Eight Desolate Sword God


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Cultivators all have a soul beast, one that awakens at 13 years old.
However, Ye Chenfeng lacks one and is subsequently banished.
Ye Chenfeng obtains the favor of the heavens after years of humiliation.
With his gifts, he will walk his path to the strongest.

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Borderland Sword God
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keklel rated it
July 4, 2017
Status: c4
3 chapters in and already it's as cliched as a xianxia novel could get.

... more>>

"My strength is still not enough, why? I've practiced for more than a year, but my strength is still the same." The boy's eyes, deep as ink. His face, sharp like a blade. He was unwilling to admit that with no soul beast, that he was destined to be trash.

"No, I can not give up, I do not believe that I still can not break through." The boy thought of his father's kindness as heavy as mountains. But since his death has been sleeping underground. The young boy's mind grew more intense and clenched the injured fist, and continued to practice punching.


Pretty much JUST THE MOST CLICHED START TO ANY XIANXIA NOVEL EVER. Let's list the tropes in the first 3 chapters:

    • As a child was regarded by everyone as a genius due to his talent. Check.
    • Was engaged to be wedded to a female of high status. Check.
    • Then an event occurred which causes his status to fall down to "trash". Check.
    • MC happens to bump into arrogant bullies who spare no effort to mock him everywhere he goes. Check.
    • MC immediately retaliates to bullying and successfully gets the bully hurt, without giving any thought to possible consequences. Check.
    • A stranger literally falls out of the sky into MC's back yard and an artifact only known as "mysterious brain" transfers all of his knowledge and life experiences to the MC, completely randomly and without reason. [Oh and btw this also gives the MC super OP comprehension ability so he can learn anything instantly.]
In the first 4 chapters, there has been literally no significant character interactions at all, nothing has happened other than "pie falling out of the sky to hit the MC on the head" and "arrogant guy who mocked the MC gets shat on". I really see no reason to continue. There is nothing to look forward to. <<less
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Ra3ie1 rated it
June 26, 2017
Status: c40
Meh. It should be your first genre novel to enjoy this.

First 5 chapters I thought this one is similar to "trash novel" (don't remember a name. Super powerful immortal traveled to waste-mc's village just to give him op treasure and legacy), further i'd reread Strongest abandoned son- it's exactly a copy, same actors, same actions, same conversations... different authors, I was really surprised.

Ok, you decided to rewrite someone's story but at least try to make her better! Countless plotholes and retards. Or make her unique! Nope, even techniques copypasted... more>> in other authors: cultivation=vampiricdevouring souls, body=OP superduper can destroy a country from blow, foot=in fact teleport, 1 day of practice=breakthrough. 99% MCs have this techniques cmn!

"Surprisingly, the content is pretty logical. This is especially impressive on the author's part considering that he's writing a novel using a unique cultivation/system."

Where? Eat some s777 (who knows where it came from, he is a millionaire), kill retards and make breakthrough, coz you have a legacy... is this unique? Some birds, turtles, etc beast's souls - MC doesn't care, we can't even see a difference between those souls. MC=OP - unique
Another novel where author just pissed on cultivation lvls. "He has a higher cultivation? Just blink and onepunchkill, coz no one can see and recognize me"

I really wanted to read this story, but it's a worse version of Strongest abandoned son with bunch of cliches and stolen things. <<less
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AlaTheScribe rated it
July 4, 2017
Status: c100
Currently at chapter 100 of this story, and I think it's awesome. People are very quick to say this was taken from Strongest Abandoned Son, but I disagree. Most novels use the same cliches, but that doesn't make them not unique. So far this has been an amazing story. The author reuses a lot of cliches from the Dao of writing that we all have grown to love, but he does them in a way that I personally find refreshing. Give it a read! I don't believe you will regret... more>> it. <<less
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ferociousreader rated it
March 22, 2018
Status: c22
Typical xianxia novel, poor protagonist gets a cheat and conquer all. So far I have only one complain. You find fresh brain in mystery box and poke it with your finger? Seriously? (-‸ლ) Edit. I read raws up to chapter 26 -> so far protagonist managed to save from rape 3 potential girlfriends on two separate occasions. Apparently this is the only way to impress girls according to author (-‸ლ). Personal rating : 4 stars->3 stars
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adsegm rated it
December 5, 2018
Status: v3c211
This novel is indeed a cliched wreck but for some reason I just couldn't quite drop it. Started with the pie dropping from the sky inheritance but further in MC actively seeks for stuff, which is refreshing.

By chapter 211, two chicks have been saved who were NOT in imminent danger of being raped and some plotting (it's like a 4 year old eating sweets and trying to convince you that they disappeared) does occur.

If you want to read something while your brain is having some sleepy time, you might... more>> want to consider this novel.

EDIT: v4c359

This novel could have been so much better had the author had a friend or someone who could just tell him when he's forcing something too hard. Still reading it when I'm bored and have nothing to do. <<less
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