Dragon-Marked War God


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The once greatest Saint underneath the heavens has been reborn after one hundred years. He cultivates with mighty skills, and he fights to once again reach the top of the world!

Don’t compete with me when it comes to concocting pills, 100% effectiveness means nothing to me.

Don’t compete with me when it comes to cultivation speed, I won’t be responsible when you die from embarrassment.

Don’t compete with me when it comes to experience, as I’m an ancient ancestor.

The existence of Jiang Chen is destined to ridicule thousands of geniuses……

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Long Văn Chiến Thần
Long Wen Zhan Shen
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Nana (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Fast paced, glorious adventure series! No need for shinkansen anymore, just read and feel the speed.

The plot is almost non-existent, MC just go and rake up villain to kill anywhere he went.
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tede rated it
April 16, 2018
Status: --
Novel is horrible. MC's cultivation is nonsense. He was even able to increase his cultivation by several levels simply by walking while in a rage of anger. There's pointless fighting throughout. MC is quite pathetic as well, he always acting arrogant and once claimed that he would never bow before the villainous emperor who is a Combat King (cultivation level), He ended up bowing anyway after acting all high and mighty.

The synopsis is misleading. The MC even in his past life was just a small fish.
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Ao Ryu
Ao Ryu rated it
January 18, 2019
Status: c1200
I wanted to give 2 but gave 3 for fast faced story.

Author goes on repeating same thing, after 1000 chapters it seems copy pasting same thing.

The MC is toooooo righteous, it makes loose interrest.

There is no romanace, HAREM tag is complete watse.

Story fails when MC knows everything in next relam, there are new hearbs but knows how concout pills.

This novel fails only because of MC

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makenai89 rated it
May 28, 2016
Status: c95
Reviewed at 95 chapters, rated 4

Like around half a dozen other xuanhuan novels, Dragon-Marked War God brought forth an MC who was a superior being but somehow died and took the physical body of a good-for-nothing young master. However, in DMWG the MC showed his superiority and arrogance appropriately, instead of hid his skills or disguised himself as weakling. The Author also smartly put an annoying monster sidekick to counter-balance him. The two (along with a somewhat obscure beautiful girl) made DMWG stood out among the crowd.

On the other hand,... more>> the Author seemed to take a lot of shortcut in other elements of the novel. Such as MC cultivation that is (so far) clearly more simple than in other novels. The separation with families and friends that lacked feelings of any kind. Action sequences were also narrated crudely. These kinds of world construct and narrative might suit the taste of some people, but might also invoke distaste for some others. As for me though, DMWG so far is in the right balance, especially the pace at which the story is being told. <<less
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NaM rated it
May 18, 2016
Status: c88
One of ths best read for me so far (in the genre of simple xuanhuan novel that is)

Good story flow.. Thats what made me so hook to this novel.

Its True that this do have a simple plot and always about ruthlessness and stuff. However, if you look at it closely, the badass ruthless personality of the MC is what really bring life and flavor to this story. True that he was indeed ruthless (not deep down ruthless but only pride originated ruthlessness) but not to the point... more>> that its too cringy like what happen to those ruthless other mc's (ruthless to the point that they narrate their own righteous POV to gain the trust of the masses) who in the end was flooded by revenge enemy because they are always look down upon (ex. PMG, MGS, DME).

So in the End of the day, if you made me choose from a ruthless yet Op MC (DMWG) over a ruthless yet on their own accord MC (PMG, DME, MGS), Then ill still pick the former. Nothing good come upon to those righteous tyrant MC. They are always so cliche that its getting to cringy. <<less
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beddedOtaku rated it
January 22, 2018
Status: c870
Overall: 2.5

I enjoy DMWG quite a lot actually despite the grade I've given it. It many comes from the fact that I'm kind of desensitized to the standard xn tropes, so I'm able to either ignore or skip blatant bullsh*t. However, that's just me personally, and doesn't apply to everyone which is why I better be honest with this review.

