eclat123's review in that yes, I also find the development and dynamics of the characters good. Borrowing his/her words:

... more>>

"One of the most interesting character development was on the empress. She was always depicted as an antagonist character with strong backings that will do everything in her power to secure her position, including harrassing FL. It was later explained, after she found out that she is infertile and was on her weakest moment, that she always longs for the emperor's love and had been questioning herself over and over again why he had never been effectionate enough though she always strives to be the perfect empress figure. It showed us how she's actually a human with breaking points and emotions, not just some one-way programmed characters." -Eclat123


Not just the Empress, I also find the development of one of the "supporting antagonists"/"minor antagonist" rather impressive too:


There is this girl named Meng (I forgot her family name) who was one of FL's attendants but also turned out to be the Empress' spy. She tried to do a lot of evil things to FL for the Empress, including one of which almost succeeding (the thing about the poison on FL's bath water). Anyhow, later, she became crippled, making her useless to the Empress instead. Because of this, she feared she'll lose her life because she was no longer useful. So, she "turned into a new leaf" (maybe, hehehe) and defected back to the FL, telling the FL of the Empress' plans as well as her spies.

Now, there's a reason for the quote-unquote of "turned into a new leaf" in that, it is still uncertified whether she's really on team FL's side now, as she is the type who is very familiar of the dog-eat-dog world and so only trusts herself and do things that are advantageous to her. FL knows of this too. Now, while some of you might think of that as bad, I beg to differ. Story-wise, I think this just goes to show how complex her character is... well, at least far above the superficial purely-antagonistic only character. You know she was evil, but the author also told us why... as well as gave her a second chance and a leeway for her character to grow. This also made her relationship with FL rather dynamic, and interesting.


Overall, the story is really good so far, and the romance developed quite nicely. It wasn't fast, just right. The ML is so cute! OMG!


The ML is a fearsome battle prince, and the adopted brother of the Emperor (FL's father). This made him her uncle, but not by blood. Now, there was this time the Emperor played matchmaker and tried to match FL to this Wang guy (ML's "best friend"). Thankfully, FL prepared ahead of time and told her father a monk divined her that she should not marry until she's 18 (she's currently 15). ML was 27.

While walking back home, ML was all like:

"Three more years, three more years..." Then, he turned to his attendant and asked. "How old am I this year?"

Attendant replied 27. ML began sulking. 'In three years, I'll be 30. Wouldn't I be considered old by then?'




Another thing, there is also this thing that I liked about the ML: he was very upfront to FL that he wanted to be Emperor. And his reasons? Because, why not? The Emperor has power, who wouldn't want to be Emperor? lol Idk, I just find that really fresh, because it's not common to have an ML who was very vocal about his interest in wanting to be the Emperor. Plus, that reason! Very honest. HAHAHA

Also, it was hinted earlier on that the Emperor only had two daughters. At first, I just ignored it and didn't find it weird because why not? But wow, even that had a reason! Because, yeah, when you think about it... with all the concubines in the palace and still no other kids, it is suspicious! I really appreciate the author for taking care of the tiny details.


I felt aggrieved this story only got a 4.0 rate. I know it's still quite early to judge, but still! This story definitely deserved a mid-4 rate.

On the other hand, however, true, I feel sad some of the chapters can only be accessible by downloading this app and paying coins to unlock (maybe the reason of its small ratings?). I hope it isn't permanent though! Like, soon, the chapters would eventually be unlocked (and the coins are just means for you to have "quick access"). I really wouldn't mind waiting then. Because this story is, indeed, interesting!

It's mild and cute and not-so serious, so it doesn't give you those terrible heartaches all the time. But at the same time, it's also vengeful and suspenseful, a page-turner that made you wish for more. :> <<less
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Dioning rated it
September 18, 2018
Status: --
Usually in chinese novels the author used to use pretty words and sentences, but in this novel, the author or may be the translator choice of words are very simple and straight forward without any charm and imagination. Judging by the storyline, this novel also seemed to be writen by an elementary student after she/he read a transmigration novel.
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LordNut rated it
July 19, 2018
Status: c8
I would normally never rate a story so early but this story is...

... more>>

Just like other people have said the story starts out as a typically reincarnation and revenge story. The beginning is a little grimy and is not for the faint of heart. Like how the antagonist kills the protaganist's baby by throwing it out the window... I hope this story turns out like Chu Want Fei but I want the protagonist's to be a little more dark and vengeful!!!


