Doing as One is Told ♡ Hypnotic S*x


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An admired boss with a child and a wife. I was convinced that I would never be able to have him. But―

“Hisaki-san. It’s ‘common sense for a boss to take care of his subordinate’s health and lifestyle’.”

“Since ‘it is common sense that daily life includes handling s*x drive,’ if I want to kiss you, you as my boss must answer to that, right?”

Hisaki-san responded, “Sure,” with a muddled look in his eyes, and put his arms lightly around my cheek.

And then―

His well-formed lips, which I had assumed I could never possess, overlapped with mine.

Having acquired the power to manipulate anyone he touches at will, Yuinosuke thrusts his admired boss, senior members of the same team, the president of the company, as well as the people in the office, into a world of debauchery as his desires dictate―

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January 22, 2024
Status: c5
Even though the author's writing style is not my cup of tea, I did read the available chapters and dropped by to thank the translator for their work on this!

I hope those that are looking for smutty BLs will stumble upon this and maybe they will be the ones to find it to their liking!
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ntww12 rated it
February 4, 2024
Status: --
Its not a story for everyone! It is kinky, very noncon dubcon due to all the hypnotism, has NTR (duh lol) and kinda dark too as the MC is a depraved kind of guy. Very typical hentai imo.

I typically like hypnotism stories but the NTR part was kinda icky for me.

MC does a lot of fking of the boss in front of his wife and kids. The kid also licks stuff off the dad.

Luckily that's just arc 1 and other hentai shenanigans happen after that.

Also some spoiler alert regarding the hypnotism:


He got the ability from demons who want humans but can't actively touch them unless the humans surrender to them, kinda. Our MC then makes a deal with the demons who look like humans btw, to send them humans that he has already hypnotized. Kinda like human sacrifices? One human for an extra one month of hypnosis ability. And guess who MC sends first: his boss' wife and kid. Like seriously. Cause he's jealous of the wife ever having s*x with his beloved boss/lover. I felt it was an ick for me but continued reading the story anyway lol.


Not for everyone but a good translation and its basically a pwp.
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