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Rudel Arses, the first born of one of the ‘Three Lords’ of the Courtois Kingdom, is from a corrupted family, but at 5 years old, he saw a dragon in the sky and his dark future as a villain changed. He was considered an idiot, but was that true? How would his effort to become a dragoon change the kingdom?

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Doragūn ~ ryū kishi e no michi ~
Dragoon ~ The way to the dragon knight ~
ドラグーン ~竜騎士への道~
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Trent rated it
May 3, 2017
Status: --
Trust me, I'm being quite generous with my rating.

Are people so desperate for these kinds of stories that they'll forgive it almost everything and rate it highly? Holy crap. I settled in for a nice, relaxing evening story and got... this. Whether it's supposed to be a real story or a parody of the genre, it fails in all regards.

It's shallow. Terribly shallow. Skimming-a-toe-on-a-puddle kind of shallow. Characters, plot, abilities, pacing, relationships: no depth whatsoever.

-Characters. Maybe two of them are halfway interesting; they're also halfway annoying. Most named characters are one-dimensional, though simply being named puts them heads and shoulders above many others. By an incredible coincidence, the MC turns out to be the same age and attend the same school as the heirs of the other two greatest noble families in the kingdom, and is put in the same class as them... and that's the last we hear of them. I don't think we even learn their names, never mind anything else about them. Oho, get used to that sort of thing.

-Plot: don't even bother.

-Abilities. Pointless, not described at all. Any training's skipped right over. MC's learned invisible (I can only assume, since it's never depicted) elementary magic and some swordplay (don't expect to see him learn; years pass, and woah he's learned them!), and somehow gains some charisma to lead a group of literally nameless and faceless characters...

-Pacing. Boom! 5 years later. Boink! Another 5 years later. Bzaw! 3 months later. Oh? You thought you'd get to see a semester of laidback school life? How adorable. Take a few disorganized paragraphs and be thankful.

What the hell is with the forced relationships? When he's 5 years old, the MC suddenly stops being a useless aristocrat, yet every servant in the castle and every peasant in the land despises the kid, though he's only been running around for two years max. And then a decade of good manners later, and still no one's changed their opinion of him? What, are they convinced that this insidious child, starting in kindergarten, has spent two-thirds of his life trying to get their guards down or something? And his parents dislike him too, for no reason whatsoever given, except the MC just shouldn't be loved by his family so we're supposed to roll with it.

I was reading with steadily increasing incredulity, but had enough when it tried to set a record for worst attempt at romance ever. MC meets blonde elf, they argue about nothing for a couple of sentences. Afterwards, no sighting of her for a few months. Next we see of her:


"The elf girl in question was busy thinking about Rudel, who she had met on her entrance to the school. From there, a considerable amount of time had gone by, but even now she couldn't get him out of her head[...] And every time she heard rumor of Rudel, Millia would grow desperate to contain her feelings."

Oh, and it gets worse. All on the same page.

Wow, I never knew romance could be so easy! Simply argue then apologize to a beautiful girl, and she'll be obsessed with you for months and fall in love with you!


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Archerreborn2 rated it
April 19, 2017
Status: c15
If I had to sum up this novel in one word, it would be "refreshing".

Without a doubt, this novel is a reaction to the influx of transported-to-another-world novels, and to a lesser extent the increasing frequency of "morally grey" protagonists who act selfish and pretend its cool. The main character in Dragoon is an incredibly pure youth. In fact I would say his niceness is so overwhelming it greatly stands out compared to so many other novels. He is both selfless and kind, determined and naive. He is hard on... more>> himself and soft on others and does not take anyone's malice to heart. He acquires great strength due to his determination, yet he isn't infallible. He fails many times due to his inexperience and learns from them.

In contrast, the person who would normally be the protagonist, the "reincarnator" is childish and frivolous. Due to his Cheat powers from reincarnation he is incredibly powerful and does not need to work for his strength and takes nothing seriously.

It highlights a problem I have with many of the Isekai novels currently out there. The protagonist treats everything like a game. They don't work for their power instead its given to them and because of that they never grow, they don't seriously consider themselves as part of the setting, and they almost never think about how their antics effect the world or the people. It leaves the story unfulfilling and shallow.

