Divorce Will Be Completed in 3 Seconds


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Argention Palesdon.

A hero who led the continental war to victory and a pioneer who discovered a new land.

“Please divorce me.”

My husband who is asking me for divorce now.

That’s how the marriage with the duke, who I had been chasing for a year, ended, but this is unbelievable. The amount of alimony is 50 billion won. If that’s the case, then…

‘Definitely divorce! That was my wish since I was born. ‘

Roselina, who is trying to settle the divorce quickly, heads to her home to obtain her father’s permission under imperial law.

But my husband is now talking about something else.

“Roselina can’t divorce me.”

What do you mean, “Our relationship is not over yet.”

It’s weird… Aren’t you supposed to be obsessed with the original heroine?

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이혼 3초컷 완료해드림
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8 Reviews

Jun 13, 2022
Status: --
I'm sorry but I have to give this low rating cause this is false advertising and fake news novel edition.

More than 3 seconds and hours past. I waited till more than 10 chapters but still no divorce, so I embarked to spoilers section, still no divorce.

Was very disappointed.

If the title is not misleading, I would read it but lost motivation.

It like they label the food ramen but gave spaghetti. Still good food but not what I ordered.

Author why this TITLE!!
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Mar 25, 2022
Status: c165
So basically it's the same plot as the others but this one has a system thingy, like DITOEFTV, however it's a bit confusing for me, I don't understand how the window thingy works, the fates and such.

The development is so abrupt like it changes too quickly and all of a sudden the scene shifts onto another scene. I don't know if it's because of the translation or what, but the writing is kinda uhm clumsy? Like it was written hastily and it seems like the author didn't put enough attention... more>> to it.

It's just so-so. There are unexpected twists that the author wrote but most of the events here are kinda predictable already especially the outcomes of her quests which are likely to succeed.

I love FMC's character, she uses her brain quite well and since she read many rofan novels she understands her situation (but if you don't like a Mary Sue type of character, don't bother reading this) everything seems to favor her, there are no difficulties on her way so like there's no thrill, nevertheless, I still love her character and for Argention, he's not that bad, no, he is tr*sh but not that tr*sh like the ones I've read so far. I'm honestly so done with this kind of plot, the ML neglected her at first then when FL/FMC started to change he will gradually fall in love with her? Can authors write a different one, plot like these are way too cliché and absurd, but if they could justify it then it would be okay ig.


About Elizabeth, she's a b*tch, she's the reason why og Roselina became a wicked woman. Eliza manipulated her. This two-faced maid is so delusional, her main goal is to get the wealth of Brighton. In the og story, I'm assuming that she's the reason why Leodor and the Duke died.

The duke married Eliza because she said that it was Beatrice's will. The duke didn't really want to marry her but she used that excuse. Gosh, she has no shame at all. But of course she will suffer. When all of her wrongdoings were exposed, she was supposed to be imprisoned. And at this part, I was already frustrated because Elizabit*h deserves death! But then, believe me or not, I was so shocked that I screamed when Roselina said she was against with that kind of punishment and said that it's too light. This part made me love Roselina's character, she's so cool.

Then again, it was too early to celebrate. Eliza apparently escaped. I thought that she will not appear anymore in the later chapters after her punishment but I guess we'll get to see her till the middle of the story?



Have you read "Isn't being a wicked woman much better?" It kinda has a similar plot with it too. Roselina is trying to earn her father's trust. I think that after the fairy tree incident, Roselina became like that because she was blamed even though it was an accident and her father hated her I guess? And now, the duke is feeling guilty for neglecting Roselina all of a sudden.

Also, Roselina made a deal with the guild master and the guild master is Argention.

So, I kinda see some similarities. I don't mean to compare. I just noticed oki? So that you can also have an idea of what kind of story is this :D



Reading up to chapter 140, it gets tedious. Romance, the interaction between the leads, and chemistry are lacking. Now I get it why this novel has only 9.5 rating, it's probably because of the dissatisfying romance development. There are only a few chapters left, idk how can the author justify the romance between Argention and Roselina. Ah, I remember, seems like these two were past lovers or like the past Argention loved the past Roselina idk about Roselina tho. So the present Argention and Roselina are the reincarnation of their past selves


The romance in this novel seems a bit forced. The author could have done a better development. FMC's character was okay but the flow of this novel isn't that great, especially the romance, you won't feel the thrill & excitement in their romance. The writing was a bit amateurish and inconsistent, it's such a shame.

