Do Flowers Bloom in the Fallen Land?


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Seira was divorced.

It had been eight years since she became the fiancee of the Crown Prince Calrad Lowell Viseltium. Will she live as a Duchess with nothing but pride, or will she abandon her family and live with the Crown Prince? Seira had to choose.

Tossed to the cold, but steadfastly survived. By grinding her teeth, she grew stronger and protected her family and her father’s name. But still, one step ahead seemed like a cliff towards doom. The dead land was barren and there was nothing to hold on to.

Men reached out towards her. Whose hand should she choose to hold? Or should she not catch any of it?

“For now, just focus on me. Otherwise, you will regret it.” – Baron Jeff.

“Even if my kindness is fake, what does it have to do with you?” – Louis Franto

“I will not grant you freedom now.” – Calrad Lowell Viseltium

“You can have me whenever you want.” – Aven Helford

Black flowers that swallowed despair bloom all over the continent, and greed like hunger blooms at the very heart of Viseltium.

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타락한 땅에도 꽃은 피는가
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caramelaxel rated it
August 23, 2022
Status: --
It's still quite early but I just have to post a review because I was pleasantly surprised on how the first few chapters subverted my expectation. I thought the FL would be another simpering maiden but alas, she's surprisingly levelheaded.
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astropia rated it
May 17, 2023
Status: c24.2
As caramelaxel's said, the first 5 chapters are not representative of the main story. Seira (FL) seems sheltered, naive, and weak, and it's hard to understand why she made the choice she did. But the later chapters explain it through her background and motivations. It's really cool to see the tonal shift in Seira too, into a badass heroine. She's so cool, can't blame her army of simps lol. She's not annoyingly perfect like a Mary Sue either imo. I also like the MLs and consent is overall strong (except... more>> for minor spoilers below:)


Seira is Aven's direct superior so there is a slightly uncomfortable power dynamic in their relationship. We know Aven is into it and not being coerced, but it feels like he couldn't say no even if he wanted to.


There's a good balance of action, romance, and political intrigue, which I think is hard to pull off. I have a strong mental image of the characters and world from the descriptions. Translation is overall strong too, just some small typos here and there.

Minor nitpick: Baron Jeff's name is so needlessly confusing. Why the author would choose an feudal setting and then name a main character "Baron" is beyond me. Naturally, I at first thought baron was his title. The translator seemed confused as well, as they initially called him "the Baron". But no, Baron is his first name and Jeff his last name. Baron is actually kind of a cool name, but not when there are actual barons in your universe! <<less
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Karine FA
Karine FA
March 19, 2023
Status: --
Well, a heroine in an Omergaverse story who's self-assured and smart, will not conced to her instincts and do respect/ demand respect and boundaries? Count me in! Nothing could be more refreshing, s*xual but so far not forceful.

Expect also a love triangle where you won't know who will be the male lead - or if there will be just one - between the two amazing choices of the cover. Oh, and the first chapters hint a religious conspiracy aside the palace intrigue.
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