This story is very good and Yoraikun has done an excellent job with the translation. If you are tired of how stale Isekai novels are or just want a straightforward protagonist who doesn't become angsty or edgy just because people were mean to him, then this is for you. <<less
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PersonaJXT rated it
April 21, 2017
Status: c167
An earlier story from the author of Sevens. Unfortunately, it's nowhere near as good. Sort of.

The story follows Rudel as he strives to become a dragoon. He struggles against an unfair world that's literally out to get him as he strives to achieve his goal, only for his accomplishments to be turned against him, further worsening his position. Only the fact that he's so uninterested in the stuff around him that he doesn't care or notice these things prevents the story from being a complete downer. His only goal in... more>> life is becoming a Dragoon and he has a very hard time paying attention to anything else besides that. This is the story of Rudel as he gathers companions and grows to become the strongest dragoon.

I... have problems with this story. The author was very clearly nowhere near as experienced when he wrote this as when he wrote Sevens. It was his first grand scale story and it definitely shows in his writing as he struggles to juggle his huge cast of characters whom unfortunately don't get fleshed out as much as they should have been. The Main Girl for example basically has no real character for most of the story aside from being someone who let's Rudel get away with a lot of things (which carries over to the end, and is one of the reasons why I think the love confession scene at the end of the story is utter tr*sh). I would say a lot of the side characters are better fleshed out than her, which is kind of sad. A lot of the conflict in the story also stems from pretty much everything working against Rudel, which quite honestly gets rather masochistic for the reader after a certain point since it feels like things just get worse and worse for Rudel despite his many unrecognized accomplishments. It's not a bad story exactly, but it definitely can get painful to read at times since it feels like it keeps repeating the same strokes over and over, constantly beating Rudel down.

You'll also see a lot of things in Dragoon that might remind you of things from Sevens. It's definitely obvious that it's written by the same person, and it's pretty cool seeing how much he's grown from the point he started writing Dragoon and the point he wrote Sevens. He's improved a lot since Dragoon so don't let that put you off from reading Sevens if you haven't already (Dragoon was 2012-2016, Sevens was 2015-2017). Heck, he even improved while writing Dragoon and I would say that if you can put up with the first half of the story the second half is a lot better written. For reference, his first posted story was 2012. So if you're interested in seeing where the author of Sevens came from, Dragoon is a pretty readable example of his earlier works and is his only other grand scale story (Dragoon sits at 167 chapters, Sevens at 345). There's also an earlier draft of Dragoon that got 6 chapters in before getting scrapped that's still posted on the author's Mypage which follows a very different Rudel who's a reincarnator himself, if anyone is interested in that.

As for the translation, Yoraikun is pretty reliable as a translator and does a fairly good job. There are definite problems with his translations ("Shishou, you suck..." turned into "Master, we're screwed..." somehow for instance), but on the whole it's a good quality translation with little to no major problems. He also has a pretty decent update speed and has actually finished translating the whole of Sevens so you know he's likely to finish what he started. You've probably read some of his stuff before if you're here (and if not, go read Sevens) so you probably already know how you feel about his quality, but if not he at least has my recommendation. <<less
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Bakaleaf rated it
April 28, 2017
Status: --
I don't really know why none of the reviewers ever mention

WHY!? A 5 yrs old kid is being hated!?

I see so many spoiled little children but then again they are technically LITTLE children, I don't like how to author have a very bias view to the point it is pretty ridiculous. In the first place a 5yrs old kid being hated by everyone including his parents and still mentally able is questionable, and he never ever question this oddness. Well I am reading this since it is translated by a... more>> trusted translator but the early chapter give me some creeps. Imagine a 5 yrs old being hated by everyone!

I am still reading this but I just feel like shouting this question out loud as I read the reviews and no one point this out. A more detail review later after reading a hundred or more but I don't expect much as I really feel weird.

Yeah my first impression when I read this that this novel is weird or at least the mind set of an author where he can easily write a novel where a 5yrs old child is hated and bullied by all including his parents.

Do forgive my sudden rant lol Like I said I needed to shout this out loud lol <<less
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Lorddaimaou79 rated it
July 4, 2019
Status: Completed
I'll go straight to the point,

Theres no Harem, the MC ends up with

confessing to Izumi


The rest of the girls ends up being the wives of another side character harems even the elve girl. ? (S*upid dense MC)

Ok hope this will save some people from wasting their time.
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FTxNexus rated it
April 17, 2017
Status: c5
The author is poking fun at your traditional reincarnated MC in another world.