P.s. Illisaide

Yeah I guess they fixed the blank untranslated pages;) <<less
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Lianna rated it
September 25, 2018
Status: c70
I like this novel very much. It's interesting and easy to read. MC is a cunning and charming princess (a little different from more common official's daughters). She's small at first, but she reaches adulthood soon thanks to a time skip.

I think that scheming part is enjoyable and well written. I recommend it to everyone who likes this genre. As far as I know, they unlock free chapter every day.
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Eclat123 rated it
September 22, 2018
Status: c141
Simply the best chinese historical romance on reincarnation I've read so far.

Intricate details, complex character setting and development, emotional explorations, interesting plot that makes sense, flowing narrations--everything was superb!

It's amazing how I was broken in half reading the first chapter and had my heart fluttered while reading on Yun Shang's new romance (and her struggle to believe in love again). The author managed to explore the everchanging complicated nature of human emotions, and brought lifelike characters with no set assignment (unlike those 'evil' or 'good' character settings that can never... more>> change and always in opposition).


One of the most interesting character development was on the empress. She was always depicted as an antagonist character with strong backings that will do everything in her power to secure her position, including harrassing FL. It was later explained, after she found out that she is infertile and was on her weakest moment, that she always longs for the emperor's love and had been questioning herself over and over again why he had never been effectionate enough though she always strives to be the perfect empress figure. It showed us how she's actually a human with breaking points and emotions, not just some one-way programmed characters.


The plot is extremely superb and leave almost no plot holes. Everything is stitched neatly, from how one can meet the royal household members (including breaking into palace), to people questioning the princess' whereabouts, to the implied criticism in gossips and impressions on mannerism--I can't give enough praises to the author.

This novel managed to tackle down the major flaw in reincarnation-based stories, that is depicting how people react to the FL's change of character. Very smooth, makes sense, and incredibly interesting.


In this case, some people tried to frame her as being crazy then later calling a priest, while her father understood it as her maturing.


This work is simply brilliant and worth every minute (and every penny, I read the lastest chapters on Moboreader). I honestly can't see how this can be an amateur work. <<less
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chrissy987 rated it
July 27, 2018
Status: c20
I have read a bit far into the novel and it sounds interesting - a bit of a run of a mill so far but I look forward to how she deals with the villains.. It is a nice enough pace, nice narration and nice translations

5 stars for me up till now.
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January 20, 2019
Status: c225
The story is your typical rebirth novel wherein MC is betrayed by her loved ones: her husband, her half-sister, her known mother, her confidants and servants. It somewhat resembles “Chongfei Manual” except there’s not much for the fluffy romance.

On MC’s rebirth she went on a road of vengeance for her previous self and her baby and a vow to never fall in love. Her journey started when she came back as her eight year old self.

ML is her nominal uncle, that was once adopted by the previous emperor and... more>> is his father’s (current emperor) younger brother who was older by 13 years to her.

ML is known as the God of war in their country and had once planned to take the throne away for himself but gave up later on. The reason why he wanted the throne was because he found life boring and redundant and is seeking for something to compell his emptiness but found peace and serenity by MC’s side.

The story focuses more on the court and harem’s intrigues and nations conflict. It’s a slow romance because although the MC felt something for the ML she doesn’t recognize it for her fear of being hurt and abandoned again just like her last life. <<less
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jellybeanhater rated it
November 14, 2018
Status: c41
The concept itself is nothing original, same old rebirth story with the same old type of vengeance-seeking MC who becomes disillusioned once betrayed by everyone she trusted, yadda yadda................. dead baby, slag husband and backstabbing bit*h of a sister. Its basically ticking almost every cliche in the book, and this wouldn't even be that big of a deal if it didn't read off like it was written by a 12 year old.

There is no complexity or literary style to the writing, the characters are flat with little to no depth... more>> or substance, they are basically all cardboard cutouts of the same character archetypes you'd find in other novels. There is no consistency whatsoever and maybe this would not be such a big deal for hardcore readers of the classic rebirth genre but for me, it's kinda like chewing a stale water cracker, tasteless, dry and not worth the effort. <<less
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echollrain rated it
August 22, 2018
Status: c69
The story is very interesting so far. I'm looking forward to see how the MC will get her revenge and how the possible romance will happen. Although to read to the recent chapter, you might have to register to the site, get some points, or coins. A bit hassle, but the story is worth it.
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shouahang58 rated it
July 19, 2018
Status: c9

the beginning starts of like most reincarnation novels. Evil step mom and evil half sister who stole her husband with a dead mom, servants that she thought were loyal weren't so loyal and the baby that never survive cause the slag husband kills it.

However I wanna see how she plans on saving her mom now that she is reborn. And how her relationship will be with her dad. Also can't wait to meet ML!

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