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Yu Shanshan, who has been tyrannical and lawless for 20 years, suffered retribution at the age of 21. She changed from a little ballet princess of 45 kg to a poor and fat one of 90 kg. Apparently, eating was the most important thing in her life. Her success in losing weight was far away.

However, one day, the father of her child who had disappeared for four years came back. From then on, Yu Shanshan was forced to embark on a diet that was worse than death.

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Eclat123 rated it
November 20, 2020
Status: Completed
I don't know why there's a review saying this novel is sexist, because it certainly is not. It just portrays the most realistic and vulnerable part of a woman's ego and self-worth. The story never focused on derogatory comments, nor is it aimed to ridicule the MC. It only highlighted a woman's real life struggle and her resolution to overcome her self-doubt. If anything, it's empowering.

Calling this beautiful piece of work as sexist is downright offensive. The reviewer clearly has no clear understanding of what sexism means.

The story itself is... more>> so realistic that it might give you a heartache at the beginning. I've seen a lot of women who were forced to stop their studies and were left to be single mothers without their family support like MC. MC's struggles of working low-paying jobs and raising a kid alone for years is a very realistic portrayal of a lot of women out there. Her struggles are real, and it's extremely offensive to label it as sexist just because she found her happily ever after getting married to a successful man. Her efforts were real.

The reviewer also said that the story is shallow because it only focused on MC's physical self, and I can only tell you that it's a blatant ignorance. Anyone who thinks that way are clearly never being subjected with such criticism or just wanted to deny the reality. I've read a lot of fat to fit stories, but so far this is the most realistic take I've ever seen. The author used some of her own experience of extreme weight loss when she was overweight that makes it all the more relatable.

My sister's situation is quite similar to MC. She was a famous tv anchor who used to go on pageants and was courted by a lot of successful handsome guys. Yet she eventually got pregnant, and she got hormonal shots periodically because her body condition was not good enough for pregnancy. Her life then turned upside down. Granted, she was in a waaay better condition than MC since she was married with a guy who loves her no matter how she looked and had the whole family's support, but I still watched first hand how her life and the career she built so far turned 180 degrees.

A woman's body is not only a reflection of her physical self that serves solely as an identification. It's also a tool to support a woman's self confidence, her ego, and sometimes even her career. In my sister's case, she had to quit her job, move to another town (because the job for big built women tv anchor is practically none in the capital), and isolated herself from her friends for years because she had no self confidence to show her new body. She was an arrogant and successful beauty queen who always wore pretty gowns with lots of men chasing, and after pregnancy she was only a housewife who was dressed in large t-shirts and weighted more than 90kgs. For a woman like her, her career, her self worth, her confidence, even her friends were highly dependant on her looks. My sister broke down and cried a lot of times, but thankfully my brother-in-law and parents supported her thus she could start anew a few years after her pregnancy. She got into post-partum depression on the first year and it was no instant work to for her to even gain an ounce of her former confidence. MC's situation, however, was a lot worse since she didn't have anyone.

The MC lost any opportunity for a brilliant career, lost her friends, lost her family, and had to move to a strange city in an unfamiliar body while raising a baby on her own with literally no one except her one friend supporting her. The ones thinking the story is shallow and sexist should get their empathy trained.

With that kind of backstory for the MC, is it so wrong wanting her to have a happy ending?

Sure, the happy ending in this story began with ML's return, bringing her a lot of money and support. But even so, her struggles were real, and she survived all those years. She tried to rebuild her confidence from the ground up slowly, facing a lot of problems and mockeries. MC's story was extremely empowering and it's rude to solely attribute her eventual success as a common cinderella story.

The reviewer even called ML a one-dimensional character, just because he still loved MC even though she became so fat. If anything, it's the reviewer Eunjoo who is sexist and shallow. Is it so impossible to believe that a handsome and successful man would truly love the mother of his child who got through so many hardships and sacrificed a lot for him just because she doesn't look good? Raising a baby alone, without the support of a husband and family member is not easy. Furthermore the MC is a great mother. It's perfectly normal to have the ML head over heels for her, a strong woman with stories who had sacrificed everything for him. There's nothing remotely one dimensional about ML's character. He's one of those realistically good and upright guys that, though rare, can be found in real life. My brother-in-law is one of them. It's not only beautiful and thin people that deserve to be loved.

