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The bottom of the school caste, Doumeguri Kakeru, is transmigrated into the one who reigns as the strongest in the VR game 《Exodia Exodus》, the Demon Lord Hellshaft.

Moreover, he has even obtained the “forbidden power” (adult mode)!

However, the enemy that appeared before him (the Players) are the girl that he yearns for, Asagiri Ririko, and his other classmates that he recognizes.

Asagiri and the others believe that they can return to their original world if they defeat the Demon Lord Hellshaft, but in truth, everyone’s lives will be in danger if the Demon Lord dies――!?

In order to save his precious one, Doumeguri/Hellshaft will ambush his classmates with the strongest power!

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Hendro rated it
December 25, 2017
Status: v1 epilogue
It's basically a ecchi story but with a more serious tone and more action than HxH, the other novel the author works on. In this novel while it's a harem, it's not literally every girl that appears that likes the MC and most of them have real personalities (is this really from the same author?). Of course it has plot holes (like every story out there), like the MC is a teenager working in a VRMMORPG for a company and he works on the final boss of the game that... more>> can be said to be the most important character in a game.... like really? a teenager working on this... imagine a high school student working in blizzard, windows or nintendo.... Yeah, but hey things like these are there to make things more fun and interesting so it's cool. 2/3 of his classmates are missing which they will probably appear later as enemies or reinforcements or maybe they are simply in coma....

About the translation... Well, it can get better, the translator is obviusly a begginner in japonese-english translation but has potential, all he needs is a bit of experience (and a good editor) to get better. If you're reading this thanks a lot for your work in this novel.

The MC is a anti-social (Emo) nerd dude with serious communication problems that likes the most popular girl of the class (school as well), yeah I know who not right?... But even so he is kind and tend to work hard alone behind the scenes, his growth and development in his personality is show right from the volume 1 and will probably continue. When some of his classmates get imprisoned in the game he has a delay of 6 months only to log in the final boss he was working on, Demon Lord Hellshaft, right in the middle of a battle against his classmates. And later discovers that he has to keep his classmates from clearing the game if not everyone will die for real (Yeah that's right it's the opposite of SAO here). But while his classmates can revive in the game he actually dies if he is killed (Shirou references always wished to say this hahaha). And did I also say he is not a coward with girls? While he is a bit dense he is pervert and doesn't hesitate in the ecchi moments and even take some advantages of some of the heroines which is hilarious.

Until now there a 3 heroines... actually 5 if you count npcs on but i'll only talk about the real humans.

1º The Main heroine, The most popular girl in school, Asagari Ririko, though she is the MAIN, she is (for me at least) the worst of them, she is a kind and beautiful girl, the cliche of a good heroine, until there it's cool but all she knows what to say is "Demon lord i'll defeat you and go back home to the former world".... Yeah she says this basically every chance she has, even more then the others, ok it's normal to wish to go back in that situation but if it is all she knows what to say this makes her a bit empty, her only good parts till now is that she understands the MC kindness is slowly get closer to him (though it seems she is already in a relationship the with most popular dude as well, who knows maybe a netori will happen or their relationship is fake....).

2º heroine, the boss, Aikawa Shuuko Yeah she is like the MC boss in the company (she is not the president tho, don't get it wrong) she is usually very strict with the MC (she is probably under a lot pressure as well I guess) and also get inside the game but different of the students, she gets a enemy npc mark and ends up as a human s*ave, just like the MC she'll also have a definitive death inside the game if the dies once so her situation is quite severe, she basically acts as the MC advisor about the world (and also as his s*x s*ave, Hottest girl in the novel) looking forward to see her going deredere.

3º heroine, the wise girl, Shizukuishi Non (weird name...), the favorite of most, the girl with the most brain cells in the novel, she is basically just like the MC hiding her true kind nature and put a cold facade outside, she dislikes the MC exactly because of this since they are very much alike, but ends up suffering from stockholm syndrome after almost being r*pe in public by Hellshaft (mc) and develops feelings for the maou (it's still not clear if she only suspects the MC from being the maou or if she already fully knows) also looking forward for her going all deredere.

