Don’t Look for the Villain who Left


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Seishia, who heals people by cutting off her life force, escapes her abusive family and sets up her treatment center. But the visitor who came to her treatment center is suspicious.

“I don’t know how valuable your power is. It must have been hard because of foolish people, Shar.”

Seishia, who had been plagued by vicious rumors for being the “Promiscuous Young Lady”, tries to stay away from him as he seems to be a noble.


“Young Lady…”

Archduke Kartia smiled lightly and put his fingertips over her collarbone. His fingers slid down her arm, stopping over the back of her hand.

The Archduke raised her hand and kissed it briefly.

“I know you enjoy doing things in front of others, but young Lady.”

And whispered temptingly.

“Only once, let us have fun.”

Here, with me, huh?

The man who is said to be the sweetest man and the best groom in the empire, keeps approaching me.

“You won’t be able to escape from my side anyway.”

“Never, let me go.”

With a devilishly seductive look.

…Shouldn’t you be sweet?

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Don’t Look Back, Seisia!(manhwa)
떠난 악녀를 찾지 마세요
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