Dragon-Marked War God


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The once greatest Saint underneath the heavens has been reborn after one hundred years. He cultivates with mighty skills, and he fights to once again reach the top of the world!

Don’t compete with me when it comes to concocting pills, 100% effectiveness means nothing to me.

Don’t compete with me when it comes to cultivation speed, I won’t be responsible when you die from embarrassment.

Don’t compete with me when it comes to experience, as I’m an ancient ancestor.

The existence of Jiang Chen is destined to ridicule thousands of geniuses……

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Long Văn Chiến Thần
Long Wen Zhan Shen
War God with the Dragon Mark
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Bull3thole rated it
November 23, 2018
Status: c1106
I'm officially dropping this novel. This will be the first novel I officially dropped. I don't like dropping novels, but it's not fun reading this anymore. Sometimes novels are boring such as fillers, and I can skim them, but I can't for this. I will tell you why later.

What's great about this novel is that it's straight up simple, and I mean simple. Nothing is complicated, and the MC kills the arrogant antagonists quickly. The author doesn't waste chapters with useless dialogues for villains, unlike SOTR. Another great thing about... more>> the novel is the humor--the same humor over and over gets stale later on--and the side characters have personalities.

Here is the bad part and I'm going to list them for better readability. I making this long (I don't like making long reviews) because I want to justify myself, and for you guys who read this, the reason why I'm dropping my first novel to date.
    1. My biggest negativity is when the MC reaches the higher/immortal realm. Nothing is a challenge for him. All the antagonist is the same as the mortal realm--arrogant and stupid. Even creating immortal pills was a piece of cake for him. He states that it was the same process when he made mortal pills. This logic is ridiculous. We, the readers, we not even told that he could create these pills until he started making them.
    2. Saving face. The MC could have been killed numerous times for helping people, and killing arrogant clan members, but he is saved because older cultivators don't want to lower their reputation for killing a younger cultivator, even though they know he is a monster with insane potential.
    3. Everything is simplified. You need a balance of simplicity and build-up, and this novel sucks at building up moments that end up being lackluster. The main example of this is when he finally revealed his identity to people, and it wasn't exciting at all; I didn't feel anything. No excitement, just disappointment in the end.
    4. His companions are useless later on. They get insane powerups (deus ex machina) so they could always keep up with the MC's OPedness.
    5. Techniques are simple, and there is no variety. Nothing to rave about.
I do want to thank the translator for translating this novel, but I think it's a waste of time. There are many better novels out there that deserve to be translated than this. I was hoping things would get better after he ascended to the immortal realm, but it didn't; this was my last straw. Also, the novel is still ongoing. It's really surprising that there are over 3.4k chapters, and it doesn't seem like there is an end in sight. In my opinion, novels should not go over 3k chapters because they deteriorate. <<less
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MarkofWisdom rated it
September 5, 2018
Status: c3100
3-4 * for starting and second major arcs (~2.5k chapters or so), 1-2 star for 3rd major arc (~2500+)

Major spoilers

... more>>

I enjoyed the story for the most part through the Saint world and immortal world, though there were ups and downs, but the story took a definite nose-dive after JC reached the divine world (3rd tier realm). He's basically stopped using most of his old stuff aside from spamming the dragon moves, he "feels something wrong" and doesn't use his divination/future reading technique anymore (from immortal world, was extremely useful for him). One of his newest spam techniques is fusing heaven thunder into a bomb to try and wreck everything, and every time he uses it people go "there's no way he can use it" etc. Add in all the other complaints from other people giving poor reviews and you get a picture of the divine world arcs.

I stopped at 3100 because I got tired of the author just making almost everything go wrong for JC for "drama" or whatever reason he has, and he's actually noted the story is less popular recently which as some of the commenters put-people usually don't enjoy reading about a character they like continually getting crapped on for stupid reasons or no reason at all, and for most of his work to keep getting undone-see friends and allies keep vanishing/getting possessed/kidnapped

