Dokuhakihime to Hoshi no Ishi


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A standalone sequel of Mimizuku to Yoru no Ou, which is set 5 years after the tale. The story is about a sharp-tongued princess who gets cursed and loses the ability to speak. Out of a forced wedding, she encounters a prince with abnormal limbs.

Associated Names
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The Poison-Breathing Princess and the Star Stone
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
09/09/16 Kawaii Daikon c3
04/03/16 Kawaii Daikon c2
04/01/16 Kawaii Daikon c1
03/28/16 Kawaii Daikon prologue
03/28/16 Baka-Tsuki illustrations
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Shio rated it
March 29, 2016
Status: --
One chapter is all you need to know this will be a good one. That this title is written as sequel to Mimizuku only made it better, since you know the author won't mess up.

The story follow a princess from the country of seer. Being thrown into a slum when she was a baby to fulfil a prophet, she is now summoned back to her country to be wed in political marriage. So she cursed: The fate, the seer, the country, and they take her voice.

The story has dark atmosphere,... more>> but fairy tail like. Really recommended. <<less
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Dellphit rated it
April 25, 2016
Status: --
One of the finest Japanese novels I have read so far. In just a few chapters, the author clearly explains the depravity of the world and the disgust that the main character has for her country along with its hypocrisy. The main character in this novel is truly unique and is not an archetype of the traditional stories with female main leads being gentle, clueless, and naive that are so prevalent. The inner thoughts of the lead makes it easy for the readers to feel disdain toward the prophets and... more>> the privileged class in general. The attitude of the people along with the prophets and the royal family toward the lead shows how much they believe in fate and how person's entire worth is determined at birth. Overall, this novel makes me want to see how the main character who is fated to be a plague to the country will turn. This part is interesting because she is fated to be poison, hence the name Poison-Breathing Princess however, she despises the idea that her life is predetermined. If she were to embark on the path to revenge, she would be accepting her fate and proving that the seers were right. This would be proof that a person's life is like a scripted play. The only way for her to prove the s*upidity of the prophecy is to forgive, or at least forget the crimes and injustice that were dealt to her. <<less
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