If I could summarize DMWG in one word it would be 'repetitive'. Repetitive to the point of absolute insanity. For instance, 2 major arcs are EXACTLY the same WITH THE EXACTLY... more>> THE SAME VILLAIN. I'm not even sh*tting you here. That's right: two arcs, MAJOR ones, are basically identical.


If you are confused, here's how it goes: MC enters a bigger world or whatever. He immediately offends half the 'powers' there while 'befriending' the other half. In the end, arc becomes the major 'war' between these two sides where MC obviously saves everyone. Both arcs have exactly the same villain, who does exactly the same things, says exactly the same sh*t, and gets beaten exactly the same.


Beyond that, we have the same repeated 'MC's girl is obviously a heaven-defying beauty that inspires bad people to have bad thoughts about her and MC clearly needs to purify them of those thoughts', we have MC strolling along the road of arrogance and absolutely no compromise which is shrugged off by a simple 'he can't live in peace' or 'path of cultivation is made up of thousands of corpses'.

Then we have nth degree of bullsh*t when it comes to his friends and other cultivators, because there's no f**king way anyone can keep up with his leveling up speed, but they have to of course. This, in turn, makes it seem as MC has the absolute sh*ttiest luck in all of goddamn worlds, as his first girlfriend is exactly the same realm as he is, yet she basically NEVER FOUGHT. Yeah, that's right. Our MC has been finding items, killing fools, getting sh*tf**k of resources, but he can't break away from any of his friends. Yeah, the 'super duper bloodline, special body' whatever sh*t 'explains' that, but no.

Then we have the tired usage of exact same things to inspire conflict: arrogant, prideful characters. From the very first 'villain', to the 'villains' of the current arc, not a single damn thing is different. MC always says that his current villain (s) have right to be prideful because they're sons of whatevers. There are no decent people in this novel. Everyone's either a mass murderer, rapist or a combination of both. It is something that plagues every xn novel and it always makes me wonder how the flying f**k hasn't the world collapsed under its own feet with these types of people inhabiting it.

MC instigates conflicts left and right for absolutely no reason outside the fact that he was the 'greatestest saint ever and he obviously cannot compromise with these lower beings', but don't fret because he always gets the exact item he needs in order to resolve whatever the current issue is. He's of course the most talented thing that has ever been born as he can fight, concoct pills, make weapons, draw formations, make his own f**king martial arts and heaven knows what else. He never suffers a setback because even when he's beaten black and blue, he comes out of it ten times stronger due to the benefits.

The novel also suffers because of the major power creep as is the case with other xn novels. Past a certain point, there's no distinguishing factors beyond the name of the realm. For instance, for the life of me I can't figure out what's the difference between Combat King and Combat Emperor outside the fact that they have different names. All battles are the same, and we can never objectively gauge the strength of the 'superpowers' because the only factor that makes a difference is that they're in the higher realm. At earlier stages, it was at least explained; for instance, Heavenly Core realm is when he was able to fly, Combat King realm is when he can travel through space etc. But now? F**k me if I know what's the difference between a Minor Saint and a Great Saint except that the latter is stronger because we are told so.

Outside from that, we also have your standard list of everyday xn stuff we're all familiar with. People treat MC like trash because he's ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS on the lower side of a realm whenever he encounters a bad guy. He's never, ever fought against people who are exactly his own strength. In addition to that, MC is of course the only one that can skip realms as he pleases and fight whoever he wants. He always has a solution and, when he doesn't, someone will show up to protect him until he's strong enough to wipe everyone who as much as looked at him wrongly, let alone anything else.

All his companions are cockroaches that contribute absolutely nothing to him outside of that damn dog which brings more trouble than anything else. Author clearly doesn't want to abandon them so he keeps stringing them along and giving them sh*t left and right in order for them to keep up with MC, yet the only constrain on MC's speed of cultivation - foundation - doesn't seem to matter sh*t to them. It's clear that he just can't abandon them at this point, so he has to keep making sh*t up to make them however little relevant to the concurrent struggles.

