Dying in the Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate


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In the novel “Wealthy Ghost Young Master”, the male lead Shi Qi was ruthless. After Ning Meng died, she kept transmigrating into the people near to him.

The first time, when the male lead was 7 years old, she became his biased and malicious grandma.

The second time, when the male lead was 17 years old, she became his money-grubbing female desk mate.

The third time, when the male lead was 21 years old, she became his two-faced love rival.

The fourth time, she had completely transmigrated into the novel using her own body.


When Shi Qi was little, he carried a secret little diary with him where he recorded his grandma’s eccentricity.

Later on, he realized that the person who was good to him wasn’t his genuine grandma, but a stray ghost who had only possessed her body.

After he grew up, he also discovered that these eccentricities also appeared in the people around him……

-Pretentious female lead who has Yin Yang eyes but is afraid of ghosts x Black-hearted male lead who could ward ghosts and was a man of actions rather than words

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New katiethairu33 rated it
October 21, 2021
Status: c60
Here's the thing. I don't know why dense MCs are such a thing. I also don't know why this particular dense MC got on my nerves so much. But I literally couldn't keep reading anymore. I love the ML. But later, he kept developing in a cliche direction and the MC kept being such a silly dork that I couldn't stand it. Usually, I don't have many negative reviews and if I don't like it, I would just rate low and not review much unless it is particularly bad. I... more>> have very low standards and I can accept pretty much everything in these light novels. I'm not here to enrich my literature. I suspend the use of a major part of my brain when I read these books. Even then, I felt that this MC is too low in IQ.

Like, she's a scaredy cat but she just has to be curious about ghosts and go to dangerous places. In the second life, she knew she had only a year left to live but she made no backup plans when a month was left to her death date. I don't expect her to be clairvoyant but when knows she is going to a dangerous place, why can't she leave something for her mom in case something happens? She's with a 17 year old ML but she expects him to be omnipotent? Also, there was one time when she was downright callous and selfish.

ML has a fever. I suspect it is because he does something to help MC sleep better in winter when her body was filled with yin air (which she carelessly got when she 'accidentally' cut her finger on a dagger). The first thing MC says is he can get a fever too? Like, he is only human. What does she expect?! And then she feels sorry because she can't hold a warm hand anymore. The f*ck?! He has FEVER and she feels sorry he can't warm her up? I felt so disgusted with her then and there. I mean, she was older than him when she died so why does she behave like a 12 year old?


And then in the third life, he blatantly gives her a clue that he can see her and recognize her but she's still in denial. God, I really wanted to strangle her then. Again, what is even good about a s*upid, heartless person like her? Even if he announces that he remembers her in loudspeaker, she will probably find a way to deny it. I couldn't stand it after this latest attempt at silliness so I dropped it. I really liked the premise, the ML and the direction of the story. The MC literally ruined everything for me by existing. I don't expect her to be a queen. I expect her to have normal IQ. I expect her to at least have some basic common sense.

I know she has no experience being an elderly lady. However, when ML was 7 years old and opened his yin-yang eyes and was awkward because of seeing her 20-something self in a 70 year old body, she sent him physical and mental health books about the dangers of premature love. I mean, come on! She really believed that a 7 year old could have a premature love instead of being able to see her. Ok, I can understand if she believes that the system is more powerful and that ML not outing her is less likely in her view. But next life, he orders her favorite food, brings her melon seeds, keeps asking pointed questions and she's still oblivious. Fine. I let it go. In the third life, he told her don't you have my wechat? (His wechat was given to her in her second transmigration). She still didn't believe he recognized her! She would rather believe that she didn't get all the memories instead. WTF! Is her brain a decoration? How did she pass her exams and make a living as an orphan in her original life?


I don't know if she did more damage by existing or less. Yes, ML's life would have totally gone awry without her. She has boundless grace towards him by changing his life trajectory. I also liked her kindness and silliness and could overlook her jarring IQ because sometimes I just feel powerless towards her. But she died on MC at 7 years old. She died in his arms at 17. How much trauma does ML have to endure? She doesn't even think about it. She's so dense. She keeps saying she helped ML became a three-good young man but she ignores his mental state completely. Not once did she wonder about the psychological trauma people dying on him might have. So freaking heartless. The ML is excellent because he is just that damn strong. I don't think MC is the main reason he is so excellent. I do agree that his outlook is less gloomy and having a silly lover like her would probably suit him as he has too many heavy thoughts. However, the author really shouldn't expect me to relate to a woman like the MC. I'm a 20-something woman too. I simply cannot believe that a woman of this age could be this oblivious and dense.

Also, in the second life, after the MC died, the rest was tied up in such a haphazard way, it left me speechless. I mean, if you can have an entire arc about MC nosily digging up a case at school, why can't her death and the impact it has be delved deeper? It was so abruptly glossed over that I didn't even feel sad. It felt so cheap. Ugh. Anyway, I am going to come back to this when I'm less angry. If I finish this, I will update this review.

But, the translation is excellent. I feel it is such a pity because I really wanted to stick to reading just for the good translation. *Sigh* <<less
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Meatshield rated it
September 1, 2020
Status: Completed
This was... mediocre.

The premise sounded interesting with her being reborn as different people in the ML’s life but irl the execution was super lackluster.