JC basically gets shoehorned repeatedly into being against just about *everyone* in the local region, often times for reasons that are utterly absurd, and he keeps losing his allies/friends/wives that either wander off (best outcome) or are possessed/kidnapped/betray him for the umpteenth time-the 3rd wife of his Qingcheng (beautiful woman) -that's how the lmntl pages keep calling her and I saw someone make a quip of "Qingcheng (useless woman) " and it's fitting-she has been possessed and attacked him at this point no less than 5 times, including getting cured and then repossessed by something else shortly afterwards. There was one point where he reunited with QC and Wu Ningzhu (badly injured from... something) and actually stayed together with them and the monkey he became friends with even after the arc ended and they were moving on. I had snarked at the end I was surprised he still had anyone around. Cue 3 chapters later-monkey wanders off to train, QC gets possessed yet again and runs off after taking a few pot shots at JC, Wu Ningzhu gets kidnapped by.... someone and JC is chasing after her before a****** #8945894 comes out of nowhere to attack him a few times and block him long enough for Wu Ningzhu's kidnapper to get away, and JC is once more by himself. He's also spent quite a few chapters just being attacked in succession by endless morons from random regions.

JC now has the habit often going extremely far to get treasures that he himself needs before a friend pops up with an injury or just wanting it, and he'll give them the best stuff that he himself also needs. It's nice that he cares and helps his friends/family, but he goes too far with it to the point where it hinders his own progress.

JC's also developed the bad habit of being exceedingly/stupidly forgiving of even random women that backstab him and either let's the go for whatever reason or actually helps them even after they tried killing him. The one woman who he *should* be friends with or stay around more though he's left behind in some random sect somewhere before he left, and he's run into other women he's come into conflict with many times repeatedly and at least one time helped save one woman's clan from outside invaders before leaving-though at least in that case he was more helping the woman's sister that he didn't know was related, and the sister was a cool character (widow with kid, so off limits to JC) that was sane and reasonable.

All of this aside the *single worst part* of the story for me was the arc where the new cockroach Xuanyuan Canglan is introduced (Nanbei Chao is finished off near end of immortal world, JC lets him survive in a new reincarnation after wiping his memories, and it's implied that NBC will pop up again at some point as an ally to JC since they were noted as being similar and if they weren't enemies from the start, they would have been good friends). Canglan is the epitome of all that is wrong with this novel-a****** who should have died 1000 chapters ago, keeps getting bailed out by diabolus ex machinas and absolutely STUPID "allies", keeps showing up just to harass JC and complicate things and escaping barely while swearing "I'll get you if it's the last thing I do -Gadget- Jiang Chen!", and adds nothing to the story but sure takes a lot away from it. During his initial arc Canglan was big evil mastermind of the area and had set up what was apparently 10x reincarnations over 70k years to resurrect "some big demon thing" that ended up being the Taotie so he could get power. Lots of plotting, arrogance, murder, etc. and JC meets a "friendly enemy" from the same group as Canglan that ends up being a pig teammate and getting Canglan to gun after JC for his treasures after JC saved the friend since the friend is nice but Canglan is a greedy a******, who teaches the "friend" the lesson of "what I want, I get, cause I'm stronger than them" and the friend is sad but accepts it-this also comes up later when JC is off doing other things while the other groups of people are being attacked by monster hordes and the friend+canglan could save JC's friends, but Canglan says to leave them to die and just steal their stuff-the "friend" accepts this too even though he is "sad" about it. Towards the end of the arc where everything is going sideways and most of the people are dead, the Taotie appears, starts killing everyone and backstabs Canglan, before JC appears and saves everyone, including killing the Taotie. Cue Canglan pulling out magic plot BS #434 and absorbing the now near-dead Taotie and getting a big power boost and then he goes on to try and eat everyone. JC saves the day yet again and destroys the physical body of Canglan/taotie and is about to finish Canglan off (actual permanent killing him, not just "he's dead but not really" like NBC before) before... out pops "friend"! To... save Canglan! Despite knowing Canglan is evil and against him, and was planning on killing him too, "friend"/pig teammate blocks JC's lethal blow and Canglan then backstabs him and absorbs him while "friend" asks JC to let Canglan off despite knowing all of Canglan's crimes... and that Canglan even literally backstabbed and murdered him to try and get stronger and get away. Cue JC being angry at Canglan backstabbing his ally and trying to kill him again before the sealed world they're in goes to hell and Canglan gets to get away alive. This would be bad enough, but tolerable since it isn't the first cockroach around to escape. No, what makes *this* the worst part in the entire story is after Canglan gets saved repeatedly by bulls*** so he can get away to harass again another day, he pulls some mass brainwash move out of his ass so that everyone thinks JC was the evil b******* who was killing everyone and that Canglan was the hero. This came out of *nowhere*, was never hinted at or mentioned or used again, and happened *just* so JC would be forced to be hated by everyone again when he seriously deserved to at least get either some recognition or at least *not* be a manhunt target for once. This ends up with the *entire* province wanting him dead because of his "crimes" that they used as justification to attack him and when he killed those that attacked him, that led to more people trying to hunt him down as revenge for that. He is of course forced to abandon the sect he was in so they didn't get brought down too, and then had to go on the run *once again*. As far as I know, Canglan is still alive and pops up from time to time just to be a pain in the ass-he is even worse than NBC.