Writing style is just annoying, with every special effect you can think of introduced, and some that you can't even swallow. Then we have our beloved sideways commentators ALL THE DAMN TIME who keep saying that MC will lose only to be slapped right back and start saying how MC is absolute god in terms of everything. Instead of trying to make friends with a guy who's obviously ten f**king billion degrees above everyone else in talent, everyone and their mother does their damn best to provoke him for no reason just so he can have enemy to slaughter later on. He nigh commits a f**king race genocide because those 'people' used 'dark energy' to cultivate or whatever, and we're still supposed to like him? F**k off.

Considering my complaints, perhaps 3 star rating seems a bit off, but it's because, as I said, I enjoy this novel. It has decent humor from time to time, it's a decent power-trip fantasy, and as long as you can skip quite a lot of stuff, there's enough enjoyment here to be had. Of course, don't except to like anyone here, because everyone's batsh*t insane. <<less
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Queen of Sheba
Queen of Sheba rated it
September 6, 2017
Status: --
The average story of self-righteous protagonist upholding Justice wherever he goes. Add to that, nonsensical conflict with groups due to random females he meets, you have a story that lasts for thousands of chapters without inciting even a spark of interest.

Furthermore, the protagonist is reincarnated, yet he behaves as if he truly is a teenager. It's truly difficult to fathom. There's little to nothing of value in this story, and furthermore, the translator for this story is a truly awful chap. With a tendency to flame his patreons, and readers.
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Seregosa rated it
March 5, 2017
Status: c500
Well, I'm mainly here for the comedy and ass-kicking, and this novel really delivers on those parts. I wouldn't say it's perfect, but it sure as hell is one of the better novels out there in my opinion. My main annoyance with this novel is the fact that the author likes to use his fiancé as a plot device to lure in horny young masters to try and lay their hands on her because of her beauty (that she can never learn to cover up with a veil or something),... more>> especially when he's not there, so that he'll kill them and provoke the bigger power behind them, which results in serious rage and slaughter. This may also cause her to be seriously damaged or endangered... But other than that, I liked most parts of this, but I don't find it to be one of those "super serious" novel, it's fairly casual, he's going on his path merrily kicking everyones ass.

The first few chapters made me drop this once because I really hated the writing style that the author used during those chapters... Seriously mentioning "because I was the greatest saint in my past life" dozens of times each chapter to justify his actions and his extremely brutal approach and stuck-up attitude that we hadn't learned to accept yet made me royally pissed. It tones down after a few chapters though, so try to at least read 10-20 chapters before deciding to drop it, the chapters aren't extremely long. Oh, and one more thing, turn off your modern morals and sympathy, especially in the first 20-30+ chapters... I'm serious, just stop thinking deeply about his actions and enjoy the ride, don't take this novel too seriously, especially not at the beginning.

The dude freaking killed off his big brother (admittedly that's okay, he was a douche) and then he delivered his corpse in a chest to the one who was supposed to marry him when they came to pick him up in one of those large wedding processions, although that girl was extremely grotesquely ugly, she didn't really deserve that, but I laughed as I turned off my morals. He also castrated some people for being a bit arrogant in front of him and crushed all their limbs before throwing them back to their family. Note that he still goes on killing sprees later on, but the beginning had a lot of unjustified killings, which doesn't happen later on. So if you really hate when the MC doesn't have a proper reason to kill someone, just wait, because it will get better later on and he will just about never kill people that didn't want to kill him first then and everything will be somewhat reasonable.



Okay, read this again, and it's utter garbage. What the hell. I've rarely seen a novel that is this bad. The author is clearly a freaking nutcase that doesn't have any motivation to write a proper story.

This novel... It repeats itself ALL THE TIME. The author ran out of proper content and ideas after 200-250 chapters. The stuff that happens is IDENTICAL, every single fight, every single event... It was interesting at first, but quickly turned to garbage after started repeating the same old stuff again and again.

