Do You Think Someone Like You Can Defeat the Demon King? (LN)


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Flum Apricot never even wanted to leave her village. She would’ve been content to live out her entire life there in peace. But unfortunately, after being prophesied by the God of Creation Origin to join the Hero’s party and defeat the Demon Lord, she’s known nothing but misery. How is someone with stats of zero like her supposed to be of any use? Her only ability is ‘Reversal’, and not even she knows what that’s supposed to mean. The party’s sage, Jean Inteige, is also convinced that she has no right to be there, and he knows just how to get rid of her. Through the depths of despair, when the curse finally ‘reverses’ itself, what will be left of Flum? And what kind of life will she make for herself?

Associated Names
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"Omae Gotoki ga Maou ni Kateru to Omou na" to Gachizei ni Yuusha Party wo Tsuihou Sareta node, Outo de Kimama ni Kurashitai
I Was Told That I Wouldn’t Be Able To Defeat The Demon Lord And Was Kicked Out Of The Hero’s Party, So Now I Just Want An Ordinary Life In The Capital
ROLL OVER AND DIE: I Will Fight for an Ordinary Life with My Love and Cursed Sword! (LN)
「Omae Gotoki ga Maou ni Kateru to Omou na」 to Yuusha Party wo Tsuihou Sareta no de, Outo de Kimama ni Kurashitai
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Sora-chi rated it
June 1, 2019
Status: v1 ss1

I've done review on the web novel for this title and would recommend this Light novel for those that might want a liiiiilttle bit of goreness or darkness since the plot did change a bit here. This version are written and improve abit better than the web. The pace are so-so for me but I think its good for the path this LN going. The char are not your everyday-hero/heroine tropes (because being too good could be annoying too).

Highly recommended for yuri + fantasy genre. Give it a try... more>> :) <<less
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Auree rated it
July 28, 2019
Status: v2c10
This is so good that it far surpasses my expectation.

Initially, I thought it was just a story about a bright girl getting kicked out and then gathering strength to show everyone wrong.

However, there is so much more to that. As the title already stated, she was kicked out of the hero group because she was way too weak. She ended up being "disposed of" by Jean, another member of the hero group. The harsh realization from her of being sold and the heart rending reaction of hers really make me... more>> sympathize her.

Jean, the as*hole magician in the group, sold her to s*avery behind everyone else's back. Flum herself was never aware of it until she was pinned down in front of the s*ave trader. I really feel for her when she became desperate as she asked Jean if others know about it and got the response (lie) that everyone agreed. When all hope was lost, she still couldn't believe it... she cried that she wanted to go home. Her despair, sorrow, disappointment, and desperate calling to escape to somewhere safe and warm... were all fully displayed --- I cannot put in words how heart-rending that is.


Another remarkable trait: the battle is truly intense and gruesome, for a novel with yuri tag. The MC's power is "Reversal". She become decently strong after understanding how to use it. HOWEVER, only "decently." This power does not guarantee OPness; as a result, her battles are always bloody and gruesome, with no elegance or overpowering opponents you may expect from many others of the same genre.

Plz forgive me for being unclear from above: it is just that a rather thorough explanation of her power would involve a little bit spoiler. I will only explain what her power is and not spoil the plot below:


The "Reversal" allows her to turn curses into blessings, and blessings into curses. Resulting from that, she could not gain strength from growth---since all the stats she get as she gains age would instead be subtracted, which eventually makes all her stats zero.

However, by (an exasperating) accident, she got her hand on a cursed weapon that normally lowers people's stats and melt their flesh. Due to her power "Reversal", it instead raises her power and make her regenerate really fast. But the weapon only raises her stats so much, and she cannot grow in power normally. As a result, she time and time again has to rely on her regeneration, not strength, to survive. This means that she suffers a LOT---amputation, dissection, throat slit, flesh eaten, etc. She has experienced hell, truly.


The greatest about the novel is the horror whenever the characters are in some crisis. The evil, or villain, or whatever are truly powerful, disgusting and twisted. It goes far beyond my imagination of how far this novel goes. Explanation involves a lot of spoilers; thus I would only say so much: it reminds me of Saw, Silent Hills, Slender Man, The Mist, Resident Evil (not the action but the escaping from a labyrinth, and monsters), etc. Yes, it is HORRIFIC and CREEPY at the same time. Maybe some people may think that I am exaggerating a little bit, but it truly makes me remember all the horrors I saw in films and games.