At this point I'm waiting for JC to find and reunite with Chenyu again (ice girl he met first) and actually *keep* her around rather than having her run off, backstab him, or get possessed. Or for the story to end and just read recaps of the remaining chapters to see what happened afterwards

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AYUSH Barnwal
AYUSH Barnwal rated it
August 25, 2018
Status: c800

Just this one word came to mind after I read it till ch800

In the name cultivation novel, this whole thing is a pure shit.

... more>> *Spoiler*

Before the Divine continent arc it was still acceptable but after MC and his friends get into Divine continent, everything become absurd, every ally of become so much powerful in the cultivation road in such a short time that MC feel petrified. Remember

Our MC (reincarnation of greatest saint) has the best cultivation knowledge and whatnot but still fall behind by his friends. Even his wife (2nd, don't remember her name) become arrogant after coming in Divine continent and directly challenges MC to defeat every genius and only then he can marry her (even if she was the one who infatuated with mc). Also the naviety that our MC (ex-greatest saint) shows is on another level. There are still lot of things that is pure nonsense and repetitive in this novel that makes me really really dissatisfied.

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Xininja rated it
May 1, 2018
Status: c1071
I'm already this far into the rabbit hole... but I would have to say the author is getting boring. I felt anthing past chapter 1054 would just be repeative. Everything seems lackluster.

As of the last 20 or so chapter it just seems repeative from the earlier 1000 chapter. The several 'roadblock' in the story for Jiang Chen has been nothing more than minor inconvience. And after 1000 chapter.... I would say I got enought of it. Most of the 'roadblock' can be summarised in a couple of sentence. -
Jiang... more>> face something he shouldn't be able to face.
Jiang manage to overcome issue because the opponent is 'retarted'.
Jiang overcomes the issue and kills.

I'm tired of this same old formula. And worst yet I feel the 'transend' arc is just going to be the same but worse. It's already 20 chapter in so far and anything related to pill creation (which just so happens to be similar to the beginning of the story) would only go down to "oh I'm awesome at this" senerio just to show off the protagonist.

And the last few chapter have been bugging me. There is a bit of spoiler so....


After Jiang Chen transends to the Saint Realm (or something), it's acknowledge everything is supposed to be stronger and more powerful in the realm. So I would expect that since at least everyone is at freaking human immortal realm they should have stronger ability. Since you know, FUKING passing on abilities. But it just felt like there is nothing more powerful, just more concentrated. Like instead of setting a new bar that Jiang Chen has never experience, the entire world is mulitply by 10 so everything is stronger. And it just so happens that Jiang Chen will also be that much stronger.


Would I read this again? probably not. It got boring after I spend 2+ years on this novel. Enjoyed the ride, but I felt it's time I get off.

To any new reader. Take my review with a grain of salt, but if you're here for a short ride to like 500 or less chapter than maybe read it for the heck of it. But to those devoted to read all the way... Suit yourself.

Looking at some of the other latest review. Most of them agree with me with my last point. I would have to say most of the 5 stars are from the early days when this novel was really good and sat on the top 20 on novelupdates. But those days are long gone. :/

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Viperz rated it
January 17, 2018
Status: c870
Why I only gave 2*

    • The style of storytelling is pretty annoying. The Author's, it seems that he's out of ideas, and simply wastes whole chapters sucking up to the MC and too overpower praise MC, rendering everyone speechless and showing how cool he is like Jiang Chen freak bla.. bla.. Jiang Chen genius bla.. bla.. Awesome.. Jiang Chen powerful.. Jiang Chen has three d*ck bla.. bla... and I saw this sh*t in every single chapter.. I know MC is OP but do you really need to over praise ur MC that much?

