Durarara!! Epitome of Eighteen Histories


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A series of Durarara!! short stories that come with each Durarara!!x2 Limited Blu-Ray and DVD pack.

Associated Names
One entry per line
Durarara!! Jyuuhasshiryaku
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Durarara!! (Main Story)
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
12/22/19 kaedesan721 c9
10/31/18 kaedesan721 c8
10/24/18 kaedesan721 c7
06/05/18 kaedesan721 c17
05/14/18 kaedesan721 c16
05/05/18 kaedesan721 c15
04/22/18 kaedesan721 c14
03/23/18 kaedesan721 c13
03/13/18 kaedesan721 c12
12/28/16 popsiclete c11
03/12/18 kaedesan721 c10
11/15/15 popsiclete c9
05/20/16 popsiclete c8
04/20/16 popsiclete c7
08/20/18 kaedesan721 c6
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