By the way, the demons are NOT the bad guys. So please do not feel disappointed when you see demons as the supposed-to-be villains are actually pretty nice. There are threads hidden there that may be exposed in the future.

Eventually we have a good dose of yuri. The romance between the two is sweet: it gives a strange sense of peace after witnessing all the harshness and gruesomeness from the MC's side. The depictions of the yuri is sometimes quite hot, when what they were actually doing was not so lewd. <<less
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Mikaze rated it
August 27, 2019
Status: v3c7

Starting off the story with a betrayal by the hero party has been a cliche for quite some time now and I can tolerate a story with some amounts of it but this one really grinds my gears.

The protagonist Flum is forced to join the heroes even though she has no combat experience and is then sold as a s*ave by an irate noble trying to get rid of the "weak link" of the party.

Of course the entire party is in agreement... except they're not. They never bothered to voice their complaints or even attempt to check on what happened to her until it was too late.

Soon after, the party falls apart because "muh Flum" isn't there to carry their asses.

And true to form, Flum is forced into many "horrific" situations. But these are mainly there to justify Flum killing a bunch of faceless background characters who act like they're the Z-gang from Hokuto no Ken.

The horror is shallow at best and the demons are just there either to act as plot devices or to show that "omg Flum and her girl gang is so cute11!!11".

And the villains... Of course it's religion all over again but this time, they have the power of god and anime on their side. A convoluted plan trying to gain superhuman powers through human experiment and has been hidden for centuries.

The people in this story are just so flat. Every character that isn't on Flum's side is either incompetent, needlessly rude and condescending or has plot armor for the sake of not being able to kill them early so Flum can have "revenge".

Overall, it's a story for those that desire to self insert themselves as a rebel and want to get revenge on everyone that "betrayed" you. Every villain is a massive douchebag and everyone that isn't on Flum's side will insult her every chance they get. Trying to hide all these things under a veil of a "deep plot" involving the church and it's evil god trying to destroy the world and of course it will be Flum and saves everybody in the end.

TLDR: Its a Yuri novel topped with ridiculously edgy writing. Stay for the cute Yuri but don't bother thinking too hard on the horror aspect.

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Nyamu rated it
June 16, 2019
Status: --
A good "horror" fic with RPG elements and stuff.

My only problem with it is that there are seemingly way too many petty as*hole villains. Walk in to an adventurers guild and you find 90% of the people there including the receptionist literally go out of their way to get you? For a job involving 'clearing quest' they sure spend a lot of time and effort trying to hinder and harass others instead of doing their jobs.

(P.S. Ignoring the entire yuri subplot including their many w/e lovey dovey moments in... more>> my rating to prevent bias) <<less
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AZ09XO rated it
May 31, 2019
Status: v1 ss1
This is my first time reading this. Top notch writing.

Although the series uses a couple of overused tropes and and tags, the author gives it a nice, dark twist to it. I'm not exactly one who likes darkness all that much, but it's well-written enough for me to forget about it.
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Iruy rated it
June 29, 2021
Status: v3c1
This is my review.

... more>>

Contains massive spoilers. After reading this for a bit there's a question that never left me "Why not go back to your home town?" Like I mean Flum could 100% have went back to her hometown with no issues. Fighting the "Orge" and Spiral children was completely unnecessary. She's got the money, she could bring Milkit with her. Also some parts just straight up make no sense. It has been said before when Flum was still in the hero's party she would get healed by Maria with holy magic and with no issues but when Sara heals her she burns?????? That's just an example.

The yuri could've 110% been better. Actually it's not even yuri its more shoujo-ai then anything. Flum loves Milkit so much that Milkit is her sole motivation to live and keep on fighting BUT MILKIT'S NAME IS BARELY METIONED WHEN SHES FIGHTING. Also the development was pretty private or should I saw shallow like all we know is that Flum fell in love with Milkit because here eyes are "pretty". Like that's really shallow ngl. I mean they did talk about what they were doing before meeting each other but that was only mentioned once so it seems so shallow to me.