        • Not enough with just that and now the Author's sucking up to MC women like Jiang Chen women top beauties and not even the legendary celestial beauties could be compared to her and everyone want to F#%k his women, MC women attractiveness was lethal.. bla.. bla..
    • Author`s make all other character arrogant, dumb and idiot especially Jiang Chen enemy because Jiang Chen should have die and be killed by his Enemy many times already but all his enemy like 'HUSH I CAN KILL JIANG CHEN RIGHT NOW BUT JUST LET HIM ALIVE FOR NOW, HE JUST ANTS ANYWAY AND I CAN KILL HIM ANYTIME SO JUST LET HIM ALIVE FOR A FEW MORE DAYS'. Killing him is merely a simple matter'. After that enemy start to regret for not killing Jiang Chen early and this situation repeat over and over again and again.. urgh!
    • Spoiler

      MC keep showing how cool he is, keeping calm at all situations and keep saying he don`t like getting into conflict and finding trouble with anyone and keep saying don`t provoke me but in fact he is the one who always provoke and
      start finding trouble with someone. MC keep showing how righteous he is when he deceives others into doing what he wants them to do and kill someone for treasure. Treat different race as evil because of different cultivation and how they treat human but in fact he is the one who always collect soul and robe from different race to upgrade his cultivation grade.

    • This is the most part what I hate about this novel. There are too many similarities with the same story situation but with different character names and location, to much repeatedly situation. When the bad guy/enemy die, new one will pop up and same situation will repeat. Its pretty damn annoying!! So basically most of it is COPY AND PASTE.
I keep reading this novel for hoping it will get better and also because once I start reading a novel I will read till the end even it mean to translate Chinese into English using google translator.
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Cheesetakery rated it
December 26, 2017
Status: c250
The novel repeats itself over and over, and it gets really boring. The MC might be "ruthless" and all, but he's way too annoying what with killing everyone. He keeps saying how he needs to "protect" his family and friends, but I think the author just added this to make him more relatable because the dude does not seem like the kind of person that would care about his "friends" and "family". I mean, he wanted to kill the yellow dog when he first met the dog, and only stopped... more>> trying to eat the dog after realizing he couldn't beat the dog. I just got bored quickly. If you do like the book in the first few chapters, I suggest portioning out the chapters because I read 250 chapters in one day and then got bored of it. Try to keep you reading below 100 chapters a day. <<less
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Ardavix rated it
April 15, 2017
Status: c481
This novel is basically literature's answer to a Hollywood action movie: numerous plot holes, badass OP MCs, lot's of explosions, sexy girls that fall head over heels for the MC and a storyline that could've been written by a 10 year old. Ladies and gents, I present to you DMWG! At its heart, it's a Xuanhuan trope rinse and repeat novel that is even more predictable than a classic b rated horror movie. It can even be frustrating at times how stupid the plot is and how convenient Jian Chen's... more>> power ups are. Basically, he'll never lose because he'll always conveniently power up right before a fight or get saved by [insert here] plot armor. That's the worst of it.

On the other hand, who would ever read Xuanhuan for plot and story... Accordingly, and in that regard, it's the perfect Xuanhuan because it follows all of the typical XH tropes to a T: arrogant reoccurring golden spoon fed bad guys - check, enemies conveniently popping up back to back that are always marginally stronger than their predecessors and oc ~ the MC - check, timely powerups and treasures that occur/appear right before an impossible to win fight - check, peerlessly beautiful manikin wives - check, OP pet check, reincarnation - check... the list goes on.

In short, if you like Sovereign of the Three realms and if you're not picky about plot armor then you may actually enjoy this one because it makes for a really good action movie. <<less
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ishtaar rated it
April 14, 2016
Status: --
Chapters read : 66

The author is trying to make the MC look like a OP genius but the MC is simply too overbearing. Antagonists just pop up for convenience once the previous one is defeated. If you like MC’s who simply plough through enemies this is for you.
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nixxara rated it
April 2, 2016
Status: --
Really interesting novel~~

I really love the big yellow dog!

Anywho, the MC is a typical xianxia MC with the ruthlessness and arrogance found in c-novels. His arrogance isn’t really a big problem except he attracts enemies left and right. A good thing is that he is also attracting allies to counter the enemies!

By the way, the MC didn’t reincarnate; he switched bodies with someone. ((Good-for-nothing turns into a formidable genius story))
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Llamia rated it
March 19, 2016
Status: --
I like the cool-headedness of the MC the most. He is knowledgable and he is not afraid to offend. He takes care of his family and doesn't drag other people into his business unless he's giving something in return. This is a short review, but I will extend it in the future.
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ExtremeRampage rated it
October 23, 2019
Status: c2022
I'll be honest, I picked this up when I was relatively new to reading Novels and only because the title and synopsis sounded kind of cool.