Let's look at the side-characters, the relationships. The MC is a 1000+ year old guy, the once greatest saint. He acts like an emotional teenager with mental issues. He treats his reincarnated body's father as his real father, and says his life is as important as his own, which is stupid. The first harem member is ridiculous, the once greatest saint fell in love with her, a 13-14 year old girl that he hadn't even met before, the moment he laid his eyes upon her, it was INSTANT, no development at all, every relationship in this novel works like an on/off button, they're just switched on and BOOM, they're at the ultimate level of relationship, no need for anything like proper development, it just happens because the author says so. His brothers are also similarly shallow, he meets them, they help him with something minor, and BOOM, they're brothers for life and their lives are worth as much as his own. We, the readers, also never get to see any real interactions between them, they might as well be talking rocks, no spirit or personality at all and we don't even really know them, yet we have to accept them as the mc's brothers or wives.

I never thought I would say something this scary, but this novel makes MGA look good, even the romance in MGA is better. Oh, when talking about MGA, the companions are kinda similar, soulless ornaments that exist only to kiss the mc's arse and bring trouble and be protected. They will also somehow all be special and somehow advance by leaps and bounds to keep up with the MC, they get everything for free without working for it, the MC usually gets stuff for them, and if they lag behind, they get huge cultivation boosts that goes against the laws of cultivation to catch up with the MC.

The comedy in this novel is subpar. It was kinda funny at first, but it is later on re-used all the time, the author never thinks up new jokes, so he just keeps on repeating the same ones all the time, never any difference. When we got to the next big continent, the divine continent, everything pretty much replays like in the first continent.

Oh, and there's an insane number of coincidences in this novel, imagine the MC having impossible plot armor and things happening that should be completely impossible, it's like he's buying a few hundred lottery tickets where there's a top prize and only one in a million can win it, but he wins it every time he scratches a card, despite the fact that there should also only be a single prize. It's just ridiculous. He always arrives at the last second and sh*t, but usually it's far more crap than that and coincidences that really is completely and utterly impossible, not even a 0, 00000001 chance of it happening.

Okay, I don't want to complain much more about this trainwreck and this author that doesn't care about writing a good novel, but I feel like I have to mention the ridiculous amount of plot holes and contradictions in this novel. The author incessantly contradicts himself and creates plot holes EVERYWHERE, it's one of the worst cases I've seen, it's as if he's trying to insult our intelligence and pretends we're retarded.

Really, avoid this novel, or at least stop reading when they enter the island of ice after 200+ chapters, because that's when the author completely ran out of material and started the endless repetition. I don't usually feel this way, but I truly look down on the author, he's a really bad one and he should just stop writing, because he has no talent for it, or at least he doesn't have any proper motivation for it, he doesn't want it to be a good novel, he just wants money by writing easy sh*t and repeating himself all the time. Contemptible.

I'll give this 2/5 stars simply because it was slightly enjoyable for around 200 chapters and then it turned to crap. So, the start was 3/5, or almost 4/5 stars, but it quickly, after just 100-200 chapters, turned into sh*t and only deserves a 1/5 at most. So, 2/5 it is, but remember that it turns into a 1/5 after 100-200 chapters. <<less
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UsernameJ rated it
May 16, 2016
Status: c87
Entertaining and amusing novel. The author understands the ridiculousness of the Xianxia genre and uses it to write a story. What makes this novel good, isn't that the character is ridiculously over-the-top. He has the best everything: the best knowledge, the best skills, the best tactics. What makes this novel good is that it realizes the character is just completely overpowered and that's the whole point.

The other good thing about this novel, and the thing that makes it distinct from others. Is that there is no more of this: "The... more>> MC is super smart and ruthless when he needs to be and nice otherwise. Oh what's that? This arrogant young master tried to rape the MC's sister and now that the MC has beaten him in a life-or-death duel, the MC is going to laugh at him and let him live? His shame is enough punishment?"