Ngl the my rating of this went dow hill when Milkit just disappeared like stuff where happening to quick like give it some time to breath it just felt s*upid when everyone started to disappear. The way they reunited wasn't that smooth either. It would've been better if Flum was legit by herself for a couple of days in despair her mind broken and no more hope to survive and when all hope is lost Gadio come to rescue her I really feel like it would've been better.

You should read it though. The fighting and horror kinda makes up for it (At least I think that it does)

TLDR; Flum is dumb and the Shoujo-ai is pretty plain

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Nikko Anderson
Nikko Anderson rated it
October 26, 2019
Status: v2c8
The concept is amazing, but the writting feels 'unrefined'. Like eating spicy hamburger with ice cream inside. The dark part feels dark, the fluff part is fluffy. But everything that connect them are coarse and feels 'forced'.

It's still a good read if you could handle it though. The crisis feels more real than easy going novel out there and the girl love subtext is fun to read. If only the author could smooth over the rough edge, I think this series could reach epic in my ranking.
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ntrpotato rated it
July 9, 2019
Status: v2 extra
Certainly one of the most interesting light novels I've read in a long time. When I first saw the tags, I went in thinking the series would be one of those edgy LNs with the overpowered protagonist that has the unique ability that everyone thought was sh*t but turned out to be the strongest. To be honest the summary doesn't really undersells what you actually get and the only reason I actually gave this novel a try was because of the yuri.

After actually reading it, the LN starts off as... more>> one would expect according to the summary with pretty good writing and a decent plot. The MC is pretty down to earth with clear and understandable motivations and she gets a girl early on, presumably the main heroine. After that its the usual adventurer stuff with some pretty common tropes and a slight bit of mystery in the air that things aren't as they seem. MC's even got a kind of edgy power with edgy equipment. Generic but well written and engaging enough for a yuri LN, that's pretty much most of volume 1.

If it was just that then it'd be decent at best but sh*t really hits the fan in the latter half of the volume and the real face of the LN kicks you in the face, hard. While the yuri is good and wholesome with a good amount of lewd as well, its just a mask for what's to come.


Its at this point the horror tag that most people took for granted kicks in. It just takes a few sentences in a single chapter to take the pre-established tone that most of the volume built up and throw that out for some existential horror.

The seeming culprits behind the horror ain't anything new but in this LN they feel like a genuine threat and even somewhat untouchable. Characters that are supposed to feel strong really don't compare to the said culprits and at several points it really seems like they're going to get killed simply because the culprit's that much of a threat.

The horror in this LN really feels like some HP Lovecraft sh*t and even kind of resembles Bloodborne in a way, but sh*t gets really weird in the volume extras which are seemingly side stories. The first extra is pretty light hearted and makes you think, "this is an alternate world where f*cked up sh*t doesn't happen to the innocent main characters unlike the main story", though it takes place in an almost comical future where countries are getting taken off the map due to everyone being trigger happy with nukes. It just feels like flavor text as the yuri is especially pushed forward in the extras and there's a hopeful tone that everything will be pretty fine by the end. Volume 2's extra chapter just throws the entire thing out of control and this extra chapter is the most disturbing chapter in the so-far two published volumes.


Overall a very fun experience. The author genuinely seems to be having fun with his story and his twists are pretty enjoyable.

TLDR; Came for the yuri, stayed for the horror (and yuri). <<less
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oholoko rated it
June 2, 2019
Status: v2 interlude
Okay this history is awesome from Flums perspective, a bit too sad but still pretty good...

Then it shifts to demon perspective. O god... Demons are just dumb, they are overpowered but decide it's a good idea instead of stopping the heroes to just well do s*upid shit...

But well without the problems in the spoiler the story could easily been a 4 star for me.
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bronx819 rated it
November 25, 2019
Status: --
Usually when authors make a yuri story its hard to find a balance between focusing on the yuri-ness and the plot. So far it's been keeping a great balance, which I love. I'm a huge yuri fan and I've been dying for a yuri LN with a good story, though the whole time it's like the author's been teasing me with just enough fluff to make me want more. The general story is pretty interesting itself, the pacing seems a bit fast but since it probably won't go on for... more>> very long that's understandable, which makes me sad since I'm so invested. One thing I'd like to give special props for is the horror factor, by itself it's not scary but during certain parts it really immersed me.


