Dragon Order of Flame


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After losing everyone dear to him, our main character fails in his revenge and falls at the hands of the mighty Red Dragon. As he fades away and inches closer to death, the chance for a new life arises.

As he opens his eyes and awakes from his memories of the past, his life is anew as a solvent which dominates the Red Flames.

Born into an amazingly tough body that’s stronger than steel and the ruler of all dragon types, Luke Astaly Mobuki Ney, NEY I SAY!

He is known to everyone as the “Dragon order of Flame”.

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폭염의 용제
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SimonsaysLOL rated it
February 20, 2016
Status: --
I feel like rather than adding magic or any kind of advantage to his arsenal this MC will continue on the path of pure strength to SHOW EVERY ONE WHO'S BOSS bs mindset. He goes back in time but instead of doing better and going further he rather repeat the same kind of power he already once had because of some loyalty to the sigma order w/e since it was the only thing that brought him out of a pathetic sad life in his previous incarnation. So far the novel... more>> isn't all that impressive. By the way things are going the "second chance" tag should be removed. <<less
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Roktah rated it
June 7, 2017
Status: --
I couldn't bear reading this story further than approximately chapter 2 part 4 (each part of this novel equals a normal sized novel chapter).

... more>>

The MC fights a Dragon for revenge because his first and second wife died because of it.A formation is set up that seals the dragons dragon form. The MC the 1000 strongest humans including the MC unite and attack the weakend dragon that is suppressed by the formation. At the end of the fight the dragon is exhausted but suffered no scratch.

in a final attempt the MC attacks the dragon and manages to touch him. The dragon ultimately casts magic to return MC to the past with dragon spirit in his conscious. Turns out the dragon was mind controlled by an evil wizard and managed to break free for a moment during the battle to cast the time spell (The dragon returns with the MC to the past and his spirit lives in the MCs body kind of like a xianxia spirit grandpa).

The dragon spirit offers the MC to teach him real magic so that he can prevent the controlled dragon to awaken.

The MC refuses it with the explanation that what aided and protected him in his past life was strength training (basically cultivation). The dragon spirit tells him repeatedly that his training is inefficient and that his magic wil help the MC to easily surpass his past self by miles, yet the MC insists on stregth trainig which only enabled him to barely touch the dragon in his past life (the dragon apparently didnt receive any injuries during the fight and was just exhausted), forsaking the second chance he is getting.

granted he can train faster than he did in his previous life but that only count until the level he reached before (basically body tempering stage 5) after that he would assume the slow speed the other cultivators had. And even if he reached stage 7 or 8 it woud still not be enough to fight the dragon. But he still refuses to let go of that training for a better alternativ which is magic. By the way it would take him 2 Month to learn Magic from the dragon. He spends 50 days on strength training barely reaching stage 2 and then got beat up by his cousin. Yet he still stubbornly refuses to learn magic.

simply put the main character is unlikable, stupid and stubborn. Reading this Novel frustrates me to no end.

No matter how many times the dragon spirit emphasizes the superiority of his Magic compared to human cultivation. The MC refuses him for no reason other than that he isnt willing to let go of his past achievment in cultivation and he wants to reach his past level again. The MC failed miserably against a heavily weakend dragon with his cultivation in his past life and changes nothing when he returns to the past. <<less
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tallrice rated it
May 16, 2017
Status: v1c4 part5
This is a very strong novel so far. I highly recommend it.


First a quick overview of the bad: slow pacing, short chapters and slow releases, generic premise. That last one because it's yet another reincarnation tale where the MC has some badass teacher, so you sort of wonder why the author needed a reincarnation plot in the first place. Arguably might have been better to do this one with just the dragon or just the reincarnation. But meh, small faults.

... more>> A reincarnated MC that acts his age?!

What makes it good is the depth of character creation so far. It's so rare for a reincarnated MC to actually act his age and be mature, so I really like that this author is pulling that off. His hero isn't only growing quickly and taking advantage of tricks, but he is also avoiding being petty and trying to create a better environment and relationships around him.

Secondary characters

This is particularly seen in the development of his father and brother's characters. They're both really well done, each with their own achilles heels that led to their downfall in the past, Marvin actually the MC's bully. But the MC takes the high ground and actually manipulates Marvin to get a better result for everyone.

Xianxia strength system

Another cool detail in this one is the strength system. It's a kind of xianxia style levels of power, but by a Korean author in a Western style fantasy world. It reminds me somewhat of Tales of the Reincarnated Lord, another great novel with a compelling world and character building and a xianxia/reincarnation element.


Can't quite speak for the rest of the world at this point, but the hints of details are positive, whether its the various ways of training martial arts, the complexity of the noble politics or dragon politics and the development of the relationship with the dragon in his head. <<less
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
August 1, 2016
Status: v1.5
The writing is really good! Even better then some Novels on NU. Kudos to the Translator and Author, everything looks proffesional. I had low expectations in this story but its hard to believe its Korean!