It's a rather typical cultivation Novel, nothing that is particularly outstanding but it isn't bad either. What I like in this novel are the characters. The interaction between the "main cast" is pretty entertaining and also funny especially between the MC and the "Yellow Dog".

Another good thing, in my opinion, is the MC who is pretty ruthless. He doesn't give his enemies any second chances... more>> and takes them out as soon as he can. Sometimes it makes you even feel sorry for them lol.

Very occasionally there is some romance and the MC has got his little Harem (as of Ch 2022 it's 4 Girls I think) but he never really has any prolonged time to spend with them since he and they are often separated and busy with dealing with constant danger and trouble. So don't expect too much romance from this novel, like the MC this Novel is very much focused on Action and Adventure.

What I dislike is a typical weakness in long-running cultivation novels, the plot becomes rather repetitive. While there is an overarching plot, the mystery about the MC's OP Cultivation Method, it's practically on a standstill and we have to wait until the MC becomes strong enough since that is the only way to find more clues about it. <<less
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Storminy rated it
March 23, 2019
Status: c1670
honestly this novel has its ups and downs. However the more you read it the more you realise that the downs outweigh the ups. Plot armor is heavy in this one. For example he finds a supreme teleportation inheritance literally on the floor as he walks in a sub realm. Like wtf no one could have picked it up before him. And he happened to have offended half the world and the people were far stronger than him so he needed something to escape them. Also the worst thing is... more>> that older cultivators don’t want to fight him even though the acknowledge he is a super genius. But because his part of the younger generation they don’t mess with him until he rocks up to their door by killing all their guards. Then they regret ohh I wish I killed you when you were an ant. Stupid honestly.

Speaking about offending people. The villains are always and I emphasise always are young hot blooded men who either lust after his woman or something else he has. Practically lustful men. Who lust power or his woman or whatever the reason. Then the villains turn into the backing of the young hot blooded man. Then there backing and alliances come into play. Absolutely ridiculous how overused this cliche is in this novel.

Also this man is extremely self righteous. He looks down on people abusing others with their powers yet he does it himself except he kills unrelentlessly. He kills anything that looks at him wrong. And if someone offended him then that mans family will get annihilated alongside him.

also the world is poorly built. The characters are 90% men and 10% women. Wtf is up with that ratio your guessing yes? I’m talking about characters with actual names. All the villains are men. The majority of cultivators are men. It makes you wonder where all the ladies are. Also why are the ladies so extremely upright and righteous when they are practically hunted by lustful young masters. All these young masters can’t keep their desires in check when they see Jiang Chen’s women.

speaking of women. This man is an extremely old pedophile. He is at least 1000 years old and he possessed a child’s body. I hate how these “powerful” cultivators have actually zero experience with women. Like what the absolute f*ck where you doing in your first life with all that power? You forgot to lose your virginity? Or was it that there was no women worthy when In fact he wasn’t even talented or special. It bugs me out how stupid the reincarnated reasoning is when it comes to women.

Overall Jiang Chen would kill hundred billion people from realm A if he found a random woman was raped to death by someone in realm A. The stupid thing is that he condemns all his enemies together for the mistake of a small character. Also the novel never shows what happens to the clans he wipes out. Does he exterminate the women and children or let them go to experience slavery ? Really this novel is not recommended after he ascends he will offend even the most powerful people and will only survive because of plot armor <<less
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PercherTM rated it
July 13, 2018
Status: c800
my first chinese novel and also the reason I dont read many of them
the problem is... more>>

