Dressed As A Male God’s First Love


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Wen An’an, an otaku girl suffering from social phobia, woke up and found in horror that she had crossed! She became a little star who just made her debut! And is currently participating in a large star-making show!

But the most terrible thing is! What she traversed was actually a dog-blooded girl, the first love of an actor; a cannon fodder!

In the comics, she was a fake illegitimate girl who became a superstar instead of the heroine, and also robbed the heroine’s beautiful bracelets, doing all bad things, and finally exposed her true face, after all the betrayal, she was sold by the male lead to foreign s*ave traders, and eventually died.

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gryffinpuff rated it
June 19, 2020
Status: c53
Not a Romance Story! Halfway through, we're not even sure who's going to be the ML! Don't even have any sweet interactions of MC with any guy...

MC is a super 'introvert' scaredy-cat who's afraid of crowds, yet finds herself on the stage of becoming an idol leading to some 'humor' where she's crying at the drop of a hat... It has to be often mentioned that she's a drop dead beauty and her pitiful appearance evokes in others a feeling to protect her...Be it the fans or the program director... more>> or the judges on the panel or someone described as emotionless, everyone finds her cute and their heart 'aches' to see her cry. White-lotus appearance aside, she at least tries her best in the unfavorable situation and is a hard worker.

Book-ML scares her to death since he was responsible for selling the original host as a s*ave in the original story (WTH!??) But now, with the MC, he's stuck in the lover her/hate her dilemma... The other guy, who's the 'step brother' is described as an emotionless cold guy, but somehow MC with her teary eyes and 'cute' timidity tugs at his heart strings, and he's trying to protect her from background...

MC's 'father' is super-annoying! With how he behaves, no one can say he's some business mogul!! He doesn't understand the basics and thinks money can solve everything and throwing money at the kid shows love... Doesn't bother to listen to his son or the assistant or even try to understand that MC feels uncomfortable and just tries to fulfill his own wishes and whims... honestly, I stopped reading because of this irritating guy...

As a showbiz novel, it's an ok read - but poor as a romance. <<less
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Olgaroxtea rated it
July 4, 2020
Status: c6
the MC is an annoying white lotus, if this was a qt I feel like this MC would be the type of FL who evokes pity of everyone but doesn't understand that her actions have consequences. for example I was escpecially mad when the judges asked her 'why are you here' or something and she just replies that she doesn't know and yet was put in class B. it really makes me wonder if there could be a character auditioning with a real reason such as wanting to be famous... more>> so they can get rich quicker for them to take care of their younger siblings or something so they worked really hard, finally came onto the show, get into class E or D, only to find out that the only person who gets the judge's, show's, and viewer's attention is someone like this MC.... -_- bro I would want to kill someone uggghh

anyway sry for the rant but it only shows how much I hate the MC lol <<less
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Jenkai123 rated it
August 7, 2021
Status: --

MC is so fu#king annoying and useless, she always cry for the most s*upid reasons like seeing the orig heroine for the first time but the orig heroine didn’t do anything at all just had a angry face. The book is so horrible you can easily guess what happens next and the story is so dumb to the point it doesn’t make sense. The original male and female lead are not really not bad people it’s just because of their misunderstanding that lead them doing bad things, the only reason why the orig heroine hated MC so much because she thought that MC was her evil sister who made her life miserable and stole everything from her, the orig male lead only mistake was liking the s*upid MC. The MC is a self bit*h and think herself as the victim but the truth is the real victim is orig heroine she had already suffered so much from her past lives and only wanted her revenge who did her wrong. Here’s the list why the real villainess is MC not original heroine:

1. MC didn’t give back the magical pink bracelet that belongs to orig heroine and lie that she can’t give it back to her because she can’t remove it but the truth is she knows how to remove it properly. The only reason why heroine was able to get back from the bracelet was to forcefully to take it from MC even though MC got hurt, I still don’t feel bad for MC because she was being unreasonably stubborn. You can tell that MC has no intention to return the bracelet when she felt wronged when orig heroine got it back.

2. Having no respect for other characters and acts as if they weren’t real human being.

3. Plays the victim card. MC always cry for nothing and making people believe the other character she didn’t like look bad, like what happened to orig male lead.

4. Cheating on the program music show, she knows why she got high votes because MC took advantage to orig heroine father by pretending as the real daughter. At the end she even didn’t want to continue the show but no she still wants to continue until the end and she still has the guts to tell proudly tell everyone that she quits after her last performance.

5. Taking advantage from female leads identify as the biological daughter from the sheng family. It so sad the the orig heroine real dad loved MC more than her, theres a part where I feel bad for orig heroine is when her father help MC instead of her and orig heroine left conflicted because her dad should even tell that she was the real daughter because she looks so much like her mother, even MC ask orig dad if orig heroine reminds him of someone but sadly he didn’t care for orig mother so he didn’t know, after hear all that MC felt relief that she wasn’t found out.

6. Kept on lying so she can have all the benefits that should be for orig heroine, MC likes to play pretend dumb and be obvious like from the part when MC said that she can’t remove the bracelet and also when she said she will tell orig heroine dad that she wasn’t his real daughter but only told him after near at the end of the chapter.

