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In the foreign world, the martial artists dominate the world and the sword of the emperor controls the fate of hundreds of millions of lives! Long Yu, the number one killer on Earth, after dying, takes rebirth in this new world in an aristocratic family of martial artists but faces rejection because he is unable to practice martial arts.

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May 18, 2016
Status: c85
After reading this novel even I feel like "tr*sh". Seriously this is the most annoying novel out there and that's saying a lot as I have read PMG and MGA.

There has to be a character in every chapter who would call MC "tr*sh" even after seeing the superior abilities of MC. Even after getting their asses kicked they would call him "tr*sh".

As for plot: Well, there is no plot. A random guy would bump into MC. Call him tr*sh. Side characters would provide boring commentary on how MC is tr*sh... more>> compared to that hotshot who is from superior clan/sect... MC would kick random guy's ass. Random guy would run away and bring help. The random guy would complain that "tr*sh" humiliated him... repeat.

Author realized that their was no story so he decided to add some mystery on MC's family. Well, in all honesty it hardly matters as the mystery was half baked. Side characters tries to make us believe that they were protecting MC from shadows which hardly seems believable. It seems like author added that plot line randomly.

Really this series is not worth a read unless you want to cough blood from anger after reading it. <<less
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BlackHat88 rated it
May 14, 2016
Status: --
That story quickly gets boring, most of the time it simply follows a revenge cycle. Everyone is hostile, condescending, greedy, scheming etc... You can count on one hand the amount of decent characters.

When I read stuff like that, I really wonder how there's still anyone alive in those sort of universe. Plus how can students stay faithful to a sect or want to stay in the sect while they're bullied by everyone, stolen from, spoiled by elders of the sect or they have to become the henchmen of some... more>> duchbag, close their month and don't posses any treasure to be safe. <<less
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criims rated it
June 9, 2016
Status: c73
I don't recommend this story, that's the first time that I drop a LN, this hero is way too soft, everyone want to kill him but he do shit, supposed to be the king of killer in his previous life, bullshit, I say.
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Slants Perpendicular
Slants Perpendicular rated it
April 10, 2018
Status: c601
Dragon Martial Emperor is undoubtedly the worst Chinese novel I've ever read. This novel is the epitome of 'suicide fiction', fiction that when read makes you want to kill yourself.

This novel is a painful abomination of mediocrity, s*upidity and uninspired ramblings mixed together in a book shaped pot.

I will never be able to fully communicate my hate and derision for this novel, if the term 'quality writing' ever had an antithesis it would be this novel.

... more>> For the sake of time I'll stop screaming and start explaining.


Save parents is one small plot point, which is very original and beyond it's time.

Offend everybody in the world who isn't subservient is another plot point, once again another creative and fresh plot. This author never seems to run out of creative genius.

And look for the concubine girl who gave him his dragon-powers. Truly brilliant.

Offend everybody is the main plot though, saving parents and looking for little dragon concubine is the backup plot for filler. Running out of things to write and need to pad the character count? Just have the MC reaffirm his desire to find parents and little dragon concubine, but make sure he makes no headway towards either of those goals. You wouldn't want to run out of such quality filler after all.

Saving friends could also be counted as plot as well, after all it happens after nearly every arc.


Enemies are beyond dumb, beyond arrogant, beyond greedy, beyond r*pey and beyond anything resembling a character.

Friends are overwhelmingly dumb, overwhelmingly helpless, overwhelmingly meek and overwhelmingly boring and the same.

Keep in mind that characters with names can only ever be in one of these two groups. The author doesn't understand such things as a none MC oriented character, if you don't have an opinion on the MC which is either extreme love or extreme hate you're not a named character.


The MC's personality can be completely described with the saying "tit for tat."That's all he is, a saying that can talk. He has no personality. He has no personal motivations. He has no existence other than "tit for tat."


There is no romance. I usually praise Chinese novels for having no romance, since it's as if the authors realized they couldn't write romance, and decided to focus on the things they could write. Focusing on one's strength and all that. But I honestly can't muster any such praise for this novel, if this novel did have romance it would most definitely be bad and make the novel even more horrid. But even with no romance this novel is aids personified, so really how much extra harm would a little romantic aids do to an already festering novel?


