Dress na Boku ga Yangotonaki Katagata no Katei Kyoushi-sama na Kudan


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An ordinary boy called Sherlock Doyle is captured and forced to put on his twin sister’s dress by the Emperor’s diplomat to be shipped to a small country called Ehren. His genius sister, Glinda, went missing two days before she’s supposed to be sent to Ehren to be a royal tutor for the King’s children. The sudden life change is too overwhelming for Sherlock, but he sees no way out. Later, he finds out the disturbing truth about the kingdom’s intention with his sister.

Associated Names
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I'm a Royal Tutor in My Sister's Dress
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
11/19/17 Girly Boys Alliance v2c6
11/03/17 Girly Boys Alliance v2c5
09/16/17 Girly Boys Alliance v2c4
08/15/17 Girly Boys Alliance v2c3
08/08/17 Girly Boys Alliance v2c2
06/12/17 Girly Boys Alliance v2c1
06/06/17 Girly Boys Alliance v1c8
06/01/17 Girly Boys Alliance v1c7
05/29/17 Girly Boys Alliance v1c6
05/27/17 Girly Boys Alliance v1c5
05/24/17 Girly Boys Alliance v1c4
05/25/17 Girly Boys Alliance v1c3
05/25/17 Girly Boys Alliance v1c2
05/25/17 Girly Boys Alliance v1c1
02/21/13 Baka-Tsuki v1c1 part2
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BabyDalyn rated it
May 31, 2017
Status: v1c5
It's a good read. MC got common sense. The royal family kinda schemer the prince and princess are cute. The first princess got potential to be a yandere.

Really thankful for the translator.

If you're looking for slice of life among royalties then this kne is for you.
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Mideris rated it
May 2, 2018
Status: v2c5
"There's six chapters out Mideris, why are you on Chapter 5?"

To start off with, this novel is great and I love it. It's funny, comedic, cute and the manga adaption is absolutely amazing. The whole scenario is relatively unique out of the gender benders I've read and I really enjoyed it. However, there's only one problem with this novel.

The Translator is absolutely awful. No, they don't suck at translation but they do suck at providing a decent format to the site, the ability to move to the next page once... more>> you read the bottom instead of scrolling all the way back up, an entire two chapters in the second volume have been turned into pink colored links that send you back to that very page but the top, and they even have Volume 2 C6 and possibly the side stories as far as I could tell, locked behind a subscription wall. Is that a problem? No, I can understand providing it earlier to some people. No, the problem is that it has been months since these chapters were allegedly completed and the V2 C6 link is invalid completely because it links to the update page and the chapter hasn't actually been uploaded.

That's right folks, you can't read v2 c6 at ALL through this translator!

And, prepare your asses and buckle up, because that's not even the last problem~! This translation replaced several sections of v2 c1 or c2 with jokes about bots invading their site, people ripping off their site, and a variety of other things and didn't even put the original content below it or post it ANYWHERE. This heavily ruins the chapter and breaks the flow. It's not funny, it's not amusing, it's a full on d*ck move and I almost punched my cat because of it. <<less
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