Dressed as a Stand-in for the White Moonlight


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In the dog-blooded BL novel “Substitute”, the main character is so pitiful that he doesn’t realize until the last moment that he is just a tool used by his husband to protect the white moonlight in his heart.

In order to protect his beloved, the protagonist gong, who has made many enemies, chose a person to express his love and proposed to him.

In this book, the protagonist suffered a series of events such as a car accident, kidnapping, disfigurement, hospitalization and so on until he finally died at the hands of the White Lotus White Moonlight, and his fate can be described as very miserable.

What’s even more tragic is that Su Yuli transmigrated into the body of this bitter protagonist. And when he transmigrated in, he had already finished the wedding with the scum gong and the scum gong’s opponents already knew of his existence.

Su Yuli was very calm, he knew that he was already bound to the scum gong, at this time leaving would only make his death come faster.

He used his wits to cross-reference the book until his scumbag husband killed all his enemies.

Then Su Yuli packed up his bags and ran away!

Su Yuli: “The scumbag and his white moonlight are crooked. This small master also has his own happy life to live, bye-bye.”

But not a month later, the man holding the unsigned divorce papers, red-eyed cornered him: “Do you know how hard I tried to find you? You Can Run! Huh?”

Associated Names
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Transmigrated as a Stand-In for the Domineering CEO’s White Moonlight
Transmigrated as a Substitute for the President's White Moonlight
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New yukicchi
October 3, 2023
Status: Completed
I love the ML so much. Not fond of the MC that much tho. Hmmm, plot wise it's a dogblood drama so I didn't enjoy it much. I just skimmed read the whole thing, gotta say that the plot twist is good. It's a short novel but a lot of unnecessary scenes so I had a hard time finishing it.

PS: It's the type of novel you'll easily forget. But if you love fast romance and lots of sweet stuff then I guess this is for you.
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New Annelithenovelty rated it
September 24, 2023
Status: Completed
Short, fast, fluffy read
Ngl, I went into this with the foresight of the description thinking that the GONG will be chasing the wife but that was literally almost out of the question cuz they fell in love with each fast af
Cute, fast but darn,... I scrolled past a lot of stuff cuz it kinda got bland even with the not so random filler plot
The 2nd ?3rd? Side couple,... I could care less about them
But yeh, the only thing that was a plot twist... more>> bout this was that the ML was a transmigrator as well
Altho everything seemed super rushed towards the end, I mean they got a HE in the novel word, but also in the real world they found each other in like 3 sentences lmao. <<less
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stellar_soul rated it
February 22, 2022
Status: Completed
It is a good read. The MC and ML love each other and it doesn't take really long for them to admit they love the other.

... more>>

MC and ML are both transmigrators, which I am glad about because there is no "redemption" for the scum gong


Generally there is no misunderstanding between them and they trust each other, which means that I don't have the urge to slap someone (Luo Xing) :). The side characters are also pretty likable. The canon fodder antagonists, however, are quite s*upid and very two dimensional, in my opinion.


I feel some pity for Mu Lang though. I like that they didn't destroy him or something, as usually done in chinese novels, but instead they just let him see truth and he regretted his actions. He isn't depicted as an absolute evil, so that's that.


Maybe some things got lost in the MTL, but there are some questionable things I find:

  • What exactly happen to the original characters during the time of transmigration? When MC and ML are occupying the characters' bodies, their real one fell into coma, but what happens to the soul of the bodies they occupy? Do they also see what happens to their body?
  • What's with the original Wen Jin? The novel described that when the original occupy his own body it seems like he was trying to get away from Lin Suiyan, and that's before Su Yuli (MC) tries to contact him. Does that mean he actually knows something??
  • How did they go back to their original world??? How come they suddenly come back to their original world? What marks that their transmigration journey is over? Because when the "story" is over they didn't immediately transmigrates back
  • Also, I wonder what happens to the original Wen Jin and Lin Suiyan when Su Yuli and Lu Yubai (ML) went back to their own world. Do they keep the memories of MC and ML during the body occupation??
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qeesa rated it
February 20, 2022
Status: Completed
This was a DELIGHT to read! It was hillarious, a bit dog-blood, but also dog food (doge head).