Instead of building up the relationship between the two leads there was a huge emphasis on ghost catching which sucked because each of the ghost catching cases that popped up in their lives were so boring to follow and seemingly so irrelevant to their own lives.

Because of that when the ML supposedly falls for the FL you’re not sure why he does since it doesn’t seem like... more>> she’s done much to attract him or really anyone because she is so dull. Her main character trait is being nosy which gets her no where except involved with evil ghosts. The ML is cliche. He’s OP, rich, good looking, and cold to everyone except the FL.

Compared to other supernatural romance novels that feature ghosts like Believe It Or Not, I Already Caught You, Black Lotus Tactics Manual, Transmigrating to Before the Big Boss Blackened, or New Times, New Hell— which are so good they can’t get any better—this story was subpar.

I finished reading it because I kept hoping it would get better but it never does. <<less
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LunaSolis070 rated it
June 27, 2021
Status: Completed
Kinda funny someone says its abrupt, for your information shi qi starts noticing the MC since he was 7 he even started to have a feeling of rejection to the word grandson but still complies to it since he is only 7 (a kid) and at junior highschool he started to have a good feeling and closeness even teasing her about ghost and keeps stalking her (suddenly appearing behind the MC which is creepy 🤣) pampering her only gentle to her and giving food and the kiss on the forehead,... more>> also asking her original name at college he didn't want to let her go even thinking that the world gave her to him and only to him. The worst thing is his possessiveness and torturing those who hurt and killed the MC. The last life was the original appearance, the ML didn't want to let go of her thats why he tied her 🤧 and married her fearing she would leave him again.

As for the MC her feelings started to have feelings when they were junior high too, but as you have read she said "strange feelings." And not bothering with it. She also feels comfortable with the ML and starts to be dependent to him when it comes to ghost. Some of you might not notice that she is having a feelings since she kept throwing it at the back of her head. Not minding it what that feeling was. She needs a push, well they did push her since she would be jealous when someone approaches the ml. Also the people surrounding her calls her Mrs. Shi, madam, wife and so on also Shi Qi keeps protecting her and kisses her (who doesn't fall for that? Especially if that boy is handsome.)

Well I do sometimes feel you since its always about ghost and they didn't have so much scene where they show intimacy! Author! We want some PDA!!!! A DOG FOOD!!! We don't want to eat corpses and ghost WE ALSO WANT DOG FOOD! 😬😬😬😬 <<less
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judeiiro rated it
September 6, 2020
Status: Completed
MTL-ed the story and I think it's pretty alright! The premise and plot are interesting and it's cute to see ML's little thoughts at the end of the chapters. Though I had to skim some chapters when the spooks lost their flair.

imo the development of MC's feelings for ML are a bit odd.. Perhaps abrupt? 🤔 There's a huge focus on ghost catching over the romantic development of the couple—which is pretty interesting to read but I'd love to read more on how the MC fell in love

... more>>

with her pseudo-grandson lol


would recommend if you're looking for a fresh read! <<less
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maymthu rated it
September 4, 2021
Status: c49 part2
The concept is great. The ghost FL reincarnating into different people around him, how the story actually integrates different horror stories for each arc is actually new and unique.

... more>>

The pampering between grandma and grandson was also endearing.


In my opinion, it would have been a better experience if FL had a protective mechanism of sorts against ghosts.


She had a system, but the author made a point to explain that it didn't help her other than giving her information. The helplessness of the FL was a bit bearable in her 'grandma' phase but it went downhill from the next arc onwards because she constantly needs ML saving her ass.

The author did mention somewhere along the story that she didn't intend to make her a strong FL who can bulldoze her way out of tough situations - so the FL's whole character got reduced to "I'm a ghost, but I'm scared of ghosts".

Then. Here's my problem.

If she's scared of ghosts, then don't go anywhere near them? That's common sense? But no? She likes to meddle in other people's supernatural affairs while she is completely incapable of doing anything herself to help without the ML's powers.

Sis was just courting death, like she would be the typical first character to die in every horror movie if she didn't have the ML going out of his way to protect her.

At some point I just got fed up with that. Every situation seems to a repeat of "FL sees ghost problems, FL decides to stick her hand into it, FL realises she f*cked up, ML saves the day".


That's my rant anyway. If you think you could bear with that, it will be a good read to pick up when you're bored.

Then again, this is based on what I've read so far. (And I've dropped this series, so I wouldn't know if the plot improved in later chapters. Take my review with a grain of salt.) <<less
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Crayon rated it
December 9, 2020
Status: Completed
Love this! 50/10. Give this novel a chance! This is really a hidden gem and it's better to read the translations. I just mtled this and feel I lost so many plot. 😪 Definitely reading this again when the translation completed (╯3╰)
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Lykalee rated it
September 21, 2020
Status: Completed
It was okay. There's a bit of chemistry between the protagonists but like I haven't resolved the issue yet with the grandma grandson relationship hahahaha. I think the MC just accepted things, like ohh my heart is beating fast guess this is love. Haha.

Plot twist at the end was unexpected but rushed. Other cannon foddlers were just really pass by here. Wish the author delved into it more.

The horror parts were too much like it's explained in more detail the shouldve been the important aspects of the story.
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