Now then, the story is about a young child which is being neglected by his family and shunned by the people. Even so! He still follows his dream in a straightforward and earnest manner. Doing his best to become a dragoon and gain experience.

When reading this you have to remember he is "isolated" from the world, so his actions and train of thought differs from others. But fear not! This is the enjoyable thong about this MC! We... more>> see him experience things and learn from those experiences. <<less
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Soneka rated it
September 3, 2017
Status: c82
This sh*t is crappy yo...

For real, how the hell is the ratting for this so high? I wasted my time reading 85 chapters.

The translation is great, and I give some points to the story just for being about dragons, there are some comedy (very little, but better than nothing), but everything else, really, just plain suck.

Once my sister told me that she used to go to my grandma's house, and sometimes on Sundays my grandma asked for my sister to kill a chicken for supper. There she learned that if... more>> you snap a chicken's neck the poor thing can still run around before dying.

This story is just like those chickens with snapped necks: It runs around without direction, and you know it will be dead soon.

Really, the time he spends on the academy is just painful to read. The characters aren't interesting, the fights are boring and the story doesn't seem to progress at all. There are also moments where you know the chapter was supposed to be moving, but it's so badly written that you don't feel anything, I couldn't even relate with any struggle the characters were going through.

Even worse than all that is the constant "Deus Ex Machina" messing up with the story. That part just seems lazy to me.

I don't recommend this. There's better stuff out there. <<less
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BlitzBlast rated it
April 26, 2017
Status: --
I'm pretty glad to see this story get translated. It's a pretty nice story on its own right (I always appreciate stories where everybody develops and there isn't anyone who exists just to be a hatesink), but I also feel like I enjoyed it more because I read it after Sevens.

Because in a lot of ways, this story contrasts Sevens. They both have the "noble family's genius son is hated by his family" setting, but that's pretty much where the similarities end. Where Sevens chose to portray Lyle's coming-of-age over... more>> the course of 300+ chapters, Dragoon sees Rudel get his head screwed on straight in literally the first chapter and concludes in half the chapter count. Where Sevens had a massive cast (that it arguably didn't use that well), Dragoon keeps the main character count at a more reasonable value. And where Lyle had a ridiculous skillset that made it kind of hard for the story to have tension, Rudel's setup is more restrained. And the main conflict of the story doesn't care how strong he is either, it's all about if he can make it to his goal.

But probably the biggest difference between the two, the thing that makes me appreciate it the most after coming off Sevens, is the fact that (and I'm spoiling this for a reason)


it's not a harem series. Izumi wins from the very beginning, and the story is better for it IMO.


That's not to say that Dragoon's perfect: it has its own host of issues, and there are things I think Sevens did better than it. But it's all too depressingly common to see an author put all of his effort into their first big thing, then sorta flounder around kinda just trying to do it again in their next few. So I'm glad how different Dragoon turned out to be from Sevens, and hope to see more from this author get translated. <<less
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Axelord rated it
August 1, 2017
Status: c119
How Not to Write Fight Scenes and Forgetting to Exemplify Character-Growth: The Movie.

The devil is in the details.
Does it sound haughty if I say this story is really not for you if you're looking for something mentally engaging? MC is thick and dumb. All support cast have to tiptoe around him on some level or another. Despite the strange-fun beginnings, the story rapidly switch to a weird sort of dating-sim kind of setting but where the MC has 0 sex-drive. Par for the course, I guess. Doesn't make it any better in and of itself. It only doesn't look as bad if you put it side-by-side with the million other Japanese fictions that do the same.
With that alone, I would have given it 3/5 stars. Unfortunately, the devil really is in the details.

The author cannot, for the life of him, write good fight scenes...
Actually, that's not true. He can, he just won't do it. I can think of a single time where he got it so right I physically fist-pumped over it. Set-up, build-up, climax and resolution all happened within the span of ten/fifteen short paragraphs. It was fantastic.

Unfortunately, the author probably gets aroused out of writing long, drawn out, useless chatter-filled fights that sometime even span over whole chapters. Which brings me to my biggest gripe of them all: Character Growth.