7. MC didn’t try at all tell the orig heroine the truth that she wasn’t the evil sister of the story, even orig heroine noticed MC was like a different person but no MC acts all pitiful. MC only thinks herself and not trying clearing all the misunderstandings to orig heroine, it may prevent orig heroine from doing bad things. It’s so sad that orig heroine had a mental illness due to trauma from the past life, she only wanted revenge but in the end she got a horrible faith again. I hope orig heroine will be reborn again for the third and finally get a happy end.

This novel is crap the author is so s*upid and tried so hard to make orig heroine the villainess to the point to make the broken pink bracelet to change orig heroine face into a evil person. The author writing skills are horrible trying to get sympathy for MC because she was a shut in type of person. In the end MC is green tea bit#h and orig heroine is a victim that has horrible mental illness.

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Hi11223344 rated it
December 10, 2021
Status: Completed
I have wasted so much time after finishing the novel. I lost a lot of brain cells as a result of this story, which is incredibly terrible and devoid of logic. MC is a cry baby, and I agree with the other negative reviews; nevertheless, just because MC has social phobia does not excuse her bad attitude. MC sucks like she was fully aware that she was inside the body of the orig villainess, but she believes she is the victim since OR FL is chasing her; she knows the... more>> entire tale from the orig plot, yet she still has a surprised pikachu face as to why OR FL is so angry at her. MC never tries to explain her situation to OR FL, despite the fact that she is not the original villain. Instead, MC focuses on her selfishness until the end, when she is in trouble of someone else's life. Very awful for OR FL, who has had a miserable first and second life; she isn't the evil character, but someone who has been blinded by revenge. <<less
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Kiko654 rated it
December 8, 2021
Status: Completed
I think the other 1 star reviews were valid and not misleading at all. MC was really a white lotus, who likes to act pitiful around people to make herself the victim. Even though MC was a social recluse, it doesn’t excuse her actions. I think the reason why the author made MC have a social phobia is so that readers see MC as a naive girl who never does wrong. Even though MC has anxiety around people she still should have common sense but the way she thinks and... more>> acts is a clear indicator that she is a type of person who likes to be self victimized and only cares about herself. In the end, MC is just an annoying brat who always cries and complains. In my opinion, I do think MC should be classified as a villainess because she took advantage of other people's opportunities. I do sympathize with the OR FL, like imagine someone who literally killed and stole everything from you is doing well with no karma, of course, you would want revenge too. I remember how OR FL thought once MC was not really her evil sister but a different person but wasn’t sure, so she would still be planning to take revenge on MC because she still thought MC was her past evil sister. I can’t justify OR FL's actions but it seems she has severe trauma from her past life how she suffered a lot. It is really sad that the other readers see OR FL as a villain in the story but the truth is, she is someone who has serious mental issues from her past life trauma. And the thing about the pink bracelet it was indicated MC change her mind about returning the bracelet and doesn’t want to return it to OR FL because the bracelet has magical powers, the reason why OR FL was physical with MC during the fight was OR FL is so blind with range with the person she thought who the cause her misery from her past life like remember MC is literally inside the body of original villainess who did a lot of horrible things in the original book. MC does know how to remove the bracelet because she recalls from reading the book but was blind with greed. How ironic that the author made MC more beautiful and have a pure and innocent look that made the other character see her as a victim while the author made a OR FL change her to a typical villainess face even though she was a real victim who suffered her past life. MC could avoid a lot of bad events if she only tried once to convince OR FL that she wasn’t the evil sister but someone else who was stuck inside her body but nope just continue on cry and using her beautiful face to gain sympathy from others. <<less
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Fionalim22 rated it
December 18, 2021
Status: Completed
Very disappointed with this novel. Lacking in character development.
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Arrange rated it
November 16, 2020
Status: Completed
I give this story 5 stars because I'm really into this kind of fluffy dog food.

Maybe it depends on the reader. I'm not the type who only wants the MC to feel relatable to be, I'm the kind of omniscient reader that wants to protect my MC. Anything cute needs to be protected, and MC was definitely up my alley.

There's definitely a lot of plot-holes and nothing is ever clearly explained. But hey, I'm not here for the plot.

... more>> I was told there's fluffy dog food and that's what I got.

MC is blessed by the heavens but is also a little baby filled with social anxiety. Even if other people call her white lotus, for me she's still adorable. Don't be too harsh to the baby~

I love big brother Shen a lot. He's my kind of sweet ML that I like a lot.

Daddy Shen was the real MVP. He was basically matchmaking his son with MC lol. All done unwittingly.

However, let me clarify this again. Don't come here for the plot. Come for the dog food and satisfaction will be guaranteed. <<less
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Nelle rated it
August 16, 2021
Status: Completed
It's a cute story! MC has social anxiety and is the type to express her emotions (whether stressed or touched - mostly stressed) with tears. Hence, she cries all the way up to the end of the story. This is not one of those domineering type of romance so there's really not much aggressive pampering, but more of a soft subtle care by ML. Everybody likes MC because of how pure she is, of course, except for villains.