The cultivation in this novel is boring. The cultivation is nothing, truly nothing. Eat pills and gather energy. Gain boring insights that are never described nor even gained in an interesting fashion. I've read my share of boring cultivation systems but this one takes the cake. The author doesn't even make it look interesting, even the author of KOG had the decency to make his boring system appear interesting.

The abilities the MC gains through his dragon bloodline and his plot armour are complete insipid boors. Scream Loud Skill. Hit Strong Law. Scary Dragon Attack. Big Spear Poke. Etc. Etc.


Of course I give it a Chinese 1/10.

This aid-riddled, obscenity posing as a novel should be burnt and buried.

And if you like this novel.... Get checked for autism. <<less
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warrock4862 rated it
September 14, 2016
Status: c30
Extremely disappointed.

This was my first novel which I started reading without checking the ratings and reviews and have never before regretted more. Things that make me wish I would forever forget reading this novel. EVERYTHING.

Anyone who has continued to follow ATG and MGA then I recommend them this, as it's similar to both and slightly faster level ups and more clear (defeatable) goons that pop up. As for me 30 chapters in and I wish I could scrub my brains clean of the profound sh*t that I just read.
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lordsoul rated it
July 18, 2016
Status: c70
I gave up which is rare for me. Firat of all the MC is a reborn from earth where he was the king of killers. Which means exactly nothing. He is not particularly skilled relying on brute force (which the author constantly tells you in numbers). So the fights are dull. There is no plot that I can see. This is the worst kind of repetitive because at least with omg and mga you could at least be interested in the new techniques or treasures which is not the case... more>> here. And I'm just going to say it again. Why was this guy resurrected. It feels like something the author just stole but can't justify. He has no skills that matter. <<less
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MondoX rated it
April 13, 2016
Status: --
I like the story and will continue reading, but my only problem I have is that the MC used to be the "King of Killers" in his previous life and he mentions it several times through out the series. However, he is quite soft to be a former "King of Killers", he has shown mercy to enemies that were after his life several times.
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Shikonbel rated it
August 15, 2016
Status: --
The best way to describe this novel is dull. As other reviewers have pointed out, it is basically a copy-paste of all the classic genre troupes. Any points that could potentially make it stand out from the crowd have been mostly abandoned by the author.

For example, the fact that the main character was the "King of Killers" in his previous life is a potentially interesting point that became essentially completely useless after just a few chapters. This fact serves no real purpose, and it makes one question what the point... more>> was of even making him reincarnate at all, since it does nothing for the story.

The translation is understandable, but clunky. There are points where it is clear that some of the deeper meaning is lost, and it lacks a certain polished feeling. That being said, there are certainly worse translations out there, so how much you care about this bit is up to you.

Basically, if you are someone who has read a decent amount of these kinds of novels, you are probably better off not wasting your time. If you are not yet used to/jaded about the various classic troupes seen in these kinds of novels, and you don't mind the slightly clunky translation, then go ahead and give it a shot.

Personally, I have already decided to drop this novel, and don't intend to return to it in the future. <<less
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makenai89 rated it
April 25, 2016
Status: c92
Reviewed at 92 chapters, rated 3 star -if not 2-

If previously you have read Martial God Space, then you’ll probably recognize that Dragon Martial Emperor has similar plot pattern, particularly regarding the one-dimensional MC, half-cooked mystery in his past, countless undeveloped side characters and cliche enemies, as well as its endless rout of tr*shed-train-power up-fight-tr*shed-train-power up-fight-tr*shed-train... well, you know the drill. Both novels are seemingly written by different author, but their narrative and story pattern are surprisingly similar (at least, in their translated version).

Until the latest chapter, there has been... more>> no advances in the story except for its expanding world construct, the MC cultivation rank, and the number of enemies killed. No character building, no significant hooks, no emotional romance...

It’s still got that something charming within xianxia/xuanhuan genre that may lead people to keep coming back for more, at least to be read in their leisure time. However, the ones that come back won’t be me. Having marathoned around 90 chapters and feeling sleepy all the while, my interest toward this novel is fading fast. <<less
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LosTSpace rated it
November 18, 2015
Status: --
Reincarnated MC that happens to be killer with mentality of 14 y/o. Absolutely boring story that follow typical xianxia stuff. Absolutely nothing new in this story and its a waste of translator effort.
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Sai47s rated it
January 22, 2017
Status: --
A novel about the fools, debris and intolerable, pride, revenge Interesting start, s*upid and narrow-minded hero characters. The protagonist is a powerful cheat a little unusual. But in general it all, everything else is very common, not remarkable novel. Just a meeting of the cycle - the insults and bullying - the destruction of the enemy, the enemy has a strong Relatives Mesto meeting. Monotonous and quickly bored.