As for the Romance. I don't know yet. Its possible he will focus on 1 girl since 1 girl its all he's been remembering on... but he had 2 lovers in his past life, but different time frames. I hope it does not go on the Polygamy route.. It would ruin this perfection.

Its still... more>> far to soon to be able to give a full review since its only been 1Volume. But I'm happy and satisfied. So 4 stars! I'm addicted.

The only thing I hate is that he does not...


he does not want to be heir! It ticks me off he does not want to take the throne of the family. And servants that treat him like crap! He seeks no status whatsoever. So they just accept you out of gust of air? How boring..

I hate the fact the MC forgives the count wife and Marvin for poisoning MC. But I can't blame the MC since all their attempts look like child like antics. And he remains untouched


but I guess he is seeing the bigger picture here, where Humanity is at stake. I only wish the Author was more creative. Maybe like 'Make OP family and kill the enemies?' but this way is pretty badass too. <<less
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iqangel777 rated it
April 11, 2016
Status: --
I really like this book because this novel is written by one of my favorite Korean author and I like this story too. Well, it can be depend of person, but at least to me, no, to Korean people, this story is really entertaining, interesting and impressive.

He is the author who wrote the Dragon Maken War.
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Dream Seeker rated it
May 20, 2016
Status: v1c4
I wouldn't say this is exceptional, but is hardly bad. Our hero is backdrop into what appears nothing more then appear cliche story of illegitimate noble son trying to grow up without dying under the roof of his evil with cunning stepmother, but that was his first life. This is a story of the fallen hero who's giving a chance to defy his fate once more by be given powers from the being who killed him first place, the dragon.

Trying to avoid the mistakes and pointless battles and family... more>> feuds in last life, he goes on path of becoming strong. Crashing in his dreams, his spiritual sidekick starts to gradually lead him astray toward magic while his household is gaining a fatal attraction to heroic demeanor, and unexpected intelligence and maturity unfit for uneducated commoner self. So while our hero has straightforward plan on becoming strong... faith might forcefully pull him in a different direction of alliances, magic, and but of course dragons. <<less
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YeYueLiang rated it
May 8, 2018
Status: v2c6 part12
Well I had the fortune of read this story, I think it's very interesting... I think the MC it's very funny although he knows when to be serious....

But for what I see the group that translate it it's dead, so sad.... some group of translators think of take or continue the traduction of this story someday?
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Rosver rated it
June 27, 2017
Status: --
How... dull.

The main character is just so blah! I don't know what the author was thinking but it seems that the author is trying to write the most uninteresting MC ever. The mc's personality is so 'safe' and restricted. That is, the MC doesn't takes to exploring interesting options or unique thoughts. Everything he do is so routine. He do them because that was what he did before. And anything he did that is different, it would lack any imagination. The most boring MC ever!

And the pacing of the story... more>> is so slow! Really slow. For an action adventure story, a terribly slow pace is suicide.

And where is the action adventure anyway... at volume 2? Honest! The story for several chapter? parts? You could swear that you are reading a family drama than action adventure.

And as a family drama, it isn't that good at all. It is so contrived and cliche that you can't feel any drama at all. What the heck was the point of all this?

And the characters. There are few characters here being focused on and they are all bland and cliche. Think the MC is boring? Take at look at his father. He doesn't only make you feel bored, he makes you feel apathetic. You loose any semblance of care and interest in the story by his mere presence.

The mc's mother and brother is the impotent version of Cinderella's mother and stepsisters. At least, with Cinderella's version, they have character and flair. A classic rendition. Here, you got evil stepmother and evil stepsisters wannabe that present zero danger.

Really, what is the point of all these characters? Without them, the story could have proceed faster. Instead you are presented with a tedious family drama about characters that you just can't care about. Fail!

It is boring and forgettable. There are good qualities like the writing and descriptions but with a story so uninteresting and dull, terrible writing would have make it better. At least with terrible writing you can laugh and poke fun at it. With this... there is nothing. <<less
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nj rated it
July 20, 2016
Status: --
The story is interesting as of now and if it shows more promise in the future I will definitely give it 5 stars.

Novel is of REVENGE+ RETURNING TO THE PAST genre and the thing that interests me the most is that, the villain itself is coming with MC as an ally. Story is still at a developing phase and I seriously hope that the translations will pick up speed.
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Mr.grimm rated it
August 3, 2017
Status: c6 part6
I'm not great at reviews, so this will be quite short. I like this story, it has comedic moments, and serious moments. While I feel that relations, such as the one between the MC and his younger brother are forced, and there wasn't enough focus on personality, and proper arcs, I still quite like it, as I find it better than a lot of other stories I've seen. It helps that I like the full harem route.
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