Dungeon Sherpa


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They are the helpers of adventurers who aim to explore and conquer labyrinths – a term for those in the occupation of guiding the way and shouldering luggage.

Rowe, who is active as a Sherpa in the Tyros Labyrinth, is highly regarded as a skillful Sherpa despite his youth. Half a year ago, he lost his father, and began a life with just his young sister.

However, the heroes of the “Twilight’s Sword”, whose renown is rapidly spreading through the royal capital have set their sights on conquering the Tyros Labyrinth, and even before Rowe can say anything, he will be dragged into their quest.

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Dungeon Sherpa: Meikyuu Michisaki Annainin
ダンジョン・シェルパ 迷宮道先案内人
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Asphyxia778 rated it
August 6, 2022
Status: c20
I've come here from the manga and so far it has been an enjoyable read. I especially like the concept of dungeon sherpa and their work. The job gives such a great infrastructure for adventures and guild alike. Makes for a very effective system so far we've seen in the story. This definitely gives a more unique take on dungeon fantasy so yeah try it out
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