Both on an interpersonal level and in terms of raw power, the author really, really like to keep things as they are. Make the MC less thick? Nope. That would ruin the three cut-and-paste joke template the author drew up. Sub-MC has no backbone? No problem. More rehashed jokes! Did someone say something about a training montage? Doesn't matter, the MC will eat dirt in two chapters anyway. To someone who has no idea of how broken the MC actually is, no less. Experience? You can recite Shakespeare at a storm all you want, that won't actually save you from getting fried by a lightning strike. There's no payoff to hard-work, only to experience in this story.

I'm not kidding. Apparently, 'experience' is treated in this story like it's a go-no-go metric/stat. 99% of fights are decided by who has spent more time fighting stuff. Talent? Divine Blessings? Broken Chuuni Magic Eyes? Though shit, eat dirt! I have the upper hand because I'm your senior. It's just so infuriating!

It wasn't so bad at first, but even I got the hint that things weren't about to change anytime soon. I realized eventually that the MC and everyone else was stuck in a sort of metaphysical Groundhog Day. If you see anyone here (or anywhere else) praising the character growth in Dragoon, I suggest having an aneurysm on the spot. That's about as helpful.

For that reason, Dragoon earns itself a very generous 2 stars out of 5.
I want to punch the author in the throat, now, for having wasted so much of my time!



Wow, can't believe I almost forgot about that...
Okay, so not only can the author do good fight scenes but simply decide not to, so can he write actual character growth.

One character actually went through major emotional (and behavioral) upheaval at some point. I say 'point' because she was basically that. An instanced character that, more or less, got killed off. Yeah. Author just offed her like that. That's some mafia bullsh*t if I've ever seen some.

No horse-head jokes needed. It's just plain wrong.

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VanAlex rated it
April 17, 2017
Status: c47
Sevens is one of my favorite novel as of date, since it focuses on the logical aspect and the wisdom of the ancestors which was the core of the main story, and the novel Dragoon was made by the same author of Sevens. I was really excited about it to the point of making a review by putting basic information and a review from the web novel site Syosetu, all are 'copy pasted' if you've read my review before using google translator. The reason why the posted review before was... more>> confusing. Now this is the real review up to the latest translated chapter.

The description of Dragoon for many reviewers was a satire reincarnation like the novel "How to Kill Reincarnators from Earth" where both main characters refuse to become a supporting character in their own world, the other novel was closer to seduction skills and adult female relationship along with their character development, It's close to "The World God Only Knows" where the main goal was to seduce the heroines. Ironically World Transfers before are quite underrated compared to the School Harem setting novels, and they are still popular, separated by sci-fi or fantasy genres. Most world transfer were ignored until some novel have put

Second Chance, Adult Mind in child's body and Cheat Abilities were used as the biggest tropes of the main plot, which has inspired many Japanese Web Novels, Now there's too much Accidents happening in many novels to start their main story, especially Truck Accidents. While Dragoon pointed out that Reincarnation Novels were s*upid. He pointed out how illogical many story was. But Dragoon does not focus on satire or parody plots, but rather on Character Development.

If You Wanna read Dragoon, Read it up till Chapter 29 and decide whether to drop it or not. It has a fast updates with only few spelling errors.

Spoilers Ahead

Back to the main topic, Dragoon was set in a 'Game world' where the main protagonist of the game story was supposedly dickhead s*upid rich hated brat, but with some inspiration by looking at the famous Dragoons, he have become an earnest hard working character, talented in utilizing both magic and sword which heavily relies on techniques rather than raw power and strengthening. Also he's a dragoon otaku, geek, nerd or maniac about them, coincidentally became a 'Pick Up Artist' who's good at petting skills which can be used as an instant foreplay, but he's too dense that he does not know common sense. There's also the Game Protagonist who's a cheat, strong in raw power with almost unlimited mana and explosive power, knowledgeable in the game and knows what will happen in the future, but none of the events which was set in a game occurred which left him dumbfounded and restless because the Main Character of the real story have stolen all the events made for him as a game protagonist. Well the real problem was his awkward characteristics also his trauma from being bullied which kept him from getting deserving attention from the game characters. So there are two protagonist, but for these past chapters the Main Character of the Main story is the Main focus, while the Game Protagonist is still a treated as a side character along with the Archdukes Sons.