There were characters introduced but left with loose ends. Everything is just surface-deep.... more>> Author did not allow the characters and the plot to develop and hastily ended the story. The last 3 chapters are so rushed, it's like reading a synopsis already. As much as I enjoyed reading this, the quality is really 3 stars only. The writing style is good, but there's a lot more that could have been improved with the plot, world building, and characters. 4 stars to balance out the 1-star ratings. <<less
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Tata lolo
Tata lolo rated it
February 2, 2021
Status: --
Oh my God !!! This is very scary okay. I really do not know whether to laugh or cry . Everything the heroine does makes her famous in a second And it makes a big noise with whatever move you do This is not logical at all !!!!!!! (# ゚ Д ゚)
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unlucky_koi rated it
December 1, 2021
Status: Completed
The low reviews were misleading to the point where you wanna skip reading this book. The parts they were talking about can be explained by the book, though I was disappointed a bit since I read it for the dog-blood scenes. Honestly there were quite a lot but I was expecting the MC was the one fighting back not other people (Daddy Shen and ML). The romance part was also true, the romance was indeed quite rushed and you wouldn't know who she's gonna end up with since she's focusing... more>> on changing herself with her career. There was a spoiler about the ML in one of the reviews so I no longer got confused.

The book explained that MC was a social recluse. A recluse is a person who lives in voluntary seclusion from the public and society. After college she shut herself in, with a large inheritance money (that she got from her parents after they died) and her salary as a writer she didn't worry about the things happening outside. Her hobby is reading novels and comics. So with that you could understand that MC has zero social skills after living alone and not talking to anyone after a long time.

When she entered the comic, she was in a closed competition. She cried because she was confused and it's been a long time since she mingled with a lot of people. She didn't have time to return the bracelet since she was in a closed competition and communication to the outside word was not allowed. She only thought how she could take it off (since she can't take it off herself), but never had the chance to prove it since she needs OG FL to take it. She was willing to give it back since she regards it as a hot potato, but when the OG FL wanted it back they had a few arguments and OG FL was taking it off of her forcefully to the point where her nails were digging on MC's skin. Also about MC crying when she first saw OG FL, imagine being in a 2-day coma after exhausting yourself from practice and the first person you see after opening your eyes is the person who's gonna f*ck your life up. Even I would cry in that situation. And where MC answered that she doesn't know the reason why she's in the competition and get into Class B. Of course she doesn't know, she's in a different body and situation where she doesn't have the body's memories and only relies on the plot she knows. And it was explained by the judge that she has natural talent and talent can be cultivated; even if you can't see it, it doesn't mean its not there. <<less
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Anastrisha rated it
November 5, 2021
Status: Completed
Initially, my interest was peak when I saw the FL is otaku as there isn't much otaku but in a generic romance novel (turns out there were 0% relation of being otaku -she's just a shut in -_-) . However, the reviews made me hesitant to pick this. In the end, seeing one of the reviews saying there's a lot of dog blood scenes and remembering I just need some dog blood stories atm, I decided to read it and boi I'm not disappointed.

It has plot holes but not to... more>> the point it's unbearable, it can actually be lazily excuse to something else. For example, FL being a genuine pure lotus. Because of it people who see her cry couldn't help but support the pitiful beauty. In her defense tho, she's already shown sign of having mental issues the moment she was introduced as social recluse who hadn't had any interaction with anyone for a long time. Her having mental crisis and not dying on the spot the moment she woke up and drag on the stage to perform is already a miracle. Honestly, if you want an accurate picture of things, you should just think of her as a young child in a teenager body, although sometimes annoying would you really be cold hearted seeing a very pleasing looking child cry? If you look at it carefully, the only main issue honestly is people's reactions. But as mentioned earlier could lazily excuse it as her being very beautiful and people wanting to support a pitiful beauty.

The romance tho felt like could have been longer, but at least they didn't stretch the story more than it should be so its fine.

Overall I'm honestly fond of this short story. I would have just rated it just 3 tho, however seeing the rating up it to 4. <<less
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lyricojae rated it
August 4, 2021
Status: Completed
Finally finished this novel. Even I could guess the progress, I still read till the end. Its sweet, fluffy and cute. Not too bad but its okay novel on my opinion. Could read to pass time since the chapters isn't that much.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
March 15, 2021
Status: c112
So I mtl'ed this whole entire novel, and have to say it was alright but could have been better. I would have liked more detail about the pink bracelet, I didn't like daddy Shen I felt his character was too much, and I would have preferred if she would have been a famous writer. The drama was barely there, and in every chapter, someone was calling her beautiful. Also, the romance is non-existing. Like one chapter at the end. The novel had potential, a little disappointed. But was an okay... more>> read the main lead shyness reminded me of my own. 3 stars~ <<less
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November 27, 2020
Status: Completed

This one is a bit weird.

Is the character (FL) here even real? I don't know about social phobia, but..... it seems that it is not like that. More research maybe?

ML is not the novel ML.


HE with grand proposal from her nominal brother, Shen Zeng, the real ML

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