The one review that labeled this novel as sexist got the translator to drop this work, congratulations! I could only read the CN raws, but it hurts me that a lot of people would not get to read such a beautiful story just because of one person. To think that a really good work would be labeled as sexist and shallow while the other clearly silly and shallow cinderella story still take the majority of top 100 in NU with overwhelmingly positive reviews. Sigh.

I took one star off because of the many typical cliched dog blood drama on stepsister, arranged marriage, and poisonous woman added to the plot. It would've been a great read if the author focused on the main plot without adding too much unnecessary drama. <<less
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EunJoo rated it
April 30, 2020
Status: c18
I was persuaded by the many 4-5 star ratings to give this one a try and squirmed through it from the get go. I don't often feel compelled to comment on the many novels I read but I had to for this one if only to present a view contradictory to the many laudatory reviews. I disliked this novel immensely. The FL lead is immediately reduced to her physical self. She is nothing except fat and there is nothing about her except what she was. I could go into details... more>> and pull out the adjectives used to describe her but I won't. But hey, at least she gets some character development. The ML on the other hand is so one dimensional that he's not worth talking about. And Dudu? If I had a kid like that, I would pack him off to his dad.

TL;DR: The sexism is offensive. The romance... well. Save yourself. <<less
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ajbenkyou rated it
December 21, 2019
Status: Completed
Ahhhh... My heart is full and at peace right now after completely MTL-ing this story. Certainly one of the funniest, sweetest and cutest stories ever! Totally loved the FL, ML and the most adorable kid tandem. Definite a gem! I'm so glad I listened to the reviewers to try this since I do have the habit of avoiding stories rated lower than 4. I'm telling you, this story deserves a higher rating than it has so far.

Very thankful to the one who requested this to be picked and to the... more>> amazing translator. <<less
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boredinthehouse rated it
November 14, 2020
Status: Completed
I don't know why there were so many reviews of being so fluffy and cute I just felt heartache for the FL when reading this. Not because of the love story but for what she has experience though overall the story is good. and also I find the kid irritating sometimes 😝
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The Sliveren
The Sliveren rated it
October 24, 2020
Status: c1
Hands down, this is one of my most favorite novel ever. I immediately click on it to give a review on this.

There are many reasons of why you should read this:
  1. The humor. Oh my goodness, I still remember laughing my ass off when the mother and son bickers. It was gold.
  2. MC is so freaking sassy and a badass at the same time and I love her for it. There are times that she wanted to extort her son and the son fell for it XD.
  3. ML got my approval and I labeled him as one of the decent ML that I read. He's not overbearing and I love that he respect her and truly loves her so much. Oh my good, where can I find a man like him (T__T)
  4. Dudu—the sassiest kid that I ever read. He's sharp and his comebacks are so freaking witty. If I ever face him in real life, I know that I am gonna be burn by him.
  5. The pacing of this story is quite good. I love how the author writes about plot twists.
  6. FAMILY BONDING. There I said it.
If you have hesitation on reading it on RAWS, don't worry about that. It's understandable and you can get the humor out of it. I really thank the translator, mnq93, for picking this up!
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Killerdimmer rated it
December 18, 2019
Status: Completed
One of the most interesting Chinese webnovels I'd read this year. I really fell in love with how funny and how cute Dudu is! He's quite a charm and definitely my favorite kid in a novel ever! I kinda get why some are complaining about how low the rating is when it's this good. FL is very funny too and a fighter. ML is very sweet, doting and not your typical cold or tsundere guy. He shows how loving he is from the start but he's ruthless to those who... more>> tried to hurt his family. I MTLe-ed this so I can't wait for the whole translated version to be done. Highly recommended! <<less
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hoshikudaki rated it
December 11, 2019
Status: Completed
This may come off as biased since I was the one who requested this novel to get picked up and it's probably the best story about the couple's marriage life with a kid I've had read so far, but seriously, if you're in for a fluff, hilarious interactions, over-the-top cuteness and the like, this story won't let you down. Even though the FL and ML are already together and you didn't have to worry and wait for your ship to sail, it didn't affect the overall romance and sweetness at... more>> all.

