Doomsday: I Become Invincible By Picking Up


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Where am I? So many zombies! What happened to me? What happened to this world?

“Ding! Divine Pick-Up System activated!”

“Ding! Picking up done! Obtained Power attribute*10!”

“Ding! Picking up done! Obtained Dominating World Lv1!”

“Ding! Picking up done! Obtained the Spatial Talent!”

After crossing over to the doomsday, Long Chen found out he could actually enhance himself by picking up the attributes that dropped by others. That’s too amazing and incredible!

Strength can be picked up, speed can be picked up, defense can be picked up, even supernatural abilities, techniques, and martial skills can be picked up. Even the girls…

Haha, the girls still shall be pursued by himself. Anyway, it’s impossible for him to go cultivate, impossible in the rest of his whole life. Only by picking up attributes can support his life.

How to survival in this doomsday? Whatever, I will become invincible by picking up.

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1 Review

Aug 23, 2023
Status: c11
The author is terrible at writing characters. They just feel horribly flat and fake. For example, MC meets a girl who just had her brother mu*dered in front of her by a traitor. MC saves her life and she immediately follows MC around and behaves as though her emotional state is 100% normal. Wtf?

Just bad writing in my opinion.
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