No f**k that, in this story the arrogant young master gets his head exploded with a fist.

The details in the setting in the world are decent, the cultivation path is kind of interesting. I don't think the setting is particularly creative like in World of Cultivation or ISSTH. However the frankness of the OP MC and the humour make this story roughly on par with ATG and TDG. Definitely a decent and amusing read. <<less
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Ksitigarbha rated it
November 5, 2017
Status: c386
This thing doesn't even deserve to be called a novel.

99% of the people MC meets are arrogant pricks who think they stand above the heavens bc of their clan/sect and anyone else can just be killed by them.

Not that this is not enough our MC basically offends everyone he meets because he is just as equally arrogant.

At first is is great to see a really ruthless MC, but sadly it gets old very quickly because this novel seems to have at most 50 chapters of plot which are copy pasted... more>> over and over again, with the only change being the name of the sect or person which is trying to kill our MC.

Also you can tell what is going to happen/ who is going to be the next villain tens of chapters beforehand. If a character is introduced as having great talent or a superior cultivation then you can bet your ass they are going to be someone who wants our MC dead.

Would rate 0/5 but sadly thats not possible. <<less
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Little Big House
Little Big House rated it
July 12, 2016
Status: c68
Great novel, fun to read. Worth reading if you're searching for a kind of funny xianxia. MC is reincarnated with his memories as the son of the mayor. MC just took over the body so there's no "childhood" arc. Just like the novel TDG (Tales of Demons and Gods), the MC was one of the most powerful beings before he died. MC is really confident in his plans and his knowledge so others think of him as a rich arrogant kid who doesn't know the difference between heaven and earth.

Personally... more>> I've read until the chapter 68 in one go and appreciated these chapters a lot. It's just really fun to read. For now I'm waiting until the chapters 350 approx. To continue my reading.

As for why..


since from the chapt. 68 a new arc begins (the trio goes around the world). Apparently in the chapters 140 or 150, the girl goes in a coma and only comes out of it in the chapters 300 something.

I prefer to read the translation in one go and/or skip some parts 'cause those arcs where the author just put aside one of the MC puts me in an incomfortable position just like in MGA (martial god Asura).

7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Wakashii rated it
July 30, 2018
Status: c1800
Okay, this novel was my love for many months, but when you read above 1400 chapter it's hard to still love.

The problem is not all the cliche, but three main things:

1- Everything is repetitive, the MC always gonna mess with Young Masters/Sects and goes to another realm. Its incredible repetitive how this happened over 6 times in the period I read the novel.

2- The fact that his friends always had lucky encounters and breakthough a lot of realms THAT NEVER SURPASS THE MC, NEVER. This is too much bullsh*t for... more>> me. His girls, his friends, everyone in his live acompanies him always close his strengh and we cannot forget that the MC is a fuc*ng superb genius. They disappear and when we see them again... guess? They have a strengh close to the MC (this happens a lot)

3- Now, this is the most bullsh*t I think I ever read in a novel. He goes to another realm and he already can concoct pills of this realm. A thing that was supposed to be unbelievable hard, he could do it easily without even the author saying before that he trained or something like that. Come on, wtf. This is like you leaving the school with high grades and goes to the college, never attends the lessons and get A++++++ in everything.

I give it 3.0 because I enjoyed the first 1k chapters, but It could be 2.0 or 1.0 easily. <<less
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qull rated it
March 23, 2018
Status: c3373
Don't be blinded by synopsis. The actual story is different from description. The people who commented on this as a good reading never really read to latest chapters. The author only cares about milking the plot, and he will reuse (or forced reuse) plots.

... more>>

For example, his underdog story. For example, his wives being brainwashed or kidnapped or disappeared are used for over several times. I do not exaggerated this

  1. He found out his wife is brainwashed.
  2. He spent 500 chapters to find a way to save her
  3. His wife reunion for a brief scene
  4. The mastermind pops out and reapply brainwash

It's been... around 2k chapters since we first discovers her. She has been cured and rebrainwashed for at least 3 times. As of ch3373, she is still in brainwashed state and can't recalled MC. MC is still trying to find a cure for her.