As I mentioned before, while I loved the harmonious relationship between the FL and ML, I fell in love more with the relationship between FL and Dudu (ML's and FL's son). It really reminded me of Misae and Shinnosuke from Crayon Shin-Chan. They are so funny together especially when they ended up in petty fights and trying to trick each other. It was so amusing to read and you couldn't help but smile like an idiot or laugh like you've gone crazy. There was no dull moment at all with these two, no wonder ML loves them to death.

If you love My Wife Spoils Me Too Much, give this one a try, too. You'll never be disappointed. I'm still wondering why this one has a low rating because this story deserves so much more but oh well...

P.S. Kudos to the translator for picking this up! You always have my thanks! <<less
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ScriptWangfei rated it
December 10, 2019
Status: Completed
Cuteeeeeeee. I cant say anymore. This is a super major fluffy fluff fluffiest short story that I've read so far. In so inlove with this! ? Father and Son is absolutely adorbs! Mother is a loving mother and wife. ? NO SPOILER~~ Read at your own risk. ? You wont be dissapointed. I promise you. ?? Same Author of the Wife Spoil Me Too Much. Another army themed story. ??
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Avrohom rated it
June 27, 2022
Status: c27
I love every other novel by this author about a wounded soldier and his initially unfortunate wife trope except this one. I tried reading it several times and the result is the same - too off-putting to continue to read it. ... more>>

The FL is unpleasant, irritable and irritating, her sharp mouth stinks to heavens, and she beats her 3 year old child Dudu too often, basically, on every page. She even hits him when he sleeps, my God... Her feeding her son exclusively greasy takeouts and KFCesque fast food, making him sickeningly obese and constantly berating him for being fat is another form of child abuse. She even cons him out of his little red envelope money! It's impossible to fall in love with such an MC.

Her poverty is also described as very unpleasant. Her self-deprecating inner dialogue is so unpleasant, it induces vomiting. Basically, she is a shallow icky person without redeeming qualities, and she had been that way even before the disasters struck her, who likes to humiliate other women in public for their imperfect physiques they were born with and an awful single mother.

She will recover her own external beauty, of course, and heal her depression along with it, but the reader has to sit through dozens of chapters of such garbage - hundreds of messages of self humiliation, self brainwashing that illness, no matter what illness, and obesity/excessive growth of fat tissue is an illness, reduces a person to the level of cow dung.

She is a glutton herself and her gluttony is described as very ugly, not a hearty eating, nor as enjoyment of tasty foods. And of course it has bad consequences for her health - super obesity with each forced dieting ending with a disastrous rebound and more weight gain.

The chapters about Dudu meeting his dad for the first time and the FL's backstory are heartbreaking. She really lost nearly everything practically overnight and it was too much for her to handle. A series of disasters destroyed her family, her life track, her body and her spirit. But she kept the baby no matter what and for that I gave this novel five stars. As I read it, I had to remove four out of five stars for child abuse, self abuse, abusing people around her: customers, co-eds, her best friend, and for her terrible temper and rotten character.

This author likes cute girls, as she herself admits, so she will eventually repair this FL's behavior and image as the story progresses. So for those readers who can tolerate the initial unpleasantness and still care about that person, stay strong, keep going, it will get better. I could not. I dropped it, praying that Dudu will be protected by his leutenant-colonel special forces commander dad and his dad's family (grandfather, aunt) from now on and will never be subjected to the inhumane treatment of his first few years of life ever again.

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Fungiball rated it
December 25, 2021
Status: Completed
Perfecto! *Chef's kiss*

To illustrate, this one is simple yet still can be rated as a sumptuous meal. It had rich and thick flavor, luscious and fragrant soup, deep and appetizing color. Lastly, it was a pleasant and mouth-watering journey from start to the end.

This review might be overly biased, but one still can express her love to her treasured one, right? To be honest, I'm not the one with a gifted mind so I can't really find the sexism part. But, as a biased reader, I didn't find any disturbing... more>> part in the story. It's just that good period.

