Eden of The Villains


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Underground action story that takes place in Yokohama!

Why did a boy from a prestigious school, who has lived a simple life, turn himself into a villain?

Eigo Hayashiki, a boy with hyper memory syndrome (hyperthymesia), lives a lonely life, envied by those around him because of his special ability. After one particular incident, he is finally abandoned by his family and loses everything.

The boy is rescued by a mysterious woman, Secret, in Yokohama, and despite his confusion, he becomes familiar with the underworld of the port city.

Yakuza, Chinese Mafia, informant, hitman, and a hostess at the age of high schoolers are interwoven in the chaos of Yokohama’s underworld.

This is the story of a former honor student who comes into contact with Yokohama’s unique outlaws and solves various cases as a villain.

Associated Names
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Akutō-tachi no Eden
Eden of The Gangsters
Gangsters' Eden
Villains' Eden
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
04/28/22 Ririi Rain c1 part7
04/21/22 Ririi Rain c1 part6
04/14/22 Ririi Rain c1 part5
04/14/22 Ririi Rain c1 part4
04/14/22 Ririi Rain c1 part3
04/14/22 Ririi Rain c1 part2
04/14/22 Ririi Rain c1 part1
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