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After enduring serveral difficulties with its host, system number 2333 was finally given the opportunity to live a peaceful and happy life.

The twenty-four filial host was whispering softly in the ear of the mechanical cat ball, who was lying in the cathouse.

“Sansan, isn’t the mall’s 12% discount too low? Maybe it should be 15% off?”

“Sansan, what is your mission target for this month? I’ll make it twice as big. No way, I will triple it.”

System No. 2333: “Wow!”

His host is fantastic! He is extremely fortunate to have such a wonderful host.

The happiness, however, did not last long, and the system 2333 was shocked by the bad news – The main system has collapsed! An Infinite space was collapsing!

Among the shattering space debris, No. 2333 could have walked away, but he hesitated again and again, and finally gritting his teeth and he turned around to retrieve his host.

“Fear not! Shout out for Daddy, I’ll save you, Host!”

Ji Yiwei initially assumed that No. 2333 would simply leave him behind, but when he noticed the mechanical cat ball speeding up and flying back towards him, he changed his mind. He burst out laughing and hid his hand behind his back. Now that his little cat ball has voluntarily returned to him, he would never let Sansan go again.

What System 2333 didn’t know was, on the hidden hand of his host was- the head of the main system.

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6 Reviews

Jun 02, 2023
Status: Completed
Wow, this is really REALLY good??? Looking at the summary, I thought it'll be a greasly sticky story with black bellied host gong x silly sweet system shou where they gonna go to different world and simply spread their dog foods like Reborn as a System (nothing against it, in fact that's exactly the reason why I choose to read this), but no, this story is a wholly different type of genre all together.

The story is about 2 forces, the host and the system, both are 'employed' by the same... more>> system and both are also taken advantaged of the main system. In treating the hosts, the main system offers his utmost sincerity, from easily accessable facility to even an abundant retirement plan. Though the catch is

The whole retirement plan is a lie, and instead 'retired' hosts will be executed.


Basically, the host and system relationship here is kinda like arranged marriage. The host was wary of the system and treated the system as non-existent/just tools outside of mission time, while the systems are very much looking forward to bonding with them, and will be mostly disappointed later (all because the main system controls the information flow and never given the chances to let this 2 forces know and understand each other to a personal level). By rough comparison, we can see that the hosts have it better in this capitalist machine (kinda like the husband in this arranged marriage), and adding the fact that some of them are kinda a**holes (rest assured, they'll be paid appropriately by the plot eventually, and it's gonna be satisfying) , it is natural us readers will be purely devoted to the system sides and even happy if the host was getting a bad occurrence. Thus, for me at least, the ending

The host and system are separated for good (*cough* divorce), although some can choose to get back to past relationships if they are willing to

is very fulfilling despite the obvious loose threads it has (which is rare cuz it's almost never hadn't I felt irritated in this type of story where the conclusion was cut short).

Despite it seemingly heavy topic, I personally think this story can barely fit the fluff story. I mean, although the large plot is quite grim with past betrayal, heroic sacrifice (there's not gonna be any deaths in the future, I swear this is just a past thing) and what not, the author writing style and pace are pretty easy going. You also have the cute cat cat balls always present in the story whose acts will amuse you (think of minions but with smol cat balls), there also plenty comedic moments, unless what you meant by fluff is a a story where MC and ML will simply show their love to everyone, I think this novel rating is very undeserving.

Now, let's talk about the characters (mostly about the MC and ML) :

    • Sansan/2333 (MC/shou) = This character is sweet and cute, but definitely not silly. He both have high IQ and EQ, he easily friended every system that had talked to and took care of all his friends despite their difference and relationship, and basically no one hates him (both the system and even the host that has prejudice against the system, if they did, that just mean they're a tsundere lmao). He's a competent worker and also have a hidden cold side that no cat cat balls has, which is why every cats wants him to be their leader in many occasions. Unfortunately, although he fits the role, his character is a free spirit, thus he don't like to be kept in the same place for a long time.
    • Ji Yiwei (ML/gong) = One of the best, or perhaps even the best 'possessive' type of gong I have read. In short, he and MC are the sides of the same coin. Both have the same high IQ and EQ, highly imaginative (has big brain holes), can easily 'manipulate' the emotions of those in contact with them, but decide not to use it unless very necessary, and has the 'hidden leader' qualities. He and MC are both playful but in a different spectrum, while MC is playful as in the pure playfulness, this ML has a kind of pe*vert/crazy playfulness. And most importantly, despite his red flag quality, he doesn't limit the MC social interactions and in fact the stay-at-home husband in this relationship, and are (very) willing to be 'kept in a golden house' by MC lmao.
Their relationship, if I may say, is more like the love between a loving working father/mother (MC) and his autistic son (ML). In the story, their relationship is mostly celibate/pure despite ML's overwhelming, enthusiastic, and sticky love to MC (cuz yknow, both ML and even the MC doesn't know that systems has human bodies too until near the end of the story),

and their interactions mostly goes by this:

ML: Don't go home late again ok? Or else I'm going to explode our kitchen and cut the house's wallpaper into same rectangular same-sized pieces :)

MC: !!! I'm going to make you 5 big pancakes and that's all you gonna eat till I get home!

