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Durarara!! is about a number of unusual people who gather in Ikebukuro, Tokyo— a youth who yearns for an un-mundane life, a hoodlum, a stalker denpa-girl, a young man who deals in information ?for fun?, a black-market doctor, a high-schooler obsessed with magic, as well as a ?headless rider? riding a bike painted black.

These unusual people begin a series of abnormal stories that never fail to create headaches. But, although their personalities are all twisted? they still talk about love.

Note: A sequel novel series “Durarara!! SH” began in 2014.

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v.2 c.3b by Different Clouds (09-04-2013)
v.2 c.3a by Different Clouds (09-04-2013)
v.1 c.Extras + Bonus by BangAQUA (06-18-2012)
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