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Skyseal Emperor Gu Taxian is perhaps the greatest Emperor in all of history. He crushed the Hundred Empires and brought them to heel, built the vast Great Stone Wall to keep out the deadly wilders, relocated mountains and rivers to promote commerce, set up roads and highways, and even promoted free academies of learning for the common man in an attempt to uplift them. But the Skyseal Emperor’s ambitions involve more than just this – he is preparing to launch a great campaign to stamp out all pagan religions, wishing to allow all men to become like gods instead of merely worshiping them. Deities, demons, and immortals alike tremble and rage at the Skyseal Emperor’s ambitions.

Gu Chensha is the nineteenth son of the Skyseal Emperor. His mother had been of the royal Chen clan of the Xian Dynasty, one of the Hundred Empires, which had betrothed her to the Skyseal Emperor in an effort to strengthen ties between them. When they refused to submit once the Skyseal Emperor began his grand campaign, he crushed them along with the rest of the Hundred Empires. Chensha’s mother then committed suicide, leaving him alone and friendless at court.

For years, Chensha played the part of a fool to avoid being targeted by the other princes… but by accident or design, he one day discovers the long-lost scroll containing the ancient technique only meant for the Sons of Heaven, the ‘Son of Heaven’s Consecration’. This technique supposedly gave the ancient Sons of Heaven the power to make mortals into gods… or strip the gods of their godhood.

Finally, Chensha had the power to change his destiny, but he still needed to be careful – his imperial siblings have spent years building up their powerbases, and neither they nor the maternal clans supporting them will take kindly to Chensha pushing his way into their ranks. Moreover, if anyone discovered that he held onto the Rites of Celestial Sacrifice instead of offering them to his imperial father, the punishment would undoubtedly be death! Only time will tell if he can make use of this opportunity to rise up to become a dragon amongst men, or just become a footnote to the grand history of the Aeternal Imperium.

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April 21, 2018
Status: c200
Few months back I read more than 200+ chapters of Dragon Talisman. I was interested in the novel as it was #1 on its publishing site. I regretted my decision soon but I still hanged on.

The premise is interesting. There is a promise of political intrigue with great cultivation system. Author actually researched about the cultivation system by relying on classics of China. (He made a note of it in author's note).

It's good to see have a protagonist who can't trust his own father or sibling as there is no... more>> sense of kinship in royalty. So everything is great.

Even the supposed "fiancée" is well written with her not being dumb. She has her own goals instead of falling for MC. So everything is going great but...

Now the bad comes. Instead of focusing more on the bad of the royal politics author start showing barbarian and other tribes who do terrible things to humans. Author tries to make the Empire as something great for saving the human race. That's fine.

What's not fine is that author start forgetting the plotline he created earlier: "there is no sense of kinship in royalty". It's gradually forgotten at least when the father is involved. Author is like he can't let MC go against the conventional relationship of father-son.

Almost all Chinese novels are inspired by Daoism which focuses on "the truth" instead of a truth which fits oneself. Here the MC is like beasts are evil as they eat humans so sacrificing them is a good deed. Even Heavens agree with him on the sacrifices. But MC conveniently forget the another aspect of humans slaving the beasts or humans using them as food. Something totally funny if you think about it how author makes one part of food cycle as evil and other as something good.

When I think of the illogical humanity vs others plot OR the propaganda of other races being evil I actually find respect for the generic novels with cruel protagonists. At least protagonists from ATG or ISSTH don't try to be some hypocrite who tries to justify their evil deeds. This novel would give make you puke from the hypocrisy with which the author has written this novel. <<less
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Yoburi rated it
September 6, 2017
Status: --
Boy another Xianxia that really sucks oIIo you know!

Starts with a lame prince that is treated worst than a dog and since his mother was send by a enemy contry to marry the empeor he is even hated by everybody and was almost kill by one of his brothers. So after the war the mother contry lost and she suicide and left her only child alone in a palace full of people that blame him for all the people that die in that war yay!

Ok so far so good so... more>> the MC plays the fool to keep himself alive since he don't recive anything besides meals until he find his cheat skill that makes possible for him to absorve the power of creatures he kill and since he have access of the royal library (not the real powerfull books of course) he could just leave the palace with the same money he have and start his cultivation jorney... except he doesn't leave!!!

The main problem of this novel is how he can't show up any power or the whole palace will murder him even his father will probably kill him because still facing the after match of that war with some assassinations, so the MC not leaving before I could undenstand but now he is 14 years old with a poor but better than most cultivation tenique and a cheat and yet still stay there is just dumb.

The whole royal palace is full of garbage individuos and all his sisters and borthers want nothing but to slay each other for power so we don't get any decent side character either and with the MC having to lower his head to these people even when he can beat is just annyoing to read. In short the MC just stay in the castle because of the plot! <<less
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April 24, 2018
Status: --
I have to agree with strixflash. We have to get an agreement on the words used here. I have heard at least one other person say that the protagonist has morals, implying actually developed and sophisticated ethical considerations.

As an example he bring ups the fact that the guy justified sacrificing bears, etc. On the grounds that they attacked humanity, but was ashamed when he thought to sacrifice water beetles. That was actually brought up as a way to show how morally complex and carefully ethically considerate the MC was. Strixflash... more>> already mentioned it, and the point absolutely stands, and then some.

What left me flabbergasted is the fact that the example being cited, rather than being an example of a MC wresting with moral issues and exhibiting relatable moral discernment, was obviously an example of a s*upid, skin deep decision exhibiting reasoning and self reflection at maybe a child's level. It actually doesn't even line up with our moral intuitions at all, for that matter, on top of not being logically coherent at all, if one spends even a second thinking about the question.