What really got me was the plot twist at the end, that plot twist was what made me give this a full 5 star, I did not see that one coming lmao.
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ylial rated it
February 26, 2022
Status: c15
So far so good. The MC tries hard to live as Wen Jin without getting stepped on. However, I still have this knot about the original protagonists, since I hate the original gong.

Will continue reading after I finish my top novels and. Too early to judge this novel so Will rerate.
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Devrai rated it
August 20, 2022
Status: c66 part2
Story is average.

MC and ML both transmigrated into a BE novel and try to avoid or solve all the drama in advance. In the course of this thru create some new drama and fall in love with each other. Both do not know that the other person is also transmigrated until the last 3 chapters.

I kind of felt it was really s*upid how MC thinks he can change the scumbag husband in a loving one. (Don't try this at home children, you can't change a person, only the... more>> person themselves can do it)

ML at least hat a minimum struggle about falling in love in a novel world. Also there is zero reason for this transmigration. At the end they are jumping world like crazy.

In my opinion you can read this novel once but you won't lose out by not reading it. <<less
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Vanlatte rated it
July 10, 2022
Status: Completed
This... I feel annoyed reading this...

Before I go with the review, let me stated that this novel is not an angst. Although the summary is true, you'll be very disappointed if you expect an angst.

Let's start with the review.

... more>> Actually the first 15 to 20 chapters are okay. It's interesting guessing what actually happened. But then, everything starts to get... weird.

First, I agree with other reviewer that the plot here is kinda random. Or if you take another POV, you can say that it progress too fast. One time they talked about something -- another thing happens -- suddenly case solved.

Second, most of the things happening here are solved by ML. How ML solved them, we only got a glimpse. That's why I said before that everything 'suddenly' is fine.

Third, so many plot holes. It's not the kind where I can choose to pretend it (the plot hole) doesn't exist.

--- !!! MAJOR SPOILER !!! ---

The biggest one is why they transmigrate? Author's reason seems to lean more to 'so they can meet each other' troupe. But if so, why there's this kind of 'godly' being that force the plot to go back to the way it should? Is this 'god' or 'world-consciousness' so weak that MC and ML can do as they please in its world just for the sake to get acquaintance with each other?

Yeah, that's what I find the most questionable! They transmigrated not for the world itself, nor for the original body's sake, and nor for the villain's regret.

What's the point, really? Even LSY and WJ is not the original LSY and WJ.


Fourth, I feel like everything that's happening in this novel is not believable. The reasons are the three things before.

Honestly, I kind of only skimmed the chapters from around the 30th to 50th. I still try to finish this because it's only 66 chapters. If not, maybe I'll already drop it...

One more thing, why the recommendation is Professional Body Double? That one has heavy angst! There's nothing alike at all! Except the existence of a white-moonlight. Only the existence. <<less
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michieblu rated it
March 6, 2022
Status: Completed
MTLed all the way! But still thank you translator-chan for thr hard work!

Good! Really love the ending hoping to have a little bit side stories the ending was so sudden. Really love the gong and uke here.

The plot twist is also good. Just not enough white moon light slapping action. Also it was good that the other antagonist was able to change at the end of the story. Not enough story though for the second couple.
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Give.Me.A.Piece.Of.Cake rated it
October 16, 2022
Status: c8
Okay, I had to drop at chapter 8 because this is too ridiculously s*upid to the point that it's making my braincell dead one by one as I read every chapter. The MC in this story suddenly gains skills JUST because it's convenient for him at the moment with s*upid explanation from the author. For example,

MC transmigrated into the protagonist night of wedding and out of the blue he said he's good at banquet/party mannerism because his real self was from a rich family and he often attend banquet....... more>> okay, I'll buy that so I continue to read and then in chapter 7 or so he suddenly gain the skills of a martial arts master (to fight some cannon fodders) and he explains that one of his real brother from the real world is into martial arts and he had practice it for more than 10 years and is actually a master at martial arts? I lol so much I find all these skills that make the MC so OP ridiculous. It's like he just pull those skills from his ass to make it convenient for him to be the MC of the story. I didn't see a point in reading this anymore as I can see where the author is taking this story so I quit early to save me time.