>leaves the main heroin alone all the time then cries about he wasnt there when they get messed up cause some dude he didnt take down almost rapes/harms em and to protect themselves they nearly kill themselves and only a *randomly made up treasure here* can save them
>inconsistent like "MC can take down 3 levels above" next chapter!: "oh no hes 3 levels above and MC can only take down 2 levels above" then MC plot armors with some knowledge he always had and the obligatory crowds praises
>i get you are a "righteous" person like allll the other ones and must steal everything from people and frame them from being bad and they coincidentally then are found out to be bad just to make the MC look good, and like a "righteous" person he just has to kill anyone who looks at him wrong and steal their treasure and then kill their family who just keep sending 1 level stronger members like retards to pace with the mc
>every character but the MC is stupid and just there to show how godly the MC is and the funny thing is the only times the MC isnt stupid is when he uses his "knowledge" of something made up and everyone praises him for it cause thats what he is for f*ck being the pill emperor thats just a minor background to show how good the MC is at it
>and for the love of "immortals" stop saying "i your father" or asking people to "kowtow" every 2 sentences like please I get you wanna look op but cmon
>basically put generic like Reincarnates into a waste - conveniently scheming brother he can use as a stepping stone - conveniently equal level clan he can step on - convenient power up and move on to next city - offend someone who sends someone a entire realm up and kill them - power up and repeat till everyone is dead - te leader summons something but the mc's pet is the true owner and now he has a godly pet wholl be irrelevant a few chaps later cause MC powers up - next city- next province- next country - next continent and repeat
> young stupid masters just have to offend him and he just has to kill them and repeat.


its so generic youd consider it the textbook copypaste of most generic chinese reincarnation novel
was ok at first but since I was new to it I found it at first but it quickly just got repetitive to the point I skipped a hundred chaps just to see whats up and


apart from new harem members a new pet and "brother" and a new enemy I feel like I didnt even miss anything. And all those "news" are just a copy of the previous brother is some power from some sect or family. Pet is some op bloodline or has high cultivation (a disposable pet since it never upgrades) harem member is the picture of beauty with only different chest sizes cause variety is important to fap to


only after I read other chinese novels running out of stuff did I figure out that this novel was just too generic and its only a slight trend in chinese novels to face slap every 2 chapters or kowtow to fathers and alot of them arent this bad
id say 800 wasted chapters. <<less
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bhankit rated it
June 12, 2018
Status: c900
This is the first novel that I ever dropped mid-way. It is just so frustrating to read. I started it pretty early when I was very new to CNs and thus, I kinda wanted to continue. But it just became a pain. Don't make the mistake that I made. If you read the first 100 or so chapters or first few arcs, you can safely assume that the entire novel is the same thing repeating over and over again. Unless you want to read to waste you time, I would... more>> definitely recommend against it. <<less
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darksideskna rated it
June 3, 2018
Status: c1511
There is no plot here, just rinse and repeat of young masters offending him in someway and them getting killed immediately and later being chased down by the young masters sect.

no cultivation techniques, no distinctions in different realms, the MC just absorbs chi and makes breakthroughs.

he has a plot armor for his cultivation technique but the same goes for all his friends, no mention of what techniques they are cultivating and what makes their techniques from a lower sealed world much better than immortal world where any insect from immortal... more>> world can destroy the MC's original sealed world.

MC's soul technique, alchemy technique, forging which is at saint level and acquired in his previous life is somehow better than immortals, god kings and venerates techniques, to put the levels in perspective using DM's saint level = 80, 000, Heaven Immortal = 500, 000, god king = 5, 000, 000. And this an exponential function and not a linear one as each new mark requires far more than an old one.

you can read this if you're bored and doesn't have anything else good to read and need to stimulate your testosterone. <<less
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Yang Emperor
Yang Emperor rated it
April 15, 2018
Status: c690
Honestly this novel is one of the worst I have ever read. The plot is almost nonexistent throughout the book. MC makes enemies 9/10 people he meets just due to his stupid arrogance and large mouthed dog that tries too hard to be funny. 75% of the story a super powerful clan/sect has their eye on him that could kill him with a breath, but they wait till he is stronger than them, or they can never find him.

His two fiancés so far have literally fallen in love with him... more>> 10 seconds after meeting him.

10/10 would not recommend. <<less
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baelar rated it
October 24, 2017
Status: c690
Just about every character introduced in this story +its mom is arrogant AF-- the most used phrase in this story is "you are courting death or if you kill me xxx sect/family/character wont forgive you".

It took me a while to get used to this dynamic but after c690 chapters I am still addicted and wish the chapters could release at a faster rate.

The reason I am rating it 4 starts is that I just read Warlock of the magus world and that story is superior in every aspect to this... more>> one.

Still the background story is solid and the characters are likable and new elements keep getting introduced which keep it from feeling the.... ---> arrogant guy insults MC ---> MC destroys him or gets power-up and destroys him --> rinse and repeat.... pattern.