ML: Wait, noooo

Anyway, fav couple, 10/10, really appreciate that MC is mostly cat ball in the story too cuz that's probably the biggest reason why their relationship can continue that way and not turn into the usual lustful manipulative ML and his obsession (not against it either, but it's great we have a rarity here). <<less
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Apr 11, 2023
Status: c74
Don’t get tricked by the synopsis, while it is cute and fluffy in places, this novel is not really set in multiple instances like other things tagged Unlimited Flow. This is a story of corporate takeover by two different groups of “workers”, the systems and the hosts, that are similarly tired of being taken advantage of. NOT FOR FLUFFY READING. This is something you’d want to read in order to see someone get their well-deserved impeachment from office. With a little sprinkling of mystery.
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May 31, 2023
Status: Completed

Cute story, with very OP but cute in their own way MC and ML. The description is kind of misleading btw, and the last part of it happens towards the end of the novel too, so just a precaution for those waiting for it to happen.

Honestly, I thought it would be a normal system x host story... ... more>>

but it turned out that both the system (who's actually of a different race and their cat race have bodies) and the host have extraordinary backgrounds being part of overseers group (? MTL language).


I was a bit disappointed if I had to be honest. C-authors really love to give protagonists the best backgrounds to explain their OPness and why they're the main characters and not canon fodder. They're obviously both loyal to each other, but I was expecting the ML to be so attached to the system because of some part of that loyalty and cuteness; however,

we find out more about their background and it kind of explains why ML paid attention to MC during their "first" meeting (not first, they just don't recognize each other obv) and why ML doesn't just toss MC as a system away even though ML is a host veteran with no need for systems or whatever. I also wished their past together was described more.


Not to mention, their future is hardly described. The last few chapters on how the story ended felt unsatisfying imo. I was like, "that's it??" I think this novel is one that could have used a few "Extras" chapters. Maybe we could have read more about the other systems and their


hosts, as well as more about the main system.

Also, as another commenter also cautioned, this is not an unlimited flow novel, even though there're systems and hosts. There really is only one or two instances described with detail, while others are through brief sentences like system n and host x entered another instance while MC and ML plot and do their own thing. The setting of the novel is mainly in the main space, but obviously host areas and system areas are different (if you're familiar with similar concepts). Shame it's not unlimited flow though.

I gave a fairly high rating because of the cute, tolerable (despite being OP) characters and the plot overall. I'd recommend! <<less
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Jan 10, 2024
Status: Completed
Another fun and awesome story by one of my new favorite authors!

The MC is a "cat ball" system who is the very definition of adorable, but written in a way that is super likeable! In fact, all the cat balls are lovely! There are no bad cat balls! Great plot, and just like this author's other stories, the world-building is really unique and doesn't rely on stereotypical formulas. Reeled in by the sillies (lol), s**ked deeper by the characterizations and worldbuilding, then BAM! Angst and backstory galore is what greets... more>> the readers, then, we get a joyous ending. Ah, I really love this author's works! The relationship between the main couple is so cute too, even if the ML is a true-blue yandere HAHA. Nonetheless, the care they have for each other is ever-apparent in all their actions. Why, our crazy ML even cried for MC. (I also cried, cat balls you will always be loved).

Overall, this story was about the brave and lovely cat balls overthrowing a tyrannical, exploitative overlord, and I was there cheering for them every step of the way! <<less
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Aug 16, 2023
Status: Completed
All good things have been said by other reviewers.

I especially liked the ML, who seems like a possessive-obsessive Yandere but is actually the opposite, he not only wants MC to be friends with, and loved by, everyone, he hopes MC could be Yandere towards him.
Can't say that I've seen that one before, it was very enjoyable.

Still, I can't give it more than three stars.

There are plot holes, quite a few, and fillers, so many fillers.
I had to skim over a lot because it just didn't have any significance, I was quite bored at times.
While the grand battle is rather long and detailed, the ending is cut short, it seems more like an open end you expect from a series that might get a second season.
Characters only exist when MC/ML are present, they don't progress on their own, don't seem to have a life outside of the spotlight cast by them.
A lot of loose threads/things that get no explanation.

It's not Yaoi, not even really BL, their interactions are cute but there's no real romance going on, mainly because MC is a cat ball right until the end. That would have been fine by me if it had been clear from the start, I likely wouldn't have read a story solely about a dictator getting overthrown by balls.
The only reason why I've finished it, is the unique ML. Without him I would have dropped it halfway because the cons outweigh the pros, it's just your typical drama about a scheming bastard backstabbing the former king. Catballs aren't enough to make it more interesting than that.

It's a good story to waste time on, once, but not something I would recommend if you have a backlog with more promising novels.
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Aug 09, 2023
Status: Completed
Steel cat ball MC w cold to others but doting ML.


Unique take on QT where we see more of the systems pov. Very humane systems w wary host.

... more>>

the cat systems live together n bicker n laze together, everything together. MC seems clueless n weak all that stuff but MC is actually much more than that. In the end, the system managed to overthrow the big eyeball boss n escaped to a new world w other cute animals systems


Cute MC that's just lovable without being too dumb, MC is a ball of fluff, love how other systems love MC cus MC truly deserves it. Nice side charas w personality w good interaction.


The story was enjoyable but it starts to lose its spark towards the end, we also don't get much info about ML's past. Nevertheless an extremely enjoyable read. <<less
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