To sum up, it was a gratifying meal, highly recommended for you who want to quench your hunger for romance, a cute cub, and a best husband. <<less
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ravlyn rated it
August 27, 2021
Status: Completed
just finished the raws, and I just gotta say this was a pretty good read. FL is strong and independent in raising her kid, but after ML comes she is able to show her insecurities and vulnerabilities to him, and ML is such a great guy, sincere and supportive in FL's attempt to lose weight. He's fine with her weight regardless, but ultimately respects her choice and fully supports her, and he was the one to initiate his willingness to be part of FL's and their child's lives, and he... more>> is such a good ML!!1! his parents and sister are total tr*sh though, 10/10 don't recommend interaction with them lol. Dudu is cute, and his banters with his mom seems kinda unrealistic at some points because he uses terms a bit too mature for his age range, but then again I haven't interacted with kids in awhile, so.. BUT in terms of kids, I prefer dudu over the author's other book "my wife spoils me too much" kids because those 2 kids are just crazy unrealistic, but I digress..
in terms of FL, based on a previous review, saying she's nothing but fat with some character development is just so unfair to see when that reviewer has only read 18 chapters... the author didn't pull a flashback episode of the FL's suffering, but you can clearly read what she went through and how she was still going through discrimination because of her weight pre-ML. Eclat123 gives a really good review on how realistic the novel is able to portray a woman's standing in society based on their looks, do give that review a good read.
I'm kinda going off on eunjoo's review because thanks to that one review the translator stopped, hope one day you come back to see the damage you've done sis. anyway, I must've been blind reading this novel because I see no so-called sexism in this novel, and was quite confused throughout. btw, eunjoo? I def recommend u actually finish the novel before reviewing it because thanks to ur review I had to peel my eyes back and concentrate on raws with my mediocre Chinese skills, but a lot of people aren't even able to read this.
great novel, really decent characters, good plot with ur usual side fl/villainess wanting to ruin happy leads' lives, happy ending trope. <<less
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Solivagant rated it
March 28, 2022
Status: Completed
The story is really very sweet! The ML is really patient, supportive & gentle towards the FL.

But one thing I feel uncomfortable with this story is the prejudice against fat people. In the end, the FL manage to change from fat to thinner, but the essence doesn't change. She still think being fat is unacceptaple, being fat is ugly. It is not just her, but society around her too (except the ML), her friend, ML's family, ML's friends. The message of the story is, you can't keep being fat, you... more>> need to work hard to become thin, and everybody can do it.

There's no problem being fat! But the problem is you are fat to the point of being obese and unhealthy, than, that is a problem!

And I dislike the way FL keep disdaining his son as being fat & ugly. She's literally nurturing his son to grow up to become someone that judge people's appearance! <<less
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sansukini0923 rated it
June 14, 2021
Status: Completed
The FL is shameless but she has a lot of inferiority complex mqinly because of her weight. You can't blame her because this was brought about by a lot of people criticising her for her looks. Slowly, her ex bf and the Dad of her kid came back to look for her and she slowly gained back her confidence through strict diet and discipline. I really like the ML because eventhough it can be annoying if you're with someone who often puts herself down, he is patient and supportive and... more>> he really loves his family and dotes on them.

Kudos to the fl, Shanshan.

After losing so much weight from extreme diet and exercise, she suddenly became pregnant. She immediately accepted that she might get fat again and is positive about it which shows that she's a good mom and shows her maturity.


This is a shared universe with MY WIFE SPOILS ME TOO MUCH but Yuan Long and Dudu are only mentioned and it was confusing bec in MWSMTM, Dudu and Ji Xiao Shuo are of the same age, 4 years old, and both recieved the golden monkey from Grandma Zhou when they were born. In MWSMTM, Yuan Long has been on a mission for a couple of years so his friends haven't seen him in their reunions. But in DDD, he only discovered he has a son when he's already 3 so there's some info that are not the same in these 2 stories. <<less
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Thymelee rated it
May 5, 2020
Status: Completed
Okay at first I thought this was one of those reunitung lovers' stories all for the kid but it's not. It was more like "I love my kid, but I love my wife more. My wife is god." This is really fluffy and a light read though it can tug at your heartstrings too

And also,

Gosh. GOSH. I absolutely love this story lmao idk what to say but


the FL gave the ML a hand job lol

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midnightfantasy rated it
April 27, 2020
Status: Completed
This is so cute and heartwarming.

