Dungeon Exploration with Absolute Accuracy ~ Level Up by Shooting Arrows from a Safe Zone ~


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Unique skill [Magic Arrow]. Or rather, a modern dungeon where bows that use arrows are unfavorable.

Amamiya Kaede, who was supposed to be a winner using such a magic bow and having a unique skill, can no longer keep up with his party because of all the disadvantages, and is exploring E-rank dungeons solo.

In such a situation, when he made his unique skill [Magic Arrow] skill to skill level 10, will he get a new skill ……?

Yay, [Magic Arrow] is now a sure-hit skill!

He’s cheesing monster from afar.

And his attack definitely hits, so the boss is definitely killed from a safe zone.

Sometimes he even has a slug fests!

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3 Reviews

Oct 30, 2022
Status: c21
I mostly started reading this because I'm a simp for Archery.

While the concept of Aimbot Arrows is cool enough, I don't think it was executed correctly. And it's not just the power, it's the world too. The system holds the hand of the adventurers too much. The Author, if they ever rewrite this, will definitely have to rethink how the system works. Being able to level up your skills with skill points is slightly excusable I suppose, but everyone being able to buy skills? That doesn't sit well with me.... more>> To me that drastically lowers the value of the skills themselves not to mention the personal skill of the adventurer. The System especially can't work like that when they make such a big deal out of Unique Skills to the point Polygamy is legalized. If we can just buy skills using points then we should just grind adventurers out to become godlike, there's no real need for Unique skills other than for 'popularity' factors.

Now as for the MC's Unique Abilities. What I mean by a problem with it's execution is still somewhat aligned with an issue with the 'handholding' of the system. It feels like the skills are working exactly how the MC wants them work. I mean, arrows going through the boss room door? Seriously? What kind of BS is that? Then when he gets the Dragon Bow he still uses that dumb cheesy strat for no real reason. He even said it himself that he can take down the Kobold Boss with 3 shots. We already know he can draw multiple arrows with one draw so he doesn't need to pu*sy out behind the door anymore, but he does it anyways. He's relying too much on leveling up and his stats, this is the equivalent of a COD Booster Server.

One final issue with the System I have is the leveling system is a complete mess. I'll keep this simple. So in the D ranked dungeon, he's gaining 12-15 levels out of killing the Boss each time. When he kills the Mutant Kobold of the Dungeon, he gains 12 levels. But when he goes and kills a mob, he gets little to no XP for killing them. If a Mutated variant of the Mob is giving out that much XP then by that logic he should be gaining at least 1-6 levels out of killing a single Kobold. But he doesn't. The leveling bar doesn't even budge. See the problem? The Author really needs to give more depth to the concept of the dungeons and give an actual level range for each dungeon rank instead of just shitting out numbers for the sake of a 'eye candy' level.

In response to DimaShishandra on December 26 2022:

I suppose that's fair, especially since I'm new to the Souls/Born series and started playing Elden Ring. I can see that. <<less
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Oct 23, 2022
Status: c15
If you like a story where the protagonist uses an exploit to level up because he can't beat enemies in a real fight, and then after gaining hundreds of levels he can still beat enemies that are stronger than him one-to-one at a range disadvantage, you might like this.

And then the first time he interacts with anyone at all it goes like this:

... more>>

Some young children wander into a dangerous place because the people who were supposed to watch the place were nowhere to be found. And then the protagonist got righteously angry along with the children's parents and they vowed to find out why it happened and punish the irresponsible guard. So when he met the guard in question, they just said "oopsies, I messed up. Sorry!" and the parents of the children were like "OK, it was my kid's fault anyway." With the protagonist going "They look really suspicious, but they apologized so I guess it can't be helped." Nothing learned, nothing resolved, case closed!


Seriously, what's wrong with you, author? <<less
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Dec 26, 2022
Status: c81
It is a decent story where MC was doing some smarter moves. At bare minimum he is constantly trying to be over leveled by cheesing the system. He also tries to cover his shortcomings without plot armor which is super rare in novels. MC also tries to address his suspicious and interacts with people normally. While he already gathers harem, heroins are not just blindly in love with him on the first sight. For now it's more of a light interest which makes sense. Problem is he is still way... more>> too 'good'.


Trying to save bandits and sectants from monster the summoned is a no-no. Better spend time on saving your friend or killing monsters. Another issue is that his arrows can pass through walls but he doesn't use them to pass through enemies and weapons for some reason. Which is just such obvious plot armor


To address complaints in other comments.

About interactions:


In case of irresponsible guard - friend of criminal said that guild will punish him. And they apologized to prevent people reporting incident to the guild directly by different channels. This way they can hide it.


About leveling:


unique skills give unique abilities which you can't buy. Doubling speed, future prediction or shooting through walls like MC. That's why there is a hype around them. You also can't just 'grind' adventures. They will just die or grind will be very slow. MC originally was grinding levels for few years to get upgrade. On another hand dudes with unique skills have a boost to power on the same level so they have higher chances. It's like giving endgame gear to a noob

Also kobolt mutant is simply on the level of bosses. That's why so much exp. It's also not so special for bosses to give way more exp than mobs in games. Like Dark souls series

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