This is an example of many plot being repeated.

Other than that, wife disappearing. When she is found, she was forced to disappear by some random reason within hundred chapters after she is found. Now they are still missing..

MC is always underdog, even if his cultivation is the same as enemy. He will always be in backfoot, even though all "heavenly defying" techniques he has. For example, some guy of same realm as him can mindcontrol his wife from miles away, while he can't do anything about it and is subjected to his overwhelming power.

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xiin rated it
October 26, 2017
Status: c2000
one of the first xuanhuan novels I ever picked up and it's still one of my favorites. The first arc starts a bit weird with

... more>>

a strange fixation on castration and gruesome gory retribution

but afterwards the story and writing smoothens out and becomes a lot more enjoyable. I'm guessing that the author is/was gaining experience as he went along because subsequent arcs get sooo much better.

the character development is there, and the relationships between the characters (his gang of bros and his -surprisingly- small harem) are portrayed really well.

so to sum it up, for those of you who got turned off by the beginning, push through! It's worth it. <<less
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EnFire rated it
October 10, 2017
Status: c658
So, this story is one that is a guilty pleasure of mine. If you want unbridled fun, a character who is able to "power up" but without using any true cheats (at least, the cultivation system he uses makes sense, and it allows for easy understanding and not super dues-ex-ey), although as with any novel of this type there is bound to be some plot armor.

Who is the MC? Jiang Chen, an absolute bada*s who is the reincarnation of the greatest saint under the heavens, and yes - it's not... more>> just a meaningless title.

He cut open the wall to heaven allowing humans to gain immortality and go past the previous peak of his past life

. He has some wisdom and isn't dumb, although he can be a bit hot blooded at times and fight people who he really shouldn't - but that is due to his personality he had as a great saint and the fact that as a reincarnated saint - he knows no fear.

However, I would say this nearly has two main characters, and the second is Big Yellow, a "dog" who has a thick skull and farts that can kill an army. He's an incredibly lovable and funny character, and he is more of a cheat than the MC, although thats just in effort required for them to power up. The dynamic between the two (Jiang chen and Big Yellow) is really something special, as they are some mix between best friends and brothers, and their banter is always great. (Big Yellow is also even more arrogant than Jiang Chen).

What to get out of this story?

Brotherhood - not only between Big Yellow and Jiang Chen, but those few friends he has, he views as brothers. So far, even though some basic side characters get left out, the important ones are always mentioned, or even around. They come back and aren't forgotten, and they have a well-fleshed out character.

Fast-Paced Action - Jiang Chen progresses fast, but not to the point where its stupidity and a single power level is only viable for a few chapters. However, the story is well done and there is a lot of actual plot, and so far not that many repeated circumstances.

"World-Building", or atleast a nice history and plenty of secrets and mysterious that we will find out later, alluded to even 200-300 chapters in advance.

For those wondering, do not compare this to MGA or PMG, they are not even in the same league. Yes, the MC can be a bit hot-blooded and his arrogance knows no bounds, but it is in a very different way. If I were to compare them, I would equate this to what PMG would have wanted to be, if it was written by a competent author. Jiang Chen isn't an annoying arrogant brat, and there is actual story to be had beside the constant repetition (he goes into a sect atleast two times, but the arcs in the sect are less dependent on sect life, and more on missions).

While I can't say this is a masterpiece of a novel, I still rate it five stars due to the pure enjoyment factor that comes with this novel. Jiang Chen will make you smile. If you want an exciting and fun binge-read, this is a great novel to go to. A Xuan Huan story done right. <<less
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Shikonbel rated it
November 17, 2016
Status: c249
Dragon-Marked War God contains various common troupes of many Chinese novels out there. In that case, why am I giving it four stars? Because I believe this novel does a surprisingly good job with them.