In the history stated that the character was the king of killers in a past life, but he does not use the knowledge... more>> in this life. The hero is too naive and soft.

All the female characters with him: cruel, greedy, and not at all interesting, not memorable. <<less
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April 9, 2016
Status: --
Quite disappointing

From here on ch.90 below. The novel suddenly turn and literally feels like 'Long Yu against the world". Every two chapter or so, long yu will kill somebody and another two chapter someone will attack him for revenge. which turns the novel into a revenge cycle which reminds me of PMG, and, truly the whole endless revenge in this story is f*cking frustrating. I literally can only see long yu happy when he get a breakthrough or when he is with the lele girl. (which is slightly better than... more>> PMG because lin feng in pmg is always cold and only smile every 30 chapter or so..). All the people in this story is literally Prideful to the bone. That's why I feel that the future chapters will be filled with mindless endless killing and revenge.

I was expecting for more... unfortunately the revenge system blew it. <<less
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rdawv rated it
February 26, 2016
Status: --
Initial impressions after Ch.70.

Very average, very ordinary. There’s nothing special about this story. All the standard tropes are out in force in this one: unable to cultivate, bullied by the clan, found a secret, went elsewhere to train, gets bullied again but this time with the secret’s help manages to fight back, gets saved by an elder, trains, prepares for tournament...

It’s a conveyor belt of the usual antagonists: the haughty one, the lackeys wanting to curry favor, the prideful cultivators from the same clan, the elder brother of someone... more>> who was defeated, the talented cousin, the teacher of a defeated one, enemies of the clan, enemies of the sect...

Even the dialogue is standard, the usual “slap yourself 10 times and crawl” “courting death!” “how dare you!” “die!”. The characters are one-dimensional, and discarded once their role in the plot is over. Those who are given more ‘screen time’ are hampered by abrupt changes (the coming and going of two female characters in chapters 64-65). Even the MC’s transmigrated background of a “King of Killers” is hardly mentioned later on, and it makes you wonder whether such a setting was necessary in the first place. No mentions of how his previous life’s experiences could be useful aside from a few instances bringing up his killer instinct, as everything has been supplanted by the martial arts and cultivation of the new world.

The translation is very rough, readable but lacks polish. You can understand the text and the dialogue, but some quality is lost along the way.

So, is there any reason to read this over other similar titles? There isn’t anything remarkable about the story. For people used to the genre, you’re not getting anything new or special after 20 chapters. For newcomers, the translation might be disconcerting. In the end, perhaps as a time filler while waiting for other releases. <<less
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starfyre7 rated it
December 29, 2015
Status: --
The story is quite fast paced and the MC has it a bit too easily. His troubles are not well described and he faces standard xianxia villains left and right.
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ashh rated it
April 25, 2016
Status: --
The story is OK but there are some annoyances in the plot. One is that after a certain time of seeing the MC again and again beat people of higher level maybe the side characters should stop calling him tr*sh and start to think that maybe just maybe he is good at martial arts.
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nivekhu rated it
January 17, 2016
Status: --
Like any Xianxia it’ll have its faults. The I used to be a super assassin thing is a bit hard to swallow at least in the beginning. You’ll get why its important later on if you stay. What I find amusing about this story are the girls. Usually girls in Xianxia are weak and get r*ped (you know like elfs). Girls in this series are vicious and ruthless. And the MC always seems to get on their bad side (irony). For me at least its better than the default bad_guy... more>> trope that gets old fast. In that regard it breaks from convention.

I heard a lot of people complaining about his foster father’s daughter. Saying how its s*upid how she tried to kill him. Pretty much she thinks that her father never cared about her and only him. So when her father told her she was going to marry him it infuriated her. Actually this MC would’ve of killed her a long time ago since hes already had several chances. He didn’t do that because shes his foster’s father daughter. Yeah women don’t magically follow in love with the MC they die too.

