Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent


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Wen Qi Qi was just a stand-in actress who wanted to make a name for herself in the acting world. But when she opened her eyes, she became the cannon fodder ex-wife of the Regent in the book.

In order to change the ending of the tragic death, she decided to capture the regent.

The regent, who was ascetic and reserved and not close to women, looked at the women who had come up to him. He was expressionless and his voice was cold: “Stay away from this king!”

The noble ladies snickered, how could His Highness the Regent be interested in such a cheap woman as Wen Qi Qi?

Everyone was waiting to see her being abandoned.

Later at the palace banquet, looking at the woman who was a hundred thousand miles away from him, the Regent was still expressionless, but his voice was coaxing: “Qi Qi, come closer to this king.”

A group of civil and military officials: where is the so-called pure heart and soul and not close to women?

The women were looking forward to the day when Wen Qi Qi was abandoned, but instead, they watched her being spoiled by the regent all the way to the sky.

The women’s faces hurt badly.

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mercipourleslivres rated it
December 9, 2021
Status: Completed
This was really good! The chapters are short also, so it's a quicker read than it would appear. I loved the OTP, but it's definitely a slow burn with no sexy-times until chapter 410ish.

The first 400 chapters focus on the main OTP, but many other couples appear towards the end of the book. It's like Oprah was going around saying "you have a marriage! And you have a marriage!"

The novel is definitely fluffy and a bit silly at times, but I really enjoyed it. The translator is doing an amazing... more>> job. <<less
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Chaisensei rated it
March 25, 2023
Status: c515
It was good at first. Quite entertaining, sometimes even funny. But then by 200+ what I've been ignoring all the time has started to raised it's ugly head. MC is what you'd call a typical modern day woman who have lived in peace times and cannot adopt to the ancient world of politics and power.

... more>>

She read the world she transmigrated into and know the ending. But besides fighting with original FL verbally and warning her 2nd brother of the danger of the OFL she did nothing more. She's more focused on having fun, visiting brothels and collecting riches. Mind you her 2nd brother literally found her an assassin's guild. Though on the verge of ruin it's still hold onto it's name. But what does she do with it? She assigned each elder to get money by providing entertainment deparment, escort and soldier department, intelligence gathering department, assassination department. Now she has resources for use. To my disappointment it seemed to have been forgotten. She got kidnapped twice, almost assassinated twice, almost kidnapped once and I think she got kidnapped again past 500+ chapters. Never once had she thought of using her people! She noticed that ML's loyalty is most likely bought by a heinous act of ML's brother. Was even angry about it and felt bad for ML. Yet never once had she thought of using her intelligence department to find out the truth and prove to ML that his loyalty is misplaced. To let him know that OML doesn't deserve his loyalty. Nor had she thought of getting a bodyguard from her assassin's guild. Or plant spies. She's so passive that all she wants is to have fun. She run around with no protection like a commoner and like an unmarried woman. It got to the point where you wonder, does she know she has an assassin's guild at her beck and call? Is she really aware that she's a princess regent? Does the ML not have enough people to send guard openly and secretly? Does she even remember that ML's ending is drinking a poisonous wine. She barely done anything to change the ending. As soon as she won ML's heart, the danger of the story was thrown at the back of her head.


I won't say FL is s*upid but she's definitely slow. Even a bit of a klutz. I can't tell how many times I want to transmigrate into the story and shook some sense into both FL and ML. Finally, by 515 I realized that the story is getting dragged on. Had she use her resources, the story might had ended at 400+. (1-200 is the courtship of FL to ML their both innocent when it comes to love affair).

The story is semi-good but to be honest, it's a Mary Sue-ish FL who gets to have everything given to her but doesn't take advantage of it. As the story drags on it just start to feel tedious. Could've been better. <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
J Doe
J Doe rated it
May 31, 2022
Status: c41
The original story sounds dreadful, really. Luckily, our Wen Qi Qi is there to do some plot corrections. In the original story, she was a stepping stone for her adopted sister Wen Ruyi, to climb into the palace. As a transmigrator who had been an all around fill in actress with a little bit of this and that stunt work/martial arts, etc, Wen Qi Qi looks at the plot she's in and sees her impending doom, followed by the destruction of her family and then, eventually her sweet sister, the... more>> original FL, would end up as the beloved Empress of the nation. Qi Qi thinks fast and avoids the certain death planned for her and goes home with the empire's regent, a husband she hasn't seen at all (having married and then he was called away to fight before "lifting the veil.")

Is there face slapping? So far, yes. There's also a family quite confused by the changes in Wen Qi Qi and a husband who is starting to get... intrigued by her. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
January 6, 2023
Status: --

Just reading early chapter and kinda have a prejudice on it. I personally dislike a story where the MC try to overthrow the pathetic OG plot. Why would even a pathetic character became the main one in the OG plot? There should be a reason for someone to be the MC, and just for the sake of advancing their own plot, some author ignore this fact and I personally despise it.

However with some comments have a high rating for it, I'll try to read it further and see if it's... more>> worth or not.

So far the writing is good and the translation is amazing. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ink7blot rated it
July 12, 2023
Status: c236
Despite the summary, the FL doesn't do a lot of face slapping. Maybe I haven't read far enough, but so far it's mostly been her making a fool of herself over and over again while the ML indulges her because she's special. Even the dialogue where she's supposed to be scolding people indirectly is... pretty direct. The only subtle thing about the way she refutes people is that she doesn't point directly at them.

I have to say that the ML is really cute though. The way he silently gets flustered... more>> and the way he really tries to go out of his way to make the FL comfortable and happy made me squeal. Too bad the FL is more interested in getting herself into trouble, so he has to discipline her like she's a naughty child or student, instead of them standing side by side as equals. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
April 5, 2023
Status: --
very slow romance.

by ch 131 we are just starting to see the ML and FL openly interact and develop a relationship... which is unfortunate because I really would love to ship the FL with ... more>>

her uncle-in-law. The ML is a wooden post compared to his mother's much younger brother (the MLs age). The uncle and FL have a goofy trading tricks, insults, & under-the-table kicks relationship that is usually followed up by sharing yummy snacks and insincere flattery. It is a much more fun and interesting relationship where the first time they meet the uncle notices her sneaking out, tries to help, gets beat and left behind when she double crosses him bc she doesnt know or trust him, and then he later gets revenge when she gets back by getting her stuck on the wall and laughing at her while she gets caught. Its SO much better of a relationship that the real ML looks like furniture in comparison to their antics. The only thing the ML has going for him is being hot & military power. Otherwise hes just a boring rules guy without much personality beyond doesnt-like-people... which is a boring personality. I WISH this was one of those novels where the uncle was the ML

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