Conclusion, it's a very good novel worth reading, but if you guys are looking for a SAO level of drama or a less ecchi novel then this isn't for you. 5/5 from me. <<less
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Darknessbethyname rated it
March 17, 2020
Status: V6 epilogue
It's being a really nice read. People may complain or give low scores because of the ecchi (I wonder why when the title of the series, synopsis, genres, tags, and who the author is already pretty much throws in your face that the series is going to have a lot of lewd situations so just hating on it because of the lewd parts even though everyone already expects it is a pretty close minded notion, gotta be more open minded guys, try to see the other interesting parts of a... more>> story instead of judging it solely because of the lewd), but ecchi is not the only thing this series has to offer.

The world of Exodia Exodus is quite intriguing, I was actually pleasantly surprised that the author started to do some world building in a chapter that was meant to be a fanservice one (and funnily enough, 90% of said chapter was nothing like that), the good thing is that the author keeps expanding the world building bit by bit every volume, and although I wouldn't say it's one of the best world buildings ever or something along those lines, but it's still really decent and nice enough to give you a clear picture of the cities/places and make you interested in them.

As another reviewer mentioned the girls are good and have their own traits, and not all of them are in love with the main character like it's the case in majority of harem novels/anime/manga out there. Regarding the girls that are the actual love interests of the MC, they also don't fall in love with him right away, it's something that happens as the volumes go by and, to be honest, it feels like the MC actually deserves their affection due to his actions, hard work and all the sh*t he gets from other characters.

Speaking of the MC it's interesting to see how he is slowly receiving character development and how the mentality he had in volume 1 clearly changes as the series progresses, kind of refreshing as well that he is not afraid of touching a woman and tries to use his brain to set up traps for his classmates (his situation truly is a precarious one), he makes some mistakes in the way but learns from it and try to not commit those mistakes again. He actually feels more human than your usual ecchi or harem MC, maybe because he behaves a bit more like an actual teenage boy, doesn't act like he is allergic to women and some of his worries and fears feel more real. Volume 1 is more like an introduction to the world and the overall gist of things, many will probably compare it to SAO due to it being a trapped inside a VRMMO series but the two of them are extremely different, and I dare say that the story and development in Ecstas are beggining to shape up into something way more interesting than SAO. Another thing to mention is that volume 1 is (as of now) the volume with the biggest amount of lewd scenes, volume 2, 3, 4 and 5 have them as well but they have a much bigger focus on character interactions, story and worldbuilding (specially volume 3, 4 and 5). Volume 6 has the same amount as the first volume but the ecchi scenes are a lot shorter than in volume 1.

Some of the ''nonsensical'' things that were pointed out by other reviewers are actually explained, these details were most likely lost in the first translations due to those being pretty heavy MTL (Machine Translation), just showing how a non-accurate and bad translation can affect one's enjoyment of a series or making character interactions and plot related things seem s*upid or incomprehensible to a reader.

I say give it a go if you want something different with fun characters, a world and story that are showing signs of becoming incredibly interesting and of course, if you want a MC that does a lot of lewd things with the girls (and has a bit of chuunibyou too).

PS: Be sure to read Grasha's additional story from volume 3, although it doesn't have any crucial information for the main story, it still gives more characterization to Grasha and expands the worldbuilding.

PSS: Although I do respect the opinions of the other reviewers, I do have to disagree with the user that gave it 1 star regarding 3 things, the first being that all actions are based on misunderstandings.


There's a couple times (not many) in volume 1 where the MC jumps the gun and mentions something that would be better to not be said around a certain sharp character but aside from that, I can't think of any other example of misunderstandings on the other volumes, well, besides the usual ecchi misunderstanding once in a while that is normal for ecchi series like this one.