If I had to name one fault it's the church being evil thing. Normally I'm a fan of that sort of thing but Omae Gotoki really drove home the fact that the trope is getting a bit overused, especially since it was obvious since the first volume. In fact I can't easily think of a series where religion is a big part of the story and the church is perceived as good


Despite that though I caught up to Omae Gotoki in less than a week, it really clicked for me, I even bought the official JP volumes to support the artist <<less
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ExtremeRampage rated it
September 25, 2019
Status: v3 extra

Female MC in the "Hero" Party has a seemingly useless ability and her Stats are all 0. One Guy in the Party particularly hates her guts and sells her as a s*ave behind the others back.

There she meets a pitiful and cute girl, finds out the secret about her ability and manages to escape with her. Now all she tries to do is to survive while the shady Church and other People constantly try to mess with her.
The vast majority of people here are real scum: Murderers, Torturers, Human Traffickers and Human Experimentation you name it there are messed up people doing it.
This is a rather dark story, hence the Horror and Tragedy tag (lots of Gore and other creepy stuff here), where people get abused by the churches fanatics and their "Skynet-like" sadistic God (or God-like being it's not clear yet) messing with everyone but on the other hand, we get to see wholesome and heartwarming moments with the MC and her Partner trying to have a normal life.

TLDR: Dark-fantasy setting with Gore, Horror and Tragedy balanced with fluffy Yuri moments. No ecchi (yet?) just wholesome cuddling, holding hands, spending time together etc. All this surrounded by a creepy possibly apocalyptic plot. Very unique and I haven't read anything like it. A definite recommendation if this premise piques your interest.
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Kahirama rated it
September 13, 2019
Status: --
I'm surprised that I like this so much. Some scenes are very creepy, yet the story has some light moments. And the characters are so cute
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CluelessTurtle rated it
June 29, 2022
Status: v2
I'll be honest, the premise of the novel was interesting to me. The starting chapters were also good, with the MC fighting against the s*ave trader and all. But after that, the main plot is simply bad, not interesting and very badly written. After reading 2 volumes I don't think it will improve much so had to drop this one
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awfullybadpoetry rated it
May 12, 2022
Status: --
I've read all 4 volumes that are out.

+ the plot is great and intriguing

+ really cool fights

... more>> + it feels like there's always stakes

+ cute (but slow) yuri romance

- relationships between minors and people who are definitely not minors

- a lot of people who are just bad for the sake of making MC look good

- trans coded predator stereotype

- pretty flat main characters

- the whole yuri thing is probably some kind of fetish, judging by the author's twitter

? The author tries to incorporate a whole lot of elements, and teases at even more in the latest author's note. Not sure how any of this will tie together coherently

? It has a really weird modern day psychological horror spinoff with the gore cranked up to eleven. Never seen anything like it, but it's also extremely sexual?? Are these teens? You have to dig a bit on the internet to find it in the first place <<less
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h4kureii rated it
May 8, 2022
Status: v4 extra
No comment on translations, I read the official Seven Seas release which was solid.

OmaeGotoki, despite its title, is not an isekai (thankfully). I'm actually not sure how to classify the genre. I suppose it's a fantasy story with elements of horror, suspense, slice of life, yuri, drama.

I think the first volume was great. The monsters were genuinely horrifying and the suspense was well-written, with some light moments to recuperate. The problem is the later volumes. As the story progresses, the light moments felt more and more out of place, ... more>>

For instance, in volumes 3 and 4, every main character inexplicably paired up with another character to form a relationship with subtle or not so subtle romantic undertones, and it was so unnatural it made me feel disgusted (especially Eterna (I think that's her name?) and the little girl)

and the encounters (generally, with some exceptions) felt less and less scary, since suspense is used less in later volumes and the monsters are mostly recurring, or recycle designs from other media. Flum's powers initially made her unique as a protagonist, but the story's over reliance on her abilities becomes stale after a couple of volumes (nothing can be done without her).

The worst part of the series is definitely the characters though. They're too simple.

The most interesting characters are the Children show up later. I can't remember if they show up in volume 2 but they're definitely present in 3 and 4, and to a lesser extent Maria

The yuri is laughable because after Flum and Milkit get together, their relationship never changes. Heck, their interactions feel copy pasted after the first few times.

