Do You Want to Hold Your Wife?


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What to do when an omega wakes up in ancient times without an alpha and with a shortage of inhibitors!
Little master omega: have to find

A wife crazy local in the village x petite little master content

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04/23/21 sanyamtl c7 part5
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04/19/21 sanyamtl c7 part1
04/17/21 sanyamtl c6 part4
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04/14/21 sanyamtl c4
03/31/21 sanyamtl c3
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New teagsho rated it
April 12, 2021
Status: -
The MC is really unreasonable. Getting angry at little things it’s really annoying. I know he is not accoustumed to Ancient Times but that doesn’t mean he can complaining and getting angry at every little things.

The MC literally angry because the bed is too hard, not enough bed so have to cramped together with ML. MC has the guts to kick and throwing tantrum at ML when ML saved him and lending him clithes, bed, and food? Is being omega an excuse for being rude?

MC also complaining a lot about... more>> the quality of food, about the weird setting of bathub, like literally complaining at everything! He is not being grateful at all! O my God I am so angry reading this. MC only feel slight guilty because he’s being unreasonable by waking ML up in the middle of the night bc he was hungry. ONLY A LITTLE BIT.

After that MC stubbornly want to get back into the forest where he fall alone. Didn’t he realized that he is an omega and weak? So f*cking unreasonable.

If you like spoiled, childish, and unreasonable MC (shou) x Gentle, doting, stromg ML (gong) go ahead, ba. <<less
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Freyalily rated it
April 1, 2021
Status: Completed
Omega MC transmigrate into a normal world

Fast paced

Tsundere MC, typical cold ML only pamper MC type

No 3rd party, no conflict

Good parent in law


... more>>

2 kids, eldest born 'normal' like the ML, 'sis'-con, 2nd born omega like MC

in the end, don't know how and why, MC return back to his world and meet the marshal which is his father arranged him to marry, is actually the ML (not really clear if reincarnated or what)

And then the story end when MC turn around to see ML face


There are lots of hole in the story

But it was okay <<less
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Erudite.Cielo rated it
April 2, 2021
Status: Completed
Very good slice of life story. O (≧∇≦) O I love the MC and ML, and there not much conflict or intrigue that happened to the main characters. ⊂ (^ (工) ^) ⊃ The babies are cute and the story has a good ending. (♥ó㉨ò) ノ♡ The last fanwai was unexpected but still a pleasant surprise. ~ (^з^) -♡
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