Rating 2 stars for the translators great work but not worth the read. Turn off your braincell if you want to pick this one up. <<less
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marsGF rated it
June 10, 2022
Status: Completed
I have so many concerns but I truly enjoyed the sweetness... before the rollercoaster ride of emotions.

I was attracted by the summary and looking at how the novel is short, I decided to partake in this novel...

I love this but the ending was so rushed that I was dizzy from the sudden drama. I was actually anxious for a lot of reasons; Like, I was on the verge of dropping this when the drama started because I cannot take infidelity. I was very much sympathizing with the MC, which... more>> is why it made me so f*cking anxious. Thankfully, it didn't happen or I wouldn't be here, making this review.

The novel was actually sweet and I was hoping it would stay that way. I love the interactions of the characters, especially the MC and his friends. The ML was so pampering and it was just so cute... This is what made me love the novel... Until we suddenly got shoved angst and drama.

Everything in the summary happened, we got what we (haven't) paid for, and I feel like the author wanted to abide by what they wrote in the summary, hence the sudden angst and dramafest. The events just fast-forwarded so much that I got dizzy with the pacing. I think the author just wanted to end it quickly... There's a lot of questions unanswered, which is really a pity since the novel has really good concepts. It's actually a refreshing concept but the story-telling failed.

There's also some foreshadowing in the early parts of the novel but even that didn't help in decreasing my anxiousness 😂.

The ending... could actually be another arc but as I said, it seems like the author is rushing.

There really are a lot of good ideas in this novel and I want to cry because they weren't properly utilized 😭. Maybe this is a primary-work of the author, maybe just a prototype of their future novel??? I hope so because they really have good ideas.

I would rate this a 4.2/ 5. I loved it but I really didn't like the pacing and story-telling I the later chapters. Still, it's worth a read because the early chapters are sweet. <<less
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Psychoutre rated it
May 17, 2022
Status: c18
MTL'd and it was pretty easy to understand.

I quite liked the premise, and the unique twist that MC wasn't the only transmigrator. Though I rated this average as I really can't vibe with the MC at all. One of my greatest pet peeves is when MC is described as pale and frail (but whatever the plot was interesting so I kept going) and honestly if you are going along that character setting - stick to it! Just cuz he dabbled in martial arts in his original life, doesn't mean he... more>> can suddenly one-shot a group of bullies.. where even is the logic. Author passes it off as MC wondering whether the bullies were just physically weak...

Not only that, he becomes more and more childish, both in his attempt to maintain his character persona and within his own inner thoughts.

Idk maybe the novel just didn't meet my expectations. I was hoping he'd stick to the plan that he kept telling himself over and over: act like a lover for appearances but look for ways to avoid having a bad ending/leave the novel world. Or MC to just act more maturely? Instead he kinda dawdles around, repetitively calls ML a scumbag and throws a tantrum whenever ML doesn't fawn or pamper him. Like wow, you already established that he's using you, he's scum, he's only looking at you because of his white moonlight - we get it, so why are you surprised when ML acts in line with his character every single time? The repetitiveness drove me insane that I just had to drop it. <<less
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The1Rin rated it
May 16, 2023
Status: Completed
It's enjoyable but also frustrating.

The summery stuff doesn't occur until past ch 60 and it's very short so I didn't get to enjoy that arc. And after words it became frustrating that they were not able to communicate properly, only with vague explanations and a slightly confusing end.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Xinss rated it
April 24, 2023
Status: c66
Today, April 25, 2023, at 7:09 am, I finally finished reading. I must say that this novel has been in my reading list for a long while since the title caught my interest but I was too lazy to read it.