Give this a try tho, you might like it; my review might discouraged you not to read this one bc I often get discouraged when I read negative reviews but when I actually read the story, it turns out it's my cup of tea. And I think, on the other hand, I kinda enjoyed reading this novel since I reached it till the end. But for real, the romance part... it seems unnecessary at this point. <<less
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Oct 26, 2022
Status: --
The premise was good, perhaps I got baited from the prologue and thought they were already divorced within a single chapter. I'm sure after reading a couple of chapters the divorce will never happen and surprise! the MC would be confused why he's not obsessed with the OG FL. I'm so freaking done with MCs being dense about these types of situations like--- are you really questioning that when you're literally breaking your wheel of fate? you're changing the plotline as it seems and you're dumb enough to ask WHY... more>> he's into you, now?

Plus, the MLs already been hooked the moment she changed. Suddenly, she's intriguing and interesting... AGHH

About OG Villainess:


I felt so bad for her.. I hate that the only solution to her tragic past was bringing another soul to replace her! She was condemned from her childhood because a maid schemed for the family's downfall! She became twisted by the rumors and the people around her shaping her into a villainess. She wasn't originally evil, she was just a collateral and misunderstood character. I hate this so much.

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Feb 21, 2022
Status: c4
So far it quite good... the plot is good too although the translation is a lil bit confusing.... lololol... I'm looking forward 4 the next chapter


P.S I hope the elizabeth is a nice person but somehow I got a feeling that she's a no.. no...

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Nov 19, 2022
Status: c43
All in all, the story isn't bad, the MC knows what it wants and tries to get it with its methods (just a little Mary Sue style, but it's a flaw that can be forgiven), and for once a "system" that rewards its user instead of punishing him unnecessarily (as it is logical. Who would ever want to play to a game where you win nothing and only risk losing? Although sometimes it seems that the earnings are thrown at her like grain to pigeons, just open the quest to... more>> complete it and get the reward) and... the good points end there.

The ML is the usual boring hot guy who hates his wife without ever having seen her or even made the effort to get to know her, but as soon as she wants to get away from him, she suddenly becomes the obsessive reason of his life. Boring.

The narration is chaotic, it is often not clear who is saying or doing what even if in any case it is possible to read and follow the meaning well or badly, most of the characters are rather stereotyped (although in isekai it is normal to find similar characters) and the motivations that move them are rather bland and, on a second reading, decidedly incoherent and absurd


(for example, in one point the angry mob wants to kill the MC because... she sponsored a fake rose and the OGFL felt bad when touching it - mind you, it was not the MC who physically gave the rose to OGFL, she only sponsors the sale which is done by third parties, the rose did absolutely nothing to the dozens of other nobles who bought it and it is not known how and when the OGFL came into contact with the incriminating object... and even IF she did really come in contact with it. But nevertheless it was enough to unleash the hatred of the crowd.)


In short, it is enough to pass the time but it is certainly not a novel that I would recommend reading because it is a masterpiece.
Without infamy and without praise. <<less
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May 31, 2022
Status: c31
[they didn't get divorce if yall expect a divorce it didnt happen I read some spoiler about the side story ending, they said until the end the FL and ML didnt divorce. If ur planning to read this its really good!though the plot is just like other novel our FL got isekaid to a novel and she is a villain. It has more plot than romance.I recommend yall to read it !
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Oct 19, 2022
Status: c1
I didn't notice while I was reading it, but like the other reviewer said, this story is basically DITOEFTV with a divorce trope thrown on top. (It's been years since I read DITOEFTV)

Unfortunately, it's not very well written. The author really struggled with pacing. I appreciated that a lot of stuff was happening, which made it entertaining, but because things were happening soooo quickly, events felt abrupt and awkward.

I think this had the potential to be a really fun story; the author just needs more practice in crafting the... more>> story. I haven't finished the story and I don't think I will. It's difficult to keep going with the poor writing. <<less
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Feb 28, 2023
Status: c13
Pretty decent story. Horrible use of English. It's not that it's badly written, but translated amateurish.

If you don't have a problem with family name roles abruptly changing, confusing narration and messy system windows, I would recommend it
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