Dropped into Another World…


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The main character was caught in a hero summoning and teleported into another world but was treated as a failure.

Another world? Magic? He doesn’t know them.

He got a lot of companions but he has no one to talk to….he made little friends, areh? Strongest?

The main character doesn’t know how to fight so he’ll live heartwarmingly in the forest.

Even so, he’ll protect his companions to the best of his ability from occasional troubles!

Associated Names
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Isekai ni Otosareta… Jouka wa Kihon!
Summoned to Another World... Purification Is basic!
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FantasyCreatures4You rated it
April 14, 2021
Status: volume 1c47 (raws)
This story is a slow paced isekai and basically focuses mostly on the MC befriending/taming wild creatures that would typically be seen in an isekai as the enemies/villains of the endgame boss. There is drama but since it mostly focuses on the MC and his family of tamed monsters/pets its kind of funny how him helping his new family in the forest is causing problems for others, aka the villains.

The Main Character. One thing I like is that the MC despite being your typical OP because he has no one there to tell or train him he has to spend time figuring out how magic and things in the world work on his own. For instance when trying to figure out how to tan animals skins it took him a long while before figuring and mastering it out. Additionally although the MC starts off using "Purification" there are moments where his [Purification] doesn't work and he needs to change how he uses the spell or figure an alternate solution.

The MC is generally mild mannered and calm but he also has no qualms when ridding the curse in the forest and the Fenrir's cave that becomes his home sending it back to its source which is an attribute I like about his character despite this being a generally slow-paced calm isekai novel.
I think one of my favorite parts is when the MC makes his "golems" they are so cute how they help reconstruct the cave into the type of house the MC imagines they are a bit too hard working to the point he worries about them a little. Through the other Animal's point of view we find out fairly early on the MC is far from normal upon being isekaid to the point it scares the creatures he befriends but since he is kind to them and pats their heads they view him as their master and are eternally loyal to him. Although the MC is unaware the creatures he has befriended are classified as "monsters" even the MC has clarified some of the things he is doing would normally freak him out a little and or scare him.


The Villains. The Villains so far are the humans specifically a King who is using nonhuman beings as blood sacrifices for a magic power stone used to keep everything under the King's control and is the source of the curse spreading in the forest the MC arrives and lives in. Due to the MC's recent activities has made this large stone which keeps everything under the King's control has gotten a crack from the MC's purification in the forest.

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Bamboocha rated it
February 21, 2021
Status: c46
A very, very slow slice-of-life story about a guy dropped in the middle of nowhere after he was cast aside as a failure during hero summoning. In the middle of a forest in a cave, he creates his own little place to live (he can use powerful magic to process stuff) with his animal companions that he makes every few chapters. So far it's about creating his home and exploring a bit of his surroundings. Chapters are short and it has really slow story development so don't read if it's... more>> not your thing.

Good translation quality from SHMTrans. <<less
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half_f rated it
April 23, 2022
Status: --
Certainly not my thing

Consist of one-liners, serve same exact flaw other isekai did, can't even bother to write proper monologue... just throw as many simple question as possible and call it a day, ffs just take a look at the synopsis.

But, at least it's not braindead. Many other had good ideas (title), good premises, but immediately notice their creativity was nothing but brief.

Use this one as a bed time story and you won't be needing any of those sleeping pills.
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Annie222 rated it
September 26, 2023
Status: v3c71
I can see why people think the protagonist is dense, but I don't consider him as dense. Mostly, he just doesn't worry about the small things. Dropped into a world he knew nothing of, with no formal training on magic, he simply walks through life with a feeling of "Well, this is where I am at. I will simply keep moving forward". I really appreciate the strength of his character. His imagination plays a big role in his ability to cast magic, and the author does well of stating the... more>> dangers. His Lordship (very few times does his name actually get used) follows his intuition, focusing on protecting everyone around him. I am always looking for light novels with a protagonist who has what I call 'zen' qualities, protagonists who are calm while still being human (?), and this one is pretty good. I have been reading every update through my busy college days at least. If you like "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime", give this a shot. No guarantee you will like both, but I do. It is another OP character with... how do I put this... a good insight on how a human being can be (minus the obvious magic). I will state that I tend to like novels that don't have an obvious darkness to the main character. When it comes to morals, I want my main character to have steady, consistent morals throughout the entire novel. I don't get pulled towards novels that have a character that either loses their morals or gains their morals halfway through (although I do see the merit in these). Happy reading!

Ok... He is a little dense. But it works. <<less
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ljn5q4yspap rated it
July 15, 2023
Status: v2c3
Slow-paced, slice of... nap? Starts off with cute animals and funny interactions, but gets to be a chore to read. I kept reading it hoping it goes back to its charming and fun start, but too much effort.


  • Cute animals like doggos, slice of life adventures of cooking, furniture making, and home building.
    • Too bad this ends fairly quickly as others take over the cooking, construction, and pretty much anything that has to be done.

  • Dude is dense AF. The MC is in the dense-but-good-hearted mold, and really has no idea what's going on. Things happen around him, and he's left to wonder why.
    • People refer to him as a god, and he doesn't understand why people are nervous to talk to him.
    • He has an entourage of giant spiders, and he doesn't understand why people are afraid of GIANT SPIDERS. Yes, I get that everybody is cute, especially when they tilt their head (s). I'm not saying MC should be afraid of giant spider monsters. I'm saying the MC should have an idea that people may be afraid of a horde of giant spider monsters, and not be so perplexed when they display fear.
  • MC is very uncurious about the world. He doesn't visit other countries; he doesn't even learn the language of the world, and mostly uses hand gestures with the other creatures.
    • Spoiler

      He does "learn" how to speak the language through magic, and it's not even his magic.