4/5 <<less
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seanba rated it
September 21, 2017
Status: --
So the story had a nice concept with MC being a great hero type that took a shot at defying the heavens. Too bad though the novel runs pretty flat, MC constantly finding trouble or lame ass excuses made for trouble to come find the MC. Eg.... more>>

MC provokes powerful people into becoming his enemies at one stage inorder to help some crazy ruthless monk (who was killing people like a psycho to acquire some treasure).

Another time some female that supposed to like /love the MC creates a situation which could've easily been avoided were she wants the MC to fight off martial artists that like her which knowingly results in the MC accumulating more enemies thus creating more danger for the MC and more unnecessary fighting.


The women in this novel are vases and excuses for the MC to get into fights or to save his arrogant ass by some cheap leveling up that they've acquired. LOL what a joke one of the women approved of the MC having a second girl but once he tries to hug the second girl the first one c*ck blocks him, he isn't even allowed to give her a hug.

Also disappointing

Despite the MC being known as the strongest in the world before his reincarnation he is a mere ant compared to the two weak woman and the dog that followed him around, they are also reincarnation BTW and the MC's level in his previous life can't even compare to his followers previous selves. So worlds greatest saint is not so great after all


Got tired of the MC constantly getting into fights so often it begins to feel repetitive like any other mediocre martial arts novel. <<less
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Bakaleaf rated it
May 30, 2017
Status: c393
Not a good novel

It is a novel where MC go strong stronger to strongest and that's all so boring...

A repetitive plot and ridiculous outcomes. The annoying part is where MC always left his love ones behind then out of nowhere they are in danger. I mean MC know that the place is dangerous why the hell well he left them there. Very stupid if you think about it. The annoying part is the author keep on repeating the same scene. Reading it once or twice might make the story interested... more>> but reading it all over again is annoying where you can predict what well happen.

If you feel like wasting time then it's a good novel to waste time.

But there is nothing unique in this novel, Just another weak to strong MC without the romance interesting twist and hidden mysteries. The TAG HAREM is a big B*llS***T seriously this chinese novel keep on using harem tag without the slightest HAREM on it. MC don't have a romantic relationship at all so what harem.


one reason I drop this novel MC is keep on living the girl and it happen so many times, the girl was left in a dangerous place. I mean the author head why leave the girl in a dangerous place so that MC well save her later? good thinking but to hell you repeat it over and over again. You can't even get a decent romantic line between MC and the girl. Every time MC is with the girl, either the girl is badly wounded or sleeping. And now the girl is awake and alive the MC went kapposh and went somewhere out there living the girl in a place which obviously is dangerous


I suggest don't read if you expect Romance and HAREM since there is absolutely NONE and ZERO! <<less
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Varno rated it
May 25, 2017
Status: --
This stories isn't worth your time. I read the first chapter and the writing quality turned me off a little, me being tough and all decided to trugde through a few more chapters. Wild their might knot have bean any permanent damage done I feel I've lost some-thing. Kidding aside I'll show you one of the scenarios that made me drop this.

... more>>

The MC awakes in the midst of a kidnapping, he makes quick work of the perps, in the process he finds out that his brother is the mastermind behind this scheme (he's adopted). I'm gonna make this quick. A few days prior to his kidnapping the MC was set to marry the daughter of a wealthy family, with him being of one himself. Jealousy sprouted in his adopted big brother, leading him to develop said murderous plot. Armed with this knowledge the protagonist makes his return home and set's out for revenge. Long story-short he set's his brother up to marry in his stead. Organizing the marital agreement in such a way that his brother loses his status in the family, being married into the family of the bride instead and she's a body builder (for all of the faults of this story you have to admit that that's funny). Picking up her groom (literally) she carries him away.

Later in the night both brothers meet up to discuss what happened earlier (their father is secretly hiding in the bushes watching their verbal exchange) they eventually proceed to threatening each other, having already attempted once, his big decides to murder the MC and runaway, revenge and he won't have to marry the female-schwarzenegger, he says this out loud. Having already secretly become his brothers' equal in cultivation, the MC using his ultra-super-powers, walks up to him and snaps' his neck.

Having witness such a thing his father flashes over, standing over his recently deceased son. Can you imagine the emotions? His son, his little kid, he grew him up, fed him, taught him how to shave and now he's dead?! How do you respond to that, what would you say? This is what father dearest said. "Now who's going to marry the ugly girl?" Yep, read it again cause I'll write it again. "Now who's gonna marry the ugly girl". Years spent together add up too this one line, I think I care about strangers more.

I'll end this review how it started, don't waste your time on this novel.1/5.

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