Doctor Goes Back to Joseon


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The undisputed greatest doctor in Korea, Baek Gang Hyuk.

He falls back in time to Joseon after touching a strange painting

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닥터, 조선 가다
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octoprince rated it
January 4, 2019
Status: c49
This novel is about a talented modern doctor who find himself back in the past. He settles quickly in this new reality and start to gain a famous reputation by using his modern knowledge. He has a

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magic bag full of modern medicine who reset its content everyday. While it's OP, the bag doesn't have the answer to every medical problems so the MC has to think a bit more to solve them


And he also interact with


famous people in Korean History - like martial artists, scholars, generals, painters, monks etc..


The story is nice to read if you're interested in this kind of plot. I like the cast of characters and it's fun to see the shocked reaction of people when the MC uses his modern knowledge to treat patients. However, I wouldn't call it a really exciting story (as of chapter 49). I didn't feel like the MC struggles much and there isn't any particularly interesting schemes or face-slapping if you're into that. It wouldn't bother me if the story wasn't stuck behind a paywall starting chapter 50. Right now it requires 11 power stones to unlock a chapter on Webnovel (Qidian) and it's too expensive. I guess it's the reason behind the bad ratings on NU.

Some people pointed out that a manga called "Jin" has a similar plot (without the bag) and might be a good alternative. Apparently there is even a drama derived from the manga. <<less
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