  • Much of the dialogue reflects the "dense MC", and is really annoying. I feel like he lost 50 IQ points from the beginning of the story to the end of v1. A lot of the dialogue follows these patterns:
    • "This strange thing happened. I'll just ignore it (look away) and hope it resolves it self"
    • "This strange thing happened. I'm sure it will work out. Maybe."
    • "Something important happened.. but it slipped my mind... Oh well, I'll take a nap."
    • "I had a dream where I wanted X, Y, and Z to happen. Now that I'm awake, I see that X, Y, and Z has happened. Did I do that?"
    • A: "This important thing happened." MC: "areh?" A: "Areh?" MC: "Areh?" and on and on and on..
    • MC sees something puzzling: "Areh? hnn? Areh? hnnn?"
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haanhaan rated it
December 21, 2021
Status: c92
3.0 stars

TBH, the only reason I read this is because I just curious how would the Empire ends up after all those "Return!".

The story consist mostly of MC doing what the usual SOL meta Japanese would do, cooking, crafting, leisure time, playing with pets, talking to themselves most of the times, or inner monologue explaining "why this works, or how this works, this works cause this, or 'areee? why did this happen...'" kind of stuffs.

... more>> IMHO, the story progressing is from the Empire side instead of from the MC perspective.


Recommendation for new readers? I guess you can try read it see if you like it first

:3 <<less
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SproutlingUnderARoof rated it
September 14, 2021
Status: --
Chapters are too short for the style of writing it's trying to tell the story in, making the journey slow, painfully so.

The story itself has no foreseeable goal, no destination, the MC just reacts to what happens and then moves on. Combined with the limited words per chapter, it feels like skipping on stones over a pond without seeing the pond itself, or where we're going for that matter.
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bullistic rated it
March 4, 2021
Status: c12
Chapters are really short and nothing really happens. The way he gets abilities and uses them isnt clear. Sometimes it is hard to understand what is going on.
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fiminkio rated it
August 29, 2023
Status: --
It's slice of life. Don't expect a thrilling action on it. Also I think it's fine that he is dense tho. After all first time he was being transported, he didn't have anyone he could talk to. He doesn't know that he is so powerful. I think it was fun too. I've seen many dense and annoying protagonist but he is better tho. He just sometimes doesn't care too much abt strange things that happened around him. I quite like that mindset. After all it was another world. Why should... more>> you dig deeper and stressing you out? If he transported near human, it's fine to learn many things. But he is in middle of forest with only beasts.
Plus human is bad news. The human in that country is really bad, not all of them tho. But most of them are worst than tr*sh. So why should he meet them and ruin his slow good life? <<less
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fuwa.fuwa rated it
April 24, 2023
Status: --
Usually I'm not fond of such story, but this is an exception because it fit one of the cup of teas of mine so far hehehe. Well, there's no harem, no s*upid/cringy female chara (no male chara too surprisingly!). It's pure relaxing OP MC manga with a bundle of divine beasts and other cute animals

It's like eating cheap chocolate but it's a full of memories from childhood for me :)

I'm following the manga (currently c18), thankfully the kind and diligent translation teams already made this far ^^ (although not... more>> comparable with the latest raw). I hope it would be an active update till the wn completes. Love love ❣❣ <<less
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bigstew rated it
November 26, 2021
Status: c385
dont know trans quality, its a above average wn, pretty interesting with little to complain about long term as the author seems to have some experience writing wn's, that said its obvious wether on purpose or not leaving alot of details out in this novel and also skips ahead and writes in obvious/previous events and detail as they go along, not bad and better than most, at least the reader can be entertained while getting important info with the story

edit: dont know trans, but mtl title is summoned but no... more>> people, MC spends 350+chpts with only power drained animal from human supremicsit/reliogius countries in said area, develops friendships, lords over, develops territory against, is for beastikins and like, attacks human supreicese terriorties, stays laid back, fights hidden devils... still recommend mtl'ing since trans wont catch up, entertaining for an isekai with animals and developing, similar to some but still down to earth/semi slow life <<less
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Drake888 rated it
January 2, 2024
Status: c143
This is awful garbage but I haven't been able to stop reading it. The concept is kind of interesting but the author leaves a lot of plot threads unresolved and focuses on some really boring stuff.

The MC is totally broken and it is kind of fun to read about him using his powers. And he also befriends a bunch of divine beasts. But we eventually move away from all of the interesting stuff and into new areas with new people that I just don't care about. The author is just... more>> kind of writing whatever he wants, and that honestly kind of saves it because there is usually some interesting aspect but wow are there some dull chapters.

I can't recommend this and honestly I don't know what aspect I would focus on if I did want to recommend it. But I guess I would describe the early chapters as being a bit similar to a "isekai slow life" vibe. There is definitely some evil stuff happening in the background but it doesn't pose any threat to the MC because of his broken powers. <<less
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Filledokka rated it
April 11, 2023
Status: c33
It's fun and cute.

There is little details in the story, but enough to know whats going on.

I would recomend reading some of the manga, just to get a small look at what things look like, just to give you an easier image of things.

... more>> If you like the OP charakter trope, but done more family friendly without the harems, the excessive amount of girls falling in love, or the unessesary fights to show off power. This one is for you.

It's slow paced with a guy just trying to survive in the beginning, he doesn't know how powerfull he is at first, and things just moves along smoothly in the story with the animals he saves that also turns out to be very powerfull. I don't wanne spoil anything, so give it a try if you're feeling like reading something fluffy with a bit of seriousness on the side to make the plot more fun and cohesive. <<less
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TsukiYuuga rated it
July 28, 2021
Status: --
cant say its bad its like one of those novels that only good if its adapted into manga since every chapter is very slow cant really enjoy it. A slice of life isekai without comedy is really not supposed to be a thing it'll just go stale and dry as you read more and more
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