The second one would be regarding the MC being a weak Demon King, this is actually something pretty subjective, he can make strong attacks with his fire sword and even with his fists, but one needs to remember that his main abilities are only 2 lewd magics and that's it, so it can also be said that he is a strong and a weak Demon King at the same time. For those who still think that he is weak, there's an explanation for that later on in the series, but well, this MC is the type that uses his head a lot more than other MCs of this kind of series.

Now going for a more objective view, for starters the series already tells you from the very beginning that the game is still under development and by the dialogues between the characters it's quite obvious that it's nowhere near it's completion so the classmates being strong (specially since it's mentioned that the speed of leveling up depends on each individual) and other game errors (that do appear later) s not be surprising.

For some people (like me) it makes things a lot more interesting since the MC has to actually face hardships and start using his head, which creates some pretty interesting developments later on, now for others that prefer when the MC is overpowered and just wipes everything without any problem it might be quite frustrating.

The third thing would be the MC being an idiot. He acts a bit naive in volume 1 and is quite confused about his situation in the beginning but, as mentioned before in this review, he is growing as the story goes on and takes more countermeasures against his enemies in case his first plan doesn't work as expected. Many of the demons not being that smart is already clarified in the novel, they're NPCs, and the type that would just be background characters, so aside from important ones like MC's four subordinates, the other demons, although not being complete idiots or nothing like that, clearly don't possess the same level of A.I. As MC's subordinates.

Now regarding the whole thing about him letting his classmates level up, he can't let his identity be discovered because if that happens it's basically certain death for them all, so he needs to act as a normal classmate with them and not attract attention, which would certainly happen if he suddenly started to always try to stop them from leveling up, plus, he can't always be with them anyways since if he neglects his subordinates in the demon side, their loyalty status might drop, which would make them not trust the MC anymore and they could even act violently against him, possibly trying to kill him too.


I also have to disagree with the 2 star reviewer, the story has a pretty decent/nice background and setting, it's already explained that while the MC is not a genius, he is pretty knowledgeble, plus, his work only involves simple stuff like dialogue and body motion, it's also mentioned that the company he works part time at is pretty much a Black company so they hired people like the MC to not spend too much money on employees for the game. As I've said before, I don't see how the relations don't make sense, but well, I can't blame the 2 star reviewer for thinking that, the first translations of this series were horrible, plus, the translator kept including his own opinion and jokes every few lines so it could easily break the immersion when reading or confuse people regarding even the simple stuff. Thankfully, the current translator decided to re-translate volume 1 back when he started the series.

PSSS: With volume 6 done, I can safely say that the story got super intriguing with some really unexpected developments, this volume specifically was crazy. The world-building continues and MC's growth is satisfying. People who were filtered by volume 1 are really missing out a good series, I can say without a doubt now that Ecstas became a lot more interesting than SAO (from my view obviously), the author also did a really good job in portraying the theme he was aiming for in this novel. <<less
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SeventhTale rated it
December 24, 2017
Status: v1 epilogue
Ecstas Online is a story situated in VR world where students are trapped. Our MC is a timid guy who is the one who creates lines for the Demon Lord during its development. What great in this story is it's development. As our MC acts both as a Demon Lord and Guild Member with his classmates, he needs to manage his subordinate as maou and avoid being discovered by his classmates while making sure he will not die.

... more>>

Here we will see if his classmates will believe, side, or fall to him after they taste his powers. One female classmate, leads the group, one is very sharp but has a secret, and his demon like employer is his s*ave. With our MC having a high position in heirarchy we will see how their fate will turn out.


Ero time when our MC is demon lord and struggles when he's a human, it's really interesting to read how this story proceed. <<less
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Xuanyu rated it
October 10, 2019
Status: --
Story is bad and all actions are based upon the character missunderstanding and not comprehending their situation.

... more>>

MC is a idiot that made the demon lord an idiot and all demons are muddleheaded idiots. MC is wasting away his time letting "hero" rise 6 level from 17 to 23 in just 2 weeks unnoticed.

He was moving tr*sh for 2 weeks.