For the Literary Technique, the story pacing was quite fast, and it slows when it comes to some events and fights, but mostly it skips many months and years without many details on them, it's a straight to the point plot writing compared to the detailed versions of Chinese novels. For 3 years, the Dragoon's MC is still in School, while in Sevens, the MC was an Emperor who has 25 wives, and the number of chapter used in Dragoon was 30+ while in Sevens was 300+. There's also a problem with the technique, which is the famous Deus Ex Machina or Plot Armor, the MC in the dragoon was already rescued several times, this makes the quality content lower than many novels. While in Sevens it was not used even ones, or should I say it was used in a tactical way like the existence of Mr. Lyle and Goddess Novem aka Yuno ver.2.0. Where most plot armor where logical, but honestly Sevens Cheats the situation rather than using plot armor. And the biggest problem of the plot was the usage of EMOTIONS, which pulls the readers into empathy, while the main cause of the problem was the questionable existence of the Arses Family, the mc's family who hated the MC so much without any reason to do so, there's also the Servants and the many more related to Arses hates the MC, Except for his Little Sister Lena.

I don't like the existence of the Arses Family and their subordinates who hates the MC to the point of destroying his enjoyable school life. Jealousy and envy was the main cause of their hate and nothing more, even in Sevens, those shallow but effective way of becoming an obstacle was the biggest reason of Celes. Either Way the author can't make any decent memorable antagonist or stepping stones, I would appreciate if the Author can use the Technique of One Piece who uses Background Stories, well I don't like Naruto's Style of filler. Well the author is really bad at beginning of the story, but he makes a good story in the middle and ending parts of the story. Most Reviews and Reaction to Dragoon was positive in the original Site Syosetu, so you don't have to worry about reading this novel.

Even with my criticism this is more enjoyable than Sevens, since Sevens is an intellectual logical novel which was sensible but also hard to read especially in the early chapters where the protagonist was too pathetic to read to the point of dropping, and there're a hundred of chapters before he becomes an enjoyable badass unique intelligent protagonist. Dragoon is more easier to swallow, but also plays with your emotion since the main point of the story was about the protagonist defying his role as a s*upid character, he will be hated, will be rumored as a failure, it's closer to Shield Hero but at least he makes up with his achievements which slows down his falling reputation. You'll enjoy the funny moments of the MC talking about "How to Pet a Dragon" which is a masterpiece book of Seduction Petting Skills which was needed by many men in real life. Recommended if you're sick of Reincarnation stories, also recommended if you're into hard working protagonist, recommended for those who're looking for dense pure beta male lead, or if you've read Yorai's Translated Work like Shield Hero And Sevens. Also pardon for the wrong grammars, I have headache while writing this <<less
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Tundy rated it
April 22, 2017
Status: c23
I like that the whole story is just result of a butterfly effect caused by man (kid not thinking about consequences, just wanting to make harem) reincarnated to this (game) world.

So instead of becoming some evil noble son (bad guy character in game), our MC yearn to become Dragoon, so you will be able to see how he will struggle through the game events aimed against him (Well, originally it was suppose to decrease his reputation, increase his anger and that player would be able to meet new heroines and... more>> comrades). <<less
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Crofty666 rated it
April 18, 2017
Status: c55
Started reading this today, the overall story is good and the Author sticks with how Nobles and Noble children act without making Rudel seem like a bad guy, the actual reincarnated person is basically an as*hole who just wants the harem at least in the beginning after about 20 chapters he gets the crap kicked out of him and BAM, warrior epiphany or whatever it's called when a fight decides your personality, whereas Rudel who was basically a Loner at home saw a Dragon and wanted to be a Dragoon... more>> after seeing one focuses entirely on that, and because of crappy parenting/tutoring, means stuff that is normally taken for granted has to be explained to him, but once it has he very clearly knows what he's doing and understands it a a decent degree, can't wait for more. <<less
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josh1002 rated it
July 14, 2017
Status: c107
Honestly, for the first 100 chapters, I'd rate this as a 4.5/5. Heck, you could easily persuade me to give it a 5/5.

Our MC is designated as the "villain" noble meant to be used as a stepping stone, quite typical to every other reincarnation novel. However, when Rudel first saw a dragoon knight in the air above his mansion, he starts improving himself. And so, with him trying to change his role from a "villain" to a "dragoon", the World/Fate/Script will do EVERYTHING to try and stop him from going... more>> off tangent and back to his original role.

