Doctor Jiang’s Beloved Sweetheart


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It is said that Ning City’s number one thoracic surgeon, Jiang Beiyuan, is aloof, haughty and apathetic towards women.

His colleagues from the same department disagree vehemently. “That’s not true! He has a little wifey who’s the apple of his eye!”

That said, the reporter’s request for an interview is rejected unabashedly by the surgeon, citing business as an excuse.

The next day, a young lady lies coquettish in his arms.

Jiang Beiyuan: “Mrs. Jiang, are you acting coyish here?”

The lady holds up her pretty, little face with succulent lips to him and says, “I heard you were busy.”

The man replies with a smile, “I have ample time for you.”

A year later, Ning City is shocked by a piece of news: Jiang Beiyuan is heir to a certain powerful and rich conglomerate!

The man greets this revelation with calm indifference. “Having been a doctor for a while, I decide to give an empire to Mrs. Jiang for a change.”

Everyone turns speechless…

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