Technically he isn’t banished. He decides to leave. The description is pretty misleading.

Pros: Crazy princess chick who will ruthlessly kill anyone.

Its not a harem since almost every girl hes met so far as tried to kill him have either died or lost plot relevance.

He has a very cool bro.

The authors have females in this novel dying. (Mind breaking)

Cons: Typical Xianxia tropes. I’ll kill you cause you have something I want yadada.

MC has super ultra uber op nine-headed dragon tattoo that helps him train real fast.

Characters introduced will lose relevance later on.

Power struggles, power struggles and more power struggles.

I gave it four stars. Why? For once one of the antagonist isn’t a freaking dude with pearly jade skin. Guys with female features... why is this always thing in xianxia and wuxia. <<less
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12kucingputih rated it
January 3, 2016
Status: --
Great story and likable MC he’s hardworking, fearless and sometime ruthless with good fight scene, cultivation power level, and romance, it’s kinda like RPG theme’s when the equipment bring additional power to user if you like xianxia/wuxia story and decent MC this is for you
rate this 5/5
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Lachiel rated it
October 31, 2015
Status: --
A story about a man who reincarnates into a "tr*sh" body who has a fiancee who wants to kill him. Anyways we follow him on his road of cultivation and all the bumps he happens to come across on his path.
This story has its own unique power up scheme instead of a magical treasure or pill, we get to see the learn new things and stick up to people who bully him. I recommend this as another XianXia novel that one can read.. :D
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PassionateReader98 rated it
August 24, 2020
Status: c19
I would like to say that this author is just plain s*upid. The MC here was said a previous King of Killers in his previous life. And he was also adept at reading people. But man, just at the start of this novel, we could already see that this MC was tr*sh. King of Killers, but cant even dodge a fcking strike from a weak servant who only had the weakest cultivation of only about 500kg. Although the MC could not cultivate, man, he was still the King of Killers,... more>> so he should atleast be able to dodge, and even if he could not cultivate, he could still train his body right? Im sure that he could train his body to have atleast 100kg of strength, and Im sure that it was more easy to train in that place because there was energy in the surroundings and even though he could not absorb it at that time, it could still nourish his body and rejuvenate, and with his experience and techniques as a 'King of Killers' he could atleast dodge and atmost escape from that weakest servant right? And the author also said that the MC was expert in reading people, but cant even recognized that those fcking servants had bad intentions and would kill. Him. S*upid right?

And man, he has no fcking demeanor of a fcking King of Killers, not even a fcking killer. Seriously? He became so fcking concern to a fcking girl that he just met for the first time. And that fcking girl even used him for her advantages the first time that they met. Although the MC would still fight that man that the girl made the bet to, it doesn't change the fact that the girl still used him for her advantages. And he was also so fcking moved that this girl protected him while he was cultivating in that duel, even though the girl was just had no choice because she also offended that woman and the other man that the MC offended. Man, his heart was too fcking soft, not fitted for the so called 'King of Killers'. Thats why this novel was just stupd for me. Man, with that soft of a heart the MC has, it was impossible for him to be a professional killer, and even more so to be a King of Killers. This s*upid author just write things but did not think about what he writes. S*upid.

And that fcking girl was annoying man. The way she talked to the MC was like she was stronger to the MC. She cant even get her fcking token, and needed the MCs help, and she talked to the MC like the MC owed her something. Man, I really like to slap that btch and this fvking author for making that btch. Fck you man. I just dropped this. And of course I would still rate this 2 stars, because Im not that unfair, and I still think that there were still something good in this novel. It was just the stupdity of this author ruined it for me. <<less
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Soldier888 rated it
July 5, 2017
Status: c152
Pass life is no1 assasin

New life, some noob madman I think, he kill enemy under 100 camera/thousand eye, he's not super saiyan that can kamehame destroy city silent the witness yet he still do it, some even let go enemy that shout and do everything to kill him, I guess his pass life is not assasin but a monk lol. Always rush, didnt do thing like in interrogated enemy that fall into his hand, basically he refuse to use his brain/ intel. He even use his real name even know... more>> all in world is looking to make trouble to him

Can read but dont expect something like pro assasin/good scheme MC, he just like vip newbie lvl 1 that start a game with armor lvl 100. Im still doubting he is assasin or monk in his pass life. Thats all <<less
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