Duchess of the Glass House


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Reina was born from a high noble lineage and became the wife of Duke Heathville.

However, she faces a miserable death in which she is despised by her loved one, and even her child is taken away from her.

But when Reina finally gave up on everything…she was given a second chance.

«This time, I won’t turn a blind eye to whatever I see!»

Reina summoned her courage and began to live her second life.

« Edhart. I know everything now, and I hate you.»

Reina realizes now how ignorant she was in the past.

“I’m going to divorce you.”

Even the husband that she once loved.


Her husband, who she thought had despised her, was crying.

Associated Names
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Duchess in the Glass House
Duchess of the Glass Greenhouse
유리온실의 공작 부인
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01/08/21 Asterlis Translations c1
4 Reviews

Apr 14, 2021
Status: --
First, the FL is a product of abuse. Depressed and was mistreated by her whole family who placed the blame of an accident on her. She clung unto the 1st ray of light that she saw for the 1st time in years. That is FAR from wretched.

... more>>

Second, ML is shit. Yes he was forced to marry a woman he doesnt love but to take away a baby from someone depressed and was suffering post partum depression instead of getting her treated or giving a nanny. He actually lets the ex raise the child as her own. What a fxking dickbag.

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Jan 15, 2021
Status: c3
It’s a bit early to tell but I really like the premise of the novel. We got a likeable MC with a sad past, a seemingly douchebag husband and a child between them. I really hope that the MC will have a satisfying revenge and that the story will be more than just a fluffy romance. The translation is also good which is a big plus!
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Apr 25, 2021
Status: c25
To Anye who perfectly disagreed to mxcl, I agree as well. First off, before getting into the story, I just want to mention that this book may not be for everyone. It certainly isn't for me, but what the MC goes through to become what she was is NOT wretched.

... more>>

Yall gotta understand that MC got called 'cursed' because she was the apparent cause of an accident that happened when she was young, causing her mother die. From there its evident that the father never loved any of his children because no father abuses their child because of the death of his wife. The father is an unredeemable bastard and deserves to die. Poor MC gets abused up until she meets ML, who gives her the first warmth ever since the accident. She falls in love with him and assumes he loves her too. This is where you can start to see the MC spiralling into depression/submission. She begs to marry ML, but it only gets worse from there because the love in the marriage is one sided up until she gets pregnant. She then suffers from post pregnancy depression and the ML deems her unworthy of her own f*cking child because of her mental health, which only makes things 10x worst.


The ML is a f*cking a**hole, I don't understand why the f*ck he is the ml.


He doesn't even bother to try and make sure the marriage is going smoothly, and just discards the MC because of her mental health. He doesn't help her nor try to do anything to make her feel comfortable, because he doesn't find the need to. SHE IS YOUR WIFE FFS. He literally has almost no heart for her, he is only doing it for the sake of doing it. It's ridiculous. And then he takes the child away from the mother when he f*cking knows she loves him so much?? Taking the child away from MC just made everything worse because she just lost the one thing she could live for. He basically caused her her death. The MC is already grown up so she should have known better, but trauma and mental health aren't easy to heal and get rid of. This problem is addressed in the book after she reincarnates. To mxcl who just deemed her crazy cause of this, you obviously have no understanding of the topic.


All in all, you might read it because the MC progresses and grows into a much better person, all for the sake of her child. I'm dropping it because I can't bear to see the ML. He only falls in love with her after she changes into a different person. I literally don't see the point in a man like him. 4 stars, because 3.6 for this book is just too low. <<less
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May 23, 2021
Status: --
Honestly, this novel is a hit or miss. You'll either like it or you won't.

It's your classic "FL goes through abusive/horrific first life and then comes back to change what she did wrong, thus becoming stronger" As such there's definitely gonna be characters you hate. There's also definitely gonna be scenes/moments you hate. If you're the type of person that gets easily frustrated with novels I would suggest reading this, honestly.

I also think the comments cursing the ML to high hell are ridiculous. The comment degrading the FL is ridiculous... more>> too.


FL was blamed for her mother's death by her father even though she was only seven at the time. As such he has a personal vendetta against her that drives him to make her life a living hell.

In FL's first life he approached ML with a proposition. He would back ML for succession in his family as long as he married FL but didn't give her any love. ML originally refused, thinking that doing so to a person would be terrible and also believing that he could overtake his half brother for succession on his own but when a duke (I think it was FL's father) began backing his brother and thwarting all of his plans, ML had no choice but to agree to the marriage.

He gave the impression that he genuinely loved her though, but perhaps he was trying to hold true to the promise? Im not sure. In any case FL is wrought with depression and anxiety due to her upbringing. ML was seemingly depressed because of his own upbringing too.

Upon giving birth to their son, Elle, she reaches out to hold her newborn but he begins to cry. All the nurse maids and everybody start talking about her "curse" (she's not actually cursed. It's just a s*upid made up rumor but because it was repeated over and over during her upbringing, FL believes it). This causes FL to spiral and she can't bring herself to hold her baby, which only makes the rumors surrounding her worse.

ML makes the executive decision to remove Elle from FL's side until her mental health improves (which is his right as the father... besides, if we're being honest it was the right move. She was steadily becoming unhinged because she was so hyper focused on the "curse". It was safer to keep Elle away from her at the time). BUT ML fully intended on returning Elle to FL's side once she got better.

Then a war breaks out and the ML is forced to participate in it, thus leaving FL alone. FL's father sends ML's ex fiancée (the woman he was set to marry before FL) to the mansion as a nanny for the baby. FL's health begins to deteriorate and so Elle is placed pretty much permanently in ex fiancée's/nanny's care. (Not entirely sure but I read a spoiler somewhere that the FL actually died due to poisoning which I think was caused by her father and the ex). ML comes back from war to find FL on the brink of death and Elle is completely attached to ex fiancée/nanny. FL dies with many misunderstandings.

Fast forward 15 years and Elle finds out that his nanny (/stepmother? Idk but he calls her his mother too. Perhaps because she raised him so he feels a maternal connection to her?) killed his mother and blames his father, saying that he did nothing to stop her or to help his mother (FL) when she was in pain (which... he's not wrong but he's also not entirely right either). He uses his spiritualist powers, which he inherited from his mother, to lock his father away, just like his mother had been.

I'm unclear on the details of how but ML rewinds time so that things can be redone, and redone right. When he rewinds time, FL retains her memories of her past life and so does ML.


So basically... they were both victims of their circumstances. FL more so than ML, of course. <<less
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