... more>>

1) The love interest - Cons: The female lead is described as being very beautiful in classic "jade-like" terms, She just happens to have a yin body which caused her to be weak and ill until Jiang Chen showed up to cure her. Initially she was a very innocent and naive young girl, which could be a bit annoying at points.
Pros: The MC is very devoted towards this girl, and is both unwilling to let anyone else insult her, and also completely uninterested in any other women (as far as I have read). The girl has good talent, and could be considered roughly on par with Jiang Chen in terms of strength. Her personality also changes slightly as she becomes more familiar with the cruel reality of the world, though it isn't all that developed yet, but she's nice enough. I'm hopeful that she'll have a certain level of importance even as the story goes on. The female lead and the MC meet in a cliche way, but it's tolerable (I hate it when the meeting is annoying, like the MC sees a girl bathing and the girl proceeds to furiously try to trample the MC, for instance).

2) The power-ups - Cons: Jiang Chen tends to power up very quickly, and the majority of his overwhelming strength is due to the advantages given to him because of his powerful technique. The system of cultivation is a pretty typical level system, without any really unique points, and there isn't any focus on laws or philosophical descriptions or anything like that.
Pros: Although he does brute force his way through lots of things, and his power-ups are pretty quick, there is at least some logic behind most of his rise in power. Besides that, his level jumping abilities are about equally due to his knowledge from his previous life as his superior cultivation technique, so while it's primarily brute strength there is some intelligence involved.

3) The reincarnation - Cons: He has tons of knowledge, so whenever a problem pops up or something seems impossible for others, he can easily accomplish things using his past life knowledge.
Pros: The reincarnation part is actually done pretty well, unlike in many other novels. First, he reincarnates into the future and on a different continent, so no worries about him going back into his own past and conveniently knowing literally everything that happens. Another upside is that in this case him being reincarnated actually matters in this story, instead of being just a convenient way to get things started (PMG *cough*). However, the best part for me is that Jiang Chen actually seems to have learned something from his previous life, and strives to correct some of his previous mistakes in this life. For example, in his previous life he went at everything alone, but this time he ensures that he has friends and allies to help support him, recognizing that he can't do everything by himself.

4) Antagonists - Cons: The antagonists are kind of like what you'd expect. Many spoiled young masters and arrogant brats who incessantly harass the MC for relatively minor reasons.
Pros: Later on in the story an antagonist appears whose talent and destiny are fairly close to the MC's, and he apparently remains a relevant villain for much of the story, so if you're sick of antagonists being constantly defeated and forgotten, there's that. As for the cannon fodder types of antagonists, plenty exist, but for the most part their destruction isn't too delayed and is sufficiently interesting to keep me from minding too much.

5) Side Characters - Cons: We don't get too much development for the side characters, and many of them just end up either respecting or hating the MC.
Pros: Jiang Chen's love interest isn't too bad. Jiang Chen's best friend, Big Yellow, is also a pretty hilarious character whose talent is about on par with the MC (he can level jump and everything), and Big Yellow goes with the MC on most of his adventures after he enters the picture, instead of almost immediately fading into obscurity like many other "best friend" characters.

6) Main Character's Personality - Like a lot of MCs in these types of novels, Jiang Chen isn't quite good or evil. He goes far to help his friends, and doesn't hesitate to exterminate his enemies. Jiang Chen has a bit of arrogance too, which is attributed mainly towards his current talent and the mindset he developed in his previous life. That being said, I think it's an acceptable level of arrogance. He is a pretty ruthless guy, and he kills a lot of people, but I've yet to see him straight up murder an entire sect (there is a case where he kills all of the main members of a sect/clan, but he spares those who aren't a threat, like the servants and such, so I didn't think it was that bad).

7) Translation/Writing - The translation is pretty good. I think the earlier chapters were in need of some editing, but once some more editors/proof-readers join it gets better as you go on and the translation speed is pretty good. As for the writing, like many of these novels there is some repetition and wordiness, and there are some flaws in fights scenes and explanations as a result of this. I've seen much worse though, so I wouldn't go so far as to say it's worth dropping because of that.