Oh and the last bos almost died 4 times in just first volume.

In the first battle he lost almost all 1000 hp due to few attacks because these newbs skills do 100/200 damage.

Because of the critters outside beginner town right next to the demon castle lmao his true level is 1 and critters can kill him in 3 or 4 hits.

When doubted by cold sorcerer girl in orc village.

In guild hall he lost 95%hp because of a single spell cast by lvl 15 newbie.

Weakest demon lord ever. How the f*ck will he ever protect anything the hero with his level 23 can probably instakill him now.

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NeilPete rated it
July 10, 2021
Status: v7 epilogue
Most look at this novel and immediately think it's just another r18 themed fantasy wish-fulfilment. They. Could. Not. Be. More. Wrong.

Before I say anything about the story, let me clarify one thing: Please do not be put off by the MC being awkward around others/girls at first. He actually undergoes very good character development as the volumes progress and he gets better at socializing.

Where do I even begin to describe what this series is really about? There is a f*ck ton of things going on. The begining is your classic... more>> SAO locked in a game world premise but the circumstances surrounding the MC are so very different. The story begins with the MC waking up in the body of the "demon lord" character that his classmates are trying to kill?! Just tell his classmates and solve the misunderstanding? It's truly not that simple so our MC has to lie. And lie. And lie some more.

Oh, this demon lord is not very strong but he does have a very interesting set of abilities that always result in hilarious fanservice scenes.

Killing the demon lord/MC is supposed to be the only way to log out but the truth is that the game is broken and clearing the game will actually kill the players IRL. So our MC has to two-face everyone to keep his classmates alive.

You will be at the edge of your seat as you watch the MC unfold various layers upon layers of the mysteries surrounding this suspicious game and reach the end goal.

The bonds he makes with the people, especially his NPC subordinates is heartwarming to see. The main girl the MC begins to fall for is no damsel in distress he needs to save. She's badass. The plot twists near the end of the series are just wow.

Please don't pass this series up. You won't regret it if you continue past 1 or 2 volumes and the plot begins to get more intricate. <<less
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MyRAMEN rated it
July 19, 2018
Status: c3
Not very interesting. Honestly the book is just pure echi/hentai everwhere. I wouldve done 2 star but the writing not horriblem so it made it ok. Background plot/setting suck too. Plot / info is just thrown everywhere which makes it confusing, and also a no-nothing MC on knowledge got a job for vr which u need to be a genious for to work at which it said he is not so how does he work? The relations dont make sense by abouy 90%
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Scyferine8878 rated it
July 12, 2020
Status: v3 extra
Well the story is really great! This is a great 17+ isekai ever!!! The MC is likeable even tho he is kinda pathetic but he is not beta at all he is smartass and funny.. It is really refreshing.. The characters got personality they are not really bland except the NPC.. I can't say he is a Demon Lord bcus he is kinda weak bcus he doesn't even test much his power.. If anything I can call him Hentai Lord.. The world building is ok.. The 1 star review is... more>> kinda correct he is the weakest Demon Lord but I think you only read it one volume n half of it... The 3 stars review did really put his/her standards to high.. MC is closet pervert with brain.. It is really interesting when he tried to manipulated someone which sometimes he messed up and the target in his favor.. He also has charisma in his Demon Lord mode different from the usual him makes someone who knows him doubt him if he really the Demon Lord or not <<less
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mish20011 rated it
September 20, 2020
Status: v3epilouge
This is the first time I will review an LN and I am so happy about it. Ecstas Online is so good that I managed to finished 3 volumes in 2 days. Although it looks like it ended fast because it is only 8 volumes but it is considerable because it will be boring if made longer. Thanks to this novel, I will try to read other works of Masamune Kuji like Masou Gakuen and the new one. Although the new one doesn't look interesting. Doumeguri is basically a simp... more>> for Asagiri and that is all I know, but if he will end up with her then it is also fine. But I wouldn't lie that if it will be with Aikawa-san or Shizukuishi, I will be happier. <<less
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