Now unto the review, I can say that the novel is good, Plot is 10/10 I really like the twist and turns. Characters 10/10 There were some unexpected parts but I totally fell in love with them.

All in all, it's a great read for someone who prefer a well flavoured... more>> novel.

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
shinichilove rated it
November 12, 2022
Status: Completed
The story was cliche and predictable but


what really made me keep reading this was the fact that both leads were transmigrated. I was really surprised when it was revealed that ML is also a transmigrator like MC. I thought it was a fun twist.

I also really liked ML and MCs romance. The side characters were also good. I really wanted some extras about them.

I also wish there were some extras about what happened in "Substitute" when MC went back to his og world, I'm curious👀😅.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
BeneathAHibiscusCanopysWarmth rated it
June 9, 2022
Status: Completed
3/5 for the plot and 3/5 for the Entertainment Value.

I feel like I'm overreaching with my EV score, but I couldn't put this book down when I was reading it. However, the plot isn't really that tight-knit. The villains are also very dumb and one-dimensional. The protagonists also lose their braincells to keep the plot going.

... more>>

One example is when MC decided to put his guard down against the White Moonlight, saying the dinner they had with ML convinced him the White Moonlight was harmless. That was so s*upid it took me out of the story. Like, seriously? You knew he was a murderer and you think he'll stop gunning for you just because you think ML's convinced him that ML no longer loves him? Really?



The fact that MC fell for such an obvious scheme the next chapter makes it so much worse. Like, he was already suspicious that he kept meeting the Cannonfodder surnamed Gao repeatedly and yet he still decided to be alone with him?

Like, I understand when MC did that with the 1st Cannonfodder he encountered because that was in the original plot, so MC knew what would happend and he knew it wasn't really a big risk to pretend to along with the 1st Cannonfodder's plot.

However, that Cannonfodder surnamed Gao was not in the original story. MC had his suspicious but still didn't really guard against him. It was eventually revealed that the ML and him had a counterattack planned, but that's not really satisfying considering they couldn't uncover the plot. Like seriously, the ML couldn't have had that suspected mastermind (cannonfodder old man) followed although Mu Lang (another villain) could do it?

Mu Lang discovered that the White Moonlight was the real mastermind and that the cannonfodder old man was just a pawn. Why? Because he followed that cannonfodder old man and eavesdropped on his conversation with the White Moonlight. You're telling me Mu Lang was smart enought to do that but ML had no suspicion?


All in all, it's fluffy enough, but the IQ drops are unbearable. It's already a short story with only 60+ chapters, the fact it needed its characters to have suddent bouts of s*upidity to move the plot along is really distracting. <<less
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Icemoira rated it
May 22, 2022
Status: c12
It's good.. I do like the story. It's light, and make me think their further development.

But then I lose interest to continue at chapter 12


it turn out the ML is a transmigrator too!!!! That's make everything so bland !!!


Maybe it's just me. But this story really not my cup of tea. But if any of you searching for light fluffy love story with not too much drama, maybe you can give it a try. Just don't expect much.
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Xiu_er rated it
April 15, 2022
Status: Completed
We have dense and cute shou who is a bit of a Gary Stu whom everyone loves so long they aren't an antagonist. Then we have the competent and doting gong who has both higher IQ and EQ compared to the shou who can see a couple forming right in front of him and still think that they are only friends. The MC has the potential for being a historian in that regard "Oh~ They are just really good friends/roommates~"

The plot premise is clichée which is not a complaint. I... more>> like clichée tropes with a twist to make it different. And a twist this novel did have a bit. I haven't read a book transmigration with two transmigrators jumping back and forth between book and rl that often if at all.