Overall, OmaeGotoki felt incredibly promising in the beginning, but let me down later. I would recommend reading the first volume, but I cannot recommend continuing afterwards. It's always difficult to rate a series like this where it starts out really great but gets worse and worse as it goes on, but I would rate the first volume at maybe an 8/10, and the rest at maybe 3-5/10 so I suppose it averages to a 3/5. <<less
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danteus rated it
October 20, 2021
Status: v01
I read this LN because I was a looking for some Yuri Iisekai.

... more>>

The funny thing is that, much like the MCs special ability, what I enjoyed (and didn't) about this LN was the opposite of what I expected. For starters, as pretty much every other review has already pointed out, this novel can get quite gritty. There are some very gruesome scenes that occur every now and then, and the narration doesn't hold back one bit. However, even though I say that, the story tries to balance out the grittiness with some fluffy slice of life, which yes is quite cute, but not particularly funny, just your run-off-the-mill fluff. Where this story does shine, however, is during the action. The author does a really good job at keeping the suspense and the tension while the MC is trying to deal with some problem (be it a dungeon, a monster or some other enemy). The enemies can be quite scary, and even though the MC's special ability can be used in some broken ways, she isn't OP, and she does have to think her way out of her hardships and she also has to rely on others. Of course, during the time she has to do that thinking she has to try to survive being attacked by really creepy monsters. For example, the main "dungeon" in volume 1 reminded me a lot of Dead Space, from the setting itself, to the odd monsters. It was quite scary, full of suspense, and I enjoyed reading that a lot.

That being said, as I've already stated, I picked this novel because I wanted some yuri and eh... that one part did fail me. That being said, this is entirely my personal opinion. If you're happy with just fluff between the MC and her love interest, I suppose this novel will work for you. However, whenever I look for a romance, I also tend to look for an interesting story between the characters involved, and though the main character is very interesting, I found the love interest to be quite bland. Her role in the story, rather than a companion to the MC in her adventures, seems to be like a safe haven of sorts, since with her she finds some degree of normalcy from all the crazy stuff she keeps getting involved into. On the other hand, the love interest is kinda just there. Compared to other characters she didn't leave any particular impression on me. If anything, I got the impression she got written in the story so that the MC could have someone to protect and look like some proper hero and a good person, even though she does plenty of dark stuff (all understandable and even justifiable, but still). As to how the MC and her love interest grew close, I get the idea that since both of them were subjected to s*avery, both of them kinda developed a need for each other, but the whole thing happened so fast, it felt kinda... forced. I mean, suddenly, the MC has the other girl as her raison d'être, even though they haven't been together for that long. And then it's just kinda established that they really love each other, and that's a fact the story goes along with.

Still, I've only read volume 1, and for all I know the love interest might develop into a more interesting character as the story goes on. However, reading other reviews, I think that won't happen. But, anyway, I don't think I'll be reading the other volumes any time soon, since I'm still craving for some yuri romance that I might enjoy, but I will definitely pick this back up once I'm craving for some action, suspense and horror.


Still, regardless of my own complaint, I highly recommend this LN. <<less
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Sol2xl rated it
July 2, 2019
Status: v1 illustrations
Classic fantasy with a heaping helping of uzumaki/bloodborne.

fun read from what’s out.

The shoujo-ai subtheme isn’t obtrusive and is more played for comedy.

The MC is dynamic and reacts like a real person to situations and the classic tropes are all played or subverted excellently.
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winterdriven rated it
June 14, 2019
Status: v1 ss
The story itself is really good, the dark aspects are really put to good use, it really becomes a horror of sort, decently combining horror, rpg and adventure elements. However, about 40% of the whole novel is just her f*cking around with the other girl, their every dialogue being repetitive, with Flum wanting to help out Milkit, while she is being stubborn and denying it for half a page, eventually agreeing anyway every god damn time. Milkit doesn't even offer anything towards story progression, she is completely unnecessary so the... more>> plot, yet she takes so much screen time it's infuriating. The yuri sub-plot also feels really forced and too innocent for the story the novel is trying to tell. Also all of Flum's character progression gets denied whenever she is around Milkit. One page Flum is thinking to herself how she has no remorse for life she's taken and next six pages is her cuddling with Milkit.

Despite how negative this may sound, it's only because I really, really liked everything else. There is great potential to the story but I can't force myself to read past volume 1 because of it's problems <<less
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