Besides the point already brought up, just off the top of my head:

    • There is no assessment of the animal's actions in terms of their ability to understand them (e.g. The tigers, etc. Eating a person is not the same thing as murder, while it makes sense for people to kill them because they pose a danger and we value our life more over theirs, it doesn't make sense to consider the situation as if they "deserve it" on the grounds that they are carnivorous (almost as if considering them evil because of it).
    • Water beetles. I don't know if it's only me, but people routinely kill flies, beetles and other similar insects routinely just because they are annoying. They don't attach to it the same significance to killing, say, a pet, because of various reasons, some having to do with empathy (we obviously find pets more behaviorally relatable), and also an acknowledgment of the different cognitive capacities.
    • Still, as already mentioned, people routinely kill cattle, horses, pigs, hunt deer and fish. To eat them, to produce other goods, in the past maybe as sacrifices (I don't think they used primarily predators), but clearly not simply for survival (hides, luxury leather items, etc.). A fish, cow or pig is much more cognitively complex than a beetle, but farmers and fishers don't have any compulsion about killing and selling them for money.
    • If there is an ethical issue with killing animals for profit (and not merely for survival, which possibly even some vegan would deem as justifiable -after all in the Andes aerial disaster people even reached the point of eating the dead-), killing cognitively complex animals (e.g. Killing or "sacrificing" tigers, rather than solving the problem though other means, or farming/fishing/hunting) would be the space where ethical considerations would be due, not insects.
Again, what about fishers and farmers (who deal with much more cognitively complex animals). Even people who eat meat would likely agree that if there was any ethical consideration here at all, their empathy would sooner target those more "complex" animals before insects (I don't know exactly that empathizing with cockroaches, etc. Is a diffused feeling).

I didn't feel this tracked our moral intuition at all, let alone hold up to the slightest scrutiny. That is aside from the fact that considering the level of development of xianxia world (I basically imagine some ancient civilization like the Romans, or the middle ages) and the context (dog-eat-dog world), while I don't appreciate particularly murderous MCs (e.g. Going out of their way to torment the innocent, or committing something heinous or s*upidly petty without any real justification), one should acknowledge the somewhat gray nature of the business and the particular context.

Put it another way, while a rapist, thief or killer is recognized as that at any time, and this is basic "golden rule" stuff, this is not the case with the realities of, say, torturing an enemy to retrieve information, or the reality of clan feuds and warfare or conquest (to quote a famous professor about the Persian wars -https://www. Youtube. Com/watch?v=E28PaeQQQC0-, on the motive of "why invade", the general trend through most of humanity's history was that being a strong, dominant and conquering territory were seen as good things in and of themselves). I'm okay with it as long as it's believable, and it doesn't turn into something completely unrelatable to anyone who in not a phycho (in MGA's case, that would be going from ruthless warrior to scum of the same level to what earlier in the novel was used as a villain).

That doesn't mean that then anyone in that setting should be a MGA-level sociopath (I actually agree that that's unrelatable and you can't empathize with the MC then), of course, but a Naruto-like figure too seems to go against suspension of disbelief in such a setting (avoiding the goody-two-shoes stereotype that anachronistically brings modern sensibilities in a pseudo-anchient cut-throat setting was exactly what brought me to the genre). With that premise, realistically the MC would be walked over by everyone and die within seconds: he wouldn't be in the game for the same reason a complete pacifist chooses civil service and avoids becoming a soldier: they are mutually incompatible.

I have seen comments that said that this MC was legally good, but not legally s*upid, yet the example proposed here did seem to indicate the latter. Let's not confuse the issues here. There are some points in "regular" xianxia which are glanced over where an MC could legitimately have a complex opinion. Maybe even something tolerable or that doesn't completely rub the reader the wrong way, but on which the MC could have his own unique moral input.

Say if he was, for example, because of some philosophical commitment about the futility of wasting human life for temporary power, he was against attacking others for powers, and for fighting only if attacked or some other preexisting enmity: that would be one thing. A scholar that keept to himself, is focused on cultivation and doesn't go out of his way to attack others, only retaliating when attacked (thinking of the ISSTH premise). A overarching concern for humanity as in Library of Heaven's path. But not something as ridiculous as what has been presented. <<less
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rickayelm rated it
October 31, 2018
Status: c10
I have enjoyed this novel so far, it is not the greatest novel I have ever read but it is enjoyable. I personally think that some of the other reviewers have bean very unfair. For example Matrice complains that the MC has a childish sense of morals, completely ignoring the fact that at the time the MC is a 14 year old kid. Did they really expect that a 14 year old child would have a set of morals that took advanced philosophical principles into it. No the kid decides... more>> that harming a defenseless animal is bad but harming a man eating tiger is okay, is this a little childish yes, but he is after all still a child. <<less
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Lsshin rated it
June 4, 2018
Status: c42
The world building, the drama, the plot development, the characters personalities, etc... are great. This story is not for immature audiences, there is no senseless killing but there is plenty of killing. There is no idiotic explained robbery, but there is theft lol at this point there is 0 romance, but I love how the novel portraits females as actual human beings.
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bonifide rated it
February 16, 2019
Status: c988
I'm almost done with this novel. The flaws other reviews said like hypocrite is true at the beginning. It seems the author. The MC grows and he doesn't hate his father its a reason it just takes a long ass time for you to find out. I'm not sure if it was the CN readers getting on author case or he planned this out from the beginning. There is no romance. He does grow as a character and change his ways.

... more>>

Later in the novel the MC gets so strong that he doesn't kill anymore. If your evil he just take your cultivation and make you a mortal.

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