So yeah, the plot is okay, at least until they "defeat" the first big antagonist (Mu Lang). After that it went a bit downhill for me as the story felt kinda rushed towards the end, especially when the author casually passed over what could have been important events using only a few sentences. What I want to say is that the end could jave been fleshed out more. <<less
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BlueAmethyst rated it
October 29, 2022
Status: c66 part2
Average, so I gave it a 3. It's enough to pass the time, but not enough to compel me to read for hours. At first I was confuse with the characters, their manners, and the flow of the story. Then I realize early on that


it's a double transmigration story


Which is new for me so I stayed. Overall, a cute and casual novel.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
October 21, 2022
Status: --
It's a brainless book that can be read whenever you want to turn off your brain 👍 I wouldn't mind if I completely forgot about it right now. I read it illegally so there's no regret of wasting money and I read it to preoccupy my mind so I don't regret wasting time. I won't give it any score since it's not high quality but it kept me occupied
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July 30, 2022
Status: --
It was kinda less than average in some senses but overall pretty decent


Non-scum gong

No abuse/extreme dog blood drama

somewhat interesting plot twist


Messy plot

Useless transmigration

Useless antagonist

Random protag buffs

IQ and EQ drops randomly sprinkled throughout the story whenever it's convenient

... more>>

In all honesty, I kinda hated the plot twist. Am I the only one? It felt pointless for there to be TWO transmigrators. It didn't feel interesting to me, it felt like the author tried to be different and didn't want to bother with a redemption arc so they just made the ML nice to begin with. Original ML and MC would be more interesting to see since the MC would never fall for him and he'd be left behind. On top of the fact the MC would have to actually use his brain a bit more instead of ML dashing away all the problems behind the scenes and abruptly letting conflicts end.


I feel like the novel had potential but the author never committed to anything and kinda left everything half-baked.

For example, At the beginning there were almost signs that the ML was reborn alongside the MC. That would have been interesting double reincarnation which only the ML remembers their past life perhaps? The foreshadowing didn't really match the plot twist. Were led to assume that they transmigrated so they could fall in love, but the universe can have them meet in a easier way. What was the point of them transmigrating only to leave the world and have such a useless segway into a relationship? None. Felt like a last minute ending

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Akri rated it
July 25, 2023
Status: Completed
It's a bit dull... I don't know how to put it but it went from smart, capable and interesting manly MC, to an embarrassingly quick one sided love, to an interesting but short lived 2ch originalish plot.

I had very high hopes so it maybe why I found it a bit lacking but over all it's a nice short story if you don't have anything else to read
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forgetdrunkenmoon rated it
July 12, 2023
Status: c41
When you had high hope in a novel but it's shattered.

What makes me want to stay at first is because

... more>>

Both MC and ML are transmigrators


As far as I know, the relationship between them:


At first, there's not much shown other than MC following the original plot but there's some changes (because both ML and MC are transmigrator). MC actually start to have a feeling for ML (mainly because of the good look) but always deny it after remembering the original novel plot, this denial of course didn't last long. Meanwhile ML didn't want to cultivate their relationship because of the OG MC in the novel. After the avalanche incident, ML's affection start to come out without any hiding. They confirmed their love for each other, but never told their identity as transmigator so far.


Where's my dissapointment lay at?

  1. MC and ML are supposed to know the story inside the novel. Why the hell are they acting with less caution after they start to fall in love?
  2. At first I thought MC is smart but no, at the scheming Luo Xing (white lotus villain) create, obviously he suspect Guo Peng but he still fall for it nonetheless because of his "kindness"
  3. Love make people weak, this novel really show how it works. Just look at the early chapter MC, still smart and strong. Now after he and ML confirm their relationship, it's like he become love fool like he got amnesia.
  4. (Continuation of number 3), I saw someone complain about the so many stoopid negative reviews, they're not completely wrong. MC at first is so cautious of ML, then because of his face con he start to like ML. Then after those two got together, did he fvking forget the original plot or something? No suspicion at all why ML change or the story change? Where's the early chapter MC who keep calling ML as scumbag??
  5. Obviously after the original plot start to change because of the choice ML and MC make, there supposed to be butterfly effect. Yet those two aren't wary at all and is in their world of two.
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