FL and her son's relationship actually reminds me of my dad lol he also used to play a lot of trick on me.

FL and dudu is not the typical heart warming mother-son relationship. They like to banter each other and got into fight as fast as they reconciled. FL really not the type of mother who spoiled their kids, on the contrary she has a role of scary mother--typical Asian mother lol. Dudu also not the typical genius kid who could could directly skipped into... more>> high school, but he's really clever and witty! He knows how to choose his weapon and he is not naive, he knows his mother likes to cheat him and he tried to counterattack it, but still falls into her traps eventually lol

ML also the dreamy guy you wish could marry. Gosh, it's rare that someone could love unconditionally regardless of appearance. He loves his family dearly and it's obvious how they are on the top of his most important list. And he actually really helpless when it comes to FL lol. It's funny how he choose to abandon his son to take his wife's side--mostly by put a blind eye on his wife's fraud lol.

I also moved by some of the morale, like

how ML support FL's weight-loss plan not because he thinks she's unsightly nor unhealthy but for the sole purpose of giving back her confidence. I used to be fat too, and there are people who questioned my effort of losing weight and giving advices like "love yourself" or "you're beautiful the way you are" etc, but actually I just simply want to gain confidence. It touched me how ML understand FL's struggle and inferiority from her point of view.


I love how ML's effort to bring back FL to her usual self not gone one sided. FL also tried her best to change and actually get better. She managed to tame her temper for him and also tried to open her heart for him. It's nice to see how they eventually have strong faith on each other and have a balanced relationship.

Maybe the only regrettable thing is it ended so fast I haven't get enough lol I wished the author would give extra on

dudu and tiantian the childhood sweetheart

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_kil96 rated it
January 8, 2020
Status: Completed
I have to say this novel is most warmest, funniest, wittiest and fluffiest ever ?. I truly loved the son- mom interactions. Tho it seems like cliche as not many drama but the fluffs will not bore you. Thanks for the translators for pick this novel up.
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nkring rated it
December 25, 2019
Status: Completed
This is sooooo cute and the interaction between the FL and her son are hilariously funny ????. If you want fluff and a smooth read, I recommend this one.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
January 9, 2022
Status: Completed
This was not a cute heart fluff. It was a rather real depiction of insecurities of a single mother and her overcoming them. It felt more like a journey so I'd say if you're here for fluff then don't read this but if you are here for content, this one won't disappoint
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celaenaaa rated it
April 17, 2021
Status: c30
I actually felt a little uncomfortable when reading the first several chapters. The feelings of the FL is very realistic. I just really feel bad about the perspectives of other people around her.

... more>>

I don't like her best friend. I know she cares for FL and has always been there for her during the worst times. But I don't really like how she immediately changed sides after seeing the ML's appearance--She rushed to mention to the the FL that she should slim down for the ML. Another thing is when she asked the FL to go to the reunion and wanted to bring ML. I know she just wanted to slap those ppl by showing how handsome the ML is but she didn't even think how upsetting it would be for the FL.


At first, I doubted the ML's true feelings.

I was not sure if he's just there because he felt a bond with his son and he's just guilty with what happened to the FL. I was not sure if he really likes the FL for who she is and not just because she's the mother of his child. Fortunately, it was revealed that he still liked the FL after so many years, even before knowing that she bore his child.

After reading a few more chapters, I realized how sweet and considerate the ML is. He tries his best to understand FL's inferiority complex and give her the support so she needs to become more confident again.

I feel ok with Dudu. I just feel bad about the FL when he unintentionally and innocently make remarks which accidentaly embarass the FL. He's cute and funny though.

As for the previous review saying that it was sexist? Well, the perspectives of some of the characters do portray some stereotypes about how a woman should look, should choose her partner, etc. Maybe the novel does included some sexist issues but it doesn't promote it. It's not very excessive after you read more chapters.

I'm sad that the translator dropped the novel. It's actually quite real good. I'll probably MTL this after dropping a review. <<less
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marichel rated it
April 11, 2020
Status: Completed
Highly recommended! It is light, fluffy and cute! I really want a child like Dudu. ?
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