This results in Rudel being shunned and ridiculed by a lot of people at the beginning. However, as he overcomes challenges and shows his earnest desire to become a "dragoon", everyone around him and the World/Fate/Script slowly begins to change and accept him.

But why am I giving it a 3/5 instead of 4 and up?

It's to do with the later chapters.

As the School Arc ends, Rudel stays as much the same.

Meaning, he's still overly obsessed with his "dragoon" status that he still hasn't shown character growth in any other area.

This is actually a problem with the author. His other work, "Sevens", also showed this problem. This leads to the author having to use the same joke of Rudel being dense to human relationships over, and over, and over, AND OVER, again. Although, I would admit that Dragoon came out before Sevens was written. Still, it doesn't excuse the poor writing.

Right now, this is a WN and I'm hoping to God above that the author actually tries to make his character experience some growth if he ever decides to write an LN.

Now, with the romance... It's VERY low key. I mean, there is an obvious love interest, but don't expect a lot of chapters dedicated to Best Girl. Heck other girls around Rudel are given more screen time and character growth than Best Girl. It's actually quite depressing as I truly like Izumi as a character and want to see more of her. <<less
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Leon hart
Leon hart rated it
April 24, 2017
Status: --
Pretty good story, the main character is type who never gives up just like Soma from shokugeki

He keeps developing as better character ~ the story is really enjoyable and is definitely in my favourites
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ZeleniyKrokodil rated it
March 22, 2019
Status: c167
This is not a masterpiece (4/5 for overall quality). But how many masterpieces can you find? This work is good enough to read it at your leisure (4/5 for comfort). It can cause good and bad feelings where they should be (4/5 for emotions). Yes, these emotions are weak, but they are. Yes it is written not so beautiful, but does not cause disgust (3/5 for writing quality). Plot? Well, the plot is really lame (2/5 for plot). Morality? Well, there is a moral, but only one: do not renounce... more>> yourself (5/5 for morality). However, is any other moral important? Is it realistic (disregarding the fact that it is a fantasy genre) ? Not. Everything except "Epilogue" (chapter 167) is not realistic (1/5 for realistic). But this is not a work of the genre, which requires realism. This is the work of the Shounen genre. Which is designed for children to rekindle their ardor.

And about people who have not read even half of the work. And yet they have the audacity to write defamatory reviews. I despise them. Such as: Trent. <<less
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Reindeer rated it
May 24, 2017
Status: c29
Chapter 29: Dear Diary,

Well, what can I say? That was so beautiful *sniff*. Ah, my eyes are sweating, must be because of the room temperature.

Well anyway, I just found this novel and I had to make a review before my feelings disperse. I have always had this unreasonable hatred for Japanese LNs, and after reading this novel, I've come to realize that... I still do hate Japanese LNs, BUT! There are amazing people out there in Japan that can overcome my innate hate for Light Novels, making me love... more>> and hate, laugh and cry, as I curse unreasonable antagonists, only to love them more than I would have if I hadn't hated them the first time.

First thing's first: The Main Character. I can see that the other reviews aren't portraying the MC quite well enough, but I can change that! It's easy, really. Now imagine Chen Changsheng (Ze Tian Ji), Ye Lang (The Silly Alchemist), and Long Haochen (Shen Yin Wang Zuo) all had a threesome, and oh, um, that's too graphic, isn't it? *cough* Let me try that again. To make the power puff girls, add sugar, spice, and everything nice?

Ahem, anyway, the point is that the MC, Rudel Arses [sounds like asses, pfft], has Chen Changsheng's injustice magnet, Ye Lang's idiocy [the good kind of idiocy... no wait, let me retract that], and Long Haochen's, uh, kindness [I guess... I mean, he's the most morally good MC I've ever seen]. Now there's some [very strong... excessively strong] determination [maybe Undefeated God of War kind of determination] and chick magneticness [I dunno... Nisekoi?] somewhere around the middle, but I'm too lazy to add them in the org-[woah woah, stop right there, we shouldn't be saying that word].... Oh, and he's very dense romance-wise, but that's just because he doesn't really see the point in putting effort in that area, so.... Well, he's not blind in the other areas [apart from common sense], so he still understands that some people hates him, and that he must try harder to make them not hate him anymore[not like it's working.... I'm just kidding, the novel is showing us that failing once doesn't mean you'll never succeed] Oh, and his strongest point, to round this all up, is that he seldomly[always] misunderstands some things[for his own good] and that he's very optimistic[trust me].