To sum it up, it's one of those stories where the MC is super OP, aiming for the very top of the world and not shy about admitting it. The things that come along with this kind of story, like an MC with a certain level of arrogance, underdeveloped side characters, and level jumping, are all here in one form or another.

That said, all in all, it's a decent story. Actually, my rating is probably a bit closer to 3 1/2 stars, maybe slightly less than that. However, I'm choosing to give it 4 in light of the fact that despite the cliche aspects I actually haven't dropped it yet. I'd say it's worth reading, and definitely entertaining if you're a bit newer to this genre. If you're someone who's already read many Chinese novels and has a good grasp of the common troupes, you might not find it as engaging, but it's enough to pass the time. <<less
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Cien rated it
October 13, 2016
Status: c63
It starts off good, kinda funny, if you ignore the massive amount of translating errors of the initial translator... but it quickly turns repetitive. I know xianxia is suppose to be like that... but this one is more repetitive than others. Specifically, he does something "amazing" ONCE then everyone starts trusting him with clan decisions/important persons/ etc. His cultivation is no better than MGA, he eats stuff and he powers up, but MGA was more interesting than this. The crowd talk is annoying... it takes like 4 paragraphs and it... more>> identical to the previous crowd talk from before.

Honestly, I had high hopes for this, but was sorely disappointed. I will try to continue reading for now, but it is really hard to go through. Most likely will drop this soon. In my opinion, the quality of xianxia is usually under JP novels because of the xianxia elements but I still like them. This however seems to be on the low end of xianxias I've read so far <<less
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Tiger2a rated it
September 15, 2016
Status: c245
Someone sum it up pretty nicely with this review:

Why is every Xianxia novel that I read the MC is always like this :
1. After dying his soul went to another body and that body is weak as f*ck!
2. Trains a bit and become strong that everyone thinks that the MC is faking being weak
3. Left hometown and went to a city and got into trouble then a fight and kills his opponent
4. Left that city trains a bit got a power up and goes to another... more>> city and another idiot crosses his way kill

Rinse and repeat and more rinsing.

This novel is boring and generic. Please stay away. Wasted a lot of time reading it. <<less
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Reaper rated it
August 16, 2016
Status: c132
Good story. A little basic, but you're sure to get your kicks out of it.

MC's your typical xianxia with an interesting cultivation method (Absorbs powers through bloodlines) and bit of that arrogance that comes with once being the tip of the top beings of the world.

The main hook, as I see it, is the MC's ruthlessness. Side character exclaims "You wouldn't dare do that!" and the MC, well, dares to do it. Hilarity generally ensues, especially when MC's talking dog companion, a real narcissist, comes into play and literally bites... more>> people's butts off.

A favorite part of mine is when

MC almost gets assassinated and goes back to the sect he's at to find the culprit. Some things happen, and the MC ends up hanging up several people--outer disciple bullies, sect elders, and inner disciples--on poles and gets a bunch of people to beat them to death with pikes in the center of the courtyard. Keep in mind, he's just a small outer core disciple himself.


The story isn't complicated, the usual wash, rinse, and repeat method of finding a continually stronger guy who provokes the MC. That being said, however, it isn't boring. You'll find enjoyment in wondering what this seemingly unconscientious MC will do next. <<less
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January 6, 2019
Status: --
This novel is just rinse and repeat once he gets to the higher realms. It’s at the point where the author is just reusing names for techniques with a slight difference.

“Why should we trust you to make this heavenly pill when you just came from the mortal realm?”

”Because I have never failed a pill concoction before”

... more>> sh*t, this would make just more worried. A person who is the greatest and has never failed? Bullsh*t.

Honestly, though it wasn’t really a bad novel until he left the mortal realm. For some reason, he seemed to have struggled more in the mortal realm than he is struggling in the immortal realm right now. <<less
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