Don’t Be Obsessed With An Extra


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Se-yeon died unjustly due to her boyfriend’s obsession.

Upon waking up, she found herself possessing an Extra, Princess Priscilla, inside a novel.

The extra character that appears at the beginning for a few lines and dies. On top of that, Priscilla was a concubine to a war-obsessed Emperor.

“The moment the Female Lead shows up, I can be free!”

I just have to survive until the Female Lead shows up, but why is the Emperor obsessed with me?

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엑스트라에게 집착하지 마세요
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1 Review

Jan 07, 2024
Status: c41
Good novel! The romance begins early but it'll be long before they actually get together. FL is confident and ML likes it, he doesn't seem o understand that he loves her yet but she doesn't like him.

Summary below!

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FL is dating a guy who's an obsessed stalker, and she's trying to breakup with him. But he'd rather die with her than breakup, so that's what he does. He forcefully grabs her wrist and drags her to the road where they both get his by a truck. She wakes up as a concubine of the Emperor (OG ML & ML) and finds out that she reincarnated into the extra that committed su*cide. The difference is that instead, after committing su*cide, FL possessed her body. Villainess barges in later whilst FL is trying to have dinner with her maid. FL completely obliterates her maids using the self-defence she learnt before. Next day, her maid isn't arriving so she's worried. Then a younger maid comes in saying that she's the maid's younger sibling, I think, and that the maid is almost dead. FL resolves to go to the Head Lady-in-waiting to get a doctor by requesting a meeting with ML since she can't get one herself. She does this by giving the antidote to a disease (not mentioned) that Head Laid-in-waiting's daughter has. Head Lady-in-waiting (now HL) agrees and takes FL to ML, where FL demands a doctor and he agrees. I think he gives a certain condition that she spends the night with him after but that's a bit fuzzy. The doctor arrives and the maid is fine.

As I mentioned, FL's led to ML's room where she drinks a LOT. She ends up vomiting on him and I don't know much then but the next day he goes over and says that she attacked him. Funnily enough, as 'payback' he bites her neck a couple times whilst she's left thinking that she did something to him (I think he did the payback whilst she was asleep). Her palace is moved to another one, which rivals the Villainess' palace. Villainess gets jealous and tries to block the way in, FL decides to secretly sleep in ML's palace and tells the Villainess that she's gonna spend the night with him (she only slept in a room tucked in the corner). The ML knew but didn't interfere. She's wandering the palace and finds a cat, and 2nd ML. She also finds out that ML is allergic to cats too. Then, she's invited to a hunting competition where she has to go with ML. When she's there, she's almost killed by a tiger and then after she's bathed, she's kidnapped (this was a ploy by the villainess). She gets kidnapped by a guy who likes sleeping with women, especially beautiful ones, so you know what happens. ML notices something is off and scours the forest. Also, forgot to mention that he used a sedative on her. When she wakes up, she sees this guy and she bites him, also, when he leans in to kiss her (she doesn't want to, obviously), she intends to bite his lip off. But ML bursts in and stops anything from happening. After that, FL gets told she'll be queen and she's like no. But she has to. So she goes to 2nd ML and asks him to help her run away. He helps and she gets away easily but she gets kidnapped by s*ave traders and she finds OG FL there which wasn't supposed to happen. Also forgot to mention, she's disguised using magic so people think she looks ugly, even though she's the most beautiful. She has to go out first and just as she's about to be sold off, her disguise wears off and ML ends up buying her back (he was undercover to stop the s*ave trading). After they're all out, FL tries introducing ML to OG FL but nothing happens. She's put under probation in her palace where she tries to get OG FL and ML together but it fails when she learns that OG FL already loves someone else. In her ceremony to become queen, the chandelier almost falls on ML and her, but she pushes away ML and almost completely gets away herself. This was another ploy of the Villainess and ML decides to use all the evidence he has of her past crimes to get the treasure of Villainess' kingdom. This succeeds and Villainess goes back to her kingdom, where she's put on trial. ML moves FL to Stella Palace (which was meant for the most favoured Empress/Queen, but it's a bit confusing. I think the ML said Queen so he doesn't burden her) so he can be closer to her and protect her if needed.

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