World Building and Plot: It's nothing special, but that's kinda the point. Some novel try to be too special that they can't utilize the world properly, only showing us that the world is big, but we don't really know much about it. In here, it's simple, a world made from an rpg dating sim. Now what's funny here is that there was this one reviewer who said the novel wasn't realistic. Now that is just MIND BLOWING. I don't remember much but what I do remember is that he said that one) the five year old MC changed too fast. I can't really say much about this, it's like the author says there are two suns in the sky, and then a reader says that's scientifically impossible. Umm, it's like how a boulder is sitting atop a hill, and then it fell down, and then the reader says that's impossible because there's no force acting upon it, but we all already know that it's the author that's pushing the boulder, and there was suppose to be no need for explanation for it. That's one, now two) the three eldest sons of the three lords happen to be in the same year. Now to question this part is to question the nature of the rpg dating sim that the world was based off. It was already explained that the school had commoners, nobles, and royalty just so there is a diversity in the heroines. If you already have that, then what's the f*cking harm in putting all three eldest sons in the same year? Why don't you ask why the moon has this weird grin on his face on Zelda, not to mention why it even has a face in the first place. Another part he said that the other two eldest sons never appeared again. Now that is the one that triggered me the most. If you didn't finish f*cking reading, why the f*cking hell are you saying they never appeared again? They played a major role on the competition ffs.

The harem: There's kinda a harem going on, but the MC doesn't really care about any one of them. At best, he just treats the main heroine as his best friend, but that's it so far. I'm sure this will end up as a harem in the future, but it's cool to see that the waifus aren't wagging their tails at him. Also, unlike other novels where the harem members just have identities but no personalities, this novel's harem has both. It's quite the diversity, from samurai to princess to classmate to princess to elf to princess[wait, there's only two princesses] to mercenary to elf, ranging personalities from protective to cold to hot[*cough*I mean hot headed] to extreme to kind to elder sisterly to a leecher[wait what?] to pe*verted, and many more to come, because I'm still at chapter 29, by the way. Not all of them are likely to enter his harem[if there is one], only two are guaranteed... No wait, Imma take that back, no one's guaranteed to enter his harem[the sage ending?!]. There's so many of them because the nature of the the world, an rpg dating sim gone wrong. Oh yeah, I should be putting this on the MC paragraph, or even World Building paragraph, but the MC's role in the game is a one-time antagonist who's talent is only being cowardly and ruthless. Yeah, that went wrong somehow on c1.

Last thing I wanna talk about: The Antagonists. I've seen overpowered antagonists that fights the MC from the start of the story up until the very end, mindless idiots that oppose the MC for being better than them, witty-minded schemers that put the MC in dangerous situations, I've seen ruthless antagonists that kill the MC's loved ones, and many other more. What I don't see often though, are antagonists that changes for the better. I've seen some, but those are clearly half-assed, and are just changing for the sake of doing it. What this novel shows us, are antagonists that initially hates the MC, and then progressively begin to like him. In fact, I was already kinda prepared that they will change, but while I was thinking about the big antagonist changing I was like 'nah, impossible, even if he changes, I still won't like him', but when it really did happen, I can really sympathize with him, to the point where I begin to realize that he hasn't really that anything that bad. It all comes down to the reason why they're acting that way, but it's just amazing to understand the point view of the other side. I always thought I already understood the saying 'put yourself in others' shoes' quite well enough, but I really realized now that I am still largely lacking.

So all in all, this is a story about a princess who can't express herself properly, but is secretly a fluffy enthusiast. I mean, that's the best waifu. Wait, this is suppose to be the tl;dr. Well anyway, if you want to read this novel, try to hold on until Princess Fina shows up. It is kinda hard on the heart to see the MC's injustice, but once you see the light that is Princess Fina, all darkness are negligible. <<less
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CandleLight rated it
May 20, 2017
Status: c68
I don't know why there's quite a few unfavorable reviews, when in fact, this novel is breath of fresh air! (To me at least). You know, I've read everything that has 50+ chapters I could get my hands on, and 70-80% of those where dropped after I've been through 10 or so chaps...

