Dramas Of Abusive Scums Causes Comfort


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Xie Ran nickname – humanoid AI

Feature 1: more sensible than the AI.
Feature 2: more ruthless than AI.

Later, when he went to the parallel world, the people with the same name as him had a great life, but because of their feelings, they were deceived and hurt by the people they loved, and ended up miserable.
Xie Ran who was attracted by their obsession: Feeling?

After a period of time,

Subordinate: Boss, you have not contacted Xie Ran for a long time.
Scum male: Has he learned what he did wrong?
Subordinate: No, he is now much richer than you.
Scum male: ? ? ?
Subordinate: Oh by the way, he is about to ruin your company.

In the outside world it’s rumored that current Xie Ran was born from love turned into hate. Xie Ran: Hate? What is that?

Xie Ran AI system: Sorry, this touches on Mr. Xie’s knowledge blind spot, but it’s okay, I’ll teach you.
Passers-by (pupil shaking): …. Xie Ran learns human emotion from AI?!!!

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ylial rated it
May 11, 2021
Status: Completed
This one is good and hilarious!! I keep laughing at every chapter!! I put world hopping in the tag since the MC travels to different parallel worlds. The characters (side Chara and passersby) are very dynamic (3D) that I fail to notice that this is a world hopping until I reach the second arc. There's also a closure in each arc and the ending of the returned original owner.

I honestly ❤️ the MC & ML interaction, it's so cute!!!

Gist of Story: The MC, calm, OP and dispassionate (NOT apathetic, rather he couldn't understand some human emotions) technology business tyrant transmigrated into an actor/student etc in parallel worlds bearing the same name of original owners. It's hilarious how he face-slapped unintentionally the scum ex by just stating facts. I really like the ML (Ai) for him ❤️ and I like their love development since both explore what human emotions are.

This mainly shows how the Ai (MC's own work system) and original owners inadvertently teaches MC human emotions, in the process of letting go of the grievances of the original body, so the MC can go back to his own world. The soul of original body isn't dead.

Just like DPUBFTB, the souls return to the original body after the MC meets the condition.

As written, in superposition state, he can obtain information of different dimensions in a multi-dimensional space in an instant. Hence he can see the complete time line of the original owner
PS. Don't expect this to be perfect. I even find some minor flaws in the novel which separate this from realism.

* great disparity in MC is just observed by the ex scum and netizens but they did not mind it much

* the government or netizens aren't even afraid of the owner of technology stealing info/doing something against the law

Though it is mentioned that there is a human ethical programmed code in ai, human is still capable of hacking ai

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rhianirory rated it
May 15, 2021
Status: Completed
what a fast and fun read! The MC isn't naive and the ML isn't a jerk. There's not much padding in this story and there is something very satisfying about seeing those scum knocked down and completely run over. The MC and ML's path to emotional enlightenment via bungling and a lot of head scratching is often fun to read and this story made me lol more than once, especially in the first few worlds.

is it perfect? No.

if you know anything about certain sciences you will have to turn off your brain at times or suffer frustration because the writers science isn't just fuzzy, it's entirely made up (as she states in the author notes more than once).

the MC is very OP, always in control, and he has the AI life hack on top of being a hyper competent genius himself. This is not a story where the MC struggles and rises after suffering, but one where he comes in and bulldozes over everything, remakes his hosts life and moves on. I don't think I saw him suffer a single loss, not even a minor set back, except for losing his absolute control of the AI as it grows into its own identity and self.


as for me, I had a few 'science doesn't work that way' moments to overcome but overall I found the story to be fun and relaxing, without too much melodrama, and it was easy to mtl.

thank you to the translators! I'm really looking forward to rereading the translated version.
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July 10, 2021
Status: c15




Ignore every plothole and try to love the abuse. Ahhh~
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Catastrophe3905 rated it
May 29, 2021
Status: Completed
Although the story has a lot of plot holes. The relationship between the MC and the ML is excellent. No manipulation, forceful drama or any of that shit. The ML is extremely cute and innocent. The MC is described as cold, but is not your cliche cold hearted 'Enter my eyes and you die' 'One look at me and you're gonna freeze in fear' kinda ml. He's simply called cold hearted because he cannot feel emotions and that is a real condition, rare but real. He doesn't really deal with... more>> the scum males as much which is kinda in line with his settings. The scum males just play themselves into their own pits. More than anything else, the relationship between the MC is ML is goals so give it a read. <<less
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PhoenixChameleon rated it
June 2, 2021
Status: Completed
Read this novel and enjoyed it very much. It is a bit different than your standard quick wear novel; the quick wear section is relatively short (6 stories/travels), has a specific role in the plot and is required for the satisfactory ending. I like the interactions of both a person and an AI learning emotions together and exploring what they mean - what emotions mean to themselves, to others, and what each other means. Both the MC and ML are allowed to develop a relationship and have interactions psychically and... more>> physically. They are a couple not bound by the physical world, this immensely deeper in their connection. The AI is dizzyingly sweet sometimes. Overall, a lovely, fluffy overall delightful story with many elements well constructed and entertaining. <<less
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Hell rated it
May 30, 2021
Status: Completed
Xie Ran and Meng Feixuan are really the perfect couple, very fitting...

The story is light hearted and fast paced, the technology... needs some heavy suspension of reality, and the main couple is cute and fluffy. Each new world MC, Xie Ran, remakes the lives of the hosts, who share his name, and then leaves for another world, the hosts having their lives turned around for the better and the scums perfectly suppressed as they should be.

Don’t expect much drama, but be prepared for mental gymnastics in the tech... but the... more>> author themself says they don’t know it so it’s fine.

MTL is simple and easy to understand, but some names change a bit.

Ratings for the arcs:

  • 1 - 4/5
  • 2 - 5/5
  • 3 - 5/5
  • 4 - 3.5/5
  • 5 - 5/5
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lyricojae rated it
July 21, 2021
Status: Completed
Basically its based on the ML and his AI love story. Its really good, fluffy and my kind of novel. Thank you ❤️
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zuzuo3o rated it
May 24, 2021
Status: Completed
both ML and MC are straightforward its so cute

cold MC x wolf dog ML (actually cute puppy)


... more>>

arc1 : entertainmnet world

arc2 : virtual game kinda

arc3 : school life

arc 4 : just modern world (based mainly only on live broadcast and drones

arc5 : returning to original world


i 1st thought it was all conspiracy of ML xD just my over thinking ML is such a cute baby 🥺

i especially loved it in when

MC : if I didnt love u back what would u have done

(he asks this cause his jjunior brother loves him like crazy, he wanted to forcibly rewrite MCs memory so MC can love him)


ml: I will be sad, break up all ur cps and be sad again, I wont interfere iin ur decision mister , I like u cause u are u (me:omg >~<)

their pet is fluffy chicken um more like their kid? Hehe

yeah also every body gets happy ending and they get their consciousness back and live happily excepet those scum *-*

i also like their unique code ☆~☆ why dont we have ai QAQ <<less
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