Don’t Blame Him!


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The fake young master had a tr*shy boyfriend who, despite being poor, looked down on poverty and admired wealth. After the fake young master fell from grace, the boyfriend heartlessly abandoned him! Then, at lightning speed, he got together with the real young master!

Great! Yang Yunran went to break up with him, but when he looked up, he saw this scumbag who was incredibly handsome! Dressed in a white coat, tall with long legs, a 190 cm tall hottie in uniform!

Yang Yunran was struck by this sight and decided to go along with it, falling in love with the scumbag for three months, leaving with the words: “You live too poorly, let’s break up.”

Another month later, a stranger claiming to be his boyfriend appeared in front of Yang Yunran with a gift, saying affectionately, “I’m back from participating in a talent show. We haven’t been in touch for so long, do you miss me, darling?”

Yang Yunran: ?? Ah?
Yang Yunran: Who have I been dating??

After questioning, the real boyfriend, bewildered, said, “I went for talent show training and couldn’t contact you. Did you come to school to find me? … How did you find me?”

Yang Yunran: ………….
Damn, these two guys have the same English names. He got the wrong person!!

A few months ago, Jiang Yi was doing research in the laboratory when a white classmate came over and said, “Evan, your boyfriend is looking for you.”

After Jiang Yi finished the experiment and took off his gloves, he went out, and the other person was still waiting at the door. With fair skin wrapped in a scarf and soft, straight black hair, he quietly stared at Jiang Yi for a while before coming over to hold his hand. “Are you done with class? I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

Their relationship progressed quickly and sweetly, but the reason for their breakup almost drove him crazy.

The high-and-mighty flower acts high and mighty without speaking, and the willful little sun does as he pleases.
The real scumbag disappeared due to talent show training, and the protagonist didn’t recognize his boyfriend because of the transmigration, so he found an attacker with the same English name, thinking it was his boyfriend.
Not too melodramatic, short, a bit like the entertainment industry, but not too much.

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