I know, I know, there's a few series that doesn't really kick off until a few more chapters. But heck, there's TONS more that are worth saving my few minutes in life for.

Dragoon is one of those 20-30%... more>> I didn't drop, in fact, I read it all the way until the latest chapters. For me, that is a very gratifying experience, because most of what I'm reading now are for the sake of 'knowing' not 'enjoying' like Dragoon made me feel.

Anywho, that's that for overall impressions. As for the things I liked:


- Character development. When was the last time you've read about bad guys you 100% disliked, turning into new leaf, and somehow pulls at your heartstrings?

-Plot. Yes, the plot. You see, this is a shounen style novel, and an easy to see through goals are exactly how shounens are meant to be. In that sense, the MC here does a great job in being focused to his goal (LMAO). Aside from that, what I liked here is, though the plot a glaringly obvious that its common sense to see them crystal clear, it does not take away the feeling of curiousity towards the next chapter, i.e. You end up wanting more, and that is my definition of 'good story'.

-Pacing. I don't feel that it was either fast or slow. It simply feels just right. (Then again, that may due to Yoraigod's amazing amazing amazing grace with all the chapters pouring out.)

-MC is dense as heck. Ahem, though his dense-ness has its annoyances (its a running gag here), the times when its funny outweighs the cons, making for a funny MC that makes the story go forward without compromising the story (yes, I'm looking at you, typical JP MC that obly knows how to be 2D hero fjdkdvis). Some might not like his denseness, like someone in the review complaining why won't he just notice and start his harem... smh. I belive the issue is with the spoiled readers overdosed witb harem novels of how any MC with multiple possible heroines but never sticks his fingers to them all, is a spineless, cowardly, and useless MC when in fact, those harem MCs are the nasty f*ckbois, must-stay-away-from, exist ONLY in some guilty delusions, that no normal girl would be attracted to. As for the collection of crazies, nymphos, and yandere in the so-called gatem? Yeah, sure, read more JP novel and lose sight of reality, and they will exist. In that sense, Dragoon MC, as an idiotic shounen MC, is NORMAL.

... Ahem, I digressed.


... and things I didn't like?


-Main Heroine. Though I said that the characters here are really great, I found the heroine particularly lacklustre when listed among the cast. She may be the MC's restraint or else the novel should be titled to 'Rudel's Misadventures', but still, I can't help but hope for more with her because I find the interactions between the two as less than desirable.

-Romance. As you might be clued in already, the romance here... well, this is as of ch68, I sincerely wish the interactions between the two (or more) could improve. Just my two cents.


Rant over. Thank you for reading all that, lol. You have my gratitude. <<less
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zappat rated it
May 5, 2017
Status: c35
Having read up to chapter 35, I feel as if the story is without substance. Here's why: There's no real challenges presented, it's basically masturbatory material, MC is thrown with predetermined harem and you can basically guess correctly next 5 to 10 chapters correctly without even having to think about what's going to happen. And this is only the very first chapters.

Also I found it absolutely disgusting how the dragon aspect is dealt with, basically if you are 12 year old girl you qualify as something which could determine the... more>> fate of a country, a dragoon which is a dragon rider. <<less
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Dream Seeker rated it
May 1, 2017
Status: c94
A lot more than I expected. It's a well written parody about what happens when the protagonist doesn't have plot amour. In fact the world isn't self is working against him and what it wants for his destiny. Mind you this is all with a touch of silliness, seriousness, and a touch of reality.

It's characters characterization are somewhat good, while the mood of story seems somewhat "playful school days and the trouble that arises". The plot is somewhat unique as it's "the plot is against you". The pacing is pretty... more>> good as to say you see progress of the characters and see them develop somewhat from boys to men. Surely, it could be better, but you know I had my smile, and laughs as I read this so here's another 5 star bias review among the rest. <<less
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TheOneAboveGod rated it
June 14, 2017
Status: c94
I find it to be pretty average. It's understandable though, considering this is the author's first work (?), or at least his work before Sevens, which is a great series btw.

Anyway, despite the fairly weak writing, it's got that certain "spirit" to it that gets me to keep going with it.

Tl;dr: It's average but I like it a lot.
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