Doctoring the World


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A doctor died from over exhaustion in his previous life and reincarnated inside the empty body of the deaf and retarded sixteen year old son of Da Kang’s number one official. Whether or not this can be considered lucky, one cannot tell. Due to his tiring and jaded life as a doctor, he decided to live out this life as one pampered and loved by a beautiful wife while being surrounded by his descendants. He desired to live the leisurely lifestyle of the rich son of an official, but contrary to expectations, a reversal of his fortunes ruined his plans. As a rank 9, low level official, how can he rely on his medical and surgical skills to toy with the jianghu and court in the palm of his hands. Please watch me as I use my doctor’s hands to rule the world!

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Medical statistics country
Yi Tong Jiang San
Y Thống Giang Sơn
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Zhui Xu (1)

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02/09/19 diputs Lounge c1 part1
11/24/18 JCTranslation c4 part3
11/17/18 JCTranslation c4 part2
11/14/18 JCTranslation c4 part1
05/14/18 JCTranslation c3 part3
05/14/18 JCTranslation c3 part2
08/18/16 EccentricTranslations c3 part1
04/23/16 EccentricTranslations c2 part3
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01/21/16 EccentricTranslations c2 part1
01/14/16 EccentricTranslations c1 part3
01/11/16 EccentricTranslations c1 part2
01/10/16 EccentricTranslations c1 part1 (2)
01/10/16 EccentricTranslations c1 part1 (1)
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quack0709 rated it
July 19, 2016
Status: c400
Plot is unpredictable. Recommended. Story mainly not about doctor, but politic and action. Full of betrayal and tragedy

... more>>

If you are reading this expecting MC going around healing people, light hearted story making people happy, you are in wrong series. In chapter 400 at most he only treat 10 people, most cause he is forced

If you are reading this because harem and mature genre, MC's s*xual experience is off screen. Also, this story is in traditional setting, some girl only do it after marriage. Unlike other harem novel, almost all girl is manipulative/assassin/poison master with evil intent first time meeting MC (read Wetwilli5 review)

Just like in tag, MC's martial art is slow growth at start (he is a doctor), so be patient

This novel mainly about POLITIC, TRAGEDY, BETRAYAL. No kidding here, almost all people betray MC. MC is hard working and smart, but other is smarter. MC will be used by other many time. Later, MC is thinking why he must be reincarnated, he is a doctor, but other keep forcing him to be a spy. MC is too kind, he keep forgive other and trust them (it is his weakness). There will be tragedy, so be ready


I say, you must read till 100 chapter to realize this is hidden gem <<less
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JJ rated it
January 18, 2016
Status: --
I’ve only read four translated chapters as of this writing. I’ve rated it four due to its potential since it has a Kingdom Building tag. It will increase or decrease according to future execution of the story. The writing style is more tell rather than show especially with the first two chapter’s infodump. The expositions will only decrease by the time you are on chapter three. By then, you will still have no idea about what the plot will be.

I predict he’ll become a doctor as a primary job from... more>> the initial infodump and the title of the novel. I do hope he go that route because this will be the first novel I will read with that occupation. I’m also assuming that the author is a doctor too. I don’t count the protagonist of Against the Gods as a doctor since he’s a quack and mostly focused on battle.

This review will change as more chapters are released by the way. <<less
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OtongSlayer rated it
August 12, 2018
Status: --
I decided to give this novel a review because this novel seems underatted and left hanging for a long time.

As the other reviewer said, this novel mainly talks about politics, court intrigue, and conspiracy, which is executed pretty well in my opinions. The MC is a surgeon, and by that I means not some acupunture king with a godly needle skill or some other pharmacist expert, though his doctor profession is only secondary. His other ability/degree (psychology) is being used for the most part of the story.

As for the harem... more>> and romance?

Pretty much a joke, even though the earlier chapter gave a vibe that he is kind of a pervert and he flirt occasionally to raise a flags with girls, he doesn't even once touch a girl even after multiple hundreds chapters given how dangerously his situation most of the time. The harem is only in a late part of the story.

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February 17, 2016
Status: --
It has potential I dont like that even though MC is in the right here in the end he gets blamed for it all and almost dies at that and they are like meh but u save a girls life and you deserve death.. Hope it dosent keep up like